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10/28/17 Tax Lists: Free People of Color-1780-1860 Jahrod Pender
06/24/17 12 New Wills as marked  
10/31/16 Sneed Family Slaves  
10/12/16 Granville County Delinquent Taxpayers 1892  
03/20/16 15 New Wills added as marked  
08/30/15 Cross Index to Wills-1762-1914 (partial)  
08/29/15 Will of Patience Anderson-1842 Jahrod Pender
11/03/14 5 New additions Historical Family Collections & Bible Records Page  
11/03/14 Misc. Records in NC State Archives  
05/09/14 Deed: Sid & Cordelia Davis to Meona Davis, 1937 Carla Stancil
05/09/14 Will: Solomon Davis-1798;  Estate: Jonathan Davis- 1834 Carla Stancil
04/18/14 18 New Wills added as marked  
11/20/13 New additions to Links and African American Page  

Early Granville Co. Wills, Pt.3 - 14 New as listed in Wills Index

07/22/13 Revolutionary War Army Accounts Paulette Smith
06/28/13 Special Biographies & Records:Williams & Henderson; Richard Henderson; Sneed & Dudley; Williams, Graves, DanielLangston, Rose, MerritBeckham,  Keeling. Evelyn W. Wallace
06/28/13 Letter from Richard Henderson to John Williams, 1778 Deloris Williams
05/04/13 Misc. Wills & Estates (9 new wills) or see Wills Index  
02/05/13 Additions to Historical Family & Bible Collections and Links  
02/05/13 Granville County Biographies Deloris Williams
11/07/12 Charles Williams, d.1819, son of John Williams Evelyn W. Wallace
10/25/12 Early Granville Co. Wills 1749-1771, Pt.2 (9 new wills) Deloris Williams
09/23/12 Some Searcy Gatherings Evelyn W. Wallace

Civil War: The Granville Stars (partial listing)


Family Letter: Martha Dixon-Davis, 1867

Catherine O'Briant
07/17/12 Granville Co. Apprenticeships Jahrod Pender

Graduates of University of North Carolina 1798-1863

Deloris Williams

The Williams & Yancey Families; 2 Early Granville Co. Families

Evelyn W. Wallace

1746 Granville County Act of the General Assembly

Deloris Williams
01/14/12 Samuel Hogg of Granville County Evelyn W. Wallace
12/29/11 NC Supreme Court: Grissom v Parrish Deloris Williams
12/29/11 John Washington of Knap of Reeds Evelyn W. Wallace
12/01/11 List of Granville Co. Civil War Pensioners-1904 Tina T. Smith
11/27/11 Granville County Pauper Records Tina T. Smith/Deloris Williams
11/26/11 Granville County Estate Records (A-G) Deloris Williams
10/07/11 Will of Vinkler Jones-1817 Deloris Williams
10/07/11 Will of Phillis (Williams) Mitchell-1791 Deloris Williams
08/30/11 Granville County Marriage Register 1867-1872 Deloris Williams
07/31/11 Will of Charles Williams-1817 Deloris Williams
07/31/11 Will of Joseph Shearin-1751 Deloris Williams
07/31/11 Will of William Reeves-1751 Deloris Williams
07/31/11 Will of Robert Mitchell-1751 Deloris Williams
07/31/11 Will of Thomas Benton-1751 Deloris Williams
07/31/11 Will of Henry Hunt-1750 Deloris Williams
07/31/11 Will of Frederick Homes-1749 Deloris Williams
06/22/11 Act Against Reuben Searcy-1760 Deloris Williams
06/22/11 Richard Henderson Acts-1783 Deloris Williams
06/06/11 War of 1812 Granville County Regiments Deloris Williams
05/01/11 Granville County Slavery Petitions Deloris Williams

Added Bibles to Family Bibles to Historical Family Collections

04/03/11 Lots of new Links added
04/03/11 1771 Petition Concerning Church Buildings Deloris Williams
04/03/11 Early Granville County Officials Deloris Williams
03/17/11 Updated Research Help & Lookups page
02/18/11 U. S. Colored Troops, Granville County- Updated Deloris Williams
02/15/11 The Harris Letters (preface to online book) Deloris Williams

New, updated Queries Page, also includes query instructions


link to 1860 Granville Co. Slave Schedule -wonderful resource!

Barnetta McGhee White
12/20/10 Index to Early Obituaries- Updated & now includes obits Deloris Williams
12/12/10 Montpelier Plantation/Will of John Williams-1799 Deloris Williams

Redesigned African American , Links, & Data, updated  Military

11/07/10 1778 Militia Enlistment Returns Sue Ashby/Deloris Williams
10/07/10 Will of Robert Lanier-1833 David C. Dorsey
10/05/10 Historical Family Collections Deloris Williams
09/28/10 Military Page updated with USGW Archives files
09/28/10 Patents filed by Granville Citizens Deloris Williams
07/31/10 Will of Richard Duty -1794 George M. Duty
07/18/10 Granville County Deeds 1746-1751, Pt. 2  Deloris Williams
07/10/10 Will of Joseph Lewis- 1844 Sara Hale
07/10/10 Will of Charles Lewis-1791 Sara Hale
06/28/10 Granville County Deeds 1746-1751, Pt. 1 Deloris Williams
06/07/10 Will of Robert Thomas-1806 Barbara Thomas
05/18/10 Will of William Williams- 1775 Deloris Williams
05/18/10 Will of Robert Williams-1822 Deloris Williams

Obituary of Judge Leonard Henderson

Deloris Williams
04/29/10 Revolutionary War Pension of Carter Hudspeth Deloris Williams
04/29/10 1890 Veterans Schedule for Granville County Deloris Williams
04/29/10 U.S. Colored Troops, Granville County, Updated Deloris Williams
04/28/10 Granville County Lawyers -1851 Deloris Williams


Assorted Obituaries From Oxford Public Ledger-1919 Sue Gill


Assorted Obituaries from Oxford Public Ledger-1898 Sue Gill
03/07/10 News Articles: Marriage Announcements- 1898 Sue Gill
03/07/10 News Article: Deaths of Joe and Richard Gooch Sue Gill
03/07/10 Obituary for Francis Marion Meadows Sue Gill
03/07/10 Obituary for J. F. Currin Sue Gill
03/07/10 Obituary for Mrs. C. M. Rogers Sue Gill
03/07/10 Obituary for Frank P. Meadows Sue Gill
03/07/10 News Articles: Marriage and Birth Announcements-1897 Sue Gill
03/07/10 News Articles: Marriage Announcements-1896 Sue Gill
03/07/10 Assorted Obituaries from Oxford Public Ledger - 1897 Sue Gill
03/07/10 Roy Hobgood Obituary Sue Gill
03/07/10 Assorted Obituaries from Oxford Public Ledger - 1896 Sue Gill
03/07/10 Death of Pink Meadows  Sue Gill
02/28/10 News Article: The Administration: Friend of a Friend Deloris Williams
02/28/10 News Article: Horrible Murder By Slaves Deloris Williams


Maps added to Links page  
02/26/10 Research and Look-Up Volunteers Page Added  


Death of W. B. Rogers Sr.

Deloris Williams 
02/09/10 News Article: The Industry of Dr. Shaw Deloris Williams


Granville County News Articles-Here and There

Deloris Williams


Death of Dr. P. Wesley Young (1831-1884) Deloris Williams
02/08/10   Death of Henry Plummer Cheatham Deloris Williams
01/18/10     Historical Accounts of African American Families Deloris Williams
12/13/09 The Afro American Newspaper Article (1933)  Taneya Koonce
08/28/09 Freedmen Marriage Records of Granville County, NC Deloris Williams
10/02/08 With the Colors - Book of Service Men in WWI Nola Duffy
11/03/07 Rev. Pension George Pettiford Deloris Williams
11/03/07 Rev. Pension Harris Hicks Deloris Williams
06/20/07 Bennett Williams Revolutionary War Pension Deloris Williams
06/20/07 John Williams Pension Application - 1840 Deloris Williams
05/24/07 Will of Seth "Ty" Pettypool - 1838 Betty Poole Rose
05/24/07 Will of Seth P. Pool - 1850 Betty Poole Rose
05/24/07 Will of Noble Alexander Pool - 1889 Betty Poole Rose
05/24/07 Will of Robert Sandford, Jr. - 1858 Betty Poole Rose
05/24/07 Will of Robert Sandford, Sr. - 1823 Betty Poole Rose
04/17/07 Granville County Geography and Landmarks (PDF) Bonnie Cooper
04/17/07 Annotated map of Granville and Vance Co., NC Bonnie Cooper
04-05-07 Free People of Color 1771 Petition Deloris Williams
03-31-07 Revolutionary War Pension File Of William Taborn Deloris Williams
03-25-07 Brief History of Good Hope Baptist Church Carla Stancil
03-25-07 Memories of Good Hope Baptist Church Carla Stancil
03-25-07 Family Obituaries Carla Stancil
03-25-07 Good Hope Baptist Church - Tombstone Photos Carla Stancil
03-23-07 Will of Cornelia Davis - 1908 Carla Stancil
03-23-07 Will of Lucretia Fuller Bailey - 1830 Carla Stancil
03-23-07 Will of Jeremiah Bailey - 1830 Carla Stancil
03-20-07 With the Colors - WWI Servicemen from Granville Co. Nola Duffy
03/17/07 Voters Youngs X Roads - 1845 Harold A. Lloyd
03/17/07 Granville Co. Delayed Birth Records 1891-1900
03/14/07 Revolutionary Pension of William Guy Joe Guy
09/05/06 Delayed Birth Records 1870-1890 Nola Duffy
01/06/06 Will of Israel Eastwood Anne Washburn
03/07/04 Searcy Bastardy Bonds Waunita Powell
Searcy Deeds Waunita Powell
Searcy Wills   Waunita Powell
01/22/04 Lloyd Deeds Harold A. Lloyd
12/14/03 Lloyd Harold A. Lloyd
11/12/03 Harris-Voss-Revolutionary-Document Vance Harris
09/30/03 William Hicks relinquishes rights to wife Mourning  Tina Smith
John Hunt, Sr Will Tina Smith
Brinkley Family Timeline Bill Brinkley

Lloyd- explanation of missing marriage bonds in Granville county

Harold A. Lloyd
09/14/03 Will, Est, Inventory of Ambrose Jones Leslie Chandler Haralson
09/01/03 Updated -Wills, estates, inv., etc....
08/31/03 John Penn Grave Removed News Article Tina Smith
08/30/03 Oath Of Allegiance-Updated 8/31/03
08/24/03 1848-Knap Of Reed School Census Harold A. Lloyd
08/10/03 Assorted Wills, Settlements, Etc... Tina Smith
07/29/03 1845-Brassfield Voters List Harold A. Lloyd
07/29/03 Marriage Announcements from Newspapers- Updated Tina Smith
Bailey Wills Tina Smith
Norwood Will
Taylor Will

The contributed/ transcribed pages of the Venable/Brown families- Dedicated in Memory of Dennis Brown 

Tina Smith
07/25/03 Will Of Henry Sykes Harold A. Lloyd
07/25/03 Will Of William Powell Harold A. Lloyd
07/24/03 Will Of Edmond Emery Harold A. Lloyd
Will of John Emory Harold A. Lloyd
07/23/03 Will Of Memucan Hunt-with photo Tina Smith
07/21/03 Will Of Jesse J. Kelly Tina Smith
Perry Wills
07/19/03 1840-Dutch School Census Harold A. Lloyd
1840-Henderson School Census Harold A. Lloyd
1840-Cedar Creek-School Census Harold A. Lloyd
07/15/03 Paupers Orders-Dec 1st 1892-Dec.1st 1893 Tina Tarlton Smith
07/14/03 BeaverDam 1840 School Census Harold A. Lloyd
07/13/03 Epping Forest 1840 School Census  Harold A. Lloyd
07/12/03 Lloyd-Tax List-Census, Etc.... Harold A. Lloyd
07/12/03 Emory -Tax List, Census, Etc....Updated-07/17/03 Harold A. Lloyd
07/1/03 Photos & Transcript of Shiloh Presbyterian Church Cemetery Dennis Brown-Lonnie Wright
07/12/03 Photo and News Article naming those in the Bicyclist Photo Tina Smith
07/11/03 Montipelier-Home of Judge Williams-News-Article Tina Smith

North Carolina County Development-Formations and County        

Tina Smith
07/04/03 Colonel Thomas B. Venable Obituary-Updated Dennis Brown
07/04/03 Adcock Wills Janice McAlpine
07/03/03 Granville's Proud Position In the Four Year Struggle-CW Tina Smith
07/02/03 Isabella Alston Venable Obituary Dennis Brown
07/01/03 Granville Co. Marriages from Newpapers-Updated  Tina Tarlton Smith
07/01/03 News Article- History Of the County Tina Tarlton Smith
06/29/03 Will of Edward Adcock Janice McAlpine
06/22/03 Will of John Goodloe

Sue Bowers

06/15/03 Baird Family Bible  
05/21/03 Granville Co. Landowners in 1886 [updated] Nola Duffy
05/21/03 Granville County Court Records Harold A. Lloyd 
05/20/03 Revolutionary Pension Application of William Guy Joe Guy
05/19/03 Will of William Morgan Sneed, Jr. Deloris Williams
03/03/03 Letters from Smith Family papers Paulette Smith
03/03/03 Bennett Will abstracts Jan Bennett
02/25/03 Will of Dudley Sneed Deloris Williams
02/07/03 Will of Stephen Hendrick Albert C. Hendrick, Jr.
02/07/03 Estate of John J. Hendrick Albert C. Hendrick, Jr.
02/04/03 Granville Co. Marriages from Newpapers Tina Tarlton Smith
02/01/03 Orphan Bonds 1749 - 1786 Deloris Williams

Early postcard with great picture of the Courthouse and another of

Tina Tarlton Smith
  Hillsboro Street  
01/28/03 Granville Co. Bastardy Bonds 1749 - 1780 Deloris Williams
01/23/03 Index to Granville Co. Obituaries (Updated )

Tina Tarlton Smith

01/22/03 Pamphlet of prominent farmers in 1880  
01/12/03 Article from March 19, 1878 edition of The Torch Light Tina Tarlton Smith
01/10/03 Civil War Service Records  
01/08/03 Life at Oxford  
12/29/02 Granville Co., North Carolina Marriages - Brides  
12/27/02 History of Geneva Presbyterian Church  
12/25/02 1887 Business Directory of Granville Co.  

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