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Granville County Delinquent Taxpayers-1892

The Public Ledger,, April 15, 1892
Oxford, NC, April 5th, 1892

As certain lands in the county of Granville, State of North Carolina, have been sold and purchased by the county of Granville for taxes due for the years 1888, 1889 and 1890 and the same have not been redeemed it was ordered by the Board of County Commissioners, in regular session, on the 4th inst., that unless the same were redeemed according to law the same would be resold as the law directs to secure the payment of said taxes. Parties owning the lands mentioned below can redeem the same by paying amounts due to Sheriff J. A. Crews.


Mrs. S. Anderson160 acres in Fishing Creek Township  
J. J. Barnes40 acres in Oxford township  
Robt. Burchett50 acres in Tally Ho township  
Ed. Dickerson10 acres in Fishing Creek township  
Chesley Daniel124 acres in Oak Hill township  
John Evans40 acres in Brassfield township  
Mrs. M. A. Fuller51 acres in Brassfield township  
S. P. Forsythe197 acres in Dutchville township  
R. H. Gooch250 acres in Tally Ho township  
J. J. Hamilton1 lot in Oxford township  
Ella Anderson10 acres in Oxford township  
Nancy Jones14 acres in Brassfield township  
M. L. Moss60 acres in Brassfield township  
L. M. Morris1 acres in Oak Hill township  
John G. Morgan40 acres in Sassafras Fork township  
J. S. or J. L. Puryear126 acres in Oak Hill township  
Alex Roberts2 acres 8 Oxford township  
Mrs. Susan M. Roberts500 acres in Fishing Creek township  
M. T. Reagan80 acres in Sassafras Fork township  
A. J. Wright180 acres in Oxford township  


Andrew Burnett1 acres in Fishing Creek township  
George Blackwellexecutor, 50 acres in Brassfield township  
H. A. Bullock128 acres in Dutchville township  
Edward Betts3 acres in Oak Hill township  
Rosetta Alston2 acres in Oxford township  
Wm. Anderson2 acres in Oxford township  
Ella Anderson1 acres in Oxford township  
S. J. Curtis in Oxford township  
Tom Christmas acre in Oxford township  
Willie Forsythe95 acres in Dutchville township  
Wesley Garrett10 acres in Brassfield township  
Gid G. Gill14 acres in Dutchville township  
C. A. Gregory, agent2700 acres in Sasafras Fork township  
G. Griffin estate121 acres in Sassafras Fork township  
Horace Glover1 lot in Oxford township  
Mrs. J. M. Harris14 acres in Fishing Creek township  
G. C. Hampton82 acres in Tally Ho township  
Henry Harris38 acres in Oxford township  
H. N. Hicks1 lot in Oxford township  
Junius Hunt2 acres in Oxford township  
Daniel Hester8 acres in Oxford township  
Frank Jones3 acres in Brassfield township  
F. E. Jackson50 acres in Brassfield township  
Mrs A. E. Kivett1 lot in Oxford township  
Mrs. J. E. Montague61 acres in Fishing Creek township  
Mrs. Patsy McGhee80 acres in Brassfield township  
W. C. Mangum75 acres in Walnut Grove township  
Sam Overby1 lot in Oxford township  
J. A. Parham1 lot in Sassafras Fork township  
B. B. Royster9 acres in Oak Hill township  
Balam Royster estate3 acres in Oak Hill township  
I. C. Richmondone lot in Oxford township  
J. W. Royster acre in Oxford township  
Leby Royster4 acres in Oxford township  
W. J. Suit28 acres in Dutchville township  
R. G. Sneed, agent85 acres in Sassafras Fork township  
J. E. Tuck22 acres in Oak Hill township  
R. A. Williams48 acres in Fishing Creek township  
Alex Hester1 lot in Oxford township  
Manson Henderson1 lot in Oxford township  
Stephen Hunt1 lot in Oxford township  
James Hunt2 acres in Oxford township  
Osborn Hart10 acres in Oxford township  
W. K. Jenkins318 acres in Sassafras Fork township  
J. A. Marable1 lot in Oxford township  
J. H. Kimball20 acres in Walnut Grove township  
Hawkins Kersey1 lot in Oxford township  
A. B. Montague86 acres in Fishing Creek township  
John B. McGhee180 acres in Brassfield township  
John L. Markham103 acres in Tally Ho township  
Miss Becky McGhee15 acres in Tally Ho township  
Mrs. Frances Morrison5 acres in Walnut Grove township  
Mrs. Sophia Mangum96 acres in Oak Hill township  
W. D. Marrow200 acres in Sassafras Fork township  
Aaron Marrow3 acres in Sassafras Fork township  
Mrs. Polly Oakley60 acres in Walnut Grove township  
Jordan Overby53 acres in Oxford township  
Sam Overby1 lot in Oxford township  
S. A. Puryear estate454 acres in Oak Hill township  
J. H. A. Parham5 acres in Sassafras Fork township  
Mrs. Emily Paschall20 acres in Oxford township  
Lee Poola lot in Oxford township  
R. A. Pool1 lot in Oxford township  
Miss B. J. Robards48 acres in Fishing Creek township  
D. M. Roberts60 acres in Tally Ho township  
Wm Raker20 acres in Oak Hill township  
Balam Royster3 acres in Oak Hill township  
I. C. Richmond1 lot in Oxford township  
I. C. Richmond, agent1 lot in Oxford township  


John Brazzle16 acres in Fishing Creek township  
Mrs. W. T. Blackwell212 acres in Oak Hill township  
Ed Betts3 acres in Oak Hill township  
W. T. Brogden14 acres in Oxford township  
J. B. Barnes and sisters40 acres in Oxford township  
Wesley Bent5 acres in Oxford township  
Charles Anthony 37 acres in Fishing Creek township  
J. H. Averett50 acres in Fishing Creek township  
John Adcock10 acres in Tally Ho township  
R. S. Critcher7 acres in Dutchville township  
R. S. Critcher8 acres in Tally Ho township  
Thos Charleston1 lot in Oxford township  
Cyrus Cooper50 acres in Oxford township  
Jackson Davis1 acre in Fishing Creek township  
F. M. Dixon255 acres in Walnut Grove township  
Chesley Daniel84 acres in Oak Hill township  
George Downey5 acres in Oak Hill township  
Mrs. S. E. Ellixson120 acres in Oak Hill township  
E. S. Forsythe 47 acres in Dutchville township  
James Forsythe47 acres in Dutchville township  
H. L. Forsythe60 acres in Dutchville township  
D. J. Forsythe102 acres in Dutchville township  
Henry Field, agent1 lot in Oxford township  
Joseph Gooch heirs54 acres in Tally Ho township  
Mrs. Gracy Garrett122 acres in Oak Hill township  
Ben Gregory12 acres in Oxford township  
N. A. Gregory, guardian2000 acres in Oxford township  
W. C. Hammell1 lot in Sassafras Fork township  
J. M. Heggie45 acres in Sassafras Fork township  
J. W. Hays 310 acres in Sassafras Fork township  
T. E. Hicks46 acres in Oxford township  
L. B. Sherron16 acres in Dutchville township  
Squire Smith130 acres in Oak Hill township  
A. T. Shanks, administrator130 acres in Sassafras Fork township  
Ella Shotwell1 lot in Oxford township  
James Taylor acre in Fishing Creek township  
C. F. Turner3 acres in Brassfield township  
M. I. Tharrington63 acres in Brassfield township  
Clem Tuck10 acres in Oak Hill township  
C. L. Taylor59 acres in Oxford township  
Dora Taylor1 lot in Oxford township  
Richmond Taylor1 lot in Oxford township  
Uriah Mullick & Co.120 acres in Oak Hill township  
Miss Louisa Wood9 acres in Dutchville township  
J. H. Wheeler138 acres in Tally Ho township  
F. P. West74 acres in Walnut Grove township  
James W. Williams182 acres in Oak Hill township
I have levied upon your lands and will, on 2nd day of May, 1892, at the Court House door in Oxford, sell the same for Cash for Taxes due for 1891; your names, lands and amount of taxes and cost hereto attached.
J. A. Crews, Sheriff

April 4, 1892



Mrs. Susan Brandon5 acres 0.28
Mrs. A. E. Brummitt65 acres1.79
A. A. Bryant1 acre4.01
S. J. Crews5 acres 2.28
Henry Curtis19 acres3.93
Alphonso Dement6 acres3.64
R. F. Gill, Executor243 acres8.51
Albert Harris16 acres0.88
Mrs. Lucy Harris11 acres0.36
Legan Hobgood43 acres2.80
Hobgood & Howell10 acres5.25
H. C. Herndon, Pres. O.L.I.C.517 acres108.57
A. Kersey136 acres5.11
Abram Minor4 acres0.11
Mrs. J. E. Montague61 acres1.72
J. W. Parrish22 acres1.79
J. A. Peace200 acres3.65
A. H. Renn4 acres0.28
Alex Ridley9 acres4.08
W. H. Taborn50 acres1.00
I. F. Taborn5 acres 2.93
Cephus Taborn2 acres2.25
Simeon Tippett208 acres9.82
Simeon Tippett & Co.19 acres5.81
John B. Watson93 acres6.26
Mrs. S. M. Weaver220 acres7.00
J. J. Barnes & sister40 acres2.80
Mrs. R. F. Critcher21 acres1.20
Miss Lucy Curtis acre0.14
Mrs. W. H. Davis12 acres1.40
D. L. Moss estate132 acres18.55


Moses Allen60 acres4.34
L. B. Allen210 acres9.80
Allen & Champion1 acre2.80
D. F. Adcock56 acres4.90
Geo. Blacknall40 acres1.96
Agnes Crowder50 acres1.75
Allen, Dillard & Davis45 acres1.40
C. W. Daniel80 acres7.77
Chas. Dellenback15 acres3.61
Mrs. Emory76 acres2.10
Eliza Emory58 acres1.58
Mrs. Ann Fuller120 acres4.20
Mrs. L. A. Fuller135 acres4.80
R. H. Freeman26 acres7.00
Miss Mary S. Freeman26 acres0.88
Mrs. E. H. Freeman103 acres3.46
A. J. & W. T. Howard acre0.70
E. J. Jenkins 58 acres5.58
S. E. R. Jenkins2075 acres15.84
L. J. Jenkins130 acres7.32
Mrs. M. P. Johnson37 acres1.75
S. T. Kerney72 acres2.28
Squire Lawrence30 acres1.14
Sarah A. Levister100 acres2.80
E. B. Lyon & Co.91 acres3.50
B. B. Mitchell102 acres8.54
B. C. May118 acres5.70
Mrs. Susan McGhee180 acres7.35
C. H. Male26 acres0.95
Robt. Preddy83 acres3.60
Miss Virginia Roe39 acres1.75
C. A. Strother103 acres7.42
C. F. Turner3 acres2.50
J. P. H. Turner148 acres3.50
Mrs. Ella Tippett acre0.42
W. P. White370 acres21.35
P. A. White40 acres4.34
Wesley Whittaker30 acres0.70
Mrs. Eveline McGhee117 acres3.15
Mrs. E. J. Mangum188 acres4.66
R. M. McGhee68 acres7.56
Pergerson & Yeargan104 acres10.32
Mrs. Susan Quarles120 acres7.70
E. L. Rogers10 acres1.40


J. F. Aiken1774 acres20.53
B. W. Bullock65 acres5.41
F. P. Beck125 acres11.50
H. A. Bullock128 acres4.01
Mrs. Mary E. Brogdon39 acres2.04
R. S. Critcher7 acres0.25
R. H. Cash200 acres10.69
A. J. Cannady120 acres4.59
B. J. Chappell61 acres4.79
D. A. Chappell1180 acres9.98
Charlie Cash 64 acres5.14
E. Dalby121 acres3.56
L. E. Estes76 acres5.02
E. S. Forsythe47 acres3.34
James Forsythe47 acres3.34
H. L. Forsythe60 acres4.09
D. J. Forsythe102 acres6.11
M. F. Freeman71 acres4.99
Jas. A. Green206 acres11.46
John F. Green76 acres6.07
B. F. Goss112 acres8.53
Mrs. Mary E. Garner40 acres1.64
Bethel Harris20 acres0.49
J. L. Hall 113 acres7.84
J. W. Hester195 acres11.11
Mrs. S. B. Hester24 acres1.11
Mrs. R. O. Lyon50 acres4.13
J. T. McDone1 3/8 acre3.27
Mrs. J. E. Montague159 acres8.95
D. L. Mangum18 acres0.97
Mrs. Lively Nance43 acres1.73
Mrs. M. F. Peed2 acres5.01
Mrs. Martha Peed56 acres1.17
Mrs. Richard Peed139 acres5.78
J. N. Peace for Mrs. C.F.P.28 acres4.78
Mrs. L. G. Rogers205 acres7.88
Jas. Rycroft50 acres4.86
H. T. Rycroft9 acres3.14
J. R. Suit198 acres9.98
E. F. Suit112 acres4.38
S. Suit28 acres3.21
W. H. Sanford46 acres2.76
Miss Eliza Sherron50 acres2.01
Mrs. S. N. Tingen34 acres1.01
J. M. Tingen30 acres9.43
M. W. B. Veazey180 acres12.99
W. H. Waller45 acres6.21
Mrs. Sallie E. Waller180 acres8.06
John W. Wilkins3 5/8 acres3.67
Coley & Adams70 acres2.06
Mrs. W. E. Green105 acres4.66
B. B. Hester274 acres17.76
Ambras Tingen21 acres4.22
Willie Suit1 acre0.04
J. H. Adams113 acres5.88
W. H. Jones125 acres10.65
C. C. Peace154 acres7.00
Miss Amanda Cash92 acres3.64
B. L. Sherron16 acres0.46
A. A. Gordon25 acres2.14
Betsy Sherron17 acres1.19
Thos. Staley30 acres6.30
Miss L. V. Tingen30 acres7.00


Jno. W. Booth40 acres15.42
T. L. Booth1 acres4.14
R. T. Brinkley81 acres5.27
C. T. Burnett10 acres0.63
W. H. Bowling93 acres 5.41
Jas. H. Cozart106 acres5.97
Thos. H. Cozart121 acres7.11
C. W. Crabtree135 acres15.28
R. S. Critcher8 acres2.52
W. W. Cozart35 acres2.52
Doctor Day15 acres3.56
J. R. Day100 acres3.36
Gooch & Burnett100 acres2.52
J. R. Gooch101 acres8.47
John Goss122 acres6.74
Wm. Haithcock2 acres1.83
G. C. Hampton82 acres3.45
W. B. Hampton82 acres2.73
E. L. Jones123 acres11.69
T. H. Jones237 acres13.51
A. T. Jones184 acres6.46
Mrs. Martha Jones90 acres12.58
S. A. & R. E. Johnson159 acres6.65
S. J. Jarrell3 acres11.38
Wash Lassiter acre2.48
J. M. Meadows80 acres6.34
W. P. Mangum93 acres6.69
Rufus Mangum123 acres11.54
J. L. Markham100 acres3.36
Mrs. S. E. Montague118 acres8.52
S. W. Mitchell228 acres3.15
L. P. O'Briant134 acres6.86
E. A. Robards248 acres13.51
G. W. Riggs114 acres11.61
P. H. Royster128 acres12.00
Mrs. L. A. Russell117 acres9.08
T. H. Stem113 acres7.82
T. J. Smith, agent106 1-9 acres5.79
J. M. Thomasson152 acres14.28
Mrs. K. E. White30 acres2.52
Dr. E. T. White1 acres2.52
S. M. Wheeler & Co.138 acres8.51
James Wheeler65 acres4.59
Mrs. Nancy B. Yancey150 acres4.71
Cannon N. Oakley58 acres4.98
Thos. J. Wheeler32 acres4.02
Mrs. Rebecca Saunders26 acres0.70
John Adcock11 acres0.77
Mrs. Mary Dickey4 acres0.28


Mrs. Julia Albright1 acre1.05
Mrs. Nancy Bumpass60 acres1.05
J. W. Connor, agent19 acres0.53
J. W. Carnal119 acres4.16
S. M. Evans52 acres16.75
A. J. Harris75 acres1.93
John Y. Hobgood253 acres10.15
J. F. Hester65 acres5.60
F. G. Hester130 acres3.26
P. B. Hobgood279 acres9.10
Samuel H. Jones174 acress4.90
Dr. John Sweney6 acres4.73
Wm. Thorpe Jr.316 acres12.25
Lewis Thorp2414 acres78.82
S. H. Tingen179 acres7.26
Micajah Thorpe60 acres3.52
W. T. Wood200 acres7.94
John Cozart1 acre4.11
F. P. West74 acres3.81
R. H. Hobgood80 acres3.70
Miss Mary Currin100 acres2.80
Howell Wilkerson estate100 acres3.50
Mrs. Holly Oakley60 acres2.81


John Amis182 acres5.19
Alex Amis Sr.3 acres1.49
W. T. Blackwell, agent170 acres3.57
Blue Wing Copper Co.226 acres24.50
Nathan Betts23 acres3.42
Ed Betts3 acres2.29
R. L. Currin91 acres4.60
Mrs. Parthenia Cole1 acre0.07
George Downey5 acres2.28
Cornelius Downey6 acres2.28
Martha Ann Davis40 acres0.91
J. B. Elliott401 acres17.65
R. S. Eakes100 acres2.63
W. S. Eakes182 acres8.83
W. A. Gillis103 acres2.16
Miss Mary E. Hester187 acres3.93
W. H. Harris205 acres8.33
J. L. Hart91 acres5.45
John P. Jones, Trustee266 acres5.66
John P. Jones 95 acres6.53
J. R. Kinton85 acres4.96
Mrs. Nancy Morris1 acre0.88
Mrs. Sallie O'Briant87 acres1.83
Phillip Peace70 acres1.44
J. A. Puryear160 acres3.36
Sam Pointer57 acres3.98
Grand F. Puryear82 acres2.15
B. R. Puryear, agent454 acres9.54
M. M. Pennebaker729 acres16.72
Mrs. Emily Royster10 acres0.35
Mrs. Seth Royster6 acres0.98
Mrs. Clark Royster10 acres0.65
Merrett Smith10 acres2.56
Robert Speed26 acres1.09
Richard Smith17 acres0.36
Henry Sanford40 acres1.78
Sallie E. Tuck186 acres3.90
Jas. L. Wortham144 acres5.99
Dr. T. B. Wilkerson605 acres19.05
J. M. Currin, agent A.E.C.103 acres2.16
J. K. Faulkner101 acres4.24
Miss Gracie Garrett122 acres5.12
R. S. Seat, agent186 acres7.81
Miss Jessie Smith1 acre0.14
Calvin Thomas56 acres2.35
E. J. Tuck100 acres4.20


J. A. Bullock605 acres15.89
Phil Bullock41 acres3.08
S. J. Currin232 acres7.85
I. H. Davis411 acres12.22
J. B. Elliott240 acres5.08
M. L. Eure935 acres21.00
W. K. Jenkins320 acres11.20
J. W. Knott200 acres7.09
Mrs. Sallie Kittrell74 acres2.28
W. B. Lawson100 acres8.23
C. L. Lewis278 acres4.20
D. S. Marrow68 acres1.40
J. A. Marrow60 acres1.47
J. R. Perkinson123 acres6.58
W. A. Pattillo43 acres7.35
E. T. Parham130 acres2.91
John Peele68 acres5.56
A. M. Stovall302 acres10.43
R. G. Sneed390 acres10.50
Mrs. M. Wilson's estate404 acres9.80
Mrs. R. L. Wilkerson134 acres2.91
E. W. Yancey49 acres1.05
Lewis Thorpe202 acres5.60
D. W. Eakes127 acres2.80
J. M. Heggie 120 acres12.60
J. C. Moore⅓ acre3.92
Griffin estate121 acres3.50
M. D. Woody10 acres0.70
H. Y. Allen200 acres8.40
J. S. Norwood estate55 acres2.80


H. C. Barker171 acres5.43
Alex Crews61 acres1.94
E. W. Ellis200 acres8.53
W. F. Gill213 acres7.75
Ben Gregory122 acres3.11
Manson Herndon1 acre2.92
S. H. Hart6 acres2.33
Ben Paschall2 acres3.04
W. J. Wade220 acres12.89
J. A. Wells42 acres1.55


T. R. Averett283 acres19.91
Wm. Bowling1 lot35.40
H. T. Beasley1 lot5.54
W. T. Brogden14 acres15.83
Hawkins Bridges⅛ acre3.01
J. S. Brooks1 lot20.68
Fanny Bass1 lot5.22
Booth & Knott139 acres16.12
Sallie Bass4 acres and 1 lot5.36
Drury Brodie acre3.19
H. C. Cogwell1 lot6.75
B. H. Cozart9 lots53.13
Thos. Charleston1 lot9.39
R. T. Couch1 lot7.96
R. S. Critcher1 lot7.08
D. Y. Cooper1 lot4.42
L. D. & M. A. Cooper162 acres7.08
Alex Crews244 acres and 3 lots84.21
M. Cogwell3 acres0.80
Dennis Daniel10 acres1.37
Dawson & Baker, trus.393 acres and 1 lot87.67
Mrs. Ann Ellington1 lot7.08
T. O. Fuller acre5.91
H. Field1 lot5.55
Sandy Guy1 acres3.98
Rufus Garrett1 lot1.95
Rufus Green1 lot4.61
Cameron Green1 lot6.47
Alex Hester 4.21
Mrs. H. V. Hicks128 acres29.87
Miss L. G. Hammie80 acres3.72
R. F. Hammie76 acres5.17
W. S. Hundley2 lots40.04
Sam Howard20 acres1.02
Lewis Hunt2 acres0.85
Mrs. Henry Hobgood370 acres16.37
R. T. Harrison1 lot2.21
Thos. E. Hicks41 acres56.55
Herndon Hunt1 lot20.39
Ott Lewis3 acres1.35
Mrs. E. S. Lynch106 acres21.24
John Littlejohn1 lot6.85
Chas. Lewis1 lot1.82
Mrs. J. N. Lyon1 lot9.08
Ottaway Lee2 acres5.31
Mrs. C. H. Knott1 lot17.70
Robert A. Kittrell1 lot6.06
T. H. Jones2 lots13.27
Walker Jones4 acres0.88
R. W. Jones & Co.1 lot24.78
Harrison Mallory1 acre4.68
Jeff Marable2 acres3.10
S. W. Mitchell3 lots11.53
Ned Meadows acre3.18
John Neal4 acres1.32
Robert Norwood6 acres1.08
Oxford Land Imp. Co.43 acres256.75
Sam Overby acre3.33
John W. Overton9 4 -100 acres9.12
Benjamin Paschall1 lot1.32
T. B. Pendleton1 lot5.76
E. K. Howard1 lot17.70
M. M. Jones1 lot2.66
Mrs. M. E. Owen1 lot1.77
J. A. Roberts1 lot15.43
M. C. Ransom1 lot6.89
C. M. Rogers, agent for Rena Henderson1 lot4.43
J. C.. Turner1 lot12.03
Miss R. E. Brodie1 lot1.33
John Bullock Sr.1 lot8.85
Ralph Currin1 lot23.01
L. D. Cooper386 acres26.55
S. P. Couch1 acres21.24
Isaac Downey11 acres2.96
Owen Davis1 lot3.54
Francis Gilliam acre3.54
George Gilliam acre2.66
Mrs. Jennie Hunte1 lot14.16
Ed Hester1 lot1.77
Harriett Herndon1 lot2.66
Geo. Herndon1 acre2.66
Mrs. H. C. Humphreys1 acre10.62
Virginia Jackson1 lot1.33
Knitting Mills1 acre21.24
Beckey Meadows2 acres1.77
J. A. Marable1 lot1.33
W. E. Owen1 lot123.90
Agnes Paschall38 acres1.77
R. R. Roberts1 lot12.39
Lee Royster4 acres0.89
R. I. Rogers1 lot2.21
J. R. Smerdon1 lot7.08
L. S. Peace1 lot4.26
Emily Paschall19 acres3.89
W. W. Ragland85 acres5.94
W. F. Rogers127 acres39.48
Calvin Smith1 acre0.88
Mrs. C. L. Skinner1 lot5.04
Dora Taylor1 lot3.77
Richmond Taylor1 acres5.62
Simon Thorpe acre2.00
L. B. Turner2 lots6.64
B. F. Taylor1 lot12.57
William Taylor acre1.01
Melissa Tinsley1 lot0.67
Mrs. F. J. Wood1 lot9.25
Plummer Watkins acre3.33
Mrs. W. H. White3 lots24.57
West Oxford Land Co.70 acres106.20
Hannibal Young1 lot0.44
G. L. Allen1 lot1.77
N. A. Gregory, guardian2,000 acres70.80

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