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By Evelyn Wallace

This is part of a collection of notes and genealogies put together by the late author over more than 50 years of research of many Granville Co. families and being shared here hopefully to help others in their quest for their own ancestors. There is additional info and documents on this website for many of the names included in these notes, so do a Search above, or click onto any of the  underlined  links included in these records.

Mary (Williams) Graves, Daughter of John Williams of Hanover County, Virginia

MARY WILLIAMS, WIFE OF HENRY GRAVES. WIR 1017 (1 Sep 1706-d after Apr 1771 probably either Mecklenburg Co., VA or Granville Co., NC) Said to be second wife of Henry Graves of colonial Hanover Co., VA by Martha Hiden in some of her writings of Virginia colonial families..

Dau. of John1 Williams I (who d. ca 1735, intestate, Hanover Co.) and his wife Mary (--perhaps Keeling, but not proved/documented) of Hanover Co. John Williams of colonial Hanover Co. was previously of Henrico, Goochland and then of Hanover Co. (land patents & deeds of these counties prove his residency there).

Mary's birthdate of 1706 appears in a letter dated 17 June 1845 from Jno. D. Williams, Whiteplains near Milton, PO, Laurens Dis, SC to Dr. Alexander Williams, Greeneville Courthouse, Tennessee. The letter is in Vol. 13 of McClung Papers Collection by Calvin Morgan McClung held by McClung Historical Collection, Knoxville Public Library, Knoxville, TN. Copy of one section of McClung Collection has been provided by Randolph N. Currie, Sylvania, OH and a copy of another section has been provided by researcher Carl J. York, Knoxville, TN, the latter at the request of this writer. Both copies are in possession of the writer. The latter letter had been copied in 1910 by Barbara McClung "from the original autograph letter of Jno. D. Williams, loaned by Wm. D. Williams Jr." Added in pencil to the copy "of Greeneville, Tenn."

There is some slight evidence of the presence of Mary Graves and her reported sister Ann Daniel in Granville Co., NC in 1771. However, the identity of this Mary Graves has not been firmly established. Ann Daniel, wife of John Daniel of Granville Co. NC, is reportedly the sister of Mary (Williams) Graves.

May 23, 1771. Joseph Taylor, (Atty) files pet'n in behalf of Aaron Sims for his "freedom." Summons to Saml Henderson Henderson Esq. why he should not have it. Witnesses sum'd are: Ann Daniel, Mary Graves, John Searcy Sr. & John Taylor for Sims.

(Thomas McAdory Owen, HISTORY AND GENEALOGIES OF OLD GRANVILLE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA, 1746-1800 [Greenville, SC: Southern Historical Press, 1993], p. 208)

There is evidence in the deeds of Granville Co., NC, where some of Mary's people migrated, of the presence of one Henry Graves in that county in 1760. However, he probably is the not the elder Henry Graves, who apparently was deceased by early 1749/50, probably in or near Hanover Co., VA, a burned county. Henry Graves of Granville Co. is more likely to be the son of the deceased Henry Graves.

Louisa Co. deeds dated 27 Feb 1749/50 refer to the orphans of Henry Graves, i.e., William Graves and Elijah Graves. Deeds ca 1763 indicate Mary was a widow in that she was buying and selling land as a femme sole [not stated as such, however, in deeds examined to date, but obviously she was a widow].

Henry Graves of Granville Co. ca 1760 is said by Worth S. Ray in his history of Colonial Granville Co. to have been a grandson of Henry Graves of Hanover Co. Ray gives no source for his statement. See Mrs. P. W. Hiden, "The Graves Family of York County," in VIRGINIA GENEALOGIES by Genealogical Publishing Co., excerpts of William and Mary Quarterly, for some background of the genealogy of the Graves family. However, the younger Henry Graves of Granville Co. seems more likely to have been a son of the elder Henry Graves as determined by deeds of his probable or half-brother, William Graves, a contemporary in Granville Co.

Lunenburg Co., VA Records
The following deeds indicate Mary Graves was a widow by 1763. Probably she is the same person as Mary2 Williams, daughter of John1 Williams I "of Hanover." Her people in Granville Co. lived near Grassy Creek, Island Creek, Nutbush Creek, all of which cross the boundary between Mecklenburg Co., VA and Granville Co., VA. "Beaver pond" which appears in the deeds of Mary Graves is/was a tributary of Grassy Creek. All these creeks flowed into the Roanoke River. Many are now absorbed largely into Lake Kerr which stretches over the state boundaries of Virginia and North Carolina.

A 1737 deed, Goochland Co. VA DB 3-92-93, of Henry Graves, in which he bought 293 acres from John2 Williams [II] states he is of Hanover Co. and, therefore, it is believed Henry Graves and his family remained in Hanover Co. for many years, and that is probably where he died ante 1749/50.

Goochland Co. COB 4, 1735-1741 has this entry, dated March Court 1737 [1738], p. 260:

Williams' deed to Graves John Williams Acknowledges a Deed with Livery of Seizin endorsed from himself to Herny Graves to be his Act and Deed then Mary Wife of the said John (she being first privately Examined) relinquishes Her right of Dower in the land by the said Deed Conveyed all which is ordered to be recorded.

(Ann K. Blomquist, Goochland County Virginia Court Order Book 4, 1735-1741 [Westminster, MD: Heritage Books, 2010] pp. 261-262)

Mary Graves and Daniel McNeel - Deed
The 1763 deed whereby Mary Graves purchased the land from Daniel McNeel is recorded in Lunenburg Co., the parent county of Mecklenburg Co.:

Lunenburg Co., VA DB 9-90: 14 Apr 1763 from Daniel McNeel and Sarah, his wife, of Lunenburg to Mary Graves of Hanover Co., for 89 pds., a certain tract of land of 175 acres in Lunenburg on Grassey Cr, and bounded by a mill pond. /s/ Daniel McNeel, Sary (+ her mark) McNeel. Wit - none. Recorded Apr 14, 1763

(TLC Genealogy, LUNENBURG COUNTY, VIRGINIA, DB 9 1763-1764 [Miami Beach, FL: 199.0] p. 11).

(Question: Is Sarah McNeel a sister of Mary Williams Graves? If so, then Sarah is "the missing daughter Sarah" of John Williams I? It is conjectured that Daniel McNeil's wife Sary MAY have been the sister of Mary Williams Graves, but this has not been proven. Sarah Williams was reportedly born 15 Feb 1716. If this date is correct, she was ten years younger than Mary. Daniel McNeil and his wife Sarah McNeil have been difficult to trace. McNeil has been spelled many different ways in colonial records.)

Mary Williams Graves in Mecklenburg Co., VA
Mecklenburg Co. had been formed 1765 from Lunenburg Co. and it adjoins old Granville Co., NC. In 1732, until the formation of Lunenburg Co., Beaver Pond Run, or Beaver Pond Creek or Beaver Pond Branch lay in Brunswick Co., VA, from which Lunenburg Co. had been formed.

(Refer to Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., BRUNSWICK COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEED BOOKS, V. 1, 1732-1745 [Lawrenceville, VA: Published by author, 1997]). Beaver Pond Creek was quite near to, if not a tributary of, Meherrin River. (Refer to patent Book 21-222, patent to John Lidderdale, Gent., whose patent was in Brunswick Co., N. side of Meherrin R. ... and Beaverpond Cr. Flatt Rock Cr. was nearby as was Reedy Branch.)

Mecklenburg Co. DB 1-51: 10 Jun 1765 from Mary Graves of Mecklenburg to Malcolm McNeail of Mecklenburg, for 8 pds 4 shillings, one half acre of land together with her right to a water mill that she purchased of Daniel McNeail in Mecklenburg on Bever Pond Cr. /s/ Mary (M her mark) Graves. Wit - Jno Camp, Jacob Royster, Henry W. Williams. Recorded 10 Jun 1765.
(adapted from TLC Publishing, MECKLENBURG COUNTY VIRGINIA DEEDS 1765-1771 [Miami Beach, FL: TLC Publishing, 1990], p. 8)

There is an entry in the Mecklenburg Co., VA Order Book 1765-1773 [FHL film 32,552] regarding the cited deed:

p. 34 At a court held at Mecklenburgh Co. on Monday the 10th June 1765 an indenture Mary Graves to Macolm McNeal adknowledge and ordered to be recorded.

(The identity of Henry W. Williams, the witness, is unknown. He may be the Henry Williams, associated with one Luke Williams, previously from Richmond Co. [Northern Neck Virginia] who migrated to this area. One Henry Williams, later of Caswell Co., NC, was son of Daniel2 Williams (d. testate Granville Co. NC ca 1759) and thus Henry Williams of Caswell Co. was a nephew of Mary2 Williams Graves. What is known is that Henry3 Williams, son of Daniel2 Williams and nephew of Mary2 Williams Graves, was deeded land in Lunenburg Co. by his father Daniel2, but to date no evidence exists that Henry3 ever used a middle initial. Concerning McNeal: On 10 Jan 1748/49, Malcolm McNeal patented 167 acres in Lunenburg Co. on the upper side of Grassey Cr. adj. Munford. Patent Bk 28-492. [Dennis Ray Hudgins, CAVALIERS & PIONEERS, V. 5, p. 343] As stated, Grassy Creek also ran into North Carolina.)

Four years later, Mary Graves is purchasing other land in Mecklenburg Co.:

DB 2-241. June 10, 1769 from John Colebreath and Mary, his wife, of M[ecklenburg], to Mary Graves in M[ecklenburg], for 30 pds, one tract of land in M[ecklenburg] on Bever Damm Cr, about 192 acres bounded by the old line. /s/ John (+++U his mark) Colebreath, Mary (I her mark) Colebreath. Wit - Henry Graves, Wm (+ his mark) Knight, Sarah (+ her mark) Flemon. The deed was acknowledged by John Colebreath and Mary, his wife. Recorded Jun 12, 1769.+

(TLC, MECKLENBURG COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEEDS 1765-1771 [Miami Beach, FL: 1990], p. 83)

[Comment: The witness Henry Graves is believed to be the son or stepson of Mary Graves and not her husband Henry Graves whom all evidence points to as being deceased by this time. Mary Williams Graves is known from other documents to have had a son named Elijah Graves.

The following year, Mary deeded this land to her son Elijah Graves, who is "orphan of Henry Graves." Henry Graves, Elijah's brother or half-brother, is a witness.

DB 3-42: Dec 29, 1770 from Mary Graves of M[Mecklenburg], to Elijah Graves of Halifax County, North Carolina, for 30 pds. 10 shillings, a certain tract of about 192 acres of land in M on both sides of the beaverpond Cr, bounded by [trees]. /s/ Mary Graves. Wit - Henry Graves, William Davis, Jeremiah Walker. Recorded Apr 8, 1771.

(TLC, MECKLENBURG COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEEDS 1771-1776 [Miami Beach, FL: 1991], p. 6)

The following deed tells us how Mary Graves disposed of the other part of this tract of land:

Mecklenburg Co., VA DB 3-48: Nov 12, 1770 from Mary Graves of M, to Elijah Graves of Bute County, North Carolina, son of the said Mary Graves, for the natural love she has for Elijah, and for his better maintenance, Mary gives Elijah all that messuage whereon said Mary Graves now lives in M on Grassy Cr, 175 acres bounded by Mill Pond, the mouth of Beaverpond Cr. If Mary thinks proper to make use of the said tenement and premises during her life, she is not to be molested. /s/ Mary Graves. Wit - Jacob Royster, John Royster, William (X his mark) Colebreath. Recorded Apr 8, 1771.)

(Ibid., p. 6. Reference to this deed is also given in Virginia Pope Livingston, "Some Migrations from Virginia into North Carolina," NORTH CAROLINA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY JOURNAL, Vol. IV?, p. 108)
From this deed, we deduce that Mary was still living in November 1770. To date, she is not listed in the index of Mecklenburg Co. probates, but Elijah and his son Howell are listed.

Children of Mary and Henry Graves
From "Cooper Data," an excerpt, without title page, sent ca. Aug 1995 by Randolph Currie, Sylvania, OH, a descendant of Daniel Williams. (1) This writer's comments are in brackets.

"Williams of Granville County, NC

"John Williams was born Jan 26, 1679, married Mary ..., born Sept. 26, 1684, and emigrated from Wales to Virginia ca. 1700.

[Comment: As far as is known from several years' research in colonial Virginia, around the James River, this John Williams is the "immigrant ancestor." However, no proof has been found that John1 Williams emigrated from Wales. It is a good conjecture, but many Welshmen had migrated to England by this late date, and he possibly was of English birth. Williams's first known land patent was for land in Henrico Co. VA, issued 31 Oct 1716. All evidence indicates he was transported by one Daniel Hix, who later became his neighbor on Tuckahoe Creek, Goochland Co. John Williams is believed not to be the earlier John Williams of York Co., as maintained by some genealogists, including Worth S. Ray. To date, no proof has been found that the maiden name of Mary Williams, wife of the "patriarch" John Williams , was Keeling. Admittedly, a Capt. Keeling's land adjoined John Williams's later patent of ca. 1731 in Hanover Co., but there is no indication in extant land records of a close relationship between Keeling and Williams. Keeling was a man of some status in his community, being a vestryman as well as a county official. As far as is known, as can be gleaned from the few remaining records of Hanover Co., Williams was not of equal social or political or religious status. The younger John Williams of Goochland Co. was a reader at Dover church. It is assumed he had been reared in the Anglican church.. John2, the son of John1 Williams I operated an ordinary in Goochland Co., and it is a fair guess that the father had also operated an ordinary. Furthermore, there is evidence in early Goochland records that he signed with a mark, unlike his son who generally signed his name J. Williams.]

"Issue [of John1 Williams]

"(1) John was born July 26, 1704, married and had son Judge John Wms. [sic] (1731-1795) lawyer & Judge of Granville District, NC, member of the Continental Congress and Superior Court. .....

[The balance of this genealogical abstract concerning John3 is omitted in this biography as much is quoted in biography of John3 Williams, Esq.(qv) of Granville Co. NC. The date of death of Judge John3 Williams, aka John3 Williams, Esq. is 1799, as indicated by his will, Granville Co. WB 5-16, was 1799. There were other sons of John2 Williams II or Sr., formerly of Goochland Co., as reflected in the deeds of Granville Co., NC. They were, besides John3 {frequently called Esq. or Judge}, William3, Charles3, and Nathaniel3, all dying testate in Granville Co. or having the wills probated there, as in the case of William3. William3 died Dec 1775 in Boonesborough, then in Virginia, as stated in his will. Charles3 and Nathaniel3 both have recorded wills in Granville Co. They apparently were much younger than their older brothers, John3 and William3. An administration bond, abstracted by Thomas McAdory Williams and published in his book HISTORY AND GENEALOGIES OF OLD GRANVILLE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA 1746-1800 {Easley, SC: Southern Historical Press, 1993}, indicates that John2 Williams, brother of Mary2 Williams Graves, died intestate between 1768, when he served on a jury, and January court 1770, when his two eldest sons, John3 and William3, along with a close associate, Leonard Henley Bullock, posted an administration bond. {Owen, pp. 30-31} ]

"(2) Mary Williams born Sept. 1, 1706, married (Hervey [Henry]) Graves and had four sons and three daughters.

" (a) Henry Graves"

[Comment: Henry probably is the young Henry Graves who lived at times in Granville Co., NC, but probably previously in Mecklenburg Co., VA.. This is indicated by Mecklenburg Co DB 3-418, Jul 1772, which he witnessed and DB 4-23, 6 Mar 1773. In fact, a cursory examination of deeds of Mecklenburg Co. indicate he may have resided at various times in either Mecklenburg Co. or in Granville Co., and once in Bute Co., which counties adjoin each other. A Henry Graves left a will in Granville Co., NC, WB 4-136, dated 12 Jul 1797 and proved Aug. court 1797. In it, he names his wife Rachel, his daughter Betsy N. Graves; son David; daughter Mary Yancey; son Ralph. Executors were his wife Rachel, Lewis Yancey and sons Ralph and David Graves. Wts: H. Yancey, James Christmas. {Zae Hargett Gwynn, ABSTRACTS OF THE WILLS AND ESTATE RECORDS OF GRANVILLE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA, 1746-1808 [Rocky Mount, NC: Joseph W. Watson, 1973], p. 208.}]

"(b) William Graves"

[Comment: Mecklenburg Co. DB 4-226, 1773, shows a William Graves also recorded some deeds in Louisa Co., VA, which had been formed from Hanover Co., where his parents had resided. There is a Granville Co., NC will for a William Graves, WB 1-492-495, written 24 Apr 1786 and proved May Court 1786. In it, he named his daughter Mary Hester, who was to receive "100 acres on Grassy creek in Virginia purchased of Fagins," daughter Elizabeth Montague; daughter Nancy; son Henry Graves; son William Graves; daughter Lidey; son Nathaniel; dauaghter Anna; wife Mary. The will is quite detailed. The daughters were the four youngest, according to the will. His executors were to be wife Mary and sons William and Nathaniel Graves. Witnesses were Henry Graves, Rachel Graves, and John Wm. Graves. {The two male witnesses are believed to have been William's brothers, and Rachel was Henry's wife.} (Gwynn, op. cit., p. 108-109)]

[There is an indication Louisa Co., VA DB E-87-88, 25 Nov 1775, that William Graves, grantor, resided in Granville Co., NC, in 1775, and his land in Louisa Co., VA, which he sold, adjoined the land of Nathaniel2 Williams. Nathaniel2 Williams is believed to be the younger son of John1 Williams I "of Hanover." He was a brother of Mary2 Williams Graves and thus an uncle of William Graves. Both William Graves and Nathaniel2 Williams were neighbors of William Harlow on Beaverdam Fork of Great Creek, Louisa Co. This is NOT the same as Beaver Pond in Lunenburg or Mecklenburg Co. There are several mentions of Nathaniel2 Williams in land patents which bordered Louisa and Albemarle Cos., but no record has yet been located of Nathaniel2 Williams, the man himself, after he left Hanover Co. as a young man. Louisa Co. and Albemarle Co. have been researched, and no deed or court record of Nathaniel has been located. Perhaps he was an absentee landowner.]

"(c) John Graves"

[Comment: This person MAY NOT the same as John Williams Graves of Granville Co., but he probably is. A John W. Graves left a will, Granville Co. WB 2-110, 1789. More research is in order.]

"(d) Elijah Graves"

[Comment: According to Mecklenburg Co. deed books, Elijah lived alternately in North Carolina and in Virginia. See his separate biography for a patent and some of his land conveyances. As late as 14 Apr 1777, an Elijah Graves voted in Mecklenburg Co., "John Speed's Poll for Mecklenburg." General Index to Wills and Lists of Heirs, Mecklenburg Co., VA, page 63 {SL film 32,517}, lists the will of Elijah Graves as recorded in WB 4-95, 1799. Under devisees, heirs, etc. are listed Frankey, Betsey B., Howel, and Lucretia. At later times, other devisees or heirs are shown: Dolley, Nancy, Elizabeth. More research of the probate is needed. Earlier, Elijah had been deeded land by his mother.]

"(e) Dau. married John Christmas"

[Comment: Granville Co. DB C-217-218 ... 1757, John Hawkins and wife Mary to John Christmas for 70 pds, 286 acres, the residue of 680 acres granted to Hawkins Nov 12, 1756. Wts: none. {Zae Hargett Gwynn, GRANVILLE CO., NC DEEDS, 83} {The time period is appropriate.} See comments under William Graves.]

"(f) Elizabeth Graves married Joshua Coffee, parents of General John Coffee [of Tennessee] born 1772 - who married Mary Donelson, sister to Rachel, wife of Andrew Jackson."

[Comment: The name of a Joshua Coffee appears in Caswell Co., NC DB D-97. It is a North Carolina Land Grant No. 663 to Ambrose Hudghens [sic] on Rosemary Cr. adj. ... Joshua Coffee. 10 Nov 1784. Refer to his biography for greater detail on Coffee/Coffey. ]

[in margin of Cooper data is this notation: "Elizabeth Graves Coffee L. Hano. Co., Va. Jan 28, 1751 - D. 1804 T."]

[This writer's comment: For a time, this writer pondered whether Elizabeth and her siblings have not been assigned to the incorrect mother. Reason: Would a mother born in 1706, Mary Williams's reported birthdate, be giving to a child as late as 1751? In early 1998, e-mail correspondence with Carolyn Odle Smotherman, in Tennessee, corrects Elizabeth's birthdate and states it is 1741. Elizabeth is buried in Rutherford Co., TN, according to Smotherman.]

"(g) Dau. married .... Barnett. Reference: Sketch of Henderson family by T. H. Pritchard."

[Comment: Of interest is the fact that the father-in-law of John Williams II {called Sr. in Granville Co.}, who was William Womack, probably 4th generation, of Goochland Co., in his 1762 will, named a daughter with the surname Barnett or Barrett. It is more likely the former, which surname appears in colonial Goochland and in Henrico Cos. Possibly this daughter of Henry and Mary Graves was married to a cousin. The daughter of William Womack, Sr. of Goochland Co., Sarah Womack Barnett or Barrett, was widowed by July 1740. {Goochland Co. DB 3-336}. She and her husband James had a daughter Lucy Barrett or Barnett; we are unsure of any male heirs. Several Barnett males appear in Granville Co. deeds, which have not been examined: James, John, Jonathan, Robert, Thomas.]

The names of Graves males by these forenames are found in the marriage records of Granville Co., in the 1790s, but it seems unlikely they are children of Henry and Mary Graves because of the time difference, but more study is needed. The names of these Graves--Henry, John, John W [Williams], Mary, Thomas, and William Graves--all appear in Granville Co. deed indexes, but again there is little to identify them as children of Mary (Williams) Graves. A John Christmas also appears in the deeds. In fact, John Christmas and William Christmas were witnesses to Granville Co. DB C-501, 20 Jun 1758, Robert Caller and wife Jemima to William Graves. John Christmas also witnessed DB E-12, 13 Nov 1761, Zachariah Baker to William Graves. See Gwynn's DEEDS.]
Mecklenburg Co. Records
Mecklenburg Co. adjoins old Granville Co., NC, and there is no obvious boundary other than a sign on the highway stating the traveler is in North Carolina. The Mecklenburg Co. deeds indicate that between 1763 and 1765, Mary Graves, probably a widow, has changed jurisdictions, from Hanover Co. (a burned county) to Lunenburg Co. to Mecklenburg Co., which was formed 1765 from Lunenburg Co. Mecklenburg Co., just over the border from Granville Co., NC, was closer to Mary's surviving relatives, the Williamses, the Hendersons, the Daniels et al than was Hanover Co. Refer to the biographies of Daniel McNeil of Lunenburg Co. and his probable wife, Sarah Williams. It is uncertain, mid-March 1999, that Sarah/Sary McNeil is the sister of Mary Williams Graves, but there was a close association of the families, it appears, at least after Mary Graves was widowed. A McNeil, John McNeil of Mecklenburg Co., purchased land in 1767, on Grassy Cr, which land was near other members of the extended Williams family. His relationship to Daniel McNeil or to Malcolm McNeil is unknown, but probably he was of the same extended family.

The several cited deeds strongly suggest a relationship of the Graves family and the McNeal/McNeel family. Another deed pertains to another neighbor on Beaverpond Creek:

Lunenburg DB 9-76 "I William Colbreath of Cumberland Parish in Lunenburg, for divers good causes and for the affection I have for my son, John Colbreath, do grant him the plantation whereon he now lives, together with about 500 acres of land bounded by Daniel McNeal, Micum McNeal, Edward Colbreath, Beverpond Cr. /s/ Mar 10, 1763 - Wm (+ his mark) Colbreath. Wit - Richard Gwin, Jacob Womack, John Graves. This deed of gift was recorded Apr 14, 1763." (TLC Genealogy, LUNENBURG COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEED BOOK 9 (1763-1764) [Miami Beach, FL: TLC Genealogy, 1990], p. 9)

The Womack male a witness is of interest. Womack was the maiden name of Mary Williams, the wife of John2 Williams II "of Goochland Co." later of Granville Co., NC. She was named in the 1762 will of her father, William Womack of Goochland Co. However, she had only one brother--William Womack, but possibly Jacob Womack is related to the extended family. Mary Womack, wife of John2 Williams, is the probable sister-in-law of Mary2 Williams Graves and possibly of Ann2 (Williams) Daniel of Granville Co. and of Sarah McNeil.

Subsequent research of films of Mecklenburg Co. indicate Elijah Graves returned from North Carolina to Virginia become a permanent resident of Mecklenburg Co. Probate indexes indicate he died in that county.

(1) The "data" was part of a genealogy of a Cooper family, many of which family were descendants of Reuben Cooper III and Elizabeth Ann Williams. Writes Randolph N. Currie, Sylvania, OH, letter dated Mar 1998: Elizabeth Ann Williams is the proven daughter of James Atwood Williams (wife Mary Williams, daughter of [Col.] James Williams). Elizabeth Ann Cooper is named in the will of her father, Laurens Co., SC, 6 Jan 1816, Will Book D-1, p. 252. The will also names a daughter Sarah Cooper and son-in-law Reuben Cooper and Charles Cooper. Elizabeth Ann Cooper's obituary was published in Edgefield, SC, showing that she died 18 Feb 1851. Her husband Reuben and five children survived." Mr Currie states that the Cooper book is in the Greenwood, SC Library. Mr. Currie adds, "The material given in the Cooper book 'was furnished to us by Edith Allen of Oxford, Alabama. Internal evidence strongly suggests that Allen's data came from Dr. Thomas M. Owen of Montgomery, a Williams descendant (p. 25) in the Nathaniel line and a very able researcher. Unfortunately, Owen's Williams file is missing from the Alabama Archives. As you know, his notes for a Granville Co. [NC] history have been published." The preface of Thomas McAdory Owen's transcribed notes, published by Southern Historical Press, indicate that a microfilm of Owen's notes is at the Library of Congress. Whether the original papers are there is unknown. Nonetheless, his extensive notes on selected families and customs of Granville Co., NC, contain a fair amount of information on the Williams family, namely John2 Williams and his family.

(2) Comment about John Camp, witness: Refer to biography of Susannah (--) Kemp/Camp for Goochland Co. deed [DB 8-344-345, 8 Apr 1763] deed from John Williams [II] of Granville Co., NC to Susannah Kemp of Goochland Co. She purchased for 10 pds. three acres adj. lands of Wm. Womack, John Cox, Ralph Graves [believed to be a brother of Henry Graves]. The following year, 23 May 1764, Susanah Camp of Cumberland Co., VA sold this property, three acres, to Geo. Chowning of Goochland Co. [DB 8-402-403] A description of the property: "bordering the land of the estate of Ralph Graves and Capt. Noel Burton formerly belonging to John Williams (commonly called Farrar's Ordinary)." What is the relationship of John Camp and the various Williams males to Mary Graves [nee Williams?], widow of Henry Graves? What is the relationship to Susannah Camp/Kemp of Cumberland Co. (formerly of Goochland), if any, to John Camp? Was Susannah Camp the former Susannah Bullock, daughter of John Bullock (wife ... Womack) of Goochland Co.? She, Susannah Bullock, was named as one of the grandchildren of William Womack in his 1762 will, John Bullock, Womack's son-in-law, being one of the executors. An earlier Goochland Co. deed, DB 5-227-228, 10 Feb 1746, of John Williams [II] of Goochland Co. to Wm. Farrar, of the same place, for three acres, mentions an ordinary: "the spot where said William's ordinary is called and known by the name 'Bullock's' at the crossroads from Manakin Ferry to Hoggat's and Glebe or Holman's Church road and the main road."

It is unknown whether the following applies to Mary (Williams) Graves, but it is doubtful in view of the discovery of the two Lunenburg deeds cited above. Furthermore, she would have been quite elderly by 1800.

Mary Graves - 1800 - Bk 18-101

(The DOUGLASS REGISTER, "An Index of the Older Wills, Inventories, Divisions, etc. of Goochland Co., VA").

+ John Colbreath had been given land by his father in 1763, and presumably it is a part of this land which he was now selling to Mary Graves. Mary's son or stepson, John Graves, was one of the witnesses. From Lunenburg Co. DB 9-76. I, William Colbreath of Cumberland Parish in L, for divers good causes and for the affection I have for my son, John Colbreath, do grant him the plantation whereon he now lives, together with about 500 acres of land bounded by Daniel McNeal, Micum McNeal, Edward Colbreath, Beverpond Cr. Signed Mar 10, 1763 - Wm (+ his mark) Colbreath. Wit - Richard Gwin, Jacob Womack, John Graves. The deed of gift was recorded

Additional Notes on John Williams II, of Goochland, VA, later of  Granville Co., NC

(Brother of Mary Williams-Graves)

Transcribed Nov 2008
Goochland Co. VA Deed Bk 3 p. 90-91 [from FHL film 31653)
This indenture made this Twentieth day of September in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty Between John Williams Senr of the County of Hanover of the one part and John Williams Junr of the County of Goochland of the other part Witnesseth that the said John Williams Senior for divers good causes & considerations him thereunto moving but more Especially for the valuable Sum of fifty pounds current money of Virginia to him in hand paid by his Son [inserted the said] John Williams Junr & the receipt he doth hereby acknowledge.... satisfied ... & [paid?] hath fully clearly absolutely acquited & Discharged the said John Williams Junr by .... hath bargained .... enfeofed & confirmed & by .... do bargain .... alien enfeof & confirm unto the said John Williams Junr and his heirs for Ever ... one certain parcel or Tract? of Land lying and being in the County of Goochland on the North side of the James River on the branches or [meanders?] of Tuckahoe Creek containing four hundred and Twenty five acres as by patent dated the Thirty first day of October One Thousand Seven Hundred & Sixteen for the said land may appear to have and to hold the said Tract of Land (by the patent bounds & ..... singular .... and appurtenances thereof unto the said John Williams Junr and his heirs for Ever to the only proper use & behoof of him and his heirs for Ever and the said John Williams Senior and his heirs forever doth warrant ...
In Witness whereof the said John Williams Senior hath ....set his hand & affixed his Seal this day and Year above written

Signed Sealed and Delivered in presence of us
Henry Graves, Ralph Graves

John Williams

Memorandum That on the first day of September one Thousand Seventeen and Thirty peaceable and Quiet possession and Seizure of the within mentioned Land ... granted was had and taken by the within named John Williams Senior and [by] him delivered to the within named John Williams Junr in their proper ...according to the tenor form and effort of the within written deed.
John Williams
In presence of
Henry Graves, Ralph Graves

Sep on ye 20 1730
.... of my Son John Williams Junr full satisfaction for the within [mentioned] four hundred and Twenty five acres of Land as Witness my hand this day as above writton.

Henry Graves Ralph Graves John Williams

At a court held for Goochland County March 21, 1737

John Williams acknowledged this Deed with the [Survey....] and to be his acts and Deeds which were ordered to be recorded.

(The person called John Williams, Jr. in above transcription is believed to be the man called John Williams (sometimes labeled Sr.) of Nut Bush Creek area of colonial Granville Co. I frequently label him John Williams II to differentiate him from his father of early Henrico Co. but later of Hanover Co., VA. and his son John Williams, Jr, later labeled Esq. Oh, yes and about three nephews called John Williams.)

John Williams II, according to abstracts by Thomas McAdory Owen, HISTORY AND GENEALOGIES OF ..... died intestate ca. 1770 in Granville Co., NC.)

1755 tax list of Granville Co.

John Williams, Sons Charles & Nathl. & Negroe Major, 3-1-4
John Williams, Junr., 1-0-1

Goochland Co. Vestry Book 0033855

21 Feb 1744 John Williams is appointed reader at the Lower church at the Salary of 1400 pds. tobo & cash



Henry Graves, husband of Mary Williams of Hanover Co., VA

HENRY GRAVES OF HANOVER CO. WIR00364. (b before 1694 - died before Feb 1749, prob Hanover Co, VA) The dates given for Henry Graves are speculative. He received three land patents in June 1731. (His father-in-law was believed to be John1 Williams I "of Hanover," who reportedly was born 1679 and who is believed to be the John1 Williams who died intestate in Hanover Co. ca 1735, according to remaining Hanover Co. records ca 1733-1735.)

In "The Graves Family of York County" appearing in GENEALOGIES OF VIRGINIA FAMILIES (Family Archive Viewer CD 186), p. 792, Mrs. Martha Hiden has written:

"The writer is unable to place the Henry Graves who m. Mary Cussins, the births of three of whose children are recorded in the Douglas Register [Goochland Co.] nor can she place the Ann Graves whose marriage to Joseph Moseley in 1768 is also recorded in this Register."

Henry Graves, who is associated with the John Williams II family of colonial Goochland Co., probably died either in Louisa Co., or its parent county, Hanover, before 27 Feb 1749/50. This entry appears in Louisa Co. deed book:

27 Feb 1749 (1750) account of valuation of improvements made on the lands of William Graves and Elijah Graves, Orphans of Henry Graves, dec'd, admitted to record.
(Rosalie Edith Davis, LOUISA COUNTY DEED BOOKS A & B 1742-1759 [Manchester, MO,..., ] p. 53)

Like his former Hanover Co., VA neighbor, Luke Waldrop/Waldrup (qv), the name Henry Graves is a "marker" (identifying person) for tracing the colonial Granville Co., NC John Williams, Sr. family (of Nutbush Creek area) back to colonial Virginia, where they lived near the James River, principally along Tuckahoe Creek on the Western edge of Henrico Co. and eastern boundary of Goochland Co. However, the father John 1 Williams and his younger sons, Joseph 2 and Nathaniel 2 and also Daniel 2 also lived in Hanover Co. where John 1 the father died intestate. (Hanover Co. records burned in the Evacuation fire in Richmond at the end of the Civil War.) Daniel Williams died testate 1795 in Granville Co. NC. He had accumulated a good deal of land in southern Virginia which he deeded to his several sons.

Worth S. Ray in COLONIAL GRANVILLE AND ITS PEOPLE, with his customary failure to provide his sources, or even dates, has written the following on page 266:

"(6) Henry Graves, Jr. On page 144 it will be seen that the compiler has identified this Henry Graves, Jr. as the son of Henry Graves and the grandson of the Henry Graves who married Mary Williams, the aunt of Judge Richard Henderson [whose mother was Elizabeth Williams] and of Judge John Williams, of Granville County. From the Searcy map it will be noticed that Henry Graves, Jr. lived in the Goshen District not far from (12) Chesley Daniel. Leonard Daniel, a nephew of Chesley, married Mary Ann Graves, his [Henry Graves, Jr.'s] sister. Henry Graves, Sr., his father, lived in the upper part of the Eastern area of the present Granville County in the Island Creek District. Ralph Graves, his uncle, also lived in that part of the county. Ralph Graves of York County, Virginia, who married Unity White, was the Great Great grandfather of Henry Graves, Jr. of Granville County."

[The number (12) above refers to the number on Ray's map*, which is very difficult to read in the published volume as the print and the map are quite small. It is the Henry Graves who married 2nd Mary Williams, in whom we are interested. It is our opinion that some of the genealogy provided by Ray is quite garbled: ]

A date cited as the birthdate of Henry's second (?) wife Mary Williams was 1706.

(Martha Woodroof Hiden's works [as posited in John Frederick Dorman, ADVENTURERS OF PURSE AND PERSON VIRGINIA 1607-1625])

A Graves descendant, in a letter dated 24 Oct 1994, states that in GENEALOGIES OF VIRGINIA FAMILIES (3 volumes by Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore), there is much of the Graves family. Cursory examination of the articles she listed have little information on the Williams family. However, this work gives much genealogy of the Graves family, which will not be repeated here. There is a statement in V. 2, p. 792, (footnote) that Mary Williams was the second wife of Henry Graves of Hanover Co. His first wife is said to have been Mary Jones, daughter of Rice Jones of York Co., VA and his wife Elizabeth Croshaw. Elizabeth Croshaw was daughter of Richard Croshaw and granddaughter of Rawleigh Croshaw, early settlers in Virginia. In Mrs. Hiden's exploration of this family, another name is given to the first wife of Henry Graves of Hanover Co.

("The Graves Family of York County," in GENEALOGIES OF VIRGINIA FAMILIES, [Baltimore: Genealogical Publ. Co.] VOL II, p. 791)

(Another correspondent has written a letter in which he says that Henry Graves died ante Dec 1749. Therefore, he was married to Mary Williams before that date. His daughter Rachel Graves [1734-1800] married Benjamin Hendrick [1730-1818], and their oldest son was named John Williams Hendrick. The correspondent gives as reference THE AMERICAN GENEALOGIST, Jan 1990, p. 46ff.)

Only the direct ancestry of Henry Graves is outlined here--in part. He is reported to be of the fifth generation by Mrs. Hiden in excerpts of VIRGINIA GENEALOGIES, which were taken from various issues of William and Mary Quarterly.

The first American generation reportedly was Captain Thomas Graves who came to Jamestown in 1608. He was of Dublin, Ireland. His children are reported to be Francis, Thomas, Ann, John and probably two daughters, Virlinda and Katharine. Probable death date: 1635 or 1636.

Second generation: John Graves was the direct ancestor of Henry Graves. Prob. born by 1605. Died bet. 29 May 1639 (patent of land) and Apr 1640, prob. in Elizabeth City Co. William Parry was his administrator, as he had been for the father Thomas Graves.

Third generation: Ralph Graves (est. 1625/6). By 1654 had married Rachel Croshaw, dau. of Major Joseph Croshaw. Will probated 2 Jul 1667 (York Co., Bk 4-149)

4th generation: Ralph Graves, b. ca. 1653-d. intestate ca. 25 Jun 1694.

5th generation: Henry Graves (the subject of this biography).

Henry was probably of legal age by 1731 when he received three patents in Hanover Co. (Pat Bk 14-166, 14-173, and 14-184) These abstracted patents may be found in Nell Marion Nugent, CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS, V. III, p., 396, p. 397 and 398. Altogether he patented over 1200 acres. His land adjoined these neighbors: Major Leigh, John Sanders, Capt. [David] Crawford, John Matlock, George Pemperton [Pemberton?]; Syms; Charles Chiswell.

(Charles P. Blunt IV, LAND PATENTS AND GRANTS OF HANOVER COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 1721-1800 [1981?], p. 32.)

Henry probably was born before his father's death in 1694. Evidence seems to indicate that Ralph Graves of Goochland Co., VA was Henry's brother. Ralph married Judith Womack daughter of William Womack, Sr. of Goochland Co. (qv). Judith is named in the Goochland Co. will of William Womack; another Womack daughter was Mary Williams, wife of John2 Williams of Goochland Co., later of Granville Co., NC (Nutbush Creek area).

Goochland Co. deeds show that Henry Graves and John2 Williams were contemporaries, and that Ralph Graves was another contemporary. Ralph Graves, according to Mrs. Hiden, had a will dated 25 Nov 1761, which was proved 18 May 1762. John2 Williams died ca. 1768-1770 intestate in Granville Co., NC (administration bond). It seems, therefore, that Ralph Graves and John2 Williams were of approximately the same age.

Land Patents of Henry Graves can be found on the online *Land Patents* as digitized by the Library of Virginia.
(I have more notes concerning Henry Graves.)


*Note by DW: Ray's Map is actually available in the online collection in the North Carolina Maps Collection



John Daniel, husband of Ann Williams of Hanover Co.,VA

JOHN DANIEL. WIIR 1022. (d. 1762 Granville Co., NC) John Daniel is reported in Alvahn Holmes SOME FARRAR'S ISLAND DESCENDANTS to have been the spouse of Ann or Anna Williams, the daughter of John Williams I of Hanover Co. (formerly of Henrico Co. and of Goochland Co.) Refer to biography of John Williams I "of Hanover." (d. ca. 1735 intestate). A John Daniel appears on the 1704 Rent Roll of York Co., but there is no evidence he is linked to the probably younger John Daniel of Hanover Co., VA. and later of Goochland Co., VA nor to the John Daniel who died in 1762 in Granville Co, the latter two probably the same person..

John Daniel, resided ca. 1729 in Hanover Co. as did Henry Graves, reported to be another son-in-law of John Williams I (of Hanover). Henry Graves's second wife was reported to have been Mary Williams, a sister of John Daniel's wife Ann. Reference is made to the land of John Daniel in Hanover Co. patents in 1729, and he is a neighbor of John Williams I, who patented land in this general neighborhood, i.e., Saxon's Swamp, New Market.

Patent Bk 13, Benjamin Henson, 400 A. (new lease) Hanover Co., adj. William Saxon, Mrs. Agnes Fox; Joseph Fox; New Market line; & land of John Daniel; on New Market Mill parth [sic]; 27 Sept 1729. 40 Shill.

(Nell Marion Nugent, CAVALIERS & PIONEERS, V. III, p. 361. This land description should be compared to the patent of John1 Williams I in Hanover Co., Patent Bk 13, p. 438, Hanover Co., 28 Sep 1728, which makes reference to New Market, also featured in CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS, V. III.)

Patent Bk 14, Thomas Travelin, 254 (N.L.), Hanover Co.; adj. Mr. Terry, Mr. Blair, Samuel Rutter, John Williams, John Daniel, Benjamin Henson, & Thomas Travelian; 26 Jun 1731, p. 197. 25 Shill.

(Nugent, V. III, p. 398. Refer to biography of John1 Williams I of Hanover Co., who received a patent in Hanover Co. on the same date, 1731. His patent refers to lines of "Daniels" and to Saxon's Swamp. The cited patent shows that John Williams I and John Daniel were neighbors. Also refer to the biography of Luke Waldrop, a close associate of Daniel Williams in Hanover Co. Reportedly Waldrop's wife was Christian or Christina Trevellian, but this marriage has not been proved. Luke Waldrop, in Granville Co., NC was one of the witnesses to the 1759 will of Daniel2 Williams, who was brother of Ann2 Williams Daniel.)

Goochland Co., VA Records
Although seemingly a resident of Hanover Co., a John Daniel seems to have brought lawsuits in Goochland Co., 1733 and 1734, against his probable brother-in-law, John Williams [Jr. or II] of Goochland Co, who later was of Granville Co., NC. Perhaps the John Daniel in Hanover Co. was an older person:

Goochland Co. COB 3-155: John Daniell vs. John Williams. "Case of Debt." Dismissed. (Mar. Ct., 1733)

COB 3-237: John Daniell vs. John Williams - "Trespass on the Case." Imparlance granted the deft. until next ct. (Mar. Ct., 1734)

COB 3-259 Above case continued. Deft came to court, but failed to make a plea. Deft. can plea at next ct. (May ct., 1734)

COB 3-301 Case from Pp. 237 and 259 continued at deft.'s cost. (Oct. ct 1734)

The case somehow came to the attention of the governor.

COB 3-314 Case continued from Pp. 237, 259, 301... with this entry: "The Governor having wrote a letter to the Court relating to a cause depending between John Daniell and John Williams it is ordered that the clerk do answer the same by truly stating the case to his Honour." (Jan Ct., 1735)

COB 3-314. Case continued from Pg. 314. Jury failed to find a verdict so a "nonsuit" was declared. Plt. to pay ct. costs. (Jan Ct., 1735)

At the same court, recorded on same page, Tarlton Fleming was paid 180 lbs. of tobacco for being a witness for six days for John Williams in the above case.

(Dolores Crumrine Rutherford, GOOCHLAND COUNTY, VIRGINIA, COURT ORDERS, 1728-1794: WILLIAMS FAMILY [Carmichael, CA, 1979] various pages.)

A somewhat more expanded version of this lawsuit appears in William B. Newman, "Captain William Daniel, of Middlesex," in GENEALOGIES OF VIRGINIA FAMILIES, VOL. I, p. 504 ff:

"March, 1734, John Daniel sues John Williams [explanation of letter to Governor, as given above]. .. Williams won the case. During the trial Daniel lost his temper. 'John Daniel for unbecoming language in Court bounded over under penalty to keep the peace for a year and a day,' though he pleaded 'an indispostion of the mind.' James Daniel and John Webb went on his bond."

Newman cites several other instances of Daniel's behavior in Goochland Co. with his own relatives. Then, the author adds, "Apparently after his experience with John Williams, the governor and county court, John Daniel went to Caroline [County]. During 1743 he was involved as defendant in several petty suits in that county, one against him and his wife Ann."

The author cites various activities of him and his wife (she as a witness) from ca. 1743 to ca. 1761, including being a plaintiff. On 12 January 1758, John Daniel and his wife Ann of Caroline Co. made a deed to George Buckner for land in that county. After a statement about being a plaintiff in lawsuits in 1759 and in 1761, the author writes, "John has not been further followed."

The will of John Daniel in Granville Co. seemingly confirms that the family eventually followed some of their Williams kinsmen to Granville Co., NC.

Death of One John Daniel in Granville Co., NC

The will of John Daniel appears in the Unrecorded Wills of Granville Co., NC:

Will Bk 29 p. 13: "19 Jun 1762, proved Aug 1762 John Daniel wills to wife Anne, all my estate both real and personal for lifetime and, at her death to my five children: James, John William[s], Sarah Harrison, Martha Banbey [Barbee?], Elizabeth Dudley. Some years ago I made a deed of gift to my daughter Elizabeth, wife of Christopher Dudley, and I now reclaim that gift. Exrs: John William[s?] Daniel and James Daniel, my sons. Wits: Joseph Linsey, John Dunkin, John Walker." (See note re Christopher Dudley)

(Zae Hargett Gwynn, ABSTRACTS OF THE WILLS & ESTATE RECORDS OF GRANVILLE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA 1746-1808, p. 6). Thomas McAdory Owen's transcripts of some of these same records indicate John Williams Daniel was probably named for his maternal grandfather, John Williams I of Hanover Co.)

Daniel's name appears in the Granville Co. deed books in this respect: in the 1760s, "on John Daniel's line."

Although the above transcription shows one son as John William Daniel, other records (transcriptions by Owen) show the name as John Williams Daniel. Original records should be searched.

Probable Son of John Daniel and Ann Williams
Is John Williams Daniel the same as John Daniel in the following will?

WB 1-235 15 Dec 1778 - proved May court 1779. Will of John Daniel - to son Martin Daniel, all my land after death of my wife Celia and when he is of age, all my guns and money and all else to wife for her lifetime, then to son Martin Daniel. Excrs: My brother William Daniel. Wts: Lewis Ames, Luke Landers, John Dillon.


Possibly John Williams Daniel, as he is frequently called in Granville Co. records, owned land in Orange Co., NC, as the following deed index entries appear in the one remaining deed register of that county, the early deeds long ago having been destroyed:

9 Feb 1762
Thomas Brooks (grantor?) - John Daniel (grantee?) - 125 [acres] sale - Wm. Borston

9 Feb 1762
Thomas Brooks (grantor?) - John Daniel (grantee?) - 125 [acres] sale - Wm. Borston

(Although the above entry appears twice in the transcription, it is believed that this may be a misprint in Eve B. Weeks, transcriber, REGISTER OF ORANGE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA DEEDS, 1752-1768 AND 1793 [Danielsville, GA: Heritage Papers, 1984] pp. 18-19)

A Younger John Daniel
A John Daniel had a land warrant issued in Orange Co., NC in 1778, which was after the probable 1762 death of the earlier John Daniel.

No. 506 Aug 24, 1778 John Daniel enters 600 ac in Orange Co. on waters of New Hope Cr, border. Tho Trice, Wm Pickett, & John Merret; includes his improvement, warrant issued Dec 4, 1778.


A John Daniel appears in the marriage records of Granville Co. as both a bondsman and as a groom. But he is a younger John Daniel as the older John Daniel was deceased by Aug 1762, when his will was proved.

a. Bondsman for George Daniel & Martha Daniel 13 Mar 1786

b. Groom John Daniel m. Elizabeth Jordan 1 May 1786; Joseph Daniel, bm; Bennet Searcy, wit.

(Another Williams family association with Searcys; see biography of Lucy Williams, reported daughter of John Williams II (not confirmed) and wife of Bartlett Searcy, The Searcys were long associated with the Williams family. Bartlett's brother Reuben Searcy was married to Susannah Henderson (1st wife), whose mother was Elizabeth2 Williams, sister of John2 Williams II. A man named Arthur Jordan was associated with the family of William3 Williams of Nutbush Creek, son of John Williams II. He witnessed several of their important documents. Refer to biography of Phillis Beckham ? (later Williams and then Mitchell) and her son Samuel Farrar4 Williams.)

A Leonard Daniel married Anne Graves 21 Dec 1789; Joseph Smith, bm; Henry Potter, wit.

(This may have been a marriage of cousins of some degree. Ann Williams had been married to John Daniel, the subject of this biography. Her sister, Mary Williams, had been second wife of Henry Graves of Hanover Co., but the widowed Mary Graves later lived in Lunenburg Co VA. and then in Mecklenburg Co, VA as proved by deeds of those counties. It is known from Louisa Co.VA deeds that at least one of Mary Graves's sons, William Graves, had removed to Granville Co. His line has not been followed; there are many persons bearing the name Graves in colonial North Carolina.)

Suffice it to say, there were many persons named Daniel in Granville Co., NC.

Probable Son of Younger John Daniel?
Does the following pertain to the orphan of John Williams Daniel, rather than the older John Daniel?

From Granville Co., NC WB 2-3 Feb 1798 Robert Hester, guardian of Martin Daniel, orphan of John Daniel, renders account of estate.

2/12/98 A Daniel Family in Orange Co., VA and Another in Louisa Co.,VA

Louisa Co. DB B-41-42, 25 Mar 1754. James Daniel of Orange Co. and Mary, his wife, to John Daniel of Louisa Co. 100 pds. 400 acres ... sd. James Daniel's corner ... John Bickerton's line ... branch of Hickory Creek ... Thomson's line ... Charles Daniel's line.
/s/ James Daniel /s/ Mary Daniel Wit: Willm Price, Vivion Daniel.
26 Mar 1755 acknowledged by James Daniel. Mary, his wife, declared her consent.

DB B-42-43. 29 Oct 1754 James Daniel of Orange Co. and Mary, his wife, to William Segar of Middlesex Co. 30 pds currt. money. 332 acres ... Gibson's corner near head of Elliott's branch ... Peter Daniel's line ... Charles Daniel's line. /s/ James Daniel /s/ Mary Daniel Wit: Willm Price, Vivion Daniel. 26 Mar 1755 acknowledged by James Daniel. Mary, his wife, declared her consent.

DB B-43. 29 Oct 1754 James Daniel of Orange Co. to Nehemiah Watson of Louisa Co. 30 pds currt. money. 100 acres ... pine near Thomson's house branch. /s/ James Daniel /s/ Mary Daniel Wit: Willm Price, John Daniel. 26 Mar 1755 acknowledged by James Daniel. Mary, his wife, declared her consent.

(Rosalie Edith Davis, LOUISA COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEED BOOKS A AND B, 1742-1759 [Bellevue, WA: Privately published, 1976], p. 104)

Who is Woodson Daniel? of Wake Co., NC?
See Wake Co. WB 1-538-539

Note: According to Worth S. Ray, in RAY'S INDEX AND DIGEST TO HATHAWAY'S NORTH CAROLINA HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL REGISTER [Baltimore: Southern Book Co., 1956), these are the children of Christopher Dudley, according to the will which Ray says he copied from the records at Halifax NC in 1939. The will was dated 1777:
Ranson, Christopher, Sarah, Linton, Ann (wife of Henry Machin[? - type unclear]), Guilford, Elizabeth and Agatha. Executors: Guildford Dudley, Henry Machin and O. Davis.


Note by DW:  Probably the most extensive research on the DANIEL Family has been done by Pam Miller who has published all of her work on her website.  See her website for her Daniel Family Research.

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