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Welcome to the Granville County NCGenWeb, your source for information on all things related to Granville Co. history and genealogy. Please note that we are a volunteer Genealogy website and are not a part of the County Government.  We urge you to please send any information you may have collected on your own Granville Co. ancestors.  The only thing better than finding information on your own ancestors is sharing your research to help others.  We also invite your suggestions as to material you would like to see posted as well as links or sources  you have found in your own searches that should be included here.

To get started, visit our Data page to see what records are here, it is the portal to all of our files, and also check back often to see what's listed under our New page.
We would like to thank Tina Smith for her many contributions to the researchers in Granville Co.



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County Coordinator: Deloris Williams 

A Great big Thank You with tears of sadness to our Wonderful Friend, the late Nola Duffy for having created and maintaining this website for so many years. We Thank You for all that you have done for us.



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Court House circa 1900 courtesy of North Carolina Collection



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