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  They Answered the Call !!

    We honor our military men and women of Granville Co., North Carolina

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Please send us your ancestors military records and early photos to post.   If you have even a photo copy of a Revolution or Civil War record, you may have ordered, I will  transcribe them for you and post them here.
Colonial Period 1754 Militia of Granville Co., North Carolina
Col. William Eaton's Company, 1754 - Archives
Granville Co. Militia 1771 - Archives
Granville Co. Militia Service - Archives
William Hurst's Company 1754 - Archives
Oaths of Allegiance, 1778 - Archives
John Sallis' Company, 1755 -  Archives
Military Organizations in Colonial North Carolina
Granville County Company Grade Officers-1763
American Revolution
1778 Granville Co. Militia Enlistment Returns
Revolutionary War Pension of Carter Hudspeth
Revolutionary War Pension of Harris Hicks
Revolutionary War Pension of George Pettiford
Revolutionary War Pension of John Williams
Revolutionary War Pension of Bennett Williams
Revolutionary War Pension File Of William Taborn
William Guy Revolutionary War Pension File
Solomon Williams Revolutionary War  Pension File
Samuel Farrar Williams Revolutionary War Pension File
Revolutionary Pension of Thomas Clark - Archives
Revolutionary Records of Thomas Hilliard - Archives
Revolutionary Pension File of Martin Miller - Archives
Nancy Bright's Widows Pension Application,1832- Archives
Charles Carter Pension, 1832 - Archives
Gideon Crew's Record, 1783 - Archives
Francis Day Pension, 1843 - Archives
Granville County Militia - Archives
Sherwood Harris Record - Archives
Pleasant Henderson Record- Archives
Benjamin Hester Record - Archives
Moses Jones Pension, 1855 - Archives
James & Ann McDaniel Pension, 1852- Archives
Martin Miller Pension, 1832 - Archives
Thomas Ross Pension, 1832- Archives
Asa Searcy Pension, 1843 - Archives
John Taylor, Sr. Pension, 1832 - Archives
John Taylor, Sr. Pension, 1832, Pt.2- Archives
Thomas Ussery Pension, 1833 - Archives
William Whicker Pension, 1832 - Archives
Revolutionary War Army Accounts
War of 1812 NCGenWeb List of War of 1812 Resources
Militia Detachments, 1814 - Archives
New Appointments, 1812 - Archives
New Military Officers Appointed, 1812- Archives
War of 1812 Granville County Regiments
Mexican War Mexican War Deaths, 1847: Pt. 1 - Archives
Mexican War Deaths, 1847: Pt. 2 - Archives
Civil War  Alphabetical index of Granville Co. residents who served in the Civil War
U.S. Colored Troops- Granville County
1890 Veterans Schedule- Granville County
Col. William Cannady & the 5th Regiment, 1861 - Archives
Capt. William Perry, 1862 - Archives
List of Granville Co. Civil War Pensioners-1904
The Granville Stars (partial listing)
World War I With the Colors Book of servicemen from Granville Co., NC who served in WWI
NCGenWeb Statewide WWI Page
World War II NCGenWeb Statewide WWII Page

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