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Revolutionary War Pension File W4989
Granville County, North Carolina

Transcribed by Deloris Willliams; any remarks by me are enclosed in brackets [ ]
HARRIS HICKS of Granville
In the State of No. Car.
Who was a private in the regiment
Commanded by CAPT. FARRAR
In the N. Car. Line for 2 years
Certificate issued to ANDERSON PASCHALL, Guardian
Inscribed on the Roll of N. Carolina
of 80 dollars per annum to commence
on the 4th day of March 1831.
Certificate of Pension issued the 14th day of May
State of North Carolina
Granville County
Superior Court of Law 3
Fall Term 1832
Personally appeared Open Court this 5th day of September A.D. 1832 BENJAMIN HESTER (O.) who being duly sworn according to law doth depose, testify and declare as follows viz:
That he has long known HARRIS HICKS of the said County and State who was bound apprentice to the blacksmith trade under HARRY MELTON upon the oath of the father of the said HARRIS HICKS. That he was serving his said apprenticeship when the War of the Revolution broke out and it being understood that if an apprentice enlisted in the army his indentures were cancelled. HARRIS HICKS eloped[?] from his said master and enlisted I think under CAPT. JOHN FARRAR I belonged to the same detachment which was marched to Peytonsburg in Halifax County State of Virginia. We were then drilled & mustered for about four months and discharged on furlough as no pressing call required our further service at that time. HARRIS HICKS was a private in this detachment – we were shortly afterwards called upon and marched to the South – HARRIS HICKS joined the detachment and we were marched through South Carolina we halted about week within ten miles of Charleston, S. Carolina, and were marched thence to Purysburg on the Savannah River. After various duty here and the adjoining County we were marched up that river to Golphins Mills – while we were stationed at Purysburg the Battle of Briars Creek took place. The year I cannot remember but we were under the command of GENERAL LINCOLN – The British having crossed Savannah River we retreated before them to Dorchester in South Carolina at Bacons Bridge within about 20 miles of Charleston - the enemy having turned & encamped at stone[?] we were marched in pursuit of them and then the affair of Stone took place – the enemy have retreated toward Savannah River, we followed them as far as Dorchester when we halted – our term of service having nearly expired we were marched to Sheldon Hill where, upon its completion we were discharged. HARRIS HICKS came home with this affiant after having completed his full tour of nine months service in this campaign in addition to the four months tour at Peytonsburg as before stated.
This affiant testifies that he served with HARRIS HICKS another tour of three months duty and we were marched & stationed in Charleston, S.C. - ZACK HESTER a cousin of this affiant who is now living also performed the same tour – HARRIS HICKS and ZACK HESTER having performed the full term of three months were discharged three days before the attack was made on that City which eventuated in taking it and all our men as prisoners & this affiant, who had enlisted for another tour after the discharge of his said comrades, among the rest -
This affiant also served another tour of nine months duty with HARRIS HICKS – in the course of this service our detachment was marched to and joined the American army under GENL. GREEN at the Catawba River present at the engagement in which GENL. DAVIDSON was killed, at the attack at Tarleton’s light house upon our men in Ms[?] TORRANCE’s line. From these disasters we retreated in confusion to the Yadkin & thence to Halifax CH and Charlotte CH, VA- from this place this affiant was dispatched to North Carolina for more troops and arguably[?] to orders joined the forces that had collected at Granville Old Court House under GENERAL BUTLER -  From this place we marched after the enemy through Hillsborough to the High rock on Haw River at which place HARRIS HICKS, his term of service of three months having expired, was discharged – but this affiant was engaged in another tour of duty and remained in the army.
This affiant has not seen HARRIS HICKS for several years, nor since he has lost the use of one side, and the power of speech as he is informed & believes – HARRIS HICKS must be not less than seventy (70) years of age.
The foregoing is a recital of all the service of HARRIS HICKS which comes within the personal knowledge of this affiant – he has no doubt that he performed various other service but is unable to state them.
BENJAMIN HESTER (O.) (“X” his mark)
ZACHARIAH HESTER being duly sworn according to law, testifies & declares that he knows very well HARRIS HICKS spoken of in the forgoing affidavit of BENJAMIN HESTER (O.) that he was a soldier and performed various service in behalf of his Country during the War of the Revolution but he has no personal knowledge of any particular tour of duty except the one spoken of by the said BENJAMIN HESTER (O.) specified affidavit aforesaid when the said BENJAMIN HESTER, HARRIS HICKS other affiant were marched.


In order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress of the 4th of July 1836 and the joint Resolution of July 7, 1838
State of North Carolina
Halifax County
On this 10th day of September 1838 personally appeared before a Justice of the Peace MRS. TEMPERENCE HICKS widow of HARRIS HICKS aged Seventy four years and now residing in the County of Halifax who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath, make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision of the Congress passed July 4th 1836 and the joint Resolution of July 7th 1838. That she is the widow of HARRIS HICKS who was private in the War of the Revolution and served as will more fully appear by reference to the evidence now on file upon which the annexed certificate of pension issued to him. She further declares that she was married to the said the HARRIS on the 10th day of April Seventeen hundred and Eighty four. That her husband the aforesaid HARRIS HICKS died in the month of August Eighteen hundred and Thirty Six, and that she has remained a widow ever since that period, as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereto annexed.
Sworn to and subscribed on the day and year above written before me.

ABSALOM HICKS the son of HARRIS & TEMPERENCE HICKS, his wife, born June 12, 1786.
JANE HICKS daughter of same was born July 1st 1788.
JOHN HICKS son of same was born May 20th 1790.
ELIZABETH HICKS daughter of same was born Sept. 1st 1794.
WILLIS HICKS son of same was born May 4th 1797.
POLLY HICKS daughter of same was born January 20th 1800.
ROBT HICKS son of same was born Oct. 17th 1802.

In order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress of the 7th July 1838, entitled an Act granting half pay & Pensions to certain widows
State of North Carolina
Granville County
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
November Term 1844
On this the 8th day of November 1844, personally appeared before the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for the said County of Granville (now sitting) WILLIS HICKS a resident of the said County & State, aged 47 years who being first duly sworn according to law, maketh oath that he is one of the Children and Heirs at Law of TEMPERENCE HICKS widow of HARRIS HICKS who was a soldier in the N. Carolina Militia, in the War of the Revolution, and was placed on the N. Carolina Pension roll for Granville County under Act of 1832, that said Pensioner was placed on the Pension roll sometime in May 1834, at $80.00 dollars per annum. That said pensioner died on the 6th day of April Eighteen hundred & thirty seven leaving a widow TEMPERENCE HICKS surviving him who died on the 29th day of September Eighteen hundred & forty one, leaving the following children surviving her, to wit; The declarant WILLIS HICKS, JOHN HICKS, WILLIAM HICKS, PAITON HICKS, ROBERT HICKS, JANE HICKS & MARY who intermarried with RANSOME SMITH all of lawful age; the declarant in behalf of himself & the other Heirs of the said HARRIS & TEMPERANCE HICKS further sets forth upon his said oath that to the best of his understanding & belief the said HARRIS & TEMPERANCE HICKS were married in the year of seventeen hundred & Eighty six, that they did live together as husband & wife till the death of the said HARRIS HICKS; that the said HARRIS & TEMPERANCE HICKS were not married prior to his leaving the service but that the said marriage took place previous to the first of January seventeen hundred & ninety four (1794) to wit; at the time above stated (1786) and that the said TEMPERANCE did not marry after the death of her said husband HARRIS HICKS but remained his widow till death, that the original family record is lost.
Sworn to & subscribed on this 8th day of November 1844 in Open Court

I, JAMES M. WIGGINS, Clerk of the Court of Pleas & quarter sessions for the said County of Granville (now in session) so hereby certify that satisfactory evidence was this day furnished the said Court, that HARRIS HICKS Pensioner of the United States dec’d on the 6th day of April
Widow of HARRIS HICKS deceased
Who was a pensioner under the Act 7th June 1832
And who died on the 31 August 1836,
Of Halifax County in the State of North Carolina
Who was a private in the Company commanded by
CAPTAIN FARRAR of the Regiment commanded by
COL. [name blank] in the N. Carolina line for 2 years.
Inscribed on the roll of North Carolina at the
Rate of 80 Dollars per annum
To commence on the 1st day of Sept. 1836
Certificate of Pension issued the 22nd day of Oct.
1838 & sent to R. H. MOSBY, Esq. now present


Arrears to the 4th of Sept. 1838 - $159.33  
Semi-annual allowance ending 4 Mar. 1838 _____$40.00  

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