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This may help to determine if your Confederate Soldier was still living or not or if he or his widow has a pension plan which can be found at the NC Archives in Raleigh, NC.

Oxford Public Ledger

Thursday, December 15, 1904


  State Pensioners.

Granville County Soldiers and Widows

Who will Receive Pensions this Year.



One hundred and fifty four persons in Granville County will receive pensions from the State of North Carolina this year. Of this number there are 101 old Confederate soldiers and 50 widows of soldiers.

The pensions are divided into four classes. Soldiers in the first class will receive $60. There is only one man in the second class and will receive $45; pensioners in the third class receive $35 each and there are 7 of these; 96 old soldiers will receive $14 each, widows being under the 4th class heading.

The names of the soldiers and widows in this county who will receive pensions, the class in which they are placed and the amount each one will receive is printed below:



2nd Class- T. H. Speed.


3rd Class-Alex Crews, Hal Duke, J. L. Ferguson, William Faucette, Rhodes H. Frazier, George D. Watkins, Christopher C. Wheeler.


4th Class-Amos Adcock, J. W. Adcock, Joseph Allen, J. M. Bradsher, J. W. Bowling, J. W. Belcher, J. W. Beaver, J. T. Booth, I. P. Breedlove, Howell Bragg, George W. Catlett, W. R. Cox, John L. Clark, John Clark,  J. B. Currin,, Jacob Dixon, Isaac Duncan, Lewis Davis, R. M. Daniel, N. H. Duke, W. H. Daniel, R. A. Daniel, L. C. Daniel, John Eastwood, Abraham Evans, W. M. Forsythe, T. F. Franklin, M. Fowler, C. H. Grissom, P.P. Guerrant, James Grissom, Rufus D. Horner, William Harp, James M. Hobgood, J. H. Horton, T. N. Haswell, John Horton, S. C. Harris, P. B. Hobgood, Wm. M. Jones, M. w. Jenkins, J. w. Knott, James D. King, Wm. F. Kinton, J. Y. Longmire, W. R. Loyd, J. M. Lenear, Henry Morris, D. L. Mangum, J. W. Mitchell, Wheeler Munn, A. B. Montague, E. J. Nelson, W. R. Oakley, C. N. Oakley, W. D. Perry, J. H. Peak, W. C. Peed, W. H. Puckett, T. D. Royster, J. W. Ross, John Ross, Banister Roberson, B. L. Sherron, George P. Stroud, R. O. Smith, Wilkins Stovall, T. D. Slaughter, Bolthrop Smith, D. B. Stone, S. M. Slaughter, Charles Simpson, J. B. V. Tunstall, John Tippett, J. G. Thomason, W. A. Thomason, R. A. Turner, S. T. Thomason, WM. Thomasson, C. F. Turner, James D. Tilly, S. H. Tingen, Chas. R. Thomasson, D. W. Usry, Robert Williams, J. K. Wilkerson, J. A. Wilson, John Y. Wheeler, D. W. Williford, W. G. Weaver, G. S. West, J. H. Wilkerson, James Wilkerson.



Widows-4th Class- L. H. Arrington, Sallie Bowling, Harriet Boyd, Ann M. Ball, A. Adness Crowder, Mary J. Currin, Nancy Cannady, Eliz Currin, Lucy C. Critcher, Susan Elliot, R. A. Fowler, Ann Fuller, Jane A. Frazier, Fannie Gooch, E. C. Greenway, C. F. Gooch, Sophia Hobgood, Hannah Huff, Martha B. Hall, Maria Jones, Martha A. Knight, Mary J. Knott, Phoebe G. Lynch, L. E. Lumpkins, Mary O. Lyon, Meleliriza Longmire, Susan Merritt, Fannie Moss, Nancy H. Medlin, Ellja J. Mulchi, Rhoda Nelson, Mary A. Nevils, Nancy O’Dear, L. A. Preddy, Mary E. Renn, Frances A. Riggin, Jane Ross, Eliza Robertson, Eliza Royster, M. A. Royster, Eliza Sherrin, C. A. Tunstall, Lucy Tippett, Mary A. Usry, E. V. Wilkerson, Isabella Weaver, Sara A. West, Harriett I. Wilson, Mary E. Wheelers, Susan Walker.




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