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Granville Co.,NC >Fayette Co.,TN- Revolutionary War  Pension File
(Transcribed by Deloris Williams-  – from copies of microfilm M805 – Roll 874 – Image 289 – File S.3591 –


Several pages in this file are poorly written and deteriorating, making it extremely difficult to decipher, there may be places with question marks by me. Any comments by me are enclosed in square [ ] brackets)

Ltr of Pension & Order to Pay July 8, 1837
West Tennessee
Fayette Co., in the State of W.T.
Who was a Pri in the Co. commanded
By CAPT. LANGSTON of the Regt commanded
By COL. TAYLOR in the N.C.
Line for 7 months

Inscribed on the Roll of W.T.
At the rate of 23 Dollars 33 Cents per Annum
To commence on the 4th day of March 1831

Certificate of Pension the 10 day Sept..
1833 and Applicant
Wolf River P.O.
Arrears to the 4th of Sept     -                   58.33
Semi-annual allowance ending 1 March –  11.67
                                                          $ 70.00

Revolutionary Claim Act June 7, 1832
Recorded by SAML BOYD Clerk
Book 6   - Vol. 7 -  Page 101 

War Department

Pension Office



The evidence in support of your claim, under the Act of June 7, 1832, has been examined and the papers are herewith returned. The following is a statement of your case in a tabular form.   On comparing these papers with the following rules, and the subjoined  notes you will readily perceive that objections exist, which must be removed before a pension can be allowed.   The notes and the regulations will show what is necessary to be done.  Those points to which your attention is more particularly directed, you will find marked in the margin with a brace ( thus }).  You will when you return your papers to this Department, send this printed letter with them; and you will by complying with this request, greatly facilitate the investigation of your claim.

STATEMENT Showing the Service of SOLOMON WILLIAMS Fayette County Tennessee
Period of Service – Name/Rank of Company Officer – Country Marched thru – Place when Entered/Current Age – Evidence of Service
Served two tours of 3 months each} – 6 months – CAP. LANGSTON/CAP. HESTER – Served at different times to guard public stores at Harrisburg & Williamsborough -  70 Years/Granville County, N.Carolina  - Traditionary evidence  no clergyman Reverend given   Witness certified written paper not properly authenticated .

Served at other times} -  1 month -  CAPT. BLACKWELL/COL. TAYLOR

I am respectfully your obedient Servant,


Commissioner of Pensions

In order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832

State of Tennessee

Fayette County

?This? day of  July 1833 personally appeared before the Justices of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions in and for the County of Fayette in the State of Tennessee SOLOMON WILLIAMS aged Seventy who being first duly sworn according to law doth his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit the provisions made by the Act of Congress June 7, 1832 that he entered the service of the United States under the  following named officers and served ?as? ?Tenesse? ?stated?   He served tours of three months each in the drafted militia of the State of North Carolina and even called out in ?extra? service at different times to guard public stores at Harrisburg & Williamsburg in the state of North Carolina which last mention service that this declarant thinks was about one month making in all 7 months service. That he was at different times under the command of CAPTAIN JAMES LANGSTON, CAPTAIN WILLIAM HUSTER and CAPTAIN JAMES BLACKWELL, MAJOR ?COOK?, COL JOSEPH TAYLOR   the service was performed in the State of North Carolina against the Tories.  This declarant further states that he took a tour of three months in the troop of horse commanded by CAPTAIN BLACKWELL. ????? ??? the regiment to which they were attached were garrisoned from troups and commanded by ?CAPT. JOSEPH TAYLOR? Marching from  Granville to ?Cape Fear river? From thence to Fayette at time called Cross ?Creek? and thence to Wilmington.  This declarant states that  he  [illegible] skirmishes with the Tories near the Ruft Swamp where the Tories fled and were pursued by BLACKWELL’s company of Horse and ten or 11 prisoners taken.   This declarant further states that he took a prisoner after pursuing him two or three miles.  The troops were then under the command of GENL BUTLER.  He was at Wilmington and was sent as an  [illegible]from that place with a certain LITTLETON FULLER to Newburn for flints which was as ?pursuance? {illegible] from MAJ. COOK when they returned to Wilmington CORNWALLIS surrendered to GENL. WASHINGTON   This declarant was not at any time in service with the regulars   This declarant states that he was born in Granville County North Carolina in the year 1762 on the 1st day of January as he believes altho he has no record of his ??? birth and have kept only from memory the year of his birth.  The declarant resided in Granville County North Carolina where he was drafted each time and rendezvoused at  Harrisburg

He removed from Granville to Wake County N. Carolina 28 or 30 years age and from thence to Fayette County Tennessee where he resided three years. And from there to the County where he now resides and has resided for the last three years

?Declarant? is known to DANL S. BUMEYER a member of Congress at the time this declarant left No. Carolina and the HON. JUDGE MANGUM a senator in Congress from N. Carolina and in the neighbourhood where the declarant now lives he is known to DANL JOHNSTON and JOEL L. JONES Sheriff of the County of Fayette and who now is in the city  Sheriff of Fayette County Tennessee  and this affiant is known to many respectable citizens of Fayette County Tennessee and in the neighbourhood where he resides this applicant ?had? a discharge from CAPT BLACKWELL and he thinks he received a discharge or certificate from CAPTAIN LANGSTON and has lost or mislaid it long since and further does not know of any documentary evidence or any living witness by which he can ?verify??  from his services as he is in a  Section of Country entirely separated those who served with him.  This affiant has no recollection of the date of entry or leaving the service.

He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.

The Court propounded the following interrogatories to the said applicant SOLOMON WILLIAMS

1st -Where and in what year were you born

Answer:  1762 is that year I was born

2nd –Have you any record of your age and if so where is it

Answer: I have no record of my age as present  my father had my [illegible] in a book that was some way lost or mislaid

3rd- Where were you living when called into service and where have you lived since the Revolutionary War and where do you live

Answer: I was living in Granville North Carolina when I entered the service of the Revolution and have lived in North Carolina in Wake and Granville Counties three years ago and from thence to this County of Fayette Tennessee.

4th - How were you called into service  were you drafted  did you volunteer or were you a substitute for whom

 Answer:  I was drafted and volunteered if it may be called  I was drawn on the 3rd November to serve and was no substitute

5th – COL PHILIP TAYLOR one of the regular officers who commanded in the regiment of the Continental army as he was called gave me a discharge

6th – Did you ever receive discharge from the service and if so by whom was it given and what has become of it

Answer: I did see a discharge from COL PHILIP TAYLOR after one tour and another from CAPT BLACKWELL  Captain of a Militia company which discharges have been lost or mislaid

7th – State the person to whom you are known in your present neighbourhood and who can testify as to your character for veracity and their belief of your services as a Soldier of the Revolution.


I am acquainted with DANL JOHNSTON, Esq., M. FAULKNER, JOEL L. JONES, Sheriff of Fayette County and many others in the neighbourhood who will testify as to my character for veracity and their belief of my services as a Soldier of the Revolution as stated.

Sworn to and subscribed to this 9th day of July 1833

[signed, his mark]



Rev. and 1812 Section

January 8, 1925

Dr. R. L. Walty



I have to advise you that from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim, S.3591, it appears that Solomon Williams  was born January 1, 1762 in Granville County, North Carolina.

While residing in said County, he served seven months under Captains James Langston, William Huster, and James Blackwell, Colonel Joseph Taylor’s North Carolina Regiment, no dates stated.

He served three months in Captain Blackwell’s Troop of Horse, Colonel Taylor’s North Carolina Regiment and was in a skirmish near Raft Swamp, no dates stated.

He was allowed pension on his application executed July 9, 1833, while a resident of Fayette County, Tennessee.  There is no data on file as to his family. 

The above noted Solomon Williams, is the only soldier by that name found on the Revolutionary War records of this Bureau, who served in the North Carolina Troops.




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