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Miscellaneous Records at the North Carolina State Archives

While searching the North Carolina State Archives Catalogs, I often come across lists of records containing valuable information about residents in the various Counties.  I am posting those with Granville County names which will enable researchers to know where to find these records to explore further while visiting the Archives, or to use when ordering records from the Archives. I am including the catalog info to help locate and identify the records.  Any additional records I find will be added to this page from time to time, so check back regularly.

Clerk of Superior Court; Clerk of Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions; Register of Deeds
Call Number: C.R.044.928.22 - C.R.044.928.26
Location: Archive Stacks
MARS Id: 244.103.10 (Box)

Box C. R. 044.928.22 contains account of William Bobbitt, 1747; acknowledgment of B. Bullock of money received on behalf of E. D. Bullock, U. S. Army, 1840; acts (printed copies); list of acts passed at the second session of the Fourth Congress, 1796, act making compensation to the jurors of Granville County, 1799, elections, 1872, fees of county officials, 1868, revenue, 1836 - 1837, 1872 - 1873, and schools, 1872 - 1874; advertisement for a "cheap family bible," 1807; advertisement for the "Index", ca. 1864; affidavit of James Cheatham re cattle disease on the plantation of James Jefferson, 1801; agreements, 1755 - 1883, n. d. (broken series); agreement between Phil. Hawkins and Rowland Harris, overseer, 1797; agreement between James Ridley, James Cooper, Thomas Lewis and Joseph Ridley, copartners in trade, 1837; agreement for construction of house, 1817; agreement for construction of weaving machine and related documents, 1809; appointment of commissioners of deeds, 1834; appointment of George Badger Harris as notary public, 1866; appointment as processioner declined by Thomas White, 1796; appointment of sheriffs, 1800, 1802, 1803; appointment of Romulus Saunders to hold special term of court, 1855; assignees, receivers and trustees, 1856 - 1912, n. d. (broken series).

Box C. R. 044.928.23 contains assignees, receivers and trustees: in re J. C. Biggs, trustee of L. E. Wright and Co., 1896; auctioneer's reports, 1852 - 1853; authorization to Barney Belet to peddle, 1802; bill for painting Presbyterian Church in Oxford, 1833; bill of sale for personal property, 1792; bond of Gibbons Lawrence and Thomas King of Freehold, East Jersey, 1722; bond of John B. Currin to carry U. S. Mail, 1880; bonds to keep the prison bounds, 1766, 1768, 1769, 1801, 1810, 1816; bounties for scalps of wolves and wildcats, 1762 - 1786, n. d. (broken series); certificate of dissolution, Hall-Wood Furniture Co., 1904; certificate of William Jones denying he slandered Elizabeth Blanks, 1804; child custody proceedings: in re Susan Ann Satterwhite, 1851, notice to Alice Gregory, 1885, State vs. Enoch Henderson, 1886, in re Alphonso Royster, 1894; in re W. G. Mangum vs. B. C. Bullock, 1894, and in re Thurman and Fannie Cash, 1897; church records: minutes of the Country-Line Baptist Church Association, 1836; commissions to hold court, 1868, 1893; commutation of sentence of John Mangum, 1916; Confederate States bonds and accounts, 1863, 1864; confiscation of property: Memucan Hunt vs. various debtors whose property was confiscated by the State, n. d., Alston vs. Searcy, 1788, Alston, Littlejohn, et al vs. Harris, 1789; contempt proceedings against L. C. Edwards, 1869, and R. W. Day, 1901; copartnership agreement between John Nuttall, Henry Peace, James Nuttall, William Hawkins and Alexander Nuttall for working gold mine in Burke County, 1830; copartnership agreement between McClanahan and Smith, 1836; court orders re terms of court, 1850, 1880; deposition of John Kelley on behalf of Asa Tyner, 1782; deposition of John Mann re inspection of tobacco for Jonathan Davis, 1786; deposition of Barbery Smith, n. d.; flyers "To the Freemen of the county of Granville" by Jos. H. Bryan, Sam'l Hillman and Rich'd Sneed, 1822; flyer re special term of Superior Court of Law and Equity, 1847; flyer re lengthening term of Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1867.

Box C.R.044.928.24 contains fragments of civil actions, various dates; fragment of executive order to hold special term of Superior Court, 1869; fragment of order from Arthur Dobbs, n. d.; Granville County Bar fees, ca. 1850; habeas corpus petitions to release from prison Jesse Meadows, 1859, and Leroy Malone, 1893; horses: account of mares covered by Murdoch, 1836, ads for Dion, 1811, and Old Felix, 1813, agreement between John Hicks and John Hunt for sale of stud horse Moldisley Boll, 1765, index to colts and fillies in the Racing Calendar, n. d., notice of stud service, 1812, and order to contract for putting up posts for horses, 1857; articles of incorporation: Bank of Creedmoor, 1904, Bank of Stovall, 1906, Bruno Manufacturing Co., 1905, Davis and Gregory Tobacco Co., 1890, Granville Iron Co., 1892, Oxford, Durham and Henderson Telegraph Co., 1889, Oxford Knitting Mills Co., 1891, Oxford Land and Improvement Co., 1890, Oxford Tobacco Board of Trade, 1891, Oxford Seminary Construction Co., 1904, Parham Brothers Co., 1901, Parham Ginning Co., 1904, Taylor- Cannady Buggy Co., 1900, West Oxford Land Co., 1890, and J. F. White Co., 1899; Indians, 1759, 1801; judicial clemency recommended for Willie Brown, 1920; "The Kansas Question", speech of Thomas S. Bocock of Virginia in the House of Representatives, 1858; letter of recommendation for James Neal, 1759; licenses to practice law, Robert B. Gilliam, 1827, John Taylor, 1822, Abraham Venable, 1829; lien on New Hope Baptist Church, 1897; liquor distilling license to William Gooch, 1799, 1801; liquor licenses and lists of persons granted licenses, 1826, 1878, 1885, 1890, 1915 - 1921.

Box C.R.044.928.25 contains list of banks for several states, ca. 1853; list of bonds to prosecute, n. d.; lists of commissioners of affidavits, 1846 - 1859 (broken series); list of persons who took State oath, 1778; lists of names and signatures, 1777, 1790, 1805, n. d.; mail arrangement at Oxford, ca. 1828; marriage contracts: Joseph Gooch and Sarah Hawkins, 1807, William Hicks and Mourning Hunt, 1778, Allen Howard and Susanna Howard, 1832, and George Williams and Elizabeth Henly, 1844; marriage license, Edward W. Ellis and Sue Rebecca Jeffreys, 1881; marriage license, failure to return, 1877; marriage settlements: Simon Daniel and Almeda Brame Daniel, 1854, Triplet Estes and Elizabeth Estes, 1848, Samuel Hayes and Elizabeth Hayes, 1855, and Edwin Nuttall and Sarah Ware, 1852 (includes correspondence from Sarah Nuttall to Augustin Landis, 1859 - 1865); marriage records: indemnifying bond re marriage settlement, 1784, memorandum re marriage of Jesse L. Bryan to Emma R. Taylor, 1868, memorandum of James Taylor that James Anderson came with him to get marriage license, 1770, and request of W. L. Daughtrey for marriage license, 1874; medical prescription, ca. 1827; military records, 1766 - 1870 (broken series); military records: commission to Robert Harris as colonel in militia, 1766, commission to Robert Burton as lieutenant colonel in militia, 1793, and deserters, 1864, 1868; minutes, Eighth Agricultural Fair for Granville County, 1866; minutes (rough), Board of County Commissioners, 1870 - 1872; minute docket (rough), Superior Court of Law and Equity, 1859 (also includes equity trial and appearance docket, 1861 - 1863; money and bonds inventoried in Speromarrow District, 1780; naturalization petitions and proceedings: Charles Buchan, 1881, William Ferguys, 1836, William Freeborn, 1881, Bernhard Fulda, 1840, Alexander Hamilton, 1810, Samuel Lamm, 1848, Adolph Max, 1888, Nicholas B. Patton, 1834, William C. Patton, 1834, Eugene Scandlin (Scanlon), 1878, George Smerden, 1883, John Trewalla, 1838, Joseph G. Wagstaff, 1848, and Peter Weltzer, 1881; newspaper fragment, 1867.

Box C.R.044.928.26 contains notary public commissions, 1880, 1891, 1899; oath of allegiance, Joseph Hart ordered to take, 1778; oaths to support the Constitution of 1868, 1869; order by Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions that Henderson be designated a place for inspection of tobacco, 1867; order of General Court of Virginia that Abselom Wells make payment to Wm. Covington, 1744; pardon of John H. Tucker, 1875; parole agreement of Robert Burton, 1807; pension and military records: Samuel Chapman, 1825, Capt. Gilliam, 1878, Isaac Hester, 1838, Stephen Insco, 1816, and Mary Meadows, 1878; pension inquiries made on behalf of Sally Nance, 1879, Patsy Stroud, 1879, and Winnifred Tyler, 1878, by C. W. Bennett; permission to hawk and peddle granted to Littleton Mitchell, 1837; permission given by Charles Nuttall to his boy to sell cotton, n. d.; petition for tobacco warehouse, n. d.; petitions for suspension of further prosecutions against James A. White, 1861, and W. H. White, n. d.; petition of citizens of Henderson that retail licenses be denied to John W. Vaughn and Isaac Cheatham and Son, 1853; petition of Tarr River District (signatures only), n. d.; petition of Thomas Davis to be discharged from jail, n. d.; petition to allow William Pettiford to obtain gun permit, 1850; petition to change name from Elizabeth Harris to Elizabeth Gooch, 1815; petition of Isabella R. Potter, ex-wife of Robert Potter, to change names of herself and children to Pelham, 1835; petition of Stephen Terry to legitimate child, 1853; post office at Meritsville account with General Post Office, 1808; Presbyterian Church privileges for several persons, 1829, 1830; price list for ordinary, n. d.; printed circular from Jonathan Worth re elections under Reconstruction, 1867; proceedings for return of James Holloway, fugitive, from Virginia, 1919; proclamation of governor establishing Vance County, 1881; reference docket, Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Feb. term, 1808 (?); relief records for families of soldiers, 1861 - 1864; remission of sentence of Richard Chapel, 1829; report of board of directors and superintendent of insane asylum, 1872; report of treasurer of Central Agricultural Society, 1873; reports on condition of the clerk's and register's offices, 1840, 1857, 1859; resignations of county officials, 1783, 1798, 1806, 1817, 1864, 1867, n. d.; restoration of citizenship to James Weaver, 1904; reward offered for apprehension of William Eanes, 1748; solicitors' reports, 1845 - 1901 (broken series); stock marks and strays, 1762, 1763, 1804; strays, list of, 1797 - 1800; tobacco sale accounts, Bullock and Sneed, 1866; Town of Henderson - D. E. Young, et al vs. Commissioners of the Town of Henderson, 1877; transcript from Prince George County Virginia, Field vs. Blackman, 1744; treason trial, State vs. John Williams, 1777; trial, appearance and reference docket (rough), Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1808 - 1810; Tuscarora Lodge, records pertaining to, 1851 - 1856, n. d.; United States vs. Lewis Taylor, 1818; Wardens of the Poor vs. Charles Moore, 1767.

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