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Sneed Family Slaves

List of Slaves from the Sneed Family Bible of Dr. Richard Sneed of Granville County, NC

As shared with me by Daniel Mahar in 2002

Richard Sneed (1790 -1861) was the son of Stephen Sneed & Mary Williams; he was married to Lucy Farrar Henderson, daughter of Judge Leonard Henderson & Frances Farrar, all of Granville County. By 1860, the only SNEED family remaining in Granville Co. was Richard's son, William M. Sneed (1819-1891), also a slaveholder, who held about 33 Slaves in 1850 and 49 Slaves in 1860; most of the former slaves bearing the SNEED surname by 1870, were those formerly held by William.   Richard held various amounts of slaves through the years, with 32 in 1830, to 25 in 1850 the last Census year he was in Granville Co. He and most of his family moved to Henderson Co., KY in 1852. He sold some of his slaves in the years prior to his move, including some to his son William, and in 1860 Kentucky, he had 14 Slaves. Following is the list of Slaves  along with birth dates named in the Sneed Family Bible.

ALEXANDER, first son of MATILDA 27 Jun 1819
JAMES COOK first son of AGNES 07 Jan 1820
WILLIAM son of CATY and GEORGE born 07 Feb 1822
JOHN, second son of MATILDA born 10 Jun 1821
RACHEL first daughter of AGNES born 15 Oct 1825
NANCY, first daughter of MATILDA born 10 Dec 1822
SILOG first daughter of CATY and GEORGE born Feb 1824
POLLY, second daughter of MATILDA born Dec 1824
ROSE second daughter of CATY and GEORGE born Dec 1826
TEMPY daughter of DEANNAH born 09 Feb 1827
ELLEN, third daughter of MATILDA born Oct 1829
MARY JANE third daughter of DEANNAH born 06 Oct 1831
ANDREW LIGON son of SIMON and DEANNAH born 10 May 1833
JULIA first child of AMANDA born 25 Oct 1837
M.H. FREEDR?, fifth daughter of MATILDA born 01 Dec 1837
THOMAS, third son of MATILDA born 16 Nov 1838
POWHATAN first son of AMANDA born 28 Jan 1839
ISABELLA, 2nd daughter of NANCY and HENRY was born 29 Feb 1841
JUNIOUS second son of AMANDA born 14 Jan 1842
CAR PLECONER(?) daughter of MATILDA born at Montpelier 15 Sep 1842
WILLIAM BARRY GROVE Fourth son of AMANDA 01 Feb 1847
HANSON TRUEMAN first son of TEMPY born 27 Mar 1847
SALLY GREEN first daughter and third child of BETSY 13 Sep 1847
GEORGE first son of ROSE born 24 Jul 1845
DALLAS third son of AMANDA and ELICK born 29 Jan 1845
UNKNOWN first daughter and 2nd child of ROSE 07 Mar 1848
UNKNOWN 2nd son of TEMPY born 09 Oct 1848
OLD MAN TRET died 15 Oct 1848 from a fall
BETSY, third daughter of NANCY born 12 Jul 1849
ISABELLA second daughter of NANCY born 19 Jun 1845**duplicate, different date**
DALLAS third son of AMANDA born 23 Jan 1845 **duplicated, different date**
CAIN, first son of POLLY born 21 Aug 1843
AARON, second son of POLLY born 19 Jun 1845
THOMAS third son of MATILDA born 16 Nov 1838**duplicated**
GEORGE first son of ROSE born 24 Jul 1845 **duplicated**
JAMES, first son and third child of NANCY and HENRY BUSTER 19 Sep 1847
WILLIAM 4th son of AMANDA born 01 Feb 1847**duplicate**
SALLY, first daughter of POLLY born 25 Sep 1847
ANN MARTIN daughter of ELICK and AMANDA born 23 Sep 1849
BETSY, 3rd daughter of NANCY, born 26 March 1849 (???)**duplicated, different date**
TERRY, third son of POLLY born 21 Mar 1850
JOHN fifth son of AMANDA born 07 Mar 1851
SAM third son of TEMPY born 03 Mar 1850
WALTER child of NANCY born 16 Jun 1852
ELICK sixth son of AMANDA born 19 Oct 1854 in Henderson KY


Notations showing transactions about some of these Slaves from "Enslaved Ancestors Abstracted from Deed Books, Granville County, North Carolina", Barnetta M. White:

DEED BOOKS A-Z & 1-21-
Sneed, Richard to A. E. Henderson. "...the following Negro slaves & their future increase, Mildred & her three children Margaret, Tom & Cary; Amanda & her four children *Peu[?]poton, Junius, Dollis & William, & George son of Rose..." (BOS-1848, p. 148, book 15).
*this would be Powhatan*

Sneed, Richard to William M. Sneed. ...Nancy & her three children, Allice, Isabell, & Jones, woman Polly & her three children *Ann, Cain & Sally, & Negro man Henry & Charles..." (BOS-1848, p. 128, book 15)

*correction for above names: Polly & her three children, should be Aaron not Ann*

Sneed, Richard to Lewis D. Burwell."...Henry, Solomon, Frank, Charles, Alec, Matilda, Polley, Margaret, Tom, Agness, Nancy & child, Judy, Amanda, Julia, Powhatan, Tempe, Rose, Betey, Lucy, Novel, & half of Peter the Blacksmith (the said Richard Sneed owning one half of said Peter)...(DIT-1841, pp.55-57, book 11)."



Additional information on some of above named Slaves

Alexander Sneed married Fannie Sneed in 1856, remained in Granville, later Vance Co., died 1903; had at least 2 children
Nancy Sneed, lived in Granville Co, later moved to Henderson Co, KY to be with her daughter Betsy; died before 1910
Betsy, daughter of Nancy, among slaves taken to KY, married James Price, b. KY, had 7 children; died 1923
Henry Buster, took Burton surname, married Hannah Bridger, had 8 children, family remained in Granville, later Vance Co..

James, son of Nancy, known as John Sneed, married Lydia, with whom he had 6 children; later married Charity Ann Winbush, and had 3 more children; family lived in Granville, later Vance Co.

Walter Sneed, son of Nancy, was fathered by William M. Sneed, son of Richard Sneed; married 3 times: Frances Peterson Bailey, Mary Frances Green, and Sallie Bet Alston; lived 1st in Halifax Co, later moved to Warren Co.; had a total of 18 children with the 3 wives

Polly Sneed, daughter of Matilda, among slaves taken to KY; she and at least 2 of her sons, Cain and Aaron, were given to Richard Sneed's daughter, Emily D. Sneed, who married James Alves (1824-1893) in KY. Polly was listed as Polly Taylor in some of her son's records  

Cain, son of Polly, had name of Cain Alves, slave of James Alves, lived in Henderson Co, KY, served in US Colored Troops; married Rosa Hart, with whom he had 8 children. Cain Alves died in 1919.
Aaron, son of Polly, had name of Aaron Alves, slave of James Alves, and lived in Henderson Co, KY. Served in US Colored Troops, but was ill much of the time, and died Dec. 18, 1865 in Clarksville, Texas. There is no record that he ever married.
Amanda Sneed, b.abt 1815, who along with her children, were among the Slaves taken to Kentucky; she had additional children in Kentucky.
Junius Sneed, son of Amanda, lived in Henderson, KY, 1st wife, Lizzie, last married in 1903 to Lula Morton. He served in the US Colored Troops. Junius died in 1928, and is buried at Fernwood Cemetery in Henderson, KY
Dallas Sneed, son of Amanda, lived in Henderson, KY, wife named Frances; last seen in 1880 census

Ellick, a.k.a. Alex Sneed, son of Amanda, never married, and died in 1915 Henderson, KY

Agnes Sneed, b.1805, listed as mother of James Cook & Rachel in the above, was living in Henderson, KY in 1880, working as a "professional nurse" with the family of William M. Runyon

If anyone has proof about what happened to any of the other of these slaves, I'd love to hear from you, please contact me

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