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Early Granville County WILLIAMS and HENDERSON Family Notes

Contributed by Evelyn Wallace

This is part of a collection of notes and genealogies put together by the late author over more than 50 years of research of many Granville Co. families and being shared here hopefully to help others in their quest for their own ancestors. There is additional info and documents on this website for many of the names included in these notes, so do a Search above, or click onto any of the  underlined  links included in these records.

SAMUEL HENDERSON.  WIR00337.  Samuel Henderson (d bef. Aug 1783-Granville Co. WB 1-369), although not a direct ancestor of the writer, is the head of an allied family.
Henderson's wife, Elizabeth2 Williams (ca. 1714 VA-ca. 1792 NC), is said to be a daughter of John1 Williams I "of Hanover."  Thus she is a  sister of Daniel2 Williams of colonial Hanover Co. and Southside Virginia and who died testate in Granville Co., NC in 1759.  Also she is sister of John2 Williams II "of Goochland," who died intestate ca 1770 in Granville Co., NC.
Thus, Elizabeth2 Henderson was a paternal aunt of William3 Williams II (d. testate Dec 1775 at Boonesborough, VA) of Nutbush Creek area, Granville Co., NC.  Also, Elizabeth is an aunt of William's brothers, Judge John3 Williams aka Esq. (d. testate ca 1799), Charles3 Williams (d. testate in Granville Co. ca. 1819), and Nathaniel3 Williams (who died testate in Granville Co. ca. 1831).
(Possibly these younger Williams brothers--Charles and Nathaniel Williams--may have had a different mother than did the older Williams brothers--John [Judge] and William.  The earlier records of John2 Williams, in colonial Goochland Co., VA, indicate his wife was Mary Womack, one of several daughters named in the will of William Womack, the elder, of colonial Goochland Co.)
The parentage of Elizabeth2 Williams, later Henderson, and her siblings is indicated in "Henderson Bible Record" cited in Alvahn Holmes, SOME FARRAR'S ISLAND DESCENDANTS (Baltimore:  Privately printed, 1979).  The relationship is reinforced partially by a letter from John D. Williams to Doctor Alexander Williams dated 1845, found in the Calvin M. McClung Collection, in the Public Library system of Knoxville,TN, in which the writer of the letter, a Williams male, quotes from a Williams family Bible.  The latter source is considered more reliable than is the published work by Alvahn Holmes.

Samuel Henderson's will was proved Aug. 1783 in Granville Co., NC.  The will is recorded in Will Bk 1-369.  Abstract reads:
Samuel Henderson wills to wife Elizabeth the plantation whereon he lives and after her death it is to become property of my son Pleasant Henderson; after wife's death, all estate other than that already given to go to all my children then living.  Exrs:  my wife and Richard Henderson.  Proved Aug. 1783.  Wts:  Len H. Bullock, Jno. Williams.
(Zae Hargett Gwynn, Zae Hargett Gwynn., ABSTRACTS OF THE WILLS AND ESTATE RECORDS OF GRANVILLE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA 1746-1808  [Rocky Mount, NC:  Joseph W. Watson, 1973])

Probably Pleasant is the only Henderson child named in the cited will, as other members of Samuel's family already had land.  He may have made gifts of land to them previously, but this has not been researched.

Jno.3 Williams, later called Esq. because he was a judge, was the son of John2 Williams, Sr., formerly of colonial  Goochland Co., VA, later of Granville Co., and thus Judge John3 Williams was a nephew of Elizabeth2 Henderson, and thus her children were cousins of Judge John3 Williams and his siblings.  The Williams father, John2, Sr. died prior to Jan. 1770, according to administration bond signed by Jno.3 Williams, Jr., his brother William3 Williams, and Len. H. Bullock.  The full administration, which is full of legal terms, is also quoted in the following work.

(Thomas McAdory Owen, History and Genealogies of Old Granville County, North Carolina, 1746-1800 [Greenville, SC: Southern Historical Press, Inc. 1993]  71)
Samuel Henderson, with probably two of his sons Richard and Nathaniel as sworn chain carriers, had acquired land in Granville Co. NC prior to his patent by Lord Granville's agents in 1754 as there references to other land of Hendersons in this abstracted patent:

Patent Book 11 [Lord Granville to]  [The abbreviation OR  refers to the original record]
1732 pg. 397 [of referenced patent book]  SAMUEL HENDERSON 24 October 1754  695 acres in Granville County in the Parish of St. John, joining Henderson's corner, WILLIAM SEARCY, Hendersons Mill Swamp, and REUBEN SEARCY OR:  /s/ SAML HENDERSON  Wits:  SHER HAYWOOD, WILLIAM PERSON JR  surveyed February  1754  SCC:  RICHARD HENDERSON, NATHANIEL HENDERSON  SHER HAYWOOD D[eputy] Surveyor

(Margaret M. Hofmann, The Granville District of North Carolina 1748-1763:  Abstracts of Land Grants, Vol Two [Weldon, NC:  The Roanoke News  Company, 1987], p. 45) 

The two sworn chain carriers (SCC) no doubt are Samuel Henderson's older sons.  The number of the patent is the number assigned to the index cards in the Archives of North Carolina.

DB D-293-2924, 12 Aug 1761:  James Henderson from Nathaniel Henderson for 20 pds., 200 acres in Granville Co. on Miry Branch of Island Creek.  Wts:  none  (Patience, wife of Nathaniel Henderson, relinquishes dower.)   Are these Henderson males brothers of Samuel Henderson?
Margaret M. Hofmann, THE GRANVILLE DISTRICT OF NORTH CAROLINA, 1748-1763, V. II, p. 45)
Mary2 Williams Graves, said to be second wife of Henry Graves of Hanover Co., is the sister of Elizabeth Williams Henderson, wife of Samuel Henderson. (Source of info re marriage to Henry Graves--Martha Hiden, early genealogist of colonial Virginia.)

Reason for Interest in Samuel Henderson and His Family
John3 Williams, Esq. (d. 1799), a first cousin of Col. Richard Henderson, was a proprietor and chief agent of Transylvania Colony (Boonesborough), which was headed by Samuel Henderson's son, Col. Richard Henderson (qv). John3 Williams, Esq., in turn, was the brother of William3 Williams of Granville Co. (Nutbush Creek area) and thus a paternal uncle of Samuel Farrar4 Williams (qv) (b. 1759 Granville Co., NC-d. ca. 1835 Henderson Co., KY) of Granville Co., NC and later of Henderson Co., KY. Samuel Farrar Williams (1759 NC- d. aft 1838) of Henderson Co., Ky, but previously of Granville Co. NC is writer's ancestor.

By inferential evidence, interpretation of old extant letters to David F. Williams (d. 1881,Victoria Co., TX) one dated 1845 from Columbia, KY, in possession of members of the Williams family of the San Antonio River area of Victoria Co., TX, plus county and state records of several states, Samuel Farrar4 Williams, only surviving son of William3 Williams of Granville Co., is believed to be the writer's ancestor. The latter, Samuel Farrar4 Williams, is believed to be the father of Samuel S.5 Williams, formerly of Henderson Co., KY, who died intestate before Nov 1838 in Hickman Co., KY ("Jackson Purchase" area of Kentucky). And Samuel Farrar4 Williams of Henderson Co., KY is by inference the grandfather of David F.5 Williams (1818 KY-1881 Victoria Co., TX)

There is a single bail record (loose papers) in the Henderson Co., KY courthouse which links these two Samuel Williams males--Samuel Farrar4 Williams and his probable son, Samuel S5. Williams, later of Hickman Co., KY (d intestate before Nov 1838). This bail bond was discovered by the wife of another descendant of Samuel Farrar4 Williams, Mrs. Karen Thomas, formerly of Owensboro, KY but now of Lexington, KY (1999). (There was one other Williams family--headed by Burwell Williams-- in Henderson Co. ca 1806 when Samuel Farrar4 Williams migrated there, but close examination of all deeds and court records rules out the Burwell Williams family as parental family of Samuel S5. Williams (d. ca 1838, Hickman Co. KY).

The said Samuel S. Williams of Hickman Co. but previously of Henderson Co. KY, by process of elimination of other Williams families, is believed to have been father of writer's great-grandfather, David F.6 Williams (1818 KY-d. 1881 testate, Victoria Co., TX). This linkage is based on the careful analysis of three--or five--letters written to David. F. Williams, one from a Mr. Weller, deduced from the unusual names of two of his sons. Frederick Weller and his three sons are found in the 1860 census to be living in Henderson Co. and two other letters by Orendorff brothers--Robert of Kansas City, MO and Alfred, later of Springfield, IL, whose mother was a native of Henderson Co., KY, according to a ca 1909 biography of her younger son, Alfred Orendorff, a prominent attorney of Sangamon Co., IL (Springfield, IL.)

To return to the Granville Co., NC Williams family of Nutbush Creek area:

John3 Williams, Esq. (aka Judge), who at times is called in early Granville Co. NC records "John Williams, Jr." was a brother of William3 Williams (qv). In his Dec. 1775 will made at Boonesborough as he was dying, William3 Williams named as executors his brother John3 Williams; his "friend" Richard Henderson. Among his children, he named two sons, John4 and Samuel Farrar4 Williams. The will at Boonesborough was witnessed, among others, by Charles3 Williams, who was a younger brother of William3. (A copy of the will has been microfilmed, and it is called "unrecorded." A photocopy of the will was obtained from the North Carolina State Archives.)

These two families, the Hendersons and the Williamses, at least the colonial generations in North Carolina, were so closely linked that it is necessary to study them as a group in order to understand more of the early genealogy. Much of the family history of both the early Henderson and Williams families of Granville Co., NC is based on tradition rather than documentation, probably because both families are said to have come from Hanover Co., VA, a "burned county." Those records were largely destroyed at Richmond, VA, at the end of the Civil War. Records for Hanover Co. for about four years survive for the colonial years--1733-1735.

There is one surviving record in colonial Hanover Co. VA which links two Williams males, believed by other research to be father and son, and one Richard Henderson as witnesses:
p. 32-33 INDENT. (blank) day of (blank) 173 (blank) George Matlock of Hanover Co., planter, to John Matlock Jr. of afsd Co. , planter 10 pds. currt. money of VA.; 100 a. in Hanover Co. on a branch of Taylors Creek called Charles Swamp; bounded on Charles Swamp down swamp; being part of 400 a. granted to Edward Trotman late of Hanover Co., deceased, by patent.
George Matlock
Wit: Nath. Williams, Richd. Henderson, John Williams
1 Mar 1733 ack. by George Matlock

(Rosalie Edith Davis, Hanover County, Virginia, Court Records 1733-1735: Deeds, Wills and Inventories [Manchester, MO: Published by author, 1979], p. 12)

We deduce that the Richard Henderson named above is the father of Samuel Henderson and his two brothers, later of Cumberland Co., formed ca 1749 from Goochland Co.***see Notes below

 Other research of Goochland Co., VA, formed 1728 from Henrico Co. indicates that the elder John1 Williams, Sr. sold to his son John2 Williams, Jr.(so stated in Goochland Co. Deed Bk 3-90-91dated 20 Sep 1730) for 50 pounds all the acreage--approximately 425 acres--of his land patent of 31 Oct 1716 (Virginia Patent Bk 10) The reason for the sale, stated the abstracted deed, cited in the biography of John1 Williams of Hanover Co., the father, and that of his son, John2 Williams, Jr. of Goochland Co. is that John1 Sr. is "hereunto moving."

John2 Williams, Jr. did not record this deed until 21 Mar 1737 when he himself is moving. He did not sell the total acreage, however, to the buyer, Henry Graves of Hanover Co. Interestingly, genealogists of earlier years, i.e., Martha Hiden, maintain that Henry Graves's second wife was Mary2 Williams, sister of Elizabeth2 Williams, wife of Samuel Henderson, later of Granville Co. NC. (Another Williams sister is said to be Ann, wife of John Daniel.)

A Richard Henderson is mentioned in the patent of John Bond who patented land in Hanover Co. in 1727. We do not know whether this Richard Henderson is the same one found later in Goochland Co. in 1743. This is the patent which lists Richard Henderson as a neighbor:

Patent Book No. 13 - John Bond, of Chas.City Co.; 487 acs (N. L. [new land]), Hanover Co.; adj. lines of Capt. Crawford, Henry Barksdall (Barksdail), Mr. Chiswell & Richard Hendeson; 16 June 1727, p. 99, 50 shill.
(Nell Marion Nugent, Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. 3: 1695-1732 [Richmond: Virginia State Library, 1934, 2nd impression 1986] p. 326)

Later Land Acquisitions
Richard Henderson, whom we presume to be the father of Samuel Henderson of Granville Co., NC, was awarded a patent in Goochland Co. in 1743. However, the reader should note that later Great Guinea Creek, which is south of the James River, was later in Cumberland Co., formed 1749 from Goochland Co. and later from Buckingham Co., VA.

Patent Bk No. 21
Richard Henderson, 450 acs. Goochland Co. on both sides of Great Guinea Cr. adj. John Brown & William Cook; 30 Jun 1743., p. 378. @ pds. 5 shll.

(Dennis Ray Hudgins, Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. V, 1741-1749 [Richmond, VA: Virginia Genealogical Society, 1994] p. 56)

Probable Virginia Origins of Samuel Henderson and Family

1727 - Hanover Co records: Patent Book 13, page 99. ]
John Bond of Charles City Co. 487 acres (N.L.) adj. lines of Capt. Crawford, Henry Barksdal (Barksdail), Mr. Chiswell & Richard Henderson; 16 June 1727 p. 999, 50 Shill.

(This patent is analyzed in the biography of Richard Henderson I of Goochland Co. John Bond, the patentee, is more likely to be John Bowie, name found later in records of Granville Co. NC. We do not know that he is the same person, however. On the same date, one Robert Sercey [or Sezcey] was awarded a patent for 200 acs. in Hanover Co. The surname Searcy is found frequently in early records of Granville Co. NC.

1733 - Hanover Co., VA - Richard Henderson along with Nathaniel Williams and John Williams, on 1 Mar 1733 were witnesses to an indenture of George Matlock to John Matlock, Jr. "on a branch of Taylor's Creek called Charles Swamp." This is one of the few surviving deeds of Hanover Co. of this time period.

(In this case, witness Richard Henderson is believed to be the father of Samuel Henderson later of Granville Co.. Refer to his biography for supporting evidence. John Williams is probably the patriarch John1 Williams I "of Hanover", and Nathaniel2 is believed to be one of Williams's younger sons. Two older sons of Williams were John2 II "of Goochland" and Daniel2 Williams of Hanover, both being somewhat older than said-to-be sons of John1 Williams of Hanover Co.: Joseph2 Williams [of Lunenburg Co.] and Nathaniel2 Williams [the latter probably of Hanover Co. and later of Louisa Co.] and believed to be still later of Bedford Co., VA. See date 1748 below. This is five years later than the patent of 1727 to John Bond, outlined above. Harvey Henderson, El Cajon, CA, a descendant of Samuel Henderson, states that "John Bond" should be John Bowie, as indicated in another document and frequently in Granville Co. records.

Concerning Taylor's Creek, Daniel2 Williams, who died testate in Granville Co., NC in 1759, earlier owned land on this Creek, which, at the time of Daniel's ownership, was in Louisa Co. VA. The creek traverses both counties--Hanover and Louisa, the latter formed 1742 from Hanover Co.

1734 - Samuel Henderson, Will Wilson and Mooar Matlock were witnesses to an indenture of Henry Graves and his wife Mary and Luke Waldrop of Hanover Co. to John Dixon of Stratton Major Par., King & Queen Co. Deed appears on pages 126-130 and is dates 11-12 Sep 1734.
Luke Waldrop (his wife conjectured by others to be ...... Trevillian) was a witness to the will of Daniel Williams made in Granville Co. NC in 1759.

(Hanover Co. information mainly from Rosalie Edith Davis, HANOVER COUNTY, VIRGINIA COURT RECORDS 1733-1735: DEEDS, WILLS AND INVENTORIES [Manchester, MO, 1979])

(Comment: Mary2 Williams Graves is reportedly the daughter of John1 Williams I and thus a sister of Elizabeth2 Williams Henderson. [Letter in Vol. 13 of Calvin M. McClung Collection, Knoxville Public Library, Knoxville, TN; also Henderson Bible record quoted in Alvahn Holmes, SOME FARRAR'S ISLAND DESCENDANTS.] Mary2 is said to have been the second wife of Henry Graves, his first wife being Mary Jones. Refer to the biography of Henry Graves "of Hanover" who purchased land from John2 Williams II of Goochland, part of the land in Goochland, formerly in Henrico, which had been patented in 1716 by John1 Williams I, later of Hanover Co. (Goochland Co. DB...) In 1716, the John Williams patent had been in Henrico Co., from which county Goochland Co. was formed 1728. Another witness, Luke Waldrop later migrated to Granville Co. and thence probably to South Carolina. Waldrop was one of the witnesses to the Granville Co. will of 1759 of Daniel2 Williams, a brother of Elizabeth2 Williams Henderson and of Mary2 Williams Graves . Waldrop's wife is said to have been Christian Trevillian [not proved but the families were closely associated].

These family associations strongly suggest that the parental family of Samuel Henderson of Granville Co. NC was originally from Hanover Co. and later of other counties of Southside Virginia. Deeds in Goochland Co. and Cumberland Co., VA suggest that Richard Henderson I and his wife Henrietta Henderson were the parents of Samuel, James and Nathan Henderson and two daughters. The daughters' names are unknown. Again, refer to his biography.)

1734 - Saml. Henderson, Saml. Pryor, and J. Bowie were witnesses to an indenture, Hanover Co., of Issac Winston, Junr. to Nathaniel Winston. Hanover Co. DB [no number] p. 202-203, as cited in Davis's abstracts of Hanover Co. records of 1733-1735. The document was dated 6 Mar 1734.

(Later, an Issac Winston, the first name being a popular one among several generations of the Winston family, left an "unrecorded" will in Granville Co., dated 17 Oct 1761; his wife was named Sarah. There was no Winston son Nathaniel named in the will. Possibly J. Bowie, witness, is John Bowie, who in 1762 was one of the bondsmen for marriage of Ezekiel Fuller and Fannie Moody in Granville Co., NC. [Refer to Brent H. Holcomb, GRANVILLE MARRIAGES, p. 119.]

Court minutes of 11 May 1762 indicate John Bowie brought suit against John Dickinson. Refer to Z. H. Gwynn, COURT MINUTES OF GRANVILLE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA 1746-1820, p. 59. The name Jno. Bowie appears many times in Thomas McAdory Owen's book on Granville Co., NC.)

1738 - Hanover Co. court records, pp. 330-331 ORDINARY LICENSE BOND We John Demacks and Samuel Henderson of Hanover Co. are firmly bound unto George II in the sum of Ten Thousand Pounds of Tobacco. 5 Sept 1735. (The conditions of the license for John Demacks at his plantation called Sunter's by Stoney Run are spelled out. The bond is signed by John Deminack [sic] and Samll. Henderson. On the following day, both Demacks and Henderson acknowledge their bond.)

Because of the early date of this bond, this Samuel Henderson, of legal age in 1738, could well have been of an earlier generation and not the Samuel Henderson of early Granville Co. NC.***Notes

1743 - Patent Bk 21, p 358: Peter Gregory 71 acs. Hanover Co. bet. the lines of Majr. Barkley & Richard Henderson, crossing the Road; 30 Jun 1743. 10 Shill.
(Dennis Hudgins, CAVALIERS & PIONEERS [Richmond, VA: Virginia Genealogical Society, 1997], V. V, p. 55.)

These are among the few early records of Hanover Co., VA, which exist.

( Hanover Co. records are from Rosalie Edith Davis, HANOVER COUNTY, VIRGINIA COURT RECORDS 1733-1735: DEEDS, WILLS AND INVENTORIES [Manchester, MO, 1979]. The Hanover Co. patent is also cited Charles P. Blunt, IV, compiler, LAND PATENTS AND GRANTS OF HANOVER COUNTY, VIRGINIA [1721-1800] [LAPL Gen R 975.51 H24 Blu-001], p. 19.)

Goochland Co. was formed from western part Henrico Co. in 1728. It encompassed land on both sides of the James River. On the north side of the James River, Tuckahoe Creek formed part of the natural boundary between the two counties in the northwestern part of the county. Chesterfield and Cumberland Cos. were later formed of some of the area south of the James River. Cumberland was formed 1749 from Goochland Co. and Chesterfield Co. was formed also in 1749 from Henrico Co.,As noted, both counties are south of the James River.

This record concerns land in Goochland Co., land on Great Guinea Creek, which was later in Cumberland Co. The location should be compared with that of John2 Williams II, "of Goochland," who patented land on Tare Wallet Creek, which was later in Cumberland Co., south of the James River..

1743 - Patent Bk 21, p. 378: Richard Henderson, 450 ac. Goochland Co. on both sides of Great Guinea Cr., adj. John Brown & Wm Cook.; 30 Jun 1743, 2 pds 5 sh.
(Hudgins, Vol. 5, p. 56)

Compare the location of Great Guinea Creek to that of Tare or Tear Wallet Run in later Cumberland Co., south of the James..
For John2 Williams II: Patent Bk 15, 1732-35, p. 188, states that John Williams, Goochland Co., 23 Mar 1733, patented 400 acres on both sides of Tear Wallet Run.

(The following deed indicates part of this tract was on Great Guinea Creek, Tarewallet or Tear Wallet being a tributary.)

Later, on 17 Mar 1739, John2 Williams of Goochland Co. sold part of this land to William Wamack of Goochland Co., probable brother, and not father, of Williams's wife Mary Womack, although the elder William Womack did not make his will until 6 Feb 1758 in Goochland Co. Goochland Co. DB 3-329 lists sale of 235 A. of this property "on a branch of Great Guinea called Tar[e]wallet, bounded by Joseph Terry; being part of a patent to John Williams 23 Mar 1733." Mary, wife of Williams, relinquishing her dower rights. (Mary Williams is named in the will of William Womack the elder of Goochland Co. William named only one son--William Womack, Jr.)

Some of the following repeats information given above:
Index cards of land office grants at the Virginia State Archives given the following information:

Henderson, Richard 30 Jun 1743
Goochland Co.
450 A. on both sides of Great Guinea Creek. Patent Bk 21 (1742-43), p. 378.

CAVALIERS & PIONEERS, V. V, p. 56 indicates that the property on Great Guinea Creek adjoined John Brown and William Cook. Note that the grant to Henderson occurred on the same date in 1743 as the grant to Peter Gregory of Hanover Co., cited above. As noted, ten years earlier, John2 Williams of Goochland had patented land on the same watercourse, Tarewallet Run on Great Guinea Creek.

Goochland Co. will of Richard Henderson WB?-424 (abstracted)
Will of Richard Henderson of Southam Parish, Goochland to sons Samuel, James, and Nathan, and to daughters Mary Henderson and Henrietta Henderson, 1 shilling each, at 21. To my brother Edward Henderson, 200 acres of tract I live on, between his plantation and mine. To my wife Henrietta, all rest of my land and estate and she to be executrix. Dated 10 Feb 1745. Wit: John (X) Cook, Tyree Harris, Nathaniel Henderson. /s/ Rich. Henderson. Recorded 21 Jun 1748.
(Benjamin B. Weisiger, GOOCHLAND CO. WILLS, p. 24)  

From the HENDERSON Message Board
posted by Christine Henderson:
(Goochland Co. (VA) Deed Book 5 1745-1749 pp 424-425)

In the name of God Amen. I Richard Henderson of Southam Parish in Goochland County being in perfect mind and memory thanks be to Almighty God for the same but considering the frailty of this life, and the certainty of death, do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner and form following,
First and principally I bequeath my Soul to Almighty God trusting through the merits of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to receive full pardon and remission for all my Sins, as for my body that to be buried at the discretion of my Executor hereafter mentioned.
Imprimis, I give and bequeth to my Son Samuel Henderson one Shilling Sterling money to be paid him when he shall attain to age of Twenty one years. Item, I give and bequeath to my Son James Henderson one Shilling Sterling money to be paid him as aforesaid. Item, I give and bequeath to my Son Nathan Henderson one Shilling Sterling money to be paid him as aforesaid. Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Mary Henderson one Shilling Sterling money to be paid her as aforesaid. Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Henrietta Henderson one Shilling Sterling money to be paid her as aforesaid. Item. I give and bequeath to my Brother Edward Henderson and his heirs forever Two Hundred acres of land to be laid off out of the Tract of Land whereon I now live Beginning at a Hickory by the path between the plantation of the said Edward and my plantation and then to the outside lines for compliment. Item. I give and bequeath to my well beloved Wife Henrietta Henderson all my other Land and Estate whatsoever to her her heirs, executors or Administrators for ever. And lastly I do Nominate Constitute and Confirm my well beloved Wife Henrietta Henderson to be whole and sole Executrix of this my Last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this Tenth day of February in the Year of Our Lord Christ One thousand Seven hundred and forty five.

Richard Henderson (seal)
Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of us, John (X) Cook, Tyree Harris, Nathanel Henderson
See separate biography of Tyree Harris, son of Robert3 Harris and his wife Mourning Glenn [?] of Hanover, Louisa, and Albemarle Cos., whose parents are also this writer's ancestors. Tyre or Tyree seemed to be a popular given name for Harris males, and this may not be the son of Major Robert Harris but another person of the same name. If this Tyree Harris is the son of Major Robert Harris of Louisa Co., then he most probably is the Tyree Harris (2nd wife Mary Ann Simpson) found in records of colonial Orange Co. NC) and later after 1777 in Caswell Co. NC.

Abstracted deed of Cumberland Co., VA, reads: Cumberland Co. DB 1-113 I, Henneratta Henderson of the Parish of Southam and C[umberland], for divers causes and for the natural love I have for my sons, Samuel Henderson, James Henderson, & Nathan Henderson, & for their better advancement in the world, at my decease, I give them a certain tract of 250 acres whereon I now live, in the Parish of Southam and C[umberland] & on the branches of Great Guinea [Cr]. The land is to be equally divided among my said 3 sons (but with the provision that my son Nathan shall have the plantation whereon I now live included in his third part of the land). Signed Aug 28, 1749 - Henereter H Henderson. Wit - Aaron Butler, Nathaniel Henderson, Edward Henderson. Recorded Feb 26, 1749.
(TLC Genealogy, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEEDS, 1749-1752 [Miami Beach, FL: TLC Genealogy, 1990], p. 12)

The evidence is clear that Samuel Henderson, PROBABLE son of Richard I, was physically present in Granville Co., NC before the 1749 recordation of the will of Richard Henderson of Goochland Co. (the probable patriarch). The abstracted will does not indicate the father is bequeathing land to his children, either sons or daughters, but instead to his brother, Edward, but his wife Henrietta is executrix. This seems to indicate the sons were not yet of legal age. It is implied, but certainly NOT stated that Edward Henderson his brother was to be a caretaker--not guardian.

However, later, the widowed Henrietta Henderson of Cumberland Co., in Feb 1749, deeded the land to her three sons, and evidence is that Samuel Henderson "of Granvel Co." later sold his share. (In Granville Co., Samuel Henderson was witness to the first deed recorded in Granville Co., DB A-1, John Wade to Peter Hill, dated 1 Sep 1746. He may have been "commuting" from North Carolina to Virginia.)

In the Worth S. Ray Research Collection V. 91, at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City [now on numerous microfiche at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City] is a letter to W. S. Ray from Judge Leon M. Bazile, Elmont, VA, dtd 24 Dec 1945. Judge Bazile disputed some of Ray's conclusions about the Henderson family, and in his letter he cited the Cumberland Co., VA deed. 1749-1751. Cumberland Co., VA "south of the James R." was formed from Goochland Co. Bazile noted that Samuel Henderson of Granville Co. had later sold this property.

"Cumberland Order book 1749-1751 shows that Samuel, James and Nathaniel Henderson were residents of Cumberland County on 26 February 1749--page 44."

1758 - "By his deed of 13 Dec 1758, Cumberland Will Book 2, p. 485, Samuel Henderson of Granville County, NC, conveyed his interest which he had acquired in the tract aforesaid to Charles Lee. This deed shows: 'it being a part of the parcel or tract of land that was granted to Richard Henderson by patent, bearing date at Williamsburg, 30 June 1743."

(Comment: Although this Richard Henderson is rejected by some Henderson descendants as being the father of Samuel Henderson, who had migrated to Granville Co., NC, the circumstantial evidence is that Richard Henderson of Hanover Co. and later of Goochland Co. is the "patriarch" of the Granville Co. Hendersons.)

Samuel Henderson may have drifted between the two adjoining counties--Lunenburg Co., VA and Granville Co., NC--before settling in Granville Co.NC. Apparently in late 1746, he was a witness to the following Lunenburg deed. Several residents of Granville Co. are found in the deeds of Lunenburg Co. and in the later-formed Mecklenburg Co. deeds, which lay just to the north, on the Virginia side, of Granville Co.

Lunenburg Co. DB 1-83, 6 Oct 1746, Seth Pettypool of Lunenburg to Ralph Hunt of the County of Hanover, 15 pds., about 132 acs. on north side Fucking Cr, bounded by Lanier. /s/ Seth (his + mark) PettyPool. Wits: Abraham Cooke, Robert Wade, Samuel Henderson. Rec. 6 Oct 1746.

(Adapted from TLC, LUNENBURG COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEEDS 1746-1753 [Miami Beach: TLC Genealogy, 1990 & 1992], p. 7)

In 1746, 1 September, in Granville Co., Samuel Henderson was a witness to Granville Co. DB A-1, John Wade to Peter Hill and also to another deed, same page, John Wade to Daniel Higdon. This indicates he, Henderson, was physically present in Granville Co. on this date.

Henderson had taken a list of tithables in 1748 in Granville Co., NC, as reflected in extant records of that county.

Deeds of Granville Co., as abstracted by Zae Hargett Gwynn, reflect that Samuel Henderson acquired some of his land by grant. A 1749 grant was not recorded until many years later, ca. 1757:

DB C-337-339, 25 Mar 1749: Grant [probably from Lord Granville] to Samuel Henderson for 100 acres on S side of a creek on Moore's line. Wits: Daniel Weldon, Willm. Churton.

[Churton was surveyor for many of Granville's grants.] Henderson must have owned much more than land than reflected in this grant, as he sold quite a bit of other land. (Gwynn, DEEDS, p. 92)

However, prior to this grant, in 1748, Feb 15, as recorded in DB B-2-3, Samuel Henderson sold to Zachariah Bullock of Hanover Co., VA, 200 acres in the fork of Nutbush Creek at Richard Hargrave's line. Witnesses were John Williams and John Bullock.

(This witness doubtless was John2 Williams, called Sr. in Granville Co. records, and not his son, who was called until about 1770 "John3 Williams, Jr." and later he was called John Williams, Esq. Zachariah Bullock and John Bullock were probably sons of Richard Bullock, formerly of Hanover Co., but later of Granville Co. John3 Williams, Esq. was to marry Richard Bullock's widowed daughter, Agnes Bullock Keeling. Bullock's son, Leonard Henley Bullock was to become a partner in Transylvania Co., a land speculation--proprietorship--headed by Col. Richard Henderson but squelched by the colony and later the Commonwealth of Virginia authorities.)

A subsequent Granville Co. deed, B-77-79, 2 Jun 1752, by Henderson was to another resident of Hanover Co., VA--John Sims. It was for 800 acres in Granville Co. on both sides of Nutbush Creek. The deed states, "all remaining of the 1000 acres said Henderson now lives on which was granted him Mar 25, 1749... " John2 Williams was again one of the witnesses, and to this latter deed, Elizabeth2 Henderson, relinquished her dower in the land.

There were other deeds in which Henderson was a grantor or a grantee, but they will not be repeated here.

In 1752, Samuel Henderson was listed as one of the Granville Co., NC justices of the peace. This was at a council held at Bathtown (North Carolina) the 13th day of April 1752.

(Robert J. Cain, ed.,)" The Records of the Executive Council, 1735-1754" in THE COLONIAL RECORDS OF NORTH CAROLINA [SECOND SERIES], p. 294

1754 - June 4, 1754 - Samuel Henderson produces his Com'n. as Sh'ff, took oath, sub'd test & gave bond.

(Thomas McAdory Owen, "Sheriffs of the County," in HISTORY AND GENEALOGIES OF OLD GRANVILLE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA, 1746-1800 [Greenville, SC: Southern Historical Press, 1993], p. 180)

In June 1757, Samuel Henderson, for 50 pds. each, sold property to his two sons Richard (DB C-279-280) and Nathaniel (DB C-280-281). The land of each son was on Andersons Swamp. (The names of these young men reflect those in Samuel's parental family. The deeds specify they are Samuel's sons and not his brothers of the same names.)

In 1763, in Granville Co., NC, John Bowie and Richard Henderson [the younger] were witnesses to. Granville Co. DB F-352 -354, dated 8 Feb 1763. Thomas Person, esq. Sheriff sold property to Samuel Benton, esq. Of interest is the fact that this sale was ordered by the Court of Halifax Co., NC for money which a partnership of several men, named below, owed to William Johnson "as per suit in Supreme Court." The order was for the sale of property of Richard Henderson, Reuben Searcy, John Hawkins, Nathaniel Henderson, Samuel Henderson, Zachariah Bullock and Thomas Lowe ("if found in your bailiwick.") "Thomas Person produced a deed for land on both sides of Anderson's Swamp [near other land held by various Hendersons] and being of estate of Richard Henderson, and sheriff sold to highest bidder, being Samuel Benton."

(All cited Granville Co. deeds are from Zae Hargett Gwynn, ABSTRACTS OF THE EARLY DEEDS OF GRANVILLE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA, 1746-1765 [Rocky Mount, NC, 1974] Examination of Gwynn's deed abstracts show that John Bowie was a frequent witness to deeds but seemed to be neither grantor nor grantee. Was he a civil servant and not a planter? Perhaps he was a resident of nearby Virginia and not of North Carolina. His name does not appear in TLC Genealogy's LUNENBURG COUNTY VIRGINIA DEED BOOKS 1-16 (1746-1795: AN EVERY-NAME INDEX nor in TLC's LUNENBURG COUNTY, VIRGINIA LAND PATENTS, 1746-1916 as either patentee nor as a neighbor. )

Another Samuel Henderson?

ORANGE COUNTY, VIRGINIA (Formed 1734 from Spotsylvania)
Refer to biography of Samuel Snead (of Granville Co.) for a record that prior to 1755 that a man named Samuel Henderson had owned land in Orange Co., VA. Orange Co, VA. had been formed in 1734 from Spotsylvania Co. Both Orange and Spotsylvania adjoin Louisa Co., which was formed from Hanover Co. in 1742. Again, names which run as a thread through the Williams-Henderson family histories appear, primarily Snead and Graves. Many families may have simultaneously owned land in several counties in these two colonies--Virginia and North Carolina--as reflected in the deeds of Granville Co., NC. As an example, see biography of Daniel Williams I of colonial Virginia and Granville Co., NC, whose wife was Ursley (possibly a Henderson, but not proved satisfactorily). Daniel Williams had owned land in several Virginia counties (Hanover, Louisa, Lunenburg) before dying testate in Granville Co. in 1759. On reflection, it seems that Samuel Henderson in Orange Co. VA may have been a relative of Richard Henderson I but probably not the same as his son. He may have been a grandson, or perhaps not at all related.

Louisa Co., VA (Formed 1742 from Hanover Co., VA) (Comment: Albemarle Co. was formed in 1744 from Goochland and Louisa. Thus, the names of many residents or their family members of Hanover, Goochland, Louisa, and Albemarle Cos. are found in records of all or any of these four counties. Even though the person may have removed to another county or to another colony, he or his family may have continued to own land in his former county. This may have been the case with Samuel Henderson if he should prove to be the same person. Sneed and Parrish are names found in Granville Co., NC, to which jurisdiction Samuel Henderson removed. Early Albemarle Co. deeds are found in The Rev. Bailey Fulton Davis, THE DEEDS OF AMHERST COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 1761-1807 AND ALBEMARLE COUNTY, VIRGINIA 1748-1763 (Easley, SC, Southern Historical Press, 1979)

Louisa Co., VA Deed Index, Grantees, 1742-1872 list the following:
Williams, Philip, grantee; Samuel Henderson, grantor, Bk A-486, 28 Nov 1752. (Deed has not been read as of 6/98.)

We do not know whether this is Samuel Henderson of Granville Co. but he is more probably the "other" Samuel Henderson of Virginia and not of North Carolina. Again, in 1758, a Samuel Henderson of Louisa Co. was purchasing land in Albemarle Co., VA but there is no indication this is the Samuel Henderson who, by then, was in Granville Co., NC. Perhaps this Samuel Henderson was a nephew, perhaps a son of one of Samuel's brothers. His identity is unknown.

In Albemarle Co., VA Deed Bk 2-69, 14 Aug 1758. Alex. Parrish and John Henderson, Jr. to Samuel Henderson, Louisa 25 pds., 200 A N. side Rivanna and both sides of Carroots Crk. Wits: Benj. Sneed; Jno. Morris, Jr.

A later deed in Albemarle Co. dated 18 Feb 1762 indicates Samuel Henderson and his wife Jean were selling land; again, Benjamin Snead was a witness. Again, this Samuel Henderson probably can be eliminated as Samuel Henderson of Granville Co., NC. because of the wife's name Jean and because of the late date--1762. Samuel Henderson of Granville Co. was married to Elizabeth (Williams), and Elizabeth survived him.

Samuel Henderson's will (WB 1-369) was recorded 1783 in Granville Co., NC.

(Thornton W. Mitchell, North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index, 1665-1900, Corrected and Revised Edition [Baltimore: Genealogical Publ. Co., second printing 1993], p. 230)
Miscellaneous Information Concerning Hendersons

In the vertical files at the Sons of the Revolution Library in Glendale, CA, a compilation of information on the Henderson family, but there is no indication of the source of this information. Nonetheless, there may be a basis for further research in these notes. Much of this information is given in the biography of Richard Henderson I (qv) The Richard Henderson to which reference is made is believed to have been Samuel's father but there is no firm proof.

Other Miscellaneous Information
F. A. Virkus in THE ABRIDGED COMPENDIUM OF AMERICAN GENEALOGY, Vol. 3, page 153, under "Homes, Lucille White," lists the following children for Samuel Henderson. It is to be noted that Virkus is viewed with suspicion by professional genealogists for lack of documentation. Many of the children listed, however, can be documented in records of Granville Co., NC and in other records. Where a definite date of marriage bond and/or witnesses or bondsmen is given, Holcomb's MARRIAGES OF GRANVILLE CO., NC, is the source:

a. Mary Henderson, b. 11 Jan 1734, married Jacob Mitchell. [probably should be Joab Mitchell]

b. Richard Henderson, b. 25 Apr 1735, m. Elizabeth Keeling, 28 Dec 1763. See his separate record. They are reported to have had six children. (Elizabeth was the daughter of George Keeling, decd, whose will was recorded in Halifax Co., NC ca 1759. Her mother was nee Agnes Bullock, daughter of Richard Bullock of Granville Co. Agnes, the mother of Elizabeth Keeling Henderson, was later to become the wife of Henderson's cousin and partner in Transylsania Colony--John Williams, Esq., occasionally called in Transylvania records "Col. John Williams.)

c. Susanna Henderson, who was underage at time of marriage in 1760 to Reuben Searcy. She married with consent of Samuel Henderson and Elizabeth Henderson. They reportedly had eight children. Susanna died young, and Reuben Searcy remarried, according to his descendants.

d. Nathaniel, b. 1 Dec 1736, on 31 Oct 1763 m. Sarah Jones. He married 2nd widow Morgan.

e. Elizabeth, b. 19 Feb 1738, on 12 Aug 1761 m. John Beckham (qv).

f. Ann, b. 1739, m. Daniel Williams, and reportedly had ten children.

(Note: This Daniel Williams is believed to have been the son of Daniel Williams I, the latter dying testate in in Granville Co., NC, and his wife Ursley. Daniel2 Williams I, formerly of Hanover, Louisa, and Lunenburg Cos., VA, is one of the several brothers of Elizabeth2 Williams Henderson, according to the cited Bible records. There is no confirmation that the surname of Ursley, Daniel's wife, is Henderson. Possibly she was, but no verification of this fact has been located.)

All the above six Henderson children were reportedly born in Hanover Co., VA.

The following children of Samuel Henderson were reportedly born in Granville Co., NC:
g. Samuel, b. 6 Feb 1746, m. Elizabeth Calloway in Kentucky. (See Hazel A. Spraker, THE BOONE FAMILY [Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., reprint of 1922 version )

h. William (M.), b. 1748, m. widow Nelson; she died 1 April 1847, and William died 21 June 1852. *

i. Thomas, b. 19 Mar 1751, m. Jane Martin. *

j. Pleasant, b. 9 Jan 1756, m. Sarah Martin. She died 25 Nov 1840, and he died 10 Dec 1842. *

Other Evidence of Samuel Henderson
Granville Co., NC was formed 1746 from Edgecombe Co., NC. A cursory search of Edgecombe records yields no evidence that Samuel Henderson resided in that county. In 1746, Samuel Henderson, John Langston, and Gideon Macon witnessed two deeds in Granville Co.: Deed Book A-1 and A-4-5. Deed Bk. A-33-35, 1746, shows Saml. Henderson and Gideon Macon witnessed deed.

Two Samuel Hendersons appear on the on the 1769 list of Granville Co. taxables. No doubt the one without slaves is the younger one:

Samuel Henderson 2-5
Samuel Henderson 2-0

A James Henderson appears on the same list: 1-1. (Refer to biography of Richard Henderson I, probable father of Samuel, James and another son Nathaniel. James Henderson may be brother of Samuel Henderson. James is not listed as a son of Samuel.)

Samuel Henderson died before 1783 (WB 1-369). Inventory is in WB 1-381, Granville Co., NC. Refer to biography of his wife Elizabeth, who also left a will.

* A typescript book at DAR Library, Washington, DC, located by writer in Mar 1993 entitled SAMUEL HENDERSON'S FAMILY 1607-1880, PART I, CONTINUED collected and copied by Mrs. Jack N. Duke (Eleanor Duke), El Paso del Norte Chapter, Canutillo, TX (n.d.) gives a birthdate for Susanna 23 Apr 1742. The dates given for most of the other children coincide with those given in Virkus. The reliability of Virkus is open to question.

Source for deaths of various Henderson family members is from M. C. Fuller, OBITUARIES AND MARRIAGES NOTED FROM CAROLINA WATCHMAN.

Other Sources for Virginia County Records
And Additional Comments re Hendersons

Alvahn Holmes, SOME FARRAR'S ISLAND DESCENDANTS (Baltimore: 1979) quotes some Williams genealogy given in a Bible Record of "Doctor William Farrar Henderson of Williamsboro, NC." Writer has only some excerpts concerning Williams and Farrar family members. The call number at Salt Lake City is 929.273 F242ha; the book has been filmed, Salt Lake Film No. 1,033,635 and can be ordered through LDS Family History Centers. Other hard copies of this book are at Virginia State Library, Richmond and at DAR Library, Washington, DC.

Holmes shows that Mary Williams, daughter of John Williams (b. 1769) and his wife Mary, was married to "--" Graves, [believed to be Henry Graves of Hanover Co.]. Mary Williams is the daughter of the John Williams whom we call in this writer's family history "John Williams I of Hanover Co." She was sister of "Col." John Williams whom we call in this history "John Williams II of Goochland Co." Mary Williams was believed to have been the second wife of Henry Graves, his first wife being Mary Jones. (Source: Randolph Currie, Sylvania OH, letter 1997; this information has later been found in VIRGINIA GENEALOGIES, Vol. II, in an article concerning the Croshaw family who intermarried with the Graves family.) Mary Graves is found later in Lunenburg Co. deeds along with her son Elijah Graves. Comment: We believe the birthdate given above is in error.

Concerning Waldrop and Graves, it is to be noted that Luke Waldrop's name is later found in Granville Co., NC and still later in South Carolina. Further, in the notes in the Lewis Bullock Collection, Thornton Library, Oxford, NC, viewed in 1989, there is a note that Henry Graves of Hanover Co. was married to Mary Williams, but there is no documentation. Of Henry Graves, Nell Marion Nugent in CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS, V III, indicates that on 26 June 1731 Henry Graves patented a total of 1231 acres in Hanover Co. [pp. 396, 397, 398]. No watercourse is given, but mention is made of his neighbors: Major Leigh, John Sanders, Capt. David Crawford, John Matlock, George Pemberton, Charles Chiswell. An entry for John Bond [Bowie?] in the same volume (p. 326), also a neighbor of Capt. Crawford and Mr. Chiswell, shows that another neighbor is Richard Henderson, 16 June 1727.

On page. 401, same volume, Nugent shows a Thomas Henderson received land in Hanover Co. by the head of Tarapin Swamp, but none of the above-named persons is his neighbor. There probably was no linkage, but this possibility cannot be ruled out. Refer to biographies of Luke Waldrop, later of Granville Co., NC, and of Henry Graves. Note in the biographies of various Williamses of Hanover Co. that Matlock family seemed to be a neighbor of Williams as the Williamses witnessed deeds involving Matlock family members, and Henry Graves was a son-in-law of John Williams I "of Hanover."

Louisa County records are principally from Rosalie Edith Davis, LOUISA COUNTY VIRGINIA DEED BOOKS A AND B, 1742-1759 (Bellevue, WA, 1976). Malcolm H. Harris, M.D. in his HISTORY OF LOUISA COUNTY, VIRGINIA (Richmond, 1936), states, "In most instances, the patentees came from the lower counties, eldest sons from Hanover and New Kent, planted themselves on large tracts of virgin soil in the then frontier."

Goochland Co. records pertaining to the Williams family are found largely in two works by Dolores Crumrine Rutherford, Carmichael, CA: GOOCHLAND COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEEDS, WILLS AND INVENTORIES, 1728-1817 and GOOCHLAND COUNTY, VIRGINIA COURT ORDERS, 1728-1794. Other early Goochland Co. records are found in Louise Pledge Heath Foley, EARLY VIRGINIA FAMILES ALONG THE JAMES RIVER (microfiche 6046679 at Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT).

Duke, cited previously, gives Thomas's birthdate 19 Mar 1752.

Zae Hargett Gwynn, KINFOLKS, concerns deeds with later dates than her ABSTRACTS OF GRANVILLE COUNTY DEEDS.

Concerning Richard's brother Samuel (son of Samuel), there is considerable evidence that he may have lived in Caswell Co., NC as he received at least two grants from the State of North Carolina in Oct 1783, as reflected in Caswell Co. Deed Bk B. Samuel received large grants of land in Kentucky from the State of Virginia.

Eleanor Duke's history of the Samuel Henderson family, in the DAR Library, gives William's birthdate as 5 Mar 1748.

***Notes by D. Williams:

While I generally agree with much of the history included in this narrative, I have to disagree with the conclusion that Samuel Henderson, the father of Judge Richard Henderson, was the son of Richard Henderson, who died in Goochland in 1748. All records indicate that the sons of Richard of Goochland were minors upon the death of their father (it clearly states in his will that they were all under 21), and other records indicate that their mother, Henrietta (believed to have been a "Henley"), gave a Deed of Gift to her sons in 1749; there is also indication that she may have been getting remarried to Clayton Cooke as seen here: "BY DEED, dated 27 Feb 1754, rec’d 23 Sep 1754, DB2/163, CLEYTON COOKE of Albemarle & Henrietta, his wife, to Charles LEE of Southam Psh, Cumberland, interest in 250 acres on Great Guinea Creek adjoining John Brown, cooper, part of a tract granted to Richard Henderson, late dec’d, "assigns During the term of the life of his wife Heneriator [sic]…"
Wit: Ed Henderson. William Henderson, John Brown" -- (GenForum posting by Jim Cooke, Nov. 3, 2011, and Richard Henderson, died 1748, includes transcription of his will)

Also of note is that a Samuel Henderson was a witness to several deeds in Granville as early as 1746, and shows as serving as a Granville County Justice from 1747-1758 where he first appeared in the Nutbush District in 1746. By the 1755 Granville County Tax List, Page 7, a Samuel Henderson appeared as follows: Samuel Henderson, sons Richd & Nathl, Thos Burdon; Negroes, Tom, Peter, & Lewis; this family is listed very near to and on the same page with John Williams, with sons Charles & Nathl, etc.; John Williams Jr., George Keeling, Luke Waldrop & son John. This means Samuel's sons were at least of taxable age (16 & over) and that he couldn't have been a minor and married with children of his own in 1748, which he would have had to have been if he were the son from Goochland.  In the 1769 Tax Lists, the two Samuel Hendersons were probably, Samuel Sr. and his son, Samuel Jr. who was said to have been born in 1742; Samuel Henderson Jr. married Elizabeth Calloway in Boonesborough in 1776; however, it is also possible that the 2nd Samuel Henderson was the son of Richard Henderson of Goochland, since it has been established that he was living in Granville by 1758. In addition, the There were obviously several people in Granville with the same names; of special interest there is this entry from "History & Genealogies of Old Granville County, North Carolina 1746-1800", Owen:   Taxation, Pg. 236 - June 20 1759. Rich'd Henderson an Ancient Infirm Man is Ord'd to be recommended to the Gen'l Assembly to be freed from Public Taxes."  Who was he? It certainly couldn't have been the son of the Samuel Henderson listed in the 1755 Tax list; and there is no evidence that the Richard Henderson, famous for his exploits with the Transylvania Company was "ancient" in 1759.  Additional info from the 1755 Granville Tax List: Two other Richard Henderson's appeared, on Page 2, Nath'l Henderson & Son Richard; and on Page 8, James Travilian, Richard Henderson, & Negroe Sam. 

Judge or Colonel, as he is sometimes known, Richard Henderson, son of Samuel Henderson, is known by family records as born Apr. 20, 1735, and it seems clear to me that there is much confusion about some of the records for this family, and while I have no doubt that Richard Henderson of Goochland was related, and perhaps he may indeed have had a son named Samuel Henderson who later lived in Granville, and even sold the afore-mentioned land he received from his mother by Deed of Gift, I don't believe that he was the same Samuel Henderson, who was the father of Judge Richard Henderson, d. 1785.

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