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Assorted Obituaries from the Oxford Public Ledger - 1897

Granville County, North Carolina

(Submitted by Sue Gill)

January 21, 1897

Mr. John Sherron, of Dutchville township, died Tuesday at his home near Northside.

February 4, 1897

Death - Lena Bryan, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D.G. Mangum, formerly of this place, but now of Neuse.  Died Jan. 18, 1897.

February 18, 1897
Death -  Rufus Mangum.  "On Saturday" near Stem.
April 1, 1897
Death, March 16.  Little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hester, Therecia.  13 years old.
June 24, 1897

Death of Mrs. Milly Currin, mother of J.R. Currin - June 16.  Widow of Hugh Currin.

July 1, 1897
Gathered to Rest:  Death of Mrs. Mary Gooch on the 24th of June  For two or three weeks the health of this estimable lady, wife of Mr. John Gooch, as been feeble.  She however had the best of nursing and the best of medical attention, and the hope was indulged that she would be spared yet many years to her family and friends.  
The decree of our Heavenly Father ordered otherwise and she departed this life on Thursday morning, 24th of June, about 5 o'clock.  This was sad indeed, and the attending circumstances added to the melancholy sadness of her death. She was of a sweet, agreeable disposition, sprightly turn of mind, lovely form and face, and had the esteem and affection of all who knew her, and those who knew her best in her pious every day life, as a warm friend, a kind neighbor and devoted wife and mother, appreciated her most.  The sorrow felt at her premature death by her young and doubly afflicted husband no language can describe, for he followed to the grave at the same time the remains of a true and faithful wife and little infant only a few hours old -- both of whom were consigned to the tomb in the same beautiful casket, and both of whom it is believed are in that land of eternal rest where happiness forever reigns.
She also leaves behind a sweet little boy, who will be a source of comfort to his father, a brother, Mr. Phil Holt, and other near relatives, to mourn her death.
She was married December 27th, 1894, to Mr. John Gooch and the future of the young couple was apparently full of the prospects of a long and happy wedded life, which has been doomed to a mournful disappointment.  She was a member of the Methodist church, but the funeral services were conducted by Rev. J. S. Hardaway from the Baptist church Friday morning at 9 o'clock and the interment took place in Elmwood Cemetery in the presence of a large number of relatives and friends.
May the God of Love throw his protecting arms around the afflicted ones and comfort and sustain them in the hour of their great grief is the sincere wish of the editor.
July 29, 1897
Miss Eliza Andrews died June 20th, age in 85th year of her age.  Home of brother, Mr. Wm. Andrews, was the place of death.
September 30, 1897
Death of Miss Nannie Philpot.
The grim monster of Death has again entered our community and taken from earth Miss Nannie Philpot, who resided near Oxford.  Her death occurred on Friday last after several months illness with the dropsy.  She was about 30 years of age, and greatly esteemed for her many excellent traits of character, and above all was truly a devoted and consecrated Christian, being a member of the Presbyterian church.  She leaves only one sister to mourn her death as two sisters and mother have passed over the River in the past two years and must have been standing at the gate of the City of our God to welcome her to everlasting bliss.
The funeral services were conducted Saturday morning by Rev. A. S. Caldwell, and the interment took place at Elmwood cemetery.
May the Lord comfort and sustain the lonely sister in the hour of great grief.

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