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Samuel Hogg of Granville County

Submitted by Evelyn W. Wallace

This is part of a collection of notes and genealogies put together by the late author over more than 50 years of research of many Granville Co. families and being shared here hopefully to help others in their quest for their own ancestors. There is additional info and documents on this website for many of the names included in these notes, so do a Search above, or click onto any of the  underlined  links included in these records.

SAMUEL HOGG.  (ca 1760-aft 1820 TN?)    Husband of Sally (Sarah) Williams Hogg, who is said to have died in Lebanon, Wilson Co., TN.  (Transcribed Sneed family Bible entry, said to have been at one time in the 1990s the hands of a person in Henderson Co., KY, a Mr. Soaper.  The typed transcript was in the hands of Mrs. Pauline Sneed, San Diego, CA in the 1990s and the original was said to have been in Henderson Co. KY).

The couple were married in 1792 in Granville Co. NC.  We tend to believe that Sally Williams may have been a second wife of Samuel Hogg the elder.  Samuel Hogg the elder is not to be confused with a younger Samuel Hogg, who seems to have been the elder's nephew and for whom the elder Samuel Hogg was guardian.  The younger Samuel Hogg was later a physician in Wilson Co., TN, according to county history of that county.  In all probability, the younger Samuel Hogg was a son of Samuel's brother, Thomas Hogg, deceased before 1796.  The younger Samuel Hogg had his uncle as guardian as late as 1796.

Granville Co., NC DB R-194
Know all men by these presents that I Samuel Hogg Senr. Executor of Thomas Hogg & Guardian of Saml Hogg Jr. of the County of Granville for & in consideration of the Sum of One hundred pounds Virga Money to me in hand paid by James Hamilton of the said County Merchant the Rect whereof I do hereby acknowledge have bargained sold & delivered & by these presents do bargain sell and deliver unto [said?] James Hamilton his Excrs, Admrs & assigns forever [a Negro Lad named Saisey (?)]  I said Samuel Hogg Senr as aforesd ... my Excrs & adms shall & will warrant & forever defend against all persons ... bargained premises [?] [said] James Hamilton his Exrs Admrs & assigns
In witness whereof I do hereby set my hand & seal this 20th day of April 1803.......   Saml Hogg Sr   [seal]
Executor of Thos Hogg decd & Guardian of Saml Hogg Jur.....
Attest  Rowland Bryant...........................
State of N Carolina Granvile County....  August Court A.D.1803
The within Bill of Sale was duly acknowledged in open Court by Samuel Hogg, esq and ordered to be Registered..............
Truly Reg by M. Satterwhite  PR.... Teste Step Sneed Clk.. 

This land entry in Granville Co. pertains to the elder Samuel Hogg.  The entry refer to Mrs. Mitchel, who doubtless was Mrs. John Mitchell, widow, former wife/widow of William Williams, who died testate at Boonesborough Dec 1775. Mrs. Mitchell was the mother of Hogg's young bride.  The mother's name--her suggested maiden name (by Thomas McAdory Owen) was Phyllis Beecham aka Beckham.  This cannot be easily deduced from Granville Co. records available to this writer.

Granville Co. NC Land entry:

795 (55) Jun 30, 1802  Samuel Hogg enters 640 ac in Granville Co. on S [West--lined out[ side of Tarr R and on waters of Adcocks Cr; border;  John Walker, Mrs. Mitchel, Robert Allerson, Daniel Jones, & "others."

(Dr. A. B. Pruitt, Abstracts of Land Entries:  Granville Co., NC  1778-1877 [n.p. A. B. Pruitt, 1988], p. 67) [FHL 975.6535 R28p]

This information has to be researched in greater detail:

1835 pensions of TN
AGE 73

[if 73 in 1819, he was born 1746; if 73 in 1835, he was born 1762.  This may be the groom of Sally Williams.  Note Smith Co. residence]

From J. T. McAllister, Index to Saffell's list of Virginia soldiers in the Revolution [Hot Springs, VA: McAllister Pub. Co., 1917]. p. 40

Hogg, Lt. Saml., 1st Rgt., Com. Dec 18, 1777-410

(From online database HeritageQuest Nov 2009)

There was a younger Samuel Hogg, who, according to his biography in BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY OF THE TENNESSEE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, was the son of Thomas and Rebecca Edwards Hogg.  The younger man (1783-1842) was a physician, and he seemed to be a young adult in the early 1800s. He had attended schools in Caswell Co., North Carolina.  According to other information, cited below, the younger Samuel Hogg was a nephew of the older Samuel Hogg.

Samuel Hogg [the elder] married Sally (Sarah or Sary) Williams, most probably the daughter of the deceased William Williams (d. Dec 1775 at Boonesborough) and his wife Phillis [Beckham?].  This relationship deduction is based on the "Sneed family Bible," as found among the transcriptions of Mrs. Pauline Sneed, San Diego, CA  ca 1997, which gave a date of death for Sarah/Sallie Williams (qv), later Hogg.  Sally Williams's older sister Mary was married to Stephen Sneed of Granville Co. while her older brother (and only surviving brother) Samuel Farrar Williams was married 1st) to Hannah Sneed, sister of Stephen Sneed.  Hence, information about the Williamses would be included in a Sneed Bible, the whereabouts of which is not currently known.

Granville Co. marriage record:    Saml. Hogge & Sarah Williams, 14 May 1792; W. Norwood, bm; Saml Worthington, wit.

(Elizabeth Hicks Hummell in HICKS HISTORY OF GRANVILLE CO., NC, V. I, MARRIAGE BONDS, 1965 [Oxford, NC:  Coble Publishing Co., 1965] p. 205.)

This marriage record does not appear in Brent H. Holcomb's transcriptions of the marriage bonds of Granville Co., NC.  A few errors have been noted in Holcomb's transcriptions.    Study of Granville Co. land records indicates the Norwood family was a neighbor of the Williams family in the Nutbush Creek area of Granville Co.  Concerning the bondsman:  The Norwood family seem to have been close associates of the Williams family from at least 1752; hence, a bondsman named Norwood.  John Norwood was witness to a deed to John Williams the elder (Sally's grandfather) in 1752, and a later patent to John Williams indicated his land adjoined that of Nathaniel Norwood.)

Granville Co. Deed bk 4, 1796-1799, page 40 gives the following information:

Aug. 4, 1796 - Samuel Hogg appoints Robert Weakley and Howel Tatom of the Southwest Territory now called Tennessee, attorneys, to attend to the division of the lands of my brother Thomas Hogg and obtain 1000 acres as speedily as possible left me by will of said Thomas Hogg and convey same to Thomas Bedford, having sold to him and received full payment.  Wts. : none.

(Zae Hargett Gwynn, Court minutes of Granville County, North Carolina, 1746-1820 [Rocky Mount, NC:  J. W. Watson, 1977], p. 199)

This power of attorney indicates that Samuel Hogg was still residing in Granville Co. in 1796. Samuel Hogg's brother Thomas was the father of Dr. Samuel Hogg, the younger man who was prominent in politics in Tennessee.

According to Donna Mendelsohn (, Box 98, Fort Assinibone, Alberta, Canada TOG 1A0, in a emailed family journal dated 29 Jun 2000, Samuel Hogg was a Captain in the American Revolution (Virginia Soldiers of 1776, p. 912-913).  He died in 1820 in Lebanon, Wilson Co., TN.  (Ibid.)  The one who received a pension (or applied for a pension) ca 1818 was no doubt the older Samuel Hogg as his age is given as age 73.

State of Tennessee:  Gibson Co., March Term 1833.  Proved in court that Dr. Samuel Hogg of Nashville, and John B. Hogg of the town of Trenton, Gibson Co. are the only heirs at law of Samuel Hogg, Dec'd. late a Captain in the Rev. army.  That Capt. Sam'l Hogg died in the year 1820 in the town of Lebanon, Wilson Co., Tenn. and that he died intestate and the foregoing was ordered certified, and the Clerk gave a certified copy thereof."  (E-mail from Mendelsohn)

Since the elder Samuel Hogg was reportedly a Revolutionary officer in Virginia, an online search of military records of Virginia was made March 2005.  There were several military certificate numbers [bounty land certificates] issued by Virginia.  Details are not known, but these are the Land Office certificate numbers of the first three listed on the Library of Virginia website:  LO 73; LO 8052; LO ExMWt 437.

Samuel Hogg was witness on 6 Mar 1811 to a power of attorney of Thomas Creedle of Granville Co. to Archibald Lucid of the same county to recover some money from Nathaniel Moss of Mecklenburg Co., VA.  (Irwin Sneed, identity unknown, was another witness to the same document.) 

(Ransom McBride, "Migration As Shown in Powers of Attorney," NORTH CAROLINA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY JOURNAL, V. 3, p. 236)

These entries are in Deed Bk A of Wilson Co., Tennessee Deeds.  Hogg is selling land but within a few days is purchasing more land:

"Samuel Hogg of Granville County, North Carolina to Robert Searcy of Davidson County 240 acrs on Pond Lick.  10 September 1798 (Pp. 28-29)"

"Stockly Donelson of Davidson County to Samuel Hogg of Granville County, North Carolina 640 acres on the eastern waters of Stone's River.  13 September 1798.  (Pp 33-34)"


Deed Book B  Perry W. Humphreys of Montgomery County, Tennessee to Samuel Hogg a town lot in the Town of Lebanon.  3 June 1806.

(Partlow, p. 188)

James Grier, attorney for Samuel Lawrence, to Elias Lawrence of Robertson County for natural love and affection 960 acres on Cedar Creek.  Witnesses:  Thomas Harris and Samuel Hogg.  22 June 1807 (Pp. 13-14)

(Thomas E. Partlow, WILSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE DEED BOOKS C-M, 1793-1829 [Easley SC:  Southern Historical Press, 1984], p. 1)

In another book by Partlow concerning circuit court records, there is this entry:


"A deed of bargain from Samuel Hogg, Sr. to Samuel Hogg, Jr. to all the estate of his brother Richard Hogg of the State of Kentucky and Virginia. 1821 (p. 367)"

(Thomas E. Partlow, WILSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS 1810-1855 P. 6  (fhl 976.854 p2Pte)

It is conceivable this document was presented in court after the death of the elder Samuel Hogg, now believed to have been the uncle of the younger Samuel Hogg, a physician and a Congressman.  Research indicates the younger Samuel Hogg was probably a son of Thomas Hogg, a brother of the elder Samuel Hogg.

Another Hogg male of this general area of North Carolina was James Hogg.  Whether he was related is unknown, but certainly he was contemporaneous with Samuel Hogg.   

Notice of a court suit in Tennessee (the Washington District Court, Territory of the U.S. South of River Ohio, Aug Term 1791):

"In Equity - John Williams, Esq. of Granville Co; James Hogg of Orange Co., Gent; Thomas Hart of [blank] Co. in Maryland, merchant; and David Hart of Caswell Co., Gent., Complainants vs. Heirs and devisees of Richard Henderson, late of Granville Co., deed; Nathl. Hart of ... Virginia, Gent., deed; of Win. Johnston late of Orange Co., merchant deed; of John Luttrell of Chatham Co., Gent, deed; and Leonard H. Bullock...."

(Excerpt from Raymond Parker Pouts, ABSTRACTS FROM THE NORTH CAROLINA GAZETTE OF NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA, 1791-1798, Vol. II [Cocoa, FL:  GenRec Books, 1983] as reviewed in NORTH CAROLINA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY JOURNAL.....)

A Younger Samuel Hogg of Tennessee        

By 1810, the name Samuel Hogg, Jr. begins to appear in Granville Co. NC court records.  In this case, "Junior" only meant there was a younger man of the same name in the same community.  However, a document cited below indicates that "Senior" was the guardian of "Junior" implying a close relationship.

According to available evidence, the younger Samuel Hogg was born approximately nine years before the marriage of the elder Hogg and Sally Williams.  All indications that the relationship is that of uncle and nephew.

This is from a Circuit Court Record of Wilson County, Tennessee.  Documents frequently were not recorded or acknowledged until after the death of one of the parties.  This may be the case with the elder Samuel Hogg:

"A deed of bargain from Samuel Hogg, Sr. to Samuel Hogg, Jr. to all the estate of his brother Richard Hogg of the State of Kentucky and Virginia.  1821  (P. 367)"


This brief biographical index appears in MEMBERS OF CONGRESS SINCE 1789 (Washington, D.C.:  Congressional Quarterly, 1977),  p. 78:

Hogg, Samuel (D Tenn.) April 18, 1783-May 28, 1842; House 1817-19. (1)                    

Certainly Sarah or Sally Williams, who was a daughter of William Williams (d. 1775 at Boonesborough) and his wife Phillis of Granville Co., and who was the bride of 1792 would not have been the mother of a younger "Samuel Hogg, Jr." who was born 1783.  Samuel Hogg Jr. was of an age to witness documents in 1810. (This generally implies that the witness was of age 14 or over and considered competent enough to understand what he was witnessing.)

It is unknown whether the Hogg-Williams marriage preceded the ca 1792 death of Sally's mother, Phillis Mitchell late Williams (of Granville Co., NC), or not.  The latter died testate in 1792 (Granville Co., NC WB.2-318-319).  At the time of the death of Phillis's second husband, John Mitchell, ca 1787, Phillis had petitioned the court to become the guardian of Sally Williams, an unusual occurrence for that time as women seldom were guardians of their own children.  Phillis may have become guardian because Sally Williams, as an heir of William Williams, was entitled to a goodly inheritance (after the debts against the estate were paid).  Furthermore, Phillis, who had remarried to John Mitchell, was the sole devisee of the will of John Mitchell, and, thus she may have had considerable wealth.

In Granville Co. Deed Books and Court Records are some entries concerning Samuel Hogg.

From Granville Co. Will Bk 4-1796-1799, p. 40:  "Aug 4, 1796, Samuel Hogg appoints Robert Weakley and Howel Tatom of the Southwest Territory, now called Tennessee, attorneys, to attend to the division of the lands of my brother Thomas Hogg and obtain 1000 acres as speedily as possible left me by will of said Thomas Hogg and convey same to Thomas Bedford, having sold to him and received full payment.  Wts:  none."


DB R-194  Samuel Hogg, Sr., executor of Thomas Hogg and guardian of Samuel Hogg, Jr., bill of sale to James Hamilton, merchant, April 28, 1803.  (This indicates the relationship of the younger Samuel Hogg to his deceased father--Thomas Hogg.)

In Court Minutes of Granville Co., there are these notations concerning Samuel Hogg, none of the entries indicating his wife's name.  From these records, we learn that he is literate, that he was appointed a justice, and that he probably speculated in Tennessee land:

Nov court 1797:  "Taxables of Robt. Hargrove, John Somerville, Richard Benneham, Samuel Hog, Bartholomew Strum return taxables."

Feb court 1800:  "William Scott, James Roberts, Samuel Hogg, John Hare, Daniel Bridges, and Claiborne Cooke appointed Justices of county by Benjamin Williams, Governor."

Feb term 1802:  Among the justices present:  Samuel Hogg.  (Among the grand jurors who qualified at this term was Samuel F. Williams, probable brother-in-law of Hogg.)

Feb term 1810:  "Deed from Samuel Hogg, Sr. to John R. Bedford for 2 tracts of land in Williamson County, Tennessee."  (Refer to above cited power of attorney dated 1796.  Also note the designation Senior.)

August term 1815:  "Andrew Rhea completed proof of 2 deeds from Samuel Hogg, Sr. to George Ridley for 826 acres in Williamson County, Tennessee."

Another Granville Co. record pertaining to Samuel Hogg, Jr:

"Salley [Ridley] received 5 negroes from her father's estate, and 1 negro from her grandmother's, Mrs. Williams's [the former Agnes (Bullock) Keeling, wife of John Williams, Esq.] estate and is entititled to 1/7th part of the land of her father's estate.  Frances Ridley states there are town lots in Franklin, Chatham, Raleigh, Granville, and land in Rockingham not yet divided.  Frances Ridley also states that she has supported Salley in the manner in which she and her sisters had lived during their father's lifetime and for most of two years sent to boarding school and is now in Warrenton in school.  She states that her property is not sufficient to support her.  Wts:  Sam'l Hogg, Jr., John Hare, J.P."  (1810)

(Zae Hargett Gwynn, GUARDIAN ACCOUNTS OF GRANVILLE COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA 1810-1856, Rocky Mount, NC:  Joseph W. Watson, 1978.)

(Sally Ridley is the daughter of Frances Keeling [qv] and her husband Bromfield Ridley [qv] of Granville Co.  Frances Keeling was the stepdaughter of John3 Williams, Esq. [qv].  The reference is to John Williams's wife, the former Agnes Keeling nee Bullock  John Williams, Esq. was the paternal uncle of Sally Williams Hogg.)   
Removal of Hogg Family from Granville Co., NC As Indicated In Granville Co. Records

DB Y-12 (deeds of 1818-1820) Samuel Hogg of Orange Co., NC deed to Spottswood Burwell of Granville Co., Sept 24, 1816.

DB 2-??  Samuel Hogg, Sr., the subject witness to the deed on this page [not given by abstractor] now lives in the State of Tennessee.  Written 20 Jan 1806 and proved 8 Nov 1825.

(From Zae Hargett Gwynn, KINFOLKS OF GRANVILLE COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA [Rocky Mount, NC:  Joseph W. Watson, 1974], pp. 136, 208, 267)

The last cited deed indicates that indeed Samuel Hogg, Sr. had relocated to Tennessee.   

Tennessee Records

It is estimated that about 1806 or shortly thereafter, Samuel Hogg, and presumably his family, migrated to the area which is now Wilson Co., TN.

There is some tentative evidence in some marriage bonds, cited below, that ca. 1809 Hogg was in Tennessee, at least temporarily, and not in North Carolina.  The deed mentioned at Feb term 1810, Granville Co., may have been presented for recording after the elder Hogg had already departed the county.  The evidence is a marriage bond in Wilson County, TN:

Martin, George to Patsey Dillard - Issued March 20, 1809.  Bondsman:  Sam'l Hogg.

(Rev Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr. and Mrs. Ella Lee Sheffield, eds., 35,000 TENNESSEE MARRIAGE RECORDS AND BONDS, 1783-1870, Vol. 2 G-N, p. 383)

  Wilson Co., TN was formed 1802.

From Marriage Bonds, Lebanon, Wilson Co., TN, we learn that one Samuel Hogg was bondsman or witness at a marriage in 1806.  He may not be the same person as the former resident of Granville Co., NC.  Notes are incomplete but indicate presence of several members of Hogg family were in Wilson Co.:

Benjamin Alexander & Sarah Cloyd, John  Allcorn [test.]; Benjamin Alexander, Samuel Hogg [sureties] (Donna Mendelsohn, Box 98, Fort Assiniboine, Alberta Canada TOG 1A0) wrote 7/8/00 the following in response to request about a will for Samuel Hogg:  "    The best I can tell you is as follows:

"State of Tennessee: Gibson Co. March Term 1833. Proved in court that Dr. Samuel Hogg of Nashville, and John B. Hogg of the town of Trenton, Gibson Co. are the only heirs at law of Samuel Hogg, Dec'd. late a Captain in the Rev. army. That Capt. Sam'l Hogg died in the year 1820 in the town of Lebanon, Wilson Co., Tenn. and that he died intestate and the foregoing was ordered certified, and that the Clerk give a certified copy thereof."

The above is reported to be from pages 912 & 913 of "Virginia Soldiers of 1776" by Louis A. Burgess.  I do not have the book, but this information was published by the Hogg Family Genealogical Society in their newsletter of December 1996.  I have seen numerous other references to John B. and Dr. Samuel E. being the heirs of the elder Samuel, but nothing else that gives any details.  I suppose to pin this down any further, one might have to start searching actual court records."   

In 1809, a Sion Hogg was bondsman for a marriage.  His relationship, if any, to Samuel Hogg is unknown.

(Mrs. W. P. Bouton, "Marriage Bonds--Lebanon, Wilson County, Tennessee" in Jeannette Tillotson Acklen, TENNESSEE RECORDS [Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1967], pp. 413 and 419)

According to Goodspeed's HISTORY OF TENNESSEE, "Wilson County," Dr. Samuel Hogg and Dr. John Tulloch were the first physicians of Lebanon in Wilson Co., which town was founded in 1802.    "In November, 1807, the General Assembly passed an act for the regulation of the town of Lebanon, by which Samuel Hogg, Edmund Crutcher, David Marshall, Joseph Johnson and John Allcorn were appointed commissioners."    

Census research shows the following counts for Samuel Hogg in Davidson Co., not Wilson Co.:
Because of the presence of young children in these families, it is doubtful that these censuses pertain to the elder Samuel Hogg (wife Sally Williams).

1820   Davidson Co.     Males   2-0-0-2-2-0   Females    1-5-0-1-0
1830   Davidson Co.
          (Nashville)         Males   2-3-1-1-0-0    Females   0-0-1-1-3
Davidson Co. will of David Crockett, merchant, written 13 Sept 1828 and proved 10 Nov 1828, was witnessed by Samuel Hogg, Robert Gibson and David Park.

(Helen C. & Timothy R. Marsh, DAVIDSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE WILLS AND INVENTORIES, V. 2, 1816-1830 [Greenville, SC:  Southern Historical Press, 1989], p. 213)
A few days later, 14 Nov 1828, an inventory of the estate of David Crockett, deceased, "late a Merchant of the town of Nashville and late firm of George & David Crockett," lists "Notes on, viz... Dr. Hogg."  (Ibid., p. 213-214)

The following day, 15 Nov 1828, an Inventory of the estate of William Gibson, deceased, late Merchant of Nashville, was presented.  At the end of the inventory is this remark, "Claims proved and presented to the administrators, Dr. Samuel Hogg ... [a lengthy list].  (Ibid., p. 214-215)

Death of One Samuel Hogg (Probably Jr.)   

One Samuel Hogg left a will dated 1843, Record Book 12-307, Rutherford Co., TN.  The deceased probably is Samuel Hogg, Jr.  This would coincide with the date of death as given in the Congressional biography.

Tennessee Records of Thomas Hogg, Samuel's Brother

Reference to the lands of Thomas Hogg are as follows.  They refer to land in one of these counties:  Northern Montgomery, Robertson and Sumner Cos., TN:

Grant No. 1271 to Thomas Hogg, dated 12, 10, 1790.  Warrant No. 2428 for 640 acres.  Recorded Book C-3, p. 51.  Tennessee County, south side Cumberland River.

(Comment:  Tennessee did not become a state until 1796 It had a rather stormy history with a tug of war between North Carolina and the federal government, with the interim establishment of the state of Franklin, which lasted but four years.  North Carolina regained control in 1789, but ceded the area to the United States the same year.  It became "Southwest Territory" in 1790.)

Grant No. 1323 to Thomas Hogg, dated 12, 10, 1790.  Warrant No. 2429 for 640 acres.  Recorded Book C-3, p. 115.  Tennessee County, south side Cumberland River.

(Edythe Rucker Whitley, RED ROVER SETTLERS. RECORDS OF THE SETTLERS OF MONTGOMERY, ROBERTSON, AND SUMNER COUNTIES, TN  [Baltimore:  Genealogical Publishing Co.], p. 110)

Additional note:

Madison Co., TN DB

JOHN B. FOGG, Madison Co., Tenn. sold to SAMUEL HOGG, Wilson Co., Tenn. for $3000 his interest in unsold portion of 4800 acres granted to Thomas Hogg, located in Williamson Co., Tenn. Dec. 17, 1821. Reg Dec. 11, 1823. Wits Jacob F. Dyer, Wm. G. Sellingsworth (?).

Miscellaneous Notes
Notes made by Dr. Lewis Bullock, Los Angeles, decd, on "The Robert Burton Papers from Duke University Film 70" has the following note from Frame 16  (Loose Papers of Dr. Bullock found ca 1989 at Richard L. Thornton Library, Oxford, NC.  They are uncataloged and not available to the general public, but Dr. Bullock made a great study of early families of Williamsboro, earlier situated in Granville Co., particularly of  those families named Bullock.) :

     "Note Sam Hogg and J. Vaughn to Hannah Mitchell 8 Nov 1793.  Wit by Elijah Mitchell."  

Samuel Hogg appears on a list of purchasers at estate sale of Gen. Thomas Person, dec'd which was reported by the administrator William Person at Aug Ct 1804, Warren Co., NC.  Although the sales were held in 1801, the purchasers were not reported until 1804.  A Samuel Williams, with no middle initial, also is listed.  Samuel Williams probably is the brother-in-law of Hogg; he generally used his full name:  Samuel Farrar Williams.  The land of the Williams family was near Nutbush Creek which is quite near the Warren Co. line.

    (Mary Hinton Kerr, WARREN CO, NC RECORDS, VOL III, ABSTRACTS OF WILL BOOKS, 1779-1814 [Warrenton, NC: nd], p. 146)

Refer to the biography of Hogg's wife, Sally or Sarah (Sary) Williams, who is said to have died in Tennessee.

Research by Floyd Negley, April 1998

Floyd Negley,Tucson, AZ, as is this writer, is a direct descendant of William Williams (d. Dec 1775 at Boonesborough), father of Sally Williams Hogg.  Both Negley and this writer are descended from Sally's only surviving brother, Samuel Farrar Williams (1759 NC-ca. 1835 Henderson Co., KY).

Negley's research in a history of Nashville, TN, reveals the following:  Samuel Hogg was a doctor and praticed in Nashville, TN until his death on 28 May 1842.  Reportedly he was born in Caswell Co., NC on 18 Apr 1783.  (This birthdate of this Samuel Hogg is unlikely to be the elder Samuel Hogg who married Sally Williams in Granville Co., NC in 1792, when it is apparent he, the groom, must have been of full age.  It is believed that the identities of the two Samuel Hoggs, Sr. and Jr., have been confused.)  In Tennessee, he first settled in small town of Cumberland and then to Lebanon until 1819 when he started practice in or near Nashville.  He was a doctor in the War of 1812 at New Orleans, at the same time George Negley, Floyd Negley's paternal ancestor, was there.  

Later, the younger Hogg went to the State Legislature and to US Congress; in 1840, he was president of the State Medical Society.  In Wilson Co., TN, he was on lists of 1806 and 1807 but shown with no land.

Other Evidence in Tennessee

     Of interest is the following marriage bond in Wilson Co., TN.

     In 1824, 12 Feb, William Chester & Sophie M. Hogg, R. M. Burton, surety.  (Ibid., p. 466)

     By 1824, Samuel Hogg, Jr. could have had a daughter of marriageable age.

AIS (Accelerated Indexing System) Census Searches [US census indexing system on microfiche]

Search 1
Hogg, Samuel - Blount Co., TN [no twp listed]  TX [tax] 1801

Hogg, Samuel - Granville Co., NC - 551 - 1800

The Blount Co. listing is taken from tax lists of Blount Co., TN.

Search 2
Hogg, Samuel - Davison Co., TN - 1820

Search 3
Hogg, Samuel - Davidson Co., TN - 1830

Search 4
Hogg, Samuel - Davidson Co., TN - 278 - 1840  Nashville

For Thomas Hogg - AIS searches:

Search 1
Hogg, Thomas - Craven Co., NC - 1720 [no twp listed]
Hogg, Thomas - Cumberland Co., NC - 368 - 1800
Hogg, Thomas - Halifax Co., NC 002, Dist 9 ST 1786        
1800 North Carolina census index. 

Other Hoggs in North Carolina: county is noted.  After the given name is the page no. of the 1800 census [or at times tax lists]
James - 463 - Cumberland Co. (Fayetteville)  (Jas. Hogg of Hillsboro)
Charles 545 - Franklin Co. 1-4-2-0-0
Elizabeth - 609 - Halifax Co. 0-1-1-0-16
John - 545 - Franklin 2-1-6-0-0
Rebecca - 617 - Halifax - 2-2-4-0-0
William - 1239 - Wilkes 2-6-2-0-0

(1) A longer biography appears in BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY OF THE AMERICAN CONGRESS, 1774-1961 [Washington:  U.S. Government Printing Office, 1961], p. 1000?)

Hogg, Samuel, a Representative from Tennessee; born in Halifax NC, April 18, 1783; attended the public schools in Caswell County; taught school for a short time; studied medicine in Gallatin, Sumner County, Tenn., about 1804; moved to Lebanon County, Tenn., after a short time; surgeon in the First Regiment of Tennessee Volunteer Infantry from November 21, 1812 to April 22, 1813; hospital surgeon on the staff of Maj. Gen. Andrew Jackson in the expedition against the Creek Indians from February 22 to May 25, 1814; also hospital surgeon on the staff of Maj. Gen. William Carroll from November 13, 1814 to May 13, 1815; member of the State house of representatives; elected as a Democrat to the Fifteenth Congress (March 4, 1817-March 3, 1819); engaged in the practice of medicine in Lebanon, Tenn, until 1828, in Nashville 1828-1836 abd 1838-1840, and in Natchez 1836-1838; president of the State Medical Society of Tennessee in 1840; died in Rutherford County, Tenn, May 28, 1842; interment in Nashville City Cemetery.

+   From MEMBERS OF CONGRESS SINCE 1789 [Washington, DC:  Congressional Quarterly Inc., 1977], p. 68:  "Hogg, Samuel (D Tenn) April 18, 1783-May 28, 1842; House 1817-19."  The birthdate indicates he is the younger Samuel Hogg.  He would not have been of age to marry in 1792. 
++Granville Co. NC Will Bk 2-17 1 Jan 1787 - John Mitchel as guardian of Sally Williams renders account of her estate.

     Mitchell was deceased by May court 1787. "Inventory of estate of John Mitchell, deceased, by Phillis Mitchell, executrix of will."

     (Z. H. Gwynn, ABSTRACTS OF GRANVILLE CO., NC COURT MINUTES 1746-1789, p. 22)

A pension claim filed ca November 1830 in Wilson Co., TN makes reference to Maj. Hogg, who must be the elder Samuel Hogg.

The abstracted claim reads as follows:

James Scott, age about 67, states that he served under Maj. Hogg for eihteen months some time in August the year before the declaration of peace which was in the year 1781 or 2 in the State of North Carolina.  He was placed in the Company of Captain Peter B. Coats.  He was discharged in the State of South Carolina.  He has lost his certificate of dischart.  His name is not on the roll of any State except the State of North CArolina.  He states that his wife is deranged and aged about 67 yers.  He has one son and one daughter that occasionally assist him in taking care of this deranged and afflicted mother.  Said James is disabled by pains and old age.  He has no one to assit him.  He is a farmer.  He has some small artles of little vlue such as chickens.  He is cast on the charity and mercy of his neighbors for support.  His children are all left and gone.  2 November 1830 (Pp. 69-72)



Additional Notes as contributed by Deloris Williams:

From Holcomb's "Marriages of Granville County, NC 1753-1868":

Henry ASTROP - Pattsy MALONE, 19 Sept. 1809; William H. LANIER, Bonds; Saml. HOGG, wit.
James DANIEL - Nancy MACKLIN, 12 Sept. 1809; Samuel HOGG, bondsman.
Robert FALCONER - Feraby ROBERSON, 10 Feb. 1810; William CLARKE, bonds; Saml. HOGG, wit.
Saml. HOGGE - Sarah WILLIAMS, 14 May 1792; W. NORWOOD, bonds; Saml. WORTHINGTON, wit.
Wynn THOMPSON - Martha STYLE, 24 Dec.1809; Samuel HOGG, bonds; A. H. SNEED, wit.
Robert WILSON JR. - Elizabeth GRESHAM, 7 Nov. 1811; Labon GRESHAM, bonds; Saml. HOGG, wit

Following info obtained from "Genealogies of Kentucky Families, Vol. III, James Alves, Genealogical Notes on his Ancestors and Descendants", by Gaston M. Alves, Prepared for the Henderson County Historical Society, Henderson, KY.

WALTER ALVES, the forefather of the ALVES Family of Henderson Co., KY, was the son of JAMES HOGG and his wife, MCDOWELL ALVES, who emigrated from Scotland in 1774 to North Carolina, along with 3 of their children, including son WALTER HOGG.  Two younger children, remained in Scotland until the end of the Revolutionary War to complete their education.  In 1786, JAMES HOGG petitioned to have the names of his sons, WALTER & GAVIN, to be changed to his wife's maiden name of ALVES by the General Assembly of North Carolina (Chapter 5, Acts of the NC Assembly); JAMES HOGG, a member of the Transylvania Company founded by Judge RICHARD HENDERSON,  died in 1805 in Hillsboro, North Carolina. His children were ELIZABETH HOGG (married JOHN HUSKE); HELEN HOGG (married 1st, WILLIAM HOOPER, 2nd Dr. JOSEPH CALDWELL); WALTER HOGG, aka ALVES (married AMELIA JOHNSTON); ROBINA HOGG (married Judge WILLIAM NORWOOD); and GAVIN HOGG, aka ALVES (never married).

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