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(Submitted by Sue Gill)

Death of Mr. Pink Meadows

Oxford Public Ledger

February 14, 1896

Truly a Good Citizen has Been Gathered to Rest.  In the death of this venerable man who on the day that he breathed his last had reached the ripe old age of 76 years quite a loss has been sustained in this community.  He was a brother of Mr. J. J. Meadows and the late Brodie Meadows.

He removed to Oxford several years ago from Berea and was a valuable citizen, who during his whole life has borne the character for being an honest, upright man and one who had the good wishes and confidence of all who knew him.  It is said he was successful in everything he ever undertook, and while he was not of a grasping spirit, being liberal and honorable in every sense of the word, he yet accumulated a competency as the result of his good judgment and industry.

In early life his advantages were limited.  He struggled hard to over come the obstacles that he found in his path, and never grew out of heart until he overcame them.  All the time he was making a good reputation for integrity, and his pleasant manners and kindness of heart were always a part of his nature.  He was a true friend, a good neighbor, a kind father and affectionate husband.  His good qualities were plain to be seen by all who came into business, social, or religious association with him, for it may be remarked that he was a devoted Christian, who loved the church, the Bible and his Christian brethren without bigotry or narrow mindedness.  He even avoided the appearance of evil, and was a sincere and zealous Christian of the highest type.  His faith in God was strong, simple, childlike and unyielding.  He leaves a bright example of genuine faith, backed up by good works.

We extend our sympathy to his bereaved family in deep sorrow.  He was for years a member of Mt. Zion Baptist church at Berea, and it in the cemetery there that his remains are now at rest.  The funeral services were appropriately conducted by Rev. R. H. Marsh, who was constantly by his bedside during his last illness administering to his wants.

Oxford Public Ledger

April 17, 1896

Tribute of Respect

Hall of Berea Lodge

No. 204, A. F. & A. M.

April 11, 1896

Whereas we are called upon to chronicle the death of Brother Pinkney Meadows which event occurred at his home in Oxford, N.C., on February 7th, 1896, it being his 77th birthday.  Brother Meadows was of unusually strong physique, and was possessed with an almost indomitable degree of energy, always doing with his might what his hands found to do. Not only was he active in the things pertaining to the advancement of his fortune but in the spiritual life, in the church and in the Lodge he was ever to be found at the front ready to spend and be spent for the furtherance of God and right. His judgement may have erred but his heart was always right.  Just a few days before he died he said to a brother and others by whom he was surrounded that he was ready and waiting for the Master's call. 

Therefore be it  Resolved, That in the death of Brother Meadows this Lodge has lost one of its bright and shining lights, a faithful and wise counselor; and to the poor, widow and orphan, their loss is great as his big warm heart was always beating with a Godlike sympathy for them, and his ready money always accompanied his prayers to the feeding of the hungry and clothing of the naked.  His life was of such tender, trustful, childlike faithfulness that when the summons came to him to come up higher he calmly closed his eyes to the things of this life and passed peacefully over the river into that celestial lodge presided over by the Grand Master of the universe.       

Resolved, that these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of the Lodge and a copy be sent to the Orphans' Friend, Public Ledger and Person County Courier with a request that they be published.

A.F. Smith
W.T. Allen
B.D. Howard
W.A. McFarland, Sec, pro tem.

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