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(Submitted by Sue Gill)

Oxford Public Ledger, August 14, 1896

A Terrible Accident

Mr. Roy Hobgood Killed - One of Oxford's Brightest Young Men

Granville Co., NC

Mr. Roy Hobgood Killed - One of Oxford's Brightest Young Men  On Wednesday evening last an intensely sad and unfortunate accident occurred which resulted in the death of Mr. Roy Hobgood while out with his brothers and other friends shooting bats in the Venable field just outside the corporation. It has thrown the community in a state of the deepest gloom and the event is one of the most unfortunate that has ever occurred in our town. A young gentleman of the highest respectability and worth. Mr. T.V. Edmonds, a friend of the deceased was standing near him with his gun uncocked and in putting it over his shoulder it was accidentally discharge and the whole contents of the barrel were emptied into the face of Roy Hobgood, penetrating his brain and killing him instantly. The discharge of the gun was purely and wholly accidental and Mr. T.V. Edmonds, one of the most worthy and popular young men in Oxford was completely overwhelmed and crushed on discovering that the discharge of his gun had done the fatal work.  Mr. Frank Hobgood, an elder brother, witnessed the unfortunate accident not being very far distant from the sad scene. It is known to have been accidental, and the family of the deceased and this whole community in this hour of deep sorrow, are emphatic and unanimous in the opinion that the killing was entirely accidental and their sympathies go out heartily and sincerely to Mr. Edmunds.  Mr. Edmunds is a young gentleman, late of Virginia, who has recently settled in Oxford as a buyer of tobacco, and is one of the most genial, king-hearted and popular young men of Oxford. He is the soul of honor and propriety of conduct, of genuine and unaffected piety, a faithful member of the Presbyterian church, and of the best social connections.  Roy Hobgood was a bright intelligent young man of peculiar refined nature, who would have been 21 years of age in December next. He was so gentle, so kind in nature, so honorable, straightforward and attractive that we feel unable to do him justice by these brief and hastily written words to his memory, towards whom our heart went out with special admiration.  He was the second son of Prof. F. P. Hobgood and was a student in the Senior class at Wake Forest College and would consequently have secured his diploma next year. His bright intellect, studious habits and manly bearing warranted the anticipation of his future success and distinction. He was a member of the Baptist church, and his piety gave assurance that he has gone to his "Beautiful Home in the Skies." To the bereaved and almost heartbroken family this must be a source of great solace and comfort as great as is the grief at the untimely death of one of its loveliest members.  The sympathies of this whole community go out tenderly to Prof. Hobgood and his deeply afflicted household.  As we go to press this (Thursday) afternoon the solemn funeral services of the deeply lamented Roy Hobgood are being conducted in the new and commodious Baptist church, this being the first instance of funeral rites being held within the walls of this sacred edifice. Never in our recollection has a sadder or more mournfully touching burial scene been witnessed in this community. The pastor, Rev. J. S. Hardaway, the members of the church and indeed this whole community are wearing that indefinable expression of sorrow on their countenances that betokens the grief which oppresses every heart.  Many relatives from Wake Forest, along with Mr. Thos. H. Briggs, of Raleigh, and quite a number of classmates at Wake Forest are attending the funeral of obsequies.  The immense congregation present shows the respect and esteem in which the deceased and his family are held by our people. The pall bearers are Messrs. Chas. Easton, J. H. Long, Gus Hobgood, Wesley Bryan, Leak Landis, Sidney Minor, Willie Gulick, and Hugh Skinner.  The flowers that profusely adorned the casket were beautifully and tastefully arranged and the burial at Elmwood cemetery will be one that will impress itself forever on the minds and hearts of old and young alike who shall witness the last solemn services at the grave of one who is "Beyond the smiling and the weeping" and forever at rest.

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