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Other Granville County Families


By Evelyn W. Wallace

This is part of a collection of notes and genealogies put together by the late author over more than 50 years of research of many Granville Co. families and being shared here hopefully to help others in their quest for their own ancestors. There is additional info and documents on this website for many of the names included in these notes, so do a Search above, or click onto any of the  underlined  links included in these records.

JOHN LANGSTON.  WIR00332. Eunice Brooks Freese in her WILLIAM ROSE OF SURRY COUNTY, VIRGINIA, does not offer much information on John Langston of Granville Co., NC, father of Amy Langston, who was the wife of William Rose of Granville Co., NC.  John Langston had sons named Solomon and James Langston.  Refer to the biographies of the two sons for some evidence that John was father of Solomon and James Langston.  He also had a son named Absolem, according to a 1755 tax list of Granville Co.

(Ransom McBride, List of Taxables in "Inhabitants of Granville County, NC, 1746, 1750" in NORTH CAROLINA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY JOURNAL, Vol 8 [Raleigh, NC: North Carolina Genealogical Society, 1982], p. 28)

     Langston is a name long known in Virginia.  The land of one Anthony Langston in New Kent Co. is mentioned in the 1662 patent of one Edmund Machen (Machan), New Kent Co. (Patent Bk 4, p. 283 (388).  It is unknown whether he is the progenitor of the later Langstons of Granville Co., NC.

    John Langston, as a witness, appears in the first recorded deed in Granville Co.:

     Granville Co., NC Deed Bk A-1, 1 Sept 1746 John Wade to Peter Hill, 100 A of land granted to John Wade Apr 20, 1745 was witnessed by John Langston, Gideon Macon, Samll. Henderson.

      From this, it is known that Langston was one of the early residents of Granville Co., formed 1746 from Edgecombe Co. NC

     On the same date, Deed Bk. A-4-5, shows the same witnesses, Langston, Macon, and Henderson, for deed John Wade to Daniel Higdon.
      1 Mar 1747/8 [OS] John Langston submitted a petition to the court "for two acres of John Greens land lying upon Reedy Creek on the North side thereof, whereon to build a water Grist Mill for the use of the Publick."

      (Thomas McAdory Owen, HISTORY & GENEALOGIES OF OLD GRANVILLE COUNTY [Greenville SC:  Southern Historical Press, 1993] p. 158.  Owen indicates this is the first order of the kind [for a mill] in the records.)

     On a list of taxables, Granville Co., 1750, John Langston and his son Absolem and negro Bess appear.  The other sons do not appear, and therefore, were probably not of taxable age.

     (Ge Lee Corley Hendrix, "The Inhabitants of Granville County, NC, 1746, 1750," NORTH CAROLINA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY JOURNAL, V. 8 [Feb 1982], p. 28)

     A few months later, on 3 Jun 1752, John Langston gave a deposition about stolen equipment from his mill house.  (Owen, p. 159)

     In June 1752, John Langston gave an affidavit at court concerning a complaint of Richard Cheek against Peter Collins about the theft of a gun.  (Owen, p. 121)

     In 1755, John Langston received two grants from Lord Granville:

     [Patent Bk 11]-1903 John Longston [sic] 9 May 1755  374 acres in Granville County in the Parish of St. John on Andrew Hamptons Creek, joining McCullock's line and John Adcock OR:  /s/ John Langston.  Wits:  W Churton, Sher Haywood surveyed 26 July 1753  SCC:  Jno Adcock, Osmond Gasherd (?)  W. Churton D Surveyor  Plat reads " surveyed for John Brown."

 (Margaret M. Hofmann, THE GRANVILLE DISTRICT OF NORTH CAROLINA 1748-1763, V. II [Weldon, NC:  Roanoke News], p. 62)

     [Patent Bk 11]-1911, page 439 John Langston  10 May 1755  560 acres in Granville County in the Parish of St. John on both sides of Tar river, joining Ephraim Merret. OR:  /s/ Jno Langston.  Wits:  Jno Haywood, David Hunter surveyed 6 March 1754  SCC:  Thomas Roberson, William Williams   Sher Haywood D Sur

     (Ibid., p. 63)

       (Refer to biography of Ephraim Merrit.  Another comment:  The William Williams above is one who lived on the Tar River and not the William Williams, son of John Williams,Sr., who resided in the Nutbush Creek area of Granville Co., NC, in the northern part of the county.)

     In Granville Co. Will Bk. 1-104/105, dated 1775, is a bill of sale, John Langston of Orange Co., NC, to son Solomon Langston of Granville Co.  In Will Bk. 1-126/127, dated 1776, is a deed, John Langston of Orange Co., NC, to son James Langston of Granville Co.

     William Rose, in making his will in Granville Co. Dec 1768 named as executors wife Ame Rose and brother-in-law James Langston.  Jean (her mark) Langston was a witness; it is surmised she was James's wife.  There may have been another brother--Joseph Langston. (1)   It is deduced that Amy Rose, then, was a daughter of John Langston. 

     Pat Bk 11, No. 2695, Lord Granville to John Shearman, 13 May 1757, shows Shearmans corner adjoined John Langston, Parish of St. John on both sides of Stoney Creek.  John Williams was one of the sworn chain carriers.

      (Margaret M. Hofmann, THE GRANVILLE DISTRICT OF NORTH CAROLINA 1748-1763:  ABSTRACTS OF LAND GRANTS, V. II.  In Margaret M. Hofmann's books of Granville grants by Lord Granville, there are several references to Langstons.  Joseph Langston, for example, was a sworn chain carrier for the grant of Israel Eastwood in 1762 [Patent Bk 11, No. 1551].  This land joined "Langston's corner" near the Tar River.  Also he was a SCC [sworn chain carrier] for grant of Henry Jones.  The above-named John Williams more probably is of the Knap of Reeds area, Tar River, and not of the "Nutbush Creek" Williamses of the northern part of Granville Co.
The following abstracted Granville Co. deed seems to confirm the identity of this John Williams:  C-91  "both sides of Tar R. on Wm. Williams' line.  John Langston to John Williams; wits;  Danl Weldon, Richd Henderson.  [Source:  Gwynn, Deeds of Granville Co.]  Also this:  C-702  11 Aug 1760 Wm. Williams to John Williams - N. side of Tarr R. at Wm. Williams' line.  [Gwynn,])

      Deed Bk. F-508-509, Capps to Green,  John Langston had a mill to which reference is made in this deed dated 7 Feb 1764.

    Several Langston males were members of Tar River Baptist Church, probably ca. 1765 (when the church was built).  They were James, Solomon, Absolom [sic].

     (George Washington Paschal, HISTORY OF NORTH CAROLINA BAPTISTS, V. I 1663-1805 (Raleigh:  The General Board NC Baptist State Convention: 1930). 

     At an estate sale of Nicholas Holstein, Granville Co., NC Nov Court 1774, among the purchasers were Solomon Langston, William Rose, Frederick Rose, William Washington, and Richard Henderson, the latter of whom was a county official who probably was attending the sale in that capacity.  Also at the same court, the will of William Hester was proved, one of the witnesses being George Bruce.  Bruce was to be the second husband of the widow of William Rose, Amy Langston.  The Roses were intermarried with the Langstons and the Washingtons.

Other Langston Males:
     There were a number of other Langston males in the Granville Co. area.

     Joseph Langston was a sworn chain carrier noted in Pat. Bk 11, No. 2612 for Thomas Person 27 Jul 1761, both sides of Reedy Creek.  (Hofmann)

     Granville Co. Deed Book O-26:  James Langston deed of gift to his son, William Langston, 4 Feb 1780. (James, as we have learned, is son of John Langston.)

     Also on page 26:  James Langston deed of gift to his son-in-law John Wood, 5 Feb 1780.

Other Langstons in Early Virginia:   
     From card index of land records, Virginia State Library, it is learned that Langstons were in Virginia as early as 1655 and probably prior to that:

     26 Apr 1655, Anthony Langston, New Kent Co., 1000 A on the S sd of the freshes of York R beyond the land of Colo. Man. Hamond, Pat 3-360.

     .... 1681, John Langston, New Kent Co, 1300 acs., formerly granted to  Hannah Clark & was found to escheat.  "Recorded more fuller in fo:" see foot of record, Pat 7-108.

    In Patent Bk 7-, there is reference to 1316 acs. New Kent Co., beg. at mouth of a small sw. on S. side of Yorke Riv.  Also refers to escheat of Hannah Clarke, and therefore may refer to same tract.

    22 Sep 1681, John Langston, New Kent Co., 1316 A beg & c standing on the mouth of a small swamp on the bank of the York R. on the South side sd river which divides this land from the land of Sir Philip Honywood.

  20 Apr 1694, Catherine Langstone (widow relict of John Langstone, decd), Nansemond Co., 380 A On one of the Cypress branches which comes out of Sarum Creek (Patent 8-335)

    Reference to John Langston(e) in these Virginia land patents:
      1682/3 patent of Mr. David Crafford, New Kent Co., S. side York Riv.  The acreage of 1316 had been granted to Mr. John Langstone, date not given, who assigned to Mr. William Taylo, 28 Oct 1681, who assigned to sd. Crafford, 28 July 1682.  (Nell Marion Nugent, Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol 2, p. 253).

     21 Apr 1690 patent of Mr. John Lyddall, New Kent Co. St. John's Par.  Evidently a tract of 1600 acres had been deserted earlier by Lydall and had been been granted to Mr. John Langston, 11 Mar 1672/3, but "never pattented and deserted."

     By 1694, John Langston(e) was deceased, or else this is another person.  The Virginia patent (Bk 8-335) went to Catherine Langstone, Widow of John Langstone; 380 acs. Nansemond Co., 20 Apr 1694.  This for the import of 8 persons.

     There are other references to Anthony Langston or Captain Langston, also in New Kent Co., S. side of York River.

     Research to be conducted:  Refer to des Cognets, pp. 58-59 for two references to a John Langston, county & date omitted.


Additional Notes by the author:

Added to July 2005 [from an e-mail correspondent--not my notes]

JOHN LANGSTON  He is called John Langston III by one of his descendants Jane Wade of Clarksville, AR Feb 8 2001 in an e-mail.

According to Jane Wade, John Langston is the the father of Amey Langston, wife of William Rose of Granville Co. NC.  At any rate John Langston and his son Absolem.. negro Bess...3 appear on a list of taxable of Granville Co. NC in 1750.

(Ransom McBride, List of Taxables, 1750 [Granville County, NC] in North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Vol. 8, Feb 82, p. 28)

Two adult Mangum males also appear on the list:
Willm Mangum & son James &
    Sollomon Adkisson boarder      3

Saml Mangum                             1       (Ibid.)

Granville Co. WB pp. 104-105  John Langston of Orange Co. NC to son Solomon Langston of Granville Co.

As stated, there is no documentation for the following statements:
The following apparently was copied from an unknown source!!!  This John Langston, if the same person, would have been about 80 years old, more or less, an unusual age for that time and place.  Perhaps there is mistaken identity.

1) John Langston born about 1710 in Nansemond County, Virginia and his will was probated November 11, 1790 in Greenville District, South Carolina. [Comment:  an unusual span of time for this century.] John married Mary Agnes Mangum, March 2, 1729 in Virginia. Mary Agnes/Agnas Mangum, born about 1715 in Surry County, Virginia and died about 1742. After Mary's death, John married Elizabeth Person about 1743 probably in Granville County, North Carolina. Elizabeth Person was born about 1714 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina and died about 1794 in Greenville District, SC.
John Langston and Mary Agnes Mangum's children:

 Jane Wade gives his first wife's name as Ann Agnes Mangham (est. 1712-174/42)

1) Absolom/Absalom Langston born about 1729, possibly in Nansemond County, Virginia and died September 1783 at Newberry County, South Carolina. Absolom married Christian Bennett and had issue. Christian Bennett, born about 1733 in Nansemond County, Virginia and died about 1803 in South Carolina  (from internet - 8/29/02 - check it out)

Others furnished by (Jane Wade) 2/8/01

James 1731-1818 m. Joannah Davis
Solomon abt 1732-1825 m. Sarah Bennett
Sally b. abt 1733
Amy [see her bio]
Louisa b. abt 1734
Lucinda abt 1735-1783 m. George W. Thompson
Jechonias abt 1740-1780 m. Mary Williams
Joseph Dec 1740-1827 m. Ruth Hopper and Agnes Ragland

Second wife:  Elizabeth believed to be Persons
Their children were:
Rebekah about 1744-1802 m. Thomas Williams
Samuel 1745-1825  m. Sarah Young.  (This is my line - J. Wade)
Jesse about 1747-1837 m. Mary Young
Molley abt 1753-1804
John abt 1754
Martha "Patta" 1755-1790 m. Hugh McVey
Frances "Fanny" 1759-abt 1850 m. James McElroy
Sarah "Sallie" 1762-aft 1830 m. Aaron Smith, John Dodd, Armistead Anderson
Elizabeth - aft 1790 m. Moses Spann

Jane, Clarksville, Arkansas



WILLIAM ROSE II. (ca 1729 prob VA-ca Dec 1768 NC)  WIR00068.  A very well documented biography of William Rose is found in Eunice Brooks Freese, WILLIAM ROSE OF SURRY CO., VA [Fort Worth, TX:  Published by author], and will not be repeated here.  Only added information will be presented.

It is to be noted that many of the families who clustered around Knap or Nap of Reeds area near the Tar River were closely associated, and several of them were intermarried:  Merrit[t], Langston, Washington, a Ragland family.  Published documents of Granville Co. bear out these associations.

William Rose was one of the sureties, along with Evan Ragland for admrx Agnes Merrit, when her husband Ephraim Merrit died prior to the date of the admn bond, Aug 12, 1760.  Refer to the biography of Ephraim Merritt for details.

  (Thomas McAdory Owen, HISTORY AND GENEALOGIES OLD GRANVILLE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA, 1746-1800, [Greenville, SC:  Southern Historical Press, Inc., 1993] p. 57)

     See biography of Thomas Rose for some land transactions in Granville District, Colonial North Carolina, involving both Thomas and son William or one or the other, beginning ca. 1752.  Granville Co. was formed 1746 of Edgecombe Co.

     William Rose appears on the 1750 tax list of Granville Co., Jonathan White's list.  His father Thomas Rose, Sr. with 2 tithables, appears on the same list. It is assumed from this list that William Rose was at least of legal age and presumably had land (not proved).

(Ge Lee Corley Hendrix, "The Inhabitants of Granville County, NC, 1746, 1750," NORTH CAROLINA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY JOURNAL, V. 8 [Feb 1982], p. 29)  

     William Rose and his associates, Ephraim Merrit and William Washington, all appear on a Muster Roll of the Regiment of Colonel William Eaton, Granville Co., NC Oct 8, 1754, in Captain Andrew Hampton's Company.  Also in Captain Hampton's Company were William Williams, Serjeant, and John Williams, Corporal.  (The latter two men are probably the sons of John Williams II, formerly of Goochland Co, VA and later of Nutbush Creek area of Granville Co., NC, but this has not been proved as Jan 2003.)

     (Murtie June Clark, COLONIAL SOLDIERS OF THE SOUTH 1732-1774, p. 727)

     At Halifax on 9 Sep 1763, both William Rose and Thomas Rose received grants from the agents of Lord Granville.  These appear consecutively in Granville Co. Deed Bk H, page 70 for William Rose and page 70-71 for Thomas Rose.  William Rose's grant was for 300 acres for 27 pds. Virginia money.  It was near Kemp Creek & Nap of Reeds Creek.  Thomas Rose's grant was for 404 acres of land for 24 pds. Virginia money and it was near Nap of Reeds Creek, Townsend's line and John Walker's land.

      (Timothy W. Rackley, GRANVILLE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA DEEDS, 1763-1766 [Kernersville, NC:  Published by author, 1999], pp. 87 and 88.)

     William Rose owned land in Edgecombe Co. (part of his inheritance?) or had removed to Edgecombe Co., NC by 1764, so indicated by Eunice Brooks Freese, compiler of a history of the Rose family of this area.   Or, is this another William Rose?

     Warren Co., NC Deed Bk A-49:  Thomas Mann to William Rose, both of Edgecombe Co.  12 Aug 1764.  40 pds. VA money for 640 A., an Earl Granville Grant 1 Dec 1760.  Wit:  James Drake, Asia Drake, Isom Wheless.  Ack:   Nov. Court 1764, Ben McCulloch, CC.  Reg:  10 Jan 1765, Sugan [Sugar?] Johnson, P.R.

     William Rose's abstracted will indicates that by the time of his death, he had accumulated a modest estate, or perhaps a handsome one for the time and place:
      Granville Co. NC unrecorded will-page 54.  [Written] Dec 1, 1768 - proved Jan. court 1769- William Rose wills to son Frederick Rose 300 acres on Reeds creek, 6 head of cattle, and 3 sows and pigs when he is 21 years old; to my son William Rose, my lower tract on Nap of Reeds creek known as "Elwoods," 6 cattle, 4 sows and pigs when he is 21 years old; to son Howel Rose, all land whereon I now live after his mother's death, she to live and use it for her lifetime; to daughter Sarah Williams, 10 pds; to daughter Elizabeth Rose, 40 pds. when she is 21 years old or married; to daughter Winneyfred Rose, a negro woman, 5 cattle now at Robert Sorriels when she is 21 years old or married; to my wife Amy Rose, 2 negroes, household furniture, livestock, for her lifetime and, at her death, to be sold and money to my son Howel Rose, with exception of setting up Frederick and William with enough of pewter, tools, etc., etc.  Exrs:  wife Ame Rose, brother-in-law James Langston.  Wts:  James Langston, James Willis, Jean Langston.

 (Zae Hargett Gwynn, ABSTRACTS OF THE WILLS AND ESTATE RECORDS OF GRANVILLE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA, 1746-1808 [Rocky Mount, NC:  Joseph W. Watson, 1973], p. 22)

As noted, a number of these heirs were not yet 21 years of age, including Frederick.

The Sons of William Rose II

     In Granville Co. in 1774, a William Rose, along with Solomon Langston and William Washington were purchasers of goods at estate sale of Nicholas Holstein, decd, Nov Ct., 1774.  We assume this is the son of William the elder, who was deceased

    (Z. H. Gwynn, GRANVILLE CO, NC, WILLS, p. 47.  This document refers to William Rose III, as the elder William II was deceased.)

     Located and abstracted by Christine Rose, of Rose Family Association, ca. 1995 at North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh in a folder labeled William Rose, 1789:

    "Bond:  4 May 1778, James Langston, Joseph Taylor & Reuben Searcy for James Langston grdn of Howel Rose orphan of William Rose decd.  All sign."

     "Inv.  William Rose decd, 3 tracts of land, 4 negroes, pers. ppty.  Signed:  Amey?  [written over] & James Langston.  July Ct. 1769 retd."

     James Langston was probably Howel's maternal uncle.

A Younger William Rose
     A William Rose appears in 1786 Granville Co. tax lists is shown in Tarr River District, page 2.  No doubt this is William Rose III, as the older William Rose of Granville Co. was now deceased.  Rose is shown 1 WM 21-60; 2 WM under 21 & above 60; 4 WF all ages; 1 black.  Also shown in Tarr River District are Howell Rose and Frederick Rose.  These are his brothers.

    (Alvaretta C. Register, NC TAXPAYERS)

     Fred A. Olds, AN ABSTRACT OF NORTH CAROLINA WILLS FROM ABOUT 1760 TO ABOUT 1800 shows that Rose's unregistered will is dated 1769.  In it he names his wife Amy.  His children were:  Frederick, William, Elizabeth, Winifred, Patty, and Sarah Williams.  Freese shows a more complete will.



Some Merritt Family Notes

Notes collected here and there on various Merritt names

He was of Granville Co, NC, documented to have been there from 1749 until his probable death.  He appears on the 1749 tax list of Jonathan White, Granville Co. NC.   An Evan Ragland appears on the same list.  Perhaps he was related to Ephraim's wife, Agnes Ragland.

Ephriam Merrit was in the vicinity of Granville Co. ca 1754.  That one of his sworn chain carriers was William Washington seems to indicate these persons plus William Rose and some Langstons were neighbors in the Tar River area.

Patent Bk entry for Ephraim:

Lord Granville [Patent Book 11]
[No] 1986 pg. 457  Ephraim Merrit  29 April 1754  640 acres in Granville County on both sides of the S fork of Tar River.  OR  /s/ Ephraim Merrit  Wits:  Jno Haywood, Will Haywood surveyed 18 November 1752  SCC [sworn chain carriers:  William Washington, Jno Gordon Dan Weldon Surveyor

(Margaret M. Hofmann.... Vol 2, p. not noted)

Benjamin Merrit - although the excerpt in Hofmann's book, Vol 2 indicates Benjamin in 1754 was of Orange Co. NC but was patenting land in Granville Co. on the south side of  Dan River.  He needs more study.  The excerpt below indicates Benjamin had a son named Ephraim, but are these two the same persons named Ephraim?

 Possibly Ephraim Merritt is a relative of Benjamin Merritt, maybe a son.  A brief listing of North Carolina Will Abstracts, 1760-1800 on 2/25/2007 gives this information, but does not give the county where the will was proved:
1761 Merritt, Benjamin, Mary (wife), Nathan, Ephraim, Sarah and Mary

Then there is entry for the probable widow of Benjamin Merritt:
1765  Merritt, Mary, Ephraim, Matthew and Benjamin

The same source gives this information for a will of one Ephraim Merritt:
1789  Merritt, Ephraim, Nathaniel, Jeremiah and Holly. 

Other Merrits are listed for later dates.  The source gives is Fred A. Olds, Abstracts of Wills in North Carolina [Oxford:  Clearfield Co., 1925.)

      Ephraim Merritt appears on the 1750 tax list of Granville Co., with one taxable, John Wade's list.  Stephen "Marret," one taxable, also appears on the same list.

(Ge Lee Corley Hendrix, "The Inhabitants of Granville County, NC, 1746, 1750," NORTH CAROLINA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY JOURNAL, V. 8 [Feb 1982], p. 28)

There is a Nuncupative Will, October 1760, in Granville Co., NC:

Ephraim Merrit (Nuncupative Will), October 1760
Deposition of Solomon Langston before Robert Hicks 24 October 1760 stated that Ephraim Merrit was at his house sometime before he dyed and his son Stephen and his Negrow boy Ebo Alies Luis said Ephraim Merit to the said deponent that Negrow boy will never do me any good, because he have four young children and four young Negroes.  I give my Negrow Boy Ebo or Elise Luis to my son Stephen, my Negrow boy Peter to my son Bijiamen, my Negrow Girl Dot to my daughter Mary, and my Negrow girl Aechel to my daughter Elizabeth.  Ageleus [Agnes?] Merrit wife of said Ephraim also signed the deposition.

[Editor's comment:  Probate information is given in another volume by Owen, quoted below.)

(Timothy W. Rackley, GRANVILLE COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA ORIGINAL WILLS, VOL I, 1749-1810 [Kernersville, NC:  Timothy W. Rackley, 2002], p. 66)

 There is reference to the administration of one Ephraim Merrit in 1760 in Granville Co., NC.

     "Ephraim Merritt... Admn. Bond, Aug. 12, 1760; Agnes Merritt, Admrx; to Gov. Dobbs, pen 500 pds.  Sur:  Evan Ragland, Wm. Rose. of Gr. Co., Id p. 146.  Inv. ret by 'Agnes Merrit [sic] his Relict & Adm'x'' to Ct. Aug. 12, 1760. ..... of 'Joseph Langston in right of his wife to be Guardian of Mary Merritt Orphan of Ephraim Merritt. dec'd.' ... Rec 1760-62. Id. p. 25.  Same; ward Benj. son of Ephraim Merritt.  Id. p. 26.  Same; ward Elizabeth daut. of Ephraim Merritt.  Id p. 27.  Same; ward Stephen son of Ephraim Merritt. ....

     (Thomas McAdory Owen, HISTORY AND GENEALOGIES OF OLD GRANVILLE COUNTY, NC 1746-1800, p 57)  

     Refer to E. B. Freese, WILLIAM ROSE OF SURRY CO. [Virginia], p. 83 for reference to parents of Elizabeth Merritt, wife of William (5)Rose.

     Ephraim Merritt and some of his associates appear in the muster roll of Captain Andrew Hampton's Company (under Col. William Eaton), Granville Co., 8 Oct 1754.  William Rose and William Washington also appear on this roll.

     (Murtie June Clark, COLONIAL SOLDIERS OF THE SOUTH 1732-1774, p. 727)

It is suspected the Merritts came from Surry Co., VA but this has not been confirmed by independent research.  This from an e-mail Aug 2004, Harris-Hunters

            VIRGINIA, VOLUME I
            Compiled by Katherine B. Elliott
            South Hill, Virginia

Page 81                            Brunswick County, Virginia Deed
Thomas Avent                                         Book 1, Page 220
Thomas Avent of Surry County to William Meriott of Surry County.
Witness: John Harris
Dated: 3 May 1735                       Recorded: 7 August 1735



Additional Notes by Deloris Williams

Evan Ragland (ca 1715-1778) was married to Amey Merritt (dau/of Mary Merrit), she left a will probated in 1790 Granville County, abstract from the NC Wills Abstracts 1760-1800:

1790 Ragland, Amy; William, Reuben; Amy Glass
1778 Ragland, Evan; Amy, Reuben, Benjamin, William, Evan, Stephen, George

The name Ephraim Merrit/Merritt was one that ran in the MERRIT family through many generations, as can be seen by the various wills for the families who were living first in Edgecombe, then Granville and Halifax Counties. A copy of a will for one who died in Halifax in 1788 can be viewed here.

A few entries from Edgecombe and Halifax Counties:

(Margaret M. Hofmann, Abstracts of Deeds, Edgecombe Precinct, Edgecombe County, North Carolina, 1732- 1758 (Copyright 1987) (Van Volumes, Ltd., (Short Run Printing Specialists) 2 Sprinfield St.,P.O. BOX 314, Three Rivers, MA 01080), ISBN: 0-937761-05-2.
Deed Book 3
Pg. 323 - EVAN RAGLAND and AMEY his wife of Edge. Co. to DAVID ROZAR of Edge. Co. 28 Oct. 1748 60 pounds sterling money of Great Britain 256 acres on the south side if Roanoke river, joining WILLIAM JOHNSON all houses, orchards, gardes etc. whereon the sd. RAGLAND formerly lived, as by patent to EVAN RAGLAND 6 May 1742 Wit: REUBEN ROZAR, DAVID DANBE - Reg. Edge. Co. Feb. Ct 1748 - B. Wynns. C.Ct.

Deed Book 5
Pg. 355 -JAMES LEE of Edge. Co. to EVAN RAGLAND (co. not identified) 15 Dec. 1754 60 pounds current money of VA 380 Acres more or less, joining RALPH MASSON and the river Wit: ROBERT HARRIS, DAVID ROZAR, NATHANIEL MERRITT. Reg. Edge. Co. Feb. Ct 1744- Robert Forster C. Ct.

(Margaret M. Hofmann, Genealogical Abstracts of Wills, 1758-1824, Halifax County, North Carolina (The Roanoke News Company, Weldon, North Carolina (3rd Printing, Copyright 1970)

Will Book 1, Pg. 177.
MARY MERRIT - 2 June 1761 - Oct Ct 1765
AMY RAGLAN wife of EVAN RAGLAND 50 acres which is part of the tract whereon I now live joining BENJAMIN MERRIT the remainder of the sd land to be sold and money divided between: EPHRIAM MERRIT son of NATHANIEL MERRITT, BENJAMIN MERRIT son of RICHARD MERRIT, ARTHUR MERRIT son of THOMAS MERRIT and BENJAMIN MERRIT son of EPHRIAM MERRIT in equal shares and money to be put at interest until heirs come of age.

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