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Assorted Obituaries from the Oxford Public Ledger 1898

Granville County, North Carolina

(submitted by Sue Gill)

February 3, 1898

Miss Bettie Meadows - Death, January 12, 1898, in her 60th years.  Daughter of Elijah Meadows.

May 26, 1898

Mr. and Mrs. I.N. Hobgood mourn the death of their 4 months old baby.  It died last Sunday a week ago.

June 16, 1898
Death of Mr. J. Wash Currin, also June 16th issue.
October 6, 1898

Mr. D.T. Woods died on the 18th from a severe stroke of paralysis.  Aged about 70 years. He was buried at Mr. Jessie Williford's.  Rev. Daye Moore conducted the funeral services.

October 27, 1898

Death.  Child (did not say male or female) of Mr. And Mrs. J.R. Day, 2 weeks ago Monday.

November 24, 1898
Died 29 October, infant of Mrs. Frank Hobgood.  Little Johnny (Johnny Ray).

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