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Petition concerning actions against Reuben Searcy as Sheriff

Minutes of the Lower House of the North Carolina General Assembly

Monday the 28th of April 1760. The House met according to adjournment
Resolved That it appears to this Committee that the said Sheriff at the time and place Appointed for the said Election Appointed and swore one Reuben Searcy of the said County of Granville one of his Clerks for taking a Poll of the Voters Suffrages

4th. Resolved—That it Appears to this Committee that the said Reuben Searcy shewed great Partiality therein and Acted in several Instances in a manner subversive of the rights and Freedom of Elections—


To which Resolves the House Agreed.
On Motion Resolved That His Excellency be Addressed to direct the Clerk of the Crown to Issue a writ for Electing Two members for Granville County to sit and vote in this present Assembly as the Sheriff of the said County was obstructed in the Execution of the Writ last Issued for Electing Members for the said County whereby the same became Void

On Motion Resolved that Reuben Searcy who was appointed by the Sheriff of Granville County one of his Clerks for taking the Poll of the voters Suffrages at the said Election having shewn great Partiality in the Execution of that trust be sent for by the Serjeant at Arms attending the House in Custody to answer such Behaviour and that Mr. Speaker issue his Warrant accordingly.

Philoman Hawkins Serjeant at Arms to whom Mr. Speakers Warrant was Directed and delivered to take the body of Reuben Searcy, Returned the said Warrant in these Words Vizt
In Virtue of the within Warrant to me directed I have taken the within Reuben Searcy whose body I have ready as I am within Commanded. And have also summoned the Persons as Witnesses whose names are hereunto annexed as I also am within Directed

So say
Resolved that the Ill behaviour of the Members for Granville County in the said Warrant Mentioned be referred for Inquiry to the Committee of Privileges and Elections.
Ordered that the above Reuben Searcy and the said Witnesses Attend the said Committee.
Mr. Barker from the Committee of Privileges and Elections Reported that the said Committee have had under their further Consideration the Warrant for taking Reuben Searcy for Partiality and misbehaviour at an Election in Granville County at which Election he had been sworn as a Clerk to keep the Poll, And thereupon came to the following resolution—Resolved it is the Opinion of this Committee that the Sheriff by reason of vast crowd and concourse of People In the said Court House at the said Election was obliged to discontinue the taking the Polls of the Suffrages at the said Elections and directed his Clerks to desist from any further proceedings thereon untill the same could be proceeded in with more regularity—That accordingly the Sheriff and William Pearson and Reuben Searcy who were appointed and sworn as Clerks for taking the said Polls withdrew from the said Court House and the Polls were Adjourned that the said Reuben Searcy without any Direction of the said Sheriff did at the Instance of Sundry persons return into the said Court House without the direction of the said Sheriff and in his absence did Proceed in the continuation of taking the same And that after he had taken down the names of all such as offered themselves as suffrages did sum up the same and Publickly Proclaimed without any direction from the said Sheriff Samuel Benton and Robert Harris as duly Elected and carried away the Polls so by him taken but afterwards returned and upon several applications by the Sheriff for the delivery of the same did make a surrender thereof to him, tho' at first he denied doing it alledging he had a right to detain the same as being a sworn Clerk, That before the Proclamation aforesaid the Sheriff was Informed and Public Declaration made that there was now room in the Court House for the Sheriff to proceed in his said Election but that the Sheriff paid no regard thereto.

Resolved, That it is the Opinion of this Committee that the said Reuben Searcy by Proceeding in the Manner above recited Acted inconsistent with his Duty.
To which resolves the House agreed.
On motion the House took under Consideration the Report of the Committee of Privileges and Elections regarding the misbehaviour of Reuben Searcy at an Election of Members for Granville County, And Resolved that the said Reuben Searcy be reprimanded by Mr. Speaker

The said Reuben Searcy Appeared at the Barr of the House and was Reprimanded by Mr. Speaker

Resolved the said Reuben Searcy be discharged paying Cost to be settled by the Committee of Privileges and Elections

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