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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know.  

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
Talley  Branch Posey  Nancey 23 Nov 1797   John Wheless White
Talley  Frederick Perkinson  Mimy 01 Oct 1812   Henry Talley White
Talley  Guilford Gardner  Martha P 11 Jan 1826   Mathew M. Drake White
Talley  Guilford Southerland  Nancy P 11 Jun 1830   Willaby Hodges White
Talley  Guilford Jr Whitlow  Suasan 22 Dec 1835   Alexander King White
Talley  Henry Ellice  Tabitha 07 Nov 1803   Joel Talley White
Talley  Henry Shearin  Susan 13 Jun 1818   James Talley White
Talley  Joel Coleman  Vina 07 Jan 1815   Anderson Strudivant White
Talley  Joel Perkinson  Nancy 12 Sep 1797   Seth Perkinson White
Talley  Levi Jr. Perkinson  Mary F 16 Jun 1852 16 Jun 1852 Robert D. Paschall White
Talley  Solomon Jefferson  Evaline 17 Nov 1866 17 Nov 1866 L. C. Perkinson Colored
Talley  Starling Ellis  Martha 17 Mar 1786   William Ellis White
Talley  Thomas Johnson  Betsey 22 Sep 1804   Henry Talley White
Talley  Travis Wright  Salley 15 Feb 1830   Jeremiah Perkinson White
Tannahill  Robert Sims  Sallie 03 Oct 1860   Tippoo Krrconcay White
Tannahill  Stephen Fitts  Nancy 04 Jun 1866   E. H. Plummer Colored
Tanner  Edward Smith  Nancy 11 Aug 1823   Hopkins Mathew White
Tanner  Edward Christmas  Nancy 20 Mar 1797   Thomas Green White
Tanner  John Weldon  Tabitha 16 Nov 1824   John Langford White
Tanner  Joseph Hightower  Tabitha B. 11 Dec 1808   Joel Terrell Jr. White
Tanner  Joseph Gardener  Elizabeth 15 Jan 1812   Joel Terrell Jr. White
Tanner  William Rivers  Viney 13 Nov 1811   Jack Jeffers White
Tansel  Lot Tansel  Parthenia 02 May 1831   James Brame White
Tapp Richard L Elenton  Christanner Elizabeth 24 Dec 1866   T. H. Joyner White
Tarver  Silas Harris  Nancy A. 24 Dec 1822   John C. Baker White
Tate  John G Falkner  Sarah 18 Apr 1848   John D. Vaughan White
Tate  Robert W. E. Renn Frances E. 13 Dec 1856   James Stainback White
Tatum  Frank W Plummer  Harriet 05 Nov 1853 05 Nov 1853 Willis A. Jenkins White
Tatum  Richard Pritchard  Eliza 21 Oct 1867   P. D. Paschall Colored
Taylor  Francis Thorp  Martha 06 Apr 1785   John Willis White
Taylor  Howel B A Paschall  Hapsey Ann 03 Jun 1830   Daniel Taylor White
Taylor  James Davies  Holly B. 18 Jul 1809   John Alston White
Taylor  James Dowlin  Mary 21 Nov 1829     White
Taylor  John Nanny  Elizabeth 18 Dec 1832   Howell B. A. Taylor White
Taylor  John Y. Alexander  Martha 21 Dec 1811   Henry Fitts White
Taylor  Kinchen Harris Betsy 18 Nov 1830   John Coleby White
Taylor  Montgomery L Barnett  Rebecca Ann 04 Jan 1843   Samuel Hodges White
Taylor  Nathaniel Story Mary No Date   Philemon Morris White
Taylor  Oliver P Bullock  Catharine L 12 Mar 1857   D. B. Kimbell White
Taylor  Robert Griffis  Martha 26 Aug 1841   Samuel Griffis White
Taylor  Samuel Hawkins  Cora 09 Nov 1867   P. D. Paschall Colored
Taylor  Thomas Cabaness  Rebecca 11 Nov 1811   Robert Farris White
Taylor  William A. Jones  Sarah A. 20 Jul 1825   T. Herndon White
Taylor  William B. Ward Elizabeth No Date   William Barzillai White
Taylor  William H B Jones  Mary R P 01 May 1858   A. G. Jones White
Terrell  Halcot Cock  Martha 28 Aug 1811   William Green White
Terrell  James House  Polley 23 Nov 1802   Richard Jordan White
Terrell  Richmond Martin  Sarah 22 May 1786   William Bush White
Terry Bamaby Barns Ellen 06 Sep 1867   James T. Russell Colored
Terry Ellick Davis Eliza 06 Sep 1867   James T. Rissell Colored
Terry  David Jordan  Nancy 11 Nov 1807   Joel Terrell Jr. White
Terry  Edward Little  Lucy 08 Apr 1821   James Somerville White
Terry  James P Collins  Amanda C 21 Jul 1858 21 Jul 1858 Thomas C. Collins White
Terry  Jason Wright  Hannah 19 Dec 1812   John Wright White
Toney  Matthew Evans  Celia 22 Dec 1808   Allen Green Colored
Toney  William Evans  Jane 06 Dec 1841   Edward Green Colored
Thomas Charles L Nicholson  Mildred J 12 Jun 1844   Gideon D. Nicholson White
Thomas Charles W Person  Mary R 10 Nov 1852 10 Nov 1852 James D. Taylor White
Thomas David Childress Betsey 17 Jun 1800     White
Thomas David Childress Betsy 17 Jun 1800   Thomas Paschall White
Thomas David Watson  Susanah 19 Sep 1786   John Thomas White
Thomas David King  Mary No Date   Richard Riggan White
Thomas James G Bobbitt  Bettie W 31 Aug 1865   Austin W. Green White
Thomas James G. Southall  Mary Ann 16 Sep 1859   P. H. Arrington White
Thomas John Gotney  Nancey 07 Oct1830   Jesse Stegall White
Thomas John Cunningham Mary 18 Feb 1783   Davis King White
Thomas John Mills Phillis No Date No Date Thomas E. Mills White
Thomas John E Hughes  Martha A 27 Dec 1832   Washington Brame White
Thomas John T Bullock  Annie B 29 Aug 1853   W. K. Plummer White
Thomas Richard Glover  Mary 03 Oct 1783   David Thomas White
Thomas Stephen King  Lucy 06 May 1811   Zachariah Bullock White
Thomas Taylor Burton  Margaret 08 Jun 1837   Allen B. Pitchford White
Thomas William Jackson  Nancy 07 Jul 1803   William Rooker White
Thomas William B Taylor  Louisa J 07 Dec 1853 07 Dec 1853 William L. Taylor White
Thompson A. J. Dr. Brown  Rebecca F 30 Nov 1859   T. J. Foote White
Thompson Alfred Felts  Harriet 24 Feb 1830   Benjamin Thompson White
Thompson Arthur Askew Arrena 03 Oct 1850   James A. Egerton White
Thompson Benjamin Capps  Jane 31 Jul 1823   Daniel Pegram White
Thompson Benjamin W Hicks  Susan Ann 17 Dec 1850   Michael Riggan White
Thompson Charles B Coleman  Winnefred L 05 Nov 1841   Robert D. Paschall White
Thompson Christopher T Jackson  Arametta 02 May 1853 02 May 1853 E. H. Dugger White
Thompson Drury Jr. Parish  Anna 18 Apr 1815   Turner Jenkins White
Thompson Drury T Shearin  Eliza 19 Dec 1837   Jordan Shearin White
Thompson Edmund A Tucker  Lucy Ann 08 Aug 1839   Benjamin E. Cook White
Thompson Flemming Smith  Ann 27 Feb 1855 27 Feb 1855 James Shearin White
Thompson Frederick Wilson  Mary 25 Apr 1787   William Foote White
Thompson George Basket  Parthena G 20 Aug 1840   T. A. Montgomery White
Thompson Harrod Little  Frances 31 Jan 1837   Francis Little White
Thompson Henderson Tucker  Mary A. 01 Oct 1816   Daniel Tucker White
Thompson Herrod Shearin  Rebecca 22 Dec 1800   Nathaniel Baxter Jr. White
Thompson James Person  Mary 17 Mar 1830   William Rodwell White
Thompson James Thompson  Lucy H 19 Dec 1865   Kinchen Harper White
Thompson Joseph T Evans  Nancy 27 Apr 1842   Lucindy Mayo White
Thompson Lewis A. Alston Sue 14 Dec 1865   George W. Alston White
Thompson Littleton Patterson  Sarah 20 Oct 1851 20 Oct 1851 William Morgan Powell White
Thompson Randolph George  Amelia S. 03 Apr 1817   John Minor White
Thompson Richard Pitchford  Emily 14 Mar 1866   James T. Russell White
Thompson V. O. Dr. Joyner  L D 13 Dec 1866   J. P. Moore White
Thompson William Bennett  Elizabeth 14 May 1822   Thomas Edwards White
Thompson William Wortham  Mary 16 Feb 1850   Benjamin F. Wortham White
Thompson William Taylor  Nancy No Date No Date James Taylor White
Thompson William D Cole  Sarah A 15 Nov 1841   Charles B. Thompson White
Thompson William G  Perkinson Nancy 06 Sep 1848   Hillard G. Colclough White
Thompson William H Bowdon  Harriet P 29 Dec 1845   John White White
Thorn Presley Williams  Anne 17 Dec 1783   Nimrod Williams White
Thorn Thomas Duke  Abigal 18 Dec 1804   Daniel Duke White
Thorn William H. Alston Martha J. 13 Oct 1856 13 Oct 1856 N. F. Alston White
Thornton  Francis A. Boyd  Ann S. 19 Apr 1822   Gordon Cawthorn Colored
Thornton  Granderson Shaw  Jane 30 Jun 1866 30 Jun 1866 Robert B. Thornton Colored
Thornton  John Peete  Esther 19 May 1866 19 May 1866 Robert B. Thornton Colored
Thornton  Keller Branch Caroline 20 Jun 1867   William Hodges Colored
Thornton  Moses Turner  Salley 23 Dec 1800   William Turner White
Thornton  Rowland Turner  Elizabeth 18 Dec 1797   William Rivers White
Thornton  William R Clanton  Isabella F 01 Mar 1850   James P. Alston White
Thornton  Willis Dowtin Mary 05 Nov 1867   R. L. F. Peete Colored
Thrift  A. E.  Jamison Joanna 21 Jul 1863   T. A. Wainwright White
Thrift  William Kearney  Salley 02 May 1820   William C. Clanton White
Thruman Benjamin Lensey  Milley 13 Jun 1790   Caleb Lindsay White
Thruman Christopher Barrow  Polley 29 Apr 1797   Henry Drake White
Thruman Edward     08 Nov 1788   Isham Rainey White
Thruman Sterling P. Twitty  Ann S. 06 Dec 1820   Chlack Robinson White
Thruman William E Fitts  Harriet 01 Aug 1845   Henry F. Twitty White
Timberlake  David Hill  Sally 26 Jan 1807   Richard Moore White
Todd  George Waller  Polly 02 Aug 1802   John Rodwell White
Toler  Jechonias Simmons  Mary 24 Oct 1786   William Blanton White
Tomlinson  James E. Newell  Mary 07 Jun 1816   Dailor W. Williams White
Toone  Harbert J L White  Elizabeth 21 Apr 1831   Lewis G. Meacham White
Toone  Tavener Amos  Ann Elizer 27 Aug 1827   James Johnson White
Towlers James W. Avret  Elizabeth J. 18 Mar 1825   James Garrott White
Towns  David Marshall  Martha 05 Feb 1811   Richard Neal White
Towns  Edmund Ellis  Polley 08 Mar 1802   William Sails White
Towns  Elisha Bell Ankey No Date No Date John Mayfield White
Towns  Halcott Williams  Mary 22 Dec 1799   J. Henderson White
Towns  Herbert Bell Polly 17 Nov 1817   Richard Shearin White
Towns  James Buchannan Elizabeth 20 Mar 1780   Richard Ellis White
Towns  John Sims  Frances 24 Oct 1780   Ellsha Towns White
Towns  Peter Willis  Polley 23 Jan 1790   William Stanfield White
Towns  Richard Rosser  Joice King 25 Sep 1795   Benjamin Ellis White
Travis  Edward Worsham  Lucy 13 Feb 1804   Philip Williams White
Tripp William Skinner Louisa J 10 Jun 1867   William Hodges White
Trisvan  Jordon Evans  Sally 23 Sep 1835     Colored
Trotter  James Malory  Betsey 04 Oct 1802   Wyatt Williams White
Trotter  Thomas R Mitchell  Mary L 02 Feb 1843   William H. Boyd White
Trotter  William Edwin Walker  Caroline 08 Aug 1830   Howard A. Lockhart White
Tucker John D. Jr. Coleman  Lucy Ann 27 Nov 1849   C. M. Cook White
Tucker  Allen Southall  Mary Ann 21 Dec 1836   Dixon Conn White
Tucker  Anderson Sims  Lusey 07 Jan 1797   Sanders Sims White
Tucker  Benjamin Powell  Mary 13 Sep 1807   Pleasant Ellington White
Tucker  Charles S Myrick  Matilda F 11 Jun 1859   Alfred M. Tucker White
Tucker  Daniel White  Jane 14 Aug 1805   John Tucker White
Tucker  Eley Thompson  R. 19 Aug 1812   Joseph Anostead White
Tucker  Francis J Perkinson  Sarah J 20 Dec 1865 20 Dec 1865 G. W. S. Tucker White
Tucker  Francis M. King  Elizabeth 10 May 1824   William C. Clanton White
Tucker  George W Stokes  Martha M 09 Dec 1850   Edward Conn White
Tucker  Henry Southall  Mary Francis 19 Aug 1844   Allen Tucker White
Tucker  John Tucker  Lissay 11 Apr 1788   Lawrence Richardson White
Tucker  John Marks  Elizebeth 15 Dec 1798   William Short White
Tucker  John D Hagood  Mary D 10 Jun 1841   John C. Johnson White
Tucker  John D Parish  Eliza M 11 Oct 1853 11 Oct 1853 Caswell Drake White
Tucker  John D Watkins  Frances A 20 Dec 1841   James L. Newman White
Tucker  Lewis Pritchard  Amy 25 Dec 1866   J. M. Brame Colored
Tucker  Richard Harriss  Susan 21 Dec 1841   John Verser White
Tucker  Taylor Burrows  Amanda 26 Dec 1861   John Watson White
Tucker  William Mayfield  Elizabeth 10 Mar 1797   Francis Tucker White
Tucker  William F. Rose  Nancy B. 29 May 1821   John Andrews White
Turnbull  John R Eaton  Bettie M 24 Feb 1866   Nathaniel R. Jones White
Turnbull  Robert     25 Jun 1795   William J. Walker White
Turner  Hamner Sims  Bathena 19 Mar 1806   Chessly Sims White
Turner  Henley Duke  Elizabeth 17 Feb 1810   Stephen Turner White
Turner  Henry Darnall  Ann M E 19 Dec 1854   Thomas H. White White
Turner  Henry H Mabry  Ellen 01 Jan 1844   John Stainback White
Turner  Isaac Stallings  Ann 19 May 1866 19 May 1866 Alfred Davis Colored
Turner  James Sims  Elizabeth 09 Feb 1801   William Reavers White
Turner  James Hawkins  Ann S 10 Dec 1842   Daniel Turner White
Turner  James Allen  Molley 14 Jan 1799   George Allen White
Turner  James Johnston  Elizabeth 21 Jul 1810   Thomas B. Gloster White
Turner  James Hicks  Racheal 24 Aug 1867   P. D. Paschall Colored
Turner  John Baskett  Peggy 05 Feb 1813   Thomas N. White White
Turner  John Buchannon  Sarah P 27 Jul 1839   John W. White White
Turner  Nathan Lewis  Elizabeth 01 May 1790   Benjamin Kimbell White
Turner  Solomon Baker Catherine 07 Jan 1867   William Hodges Colored
Turner  Thomas Pattillo  Sarah 16 Feb 1822   Edward Pattillo White
Turner  Thomas R Newman  Suasan M 15 Dec 1837   Daniel Taylor White
Turnstall George W Smithwick  Frances 07 Jul 1851   John M. Wilson White
Turnstall George W Turner  Susan 15 Sep 1852   William M. Wilson White
Turnstall George W Brown  Lucy 30 Mar 1820   William H. Marshall White
Turnstall George W Jr. Turner  Margaret A 29 Oct 1861   Thomas R. Turnstall White
Turnstall Thomas R Mabry  Elizabeth J 15 Nov 1851 15 Nov 1851 Joseph H. Perdue White
Turnstall Thomas R Young  Lucy A 17 Nov 1856   A. C. Harris White
Turnstall Thomas R Mabry  Francis C 20 Feb 1855   Stephen G. Mabry White
Turnstall William B Mabry  Angelica J 29 Sep 1847   Thomas Stainback White
Twisdale  James Baskett  Tabitha 21 Mar 1835   Henry G. Fitts White
Twisdale  John Stainback  Martha 01 Apr 1841   Daniel Bowdon White
Twisdale  John Baskett  Sally 15 Oct 1835   Henry F. Allen White
Twisdale  John L Watkins  Agness 02 Dec 1843   Joseph Speed Jones White
Twitty  Henry Foote  Martha 30 Mar 1853 30 Mar 1853 Thomas Stallings White
Twitty  James T Cheek  Caroline C 06 May 1836   Richard B. Robinson White
Twitty  Joe Stewart  Fanny 31 Mar 1866 31 Mar 1866 John McGraw Colored
Twitty  John E Nicholson  Caroline 04 Jan 1866   Joseph S. Jones White
Twitty  John E Fitts  Susan 15 Dec 1821   A. P. Sledge White
Twitty  John E Drake  Sallie D 29 Dec 1863   Simmons Shell White
Twitty  Robert C. Palmer Sallie 28 May 1860   M. Ward White
Twitty  Thomas T Fitts  Eveline 15 Dec 1827   John E. Twitty White

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