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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know.   

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
Haggood Mary E A Harris William H 13 Dec 1843   Thomas T. Davis White
Hagood Jane Sparks Thomas No Date No Date Benjamin Kelley White
Hagood  Mary D Tucker  John D 10 Jun 1841   John C. Johnson White
Hagwood  Lucy D Paschall  William T 04 Sep 1847   William Mattis White
Hagwood  Nancy D. Paschall  Robert 24 Feb 1816   Jesse Walker White
Hail  Susanah  Newell  Peter  09 Nov 1795    Edward Newell White
Haithstock Nancy Guy George 20 Jul 1815   Frederick Harris Colored
Hair Susan M Fain John D 04 Jan 1840   Joseph S. Jones White
Haithcock Patsy Bobbitt Joshua 19 Feb 1813   William Bobbitt White
Haithcock  Louisa Wiggins  Robert H 07 Oct 1856   L. W. Rolfe White
Haithcock  Patsey Walker  Jesse 28 May 1803   Reuben Longwith White
Hall Ann Ridout  John J 12 Apr 1841   Edward W. Best White
Hall Ann Cook Benjamin E. Jr. 13 Dec 1853   W. K. Plummer White
Hall Lilly Harris John 03 Mar 1866 03 Mar 1866 Walter A. Montgomery Colored
Hall  Rebecah Lambert  Samuel 10 Mar 1785   William Blanton White
Hall  Sarah Smith Richard H 12 Nov 1833   John Cawthorn White
Hamilton Nancy Lee  Cyress 15 Nov 1855   William C. Clanton White
Hamilton  Betsey Mason  Henry 18 Apr 1843   James Burrows Colored
Hamilton  Dolley Paschall  James 31 Dec 1835   Samuel P. Phillips White
Hamilton  Salley Morey  John 15 Jul 1825   John Darnell White
Hamlet Tempey Qualls Henry 8 May 1867 8 May 1867 M. P. Perry White
Hamlet  Amanda King  Miles 17 Apr 1855   Allen M. King White
Hamlet  Nancy Lee  Israe 14 Nov 1855   Edward Harley White
Hamlet  Patsey Marshall  David 07 May 1795   William Person White
Hammock Ellida Cunningham William 11 Mar 1782 11 Mar 1782 John Mayfield White
Hammock  Ann Sandifer  James 13 Jan 1796   Phillip Kennimon White
Hamstter Sarah Brewer John 27 Feb 1814   William Miller White
Haney  Mary Morris  John 07 Jan 1825   Joseph Carter White
Hanis Emeline James Henry J. 27 Jan 1844   Henry M. laughter White
Hansell Salley Puckett  Benjamin 13 May 1785   Thomas Burthill White
Harbell Adaline M. Waller William R. 27 Feb 1855   A. J. Moseley White
Hardridge Caty Baxter Jeremiah 18 Oct 1797   Jesse Bell Jr. White
Hardridge Nancy Fain Daniel 13 Aug 1799   William Smith White
Hardridge  Martha Pitchford  Elijah 25 Oct 1805   John M. Johnson White
Hardrige  Polly Shearin Joseph 07 Jun 1802 7 Jun 1802 David Adkin White
Hardwood Mary Durham William No Date   Warrick Hardwood Sr. White
Hardy Martha Harris Thomas J. 01 Jul 1856   William C. Clanton White
Hardy Polly Holloway Daniel 14 Jan 1817   William Hardy White
Hardy  Eliza Mure  William 20 Feb 1840   John Hardy White
Hardy  Sally Lee  Edward 20 Jan 1840   James Felts White
Hare Agnas F E Henderson William F 19 Jul 1838   Moses Neal White
Hare Martha G. Brown John 12 Jun 1833   Allen B. Pitford White
Hargrove Charlotte Bullock Parker 30 Dec 1866   L. Henderson White
Hargrove Isabella Walker  George 30 Jan 1867   L. Henderson Colored
Hargroves  Elizabeth  Newton  William  21 Nov 1822    Haley Newton White
Harmond Emma M. Ward Herman B. 05 Mar 1860   W. Hodges White
Harper Betsey Gardner Martin 16 Jan 1807   Xanthus Snow White
Harper Dasey Hardee Curtis 11 Sep 1797   Samuel Harper White
Harper Elizabeth Harris Daniel 11 Jan 1797   Alanson Nicholson White
Harper Holly Hardy Samuel 30 Sep 1840   John Hardy White
Harper Mary Rickman Mark No Date No Date William Stoney White
Harper Mary G Goodwin Thomas  05 Jul 1860   D. W. Harris White
Harper Sarah Acock Abner 07 Jul 1778     White
Harper Sarah M Roberts James 21 Apr 1852   Isham Booker White
Harper  Ann B. Southall  James 14 Dec 1824   Alexander H Falconer White
Harper  Caroline Snow  John 06 Feb 1850   Thomas A. Montgomery White
Harper  Catharine  Nance  John  27 Aug 1842   John V Cawthorn White
Harper  Frances Riggan   Daniel 30 Jan 1798   Francis Riggan White
Harper  Mary Jane King  Samuel 09 Dec 1842   William Bennett White
Harper  Patsey Milles  Abner 25 Aug 1801   William Prioce White
Harper  Phoebe W. Wainwright  John 08 Oct 1806   George Rogers White
Harper  Sarah H Paschall  Wesley G. 21 Jan 1850   George W. Harper White
Harris Anne Kimball  Spell 18 May 1780   Christopher Blanton White
Harris Betsey Harris Green 16 Dec 1817   Henry Harris White
Harris Betsey Kinchen Taylor 18 Nov 1830     White
Harris Betsy Taylor  Kinchen 18 Nov 1830   John Coleby White
Harris Betsy Searing William No Date   Enos Scott White
Harris Caroline King  William 19 Dec 1848   John L. Evans White
Harris Celey Harris Willie 24 Dec 1792   Solomon Merrit White
Harris Charlotte E Davis Archibald H 14 Sep 1857 14 Sep 1857 N. F. Alston White
Harris Dolly King Harton Gideon 27 Jul 1810   Jacob Stiner White
Harris Elisa Duke Hardaway 23 Oct 1787   Robert Harris Jr. White
Harris Eliza R. Farrar John H. 20 Nov 1817     White
Harris Elizabeth Harris Benjamin 16 Dec 1835   Baker Pegram White
Harris Elizabeth Ezard Thomas 20 Apr 1782   Benjamine Spain White
Harris Elizabeth A Harris Nathaniel 22 Dec 1851   Michael Riggan White
Harris Elizabeth G Edwards Samuel D 20 Dec 1847   Gedion V. Edwards White
Harris Elizabeth H. Jones Albert T. 21 Nov 1832   John Verser White
Harris Frances Harper Kinchen 12 May 1825   John Pattillo White
Harris Frances Wilson Joshua 25 Jan 1857   G. H. Macon White
Harris Frances Coleman John 29 Apr 1785     White
Harris Indianah Hunt Samuel R 02 Oct 1850   P. R. Berryman White
Harris Jackuline E Harris Joshua 09 Sep 1834   Jacob Harris White
Harris Jincey Harris Archabald 21 Aug 1820   Joel Harris White
Harris Josephine A Fulford William J 01 Oct 1859   Samuel Davis White
Harris Lenoria Burrows Robert D. 22 Apr 1857   Daniel Hardy White
Harris Leverna Jones Epps L. 08 Oct 1831   Solomon Harris White
Harris Louisa Daniel Harroll 18 Dec 1855   James Loyd White
Harris Lucinda Jones William 04 Oct 1826     White
Harris Lucy Durham Thomas 21 Nov 1854 21 Nov 1854 Thomas J. Pitchford Colored
Harris Lucy G. Duke Samuel 17 Jul 1819   Given Horton White
Harris M. A. Roberson J. M.  11 May 1864   M. Z. Beckham White
Harris Margaret N Harris Green H 24 Apr 1860   John W. White White
Harris Martha Harris Thomas P 23 Nov 1847   R. K. Clanton White
Harris Martha Harris Thomas P. 23 Nov 1847   Samuel B. Harris White
Harris Martha L. Hendrick John J. 18 May 1814   Gideon Harton White
Harris Mary Dugger James B 30 May 1833 30 May 1833 Hilliard Manning White
Harris Mary A Davis Thomas T 10 Jun 1843   William P. Sledge White
Harris Mary C. Brown James T. 14 Dec 1830   J. F. Harris White
Harris Mary Elizabeth Pegram  Henry 22 Dec 1842   Hawkins Long White
Harris Mary J Harris Green H 05 Feb 1855   Isaac Harris White
Harris Mary W. Wilson Richard 02 Mar 1825   Pinckeny Harris White
Harris Nancy Harris John 16 May 1866 16 May 1866 Tuesley W. Harris Colored
Harris Nancy Dowden Samuel 18 Dec 1810 no image John M. Johnson White
Harris Nancy Harris Drewry W 20 Mar 1833   John P. Shearin White
Harris Nancy Egerton John J. 21 Aug 1798   Welmot E. Harris White
Harris Nancy Harris Joseph A. 31 Jan 1820   Anthony Dowtin Jr. White
Harris Nancy J Harris Samuel B 09 Jul 1849   Albert G. Jones White
Harris Nancy W. Harris Anderson 31 Dec 1834   Raleigh Myrick White
Harris Partheny Bobbitt Harris 11 Mar 1801   Joel Harris White
Harris Patricia Bobbitt John 16 Feb 1789   Len Kimbel White
Harris Patsey Reavis  Samuel 21 Feb 1801   Reuben Smith White
Harris Priscilla Kimball  Leonard 22 Jul 1780   Bedford Harris White
Harris Rina A. Harris John 07 Dec 1859   Nathaniel Nicholson White
Harris Sabrina M. Hagood John 07 Jan 1825   Jacob Davis White
Harris Salley Harris Hardy 31 Dec 1792   John Harris White
Harris Sallie Harris George W 15 Aug 1854   John L. Evans White
Harris Sally Riggan   Edward D. 06 Apr 1830   Jacob J. Riggan White
Harris Sally Edwards John 06 May 1821   James Wren White
Harris Sally Casy Benjamin 16 Dec 1813   Jordan Harris White
Harris Sarah S. Ivey Charles E. 23 May 1867   T. H. Joyner White
Harris Scithia Harper Demise 27 Dec 1827   Green Harris White
Harris Tabitha Harris Howel 28 Dec 1811   Warwick Hazelwood White
Harris Vermelia N Harris Williams L 30 Aug 1843   John Egerton White
Harris Wesley Hardy Thomas 12 Feb 1845   William Hardy White
Harris  Ann Riggan   Francis 01 Apr 1789   Robert Harris White
Harris  Ann W. Moss  Benjamin 29 Nov 1814   Gideon Harton White
Harris  Anna J Walker  William H 06 Jan 1858   Nathaniel McLean White
Harris  Caroline T  Neal  Joseph H  16 May 1857 16 May 1857 Jones W. Harris White
Harris  Catey Mangum  Samuel 03 Jan 1807     White
Harris  Charlot Patrick  John 23 Apr 1805   Lewis Partrick White
Harris  Elizabeth King  James Y 17 Dec 1832   William Kicks White
Harris  Elizabeth J Shearin Nicholas 11 Dec 1850   Newton Harris White
Harris  Elizabeth J Parish  J G 31 Aug 1859   G. August White
Harris  Emily Sally Verser  John 01 Jan 1845   William C. Clanton White
Harris  Frances V. Mushaw  Badger 12 Feb 1856   John W. Paschall Colored
Harris  Hannah H. Rowland  Thomas 29 Nov 1824   John H. Farrott White
Harris  Henrietta Emeline Smiley  Robert 16 Dec 1848   Harry Harper White
Harris  Holly Vincent  James 02 Sep 1819   Bennett Harris White
Harris  Julia Neal  William W. 27 May 1860   Joseph H. Neal White
Harris  Mackarine R Kelly  John 10 May 1847   Kinchen Harper White
Harris  Martha Silver  John 03 Jan 1837   Richard Davis Colored
Harris  Martha Lancaster  Moses 07 Dec 1779   Lawrence Lancaster White
Harris  Martha Ann Reavis  George W 07 Apr 1846   William H. D. Staunton White
Harris  Martha J Neal  Thomas H 31 Jul 1851   William C. Clanton White
Harris  Mary Strum  William 12 Dec 1853 14 Dec 1853 A. C. Harris White
Harris  Mary G. Lyne Norvell 15 Dec 1862   Badger Mushaw Colored
Harris  Mary  Newsom  Eaton  28 Dec 1824    Silas Tanner White
Harris  Mary J Nicholson  Adkin 01 Dec 1851   Jeremiah McCormick White
Harris  Molley  Nicholson  Brittain 18 Aug 1792    Archer Nicholson White
Harris  Nancy Pegram  Henry 18 Mar 1799   Willie Harris White
Harris  Nancy A. Tarver  Silas 24 Dec 1822   John C. Baker White
Harris  Nancy W Shearin Abner 07 Jan 1844   William H. Egerton White
Harris  Patsey Pike  Joshua 27 Dec 1803   Leonard Harris White
Harris  Polley Kimball  William 16 Jan 1811   Robert Harris White
Harris  Polley Vaughan  Nathan 25 Jul 1810   Hardy Wilson White
Harris  Polly Morris  Isham 30 Dec 1801   Wilmot E. Harris White
Harris  Polly D. Riggan   Joseph 01 Jan 1821   John Riggan White
Harris  Priscilla Rodwell John 14 Jun 1817   H. Pellon White
Harris  Salley Mealor James 03 Jan 1778   Fredrick Harris White
Harris  Salley Stephenson  Jeremiah 27 Jan 1799   Wilmot Harris White
Harris  Sally Verser  John 17 Jun 1818   Willis R. Harris White
Harris  Susanna Mangum  James 26 Jan 1796   Joseph Mangum White
Harris  Tabitha Walker  James 21 Aug 1785   William Rooker White
Harris  Winefred Lancaster  John 24 Dec 1828   Green Harris White
Harrison Hannah Jeffers John 24 Oct 1809   Thomas Bell White
Harrison Martha Hayes William 06 Dec 1806   Lot Hazard White
Harrison Sarah Ann House William 18 Dec 1801   William Johnson White
Harriss  Ann Pike  Lewis 25 Dec 1848   Albert Shearin White
Harriss  Edey Walden  John 23 Apr 1809   Trisha Turner White
Harriss  Loucinda Jane Riggan   Gideon B 19 Dec 1848   James E. Harris White
Harriss  Lucy J Stallings  James 03 Oct 1866 03 Oct 1866 David Parrish White
Harriss  Nancy Wells  John D 21 Dec 1846   Benjamin H. Bass White
Harriss  Susan Tucker  Richard 21 Dec 1841   John Verser White
Harriss  Susan D Stallings  Solomon W 01 May 1855 01 May 1855 James A. Egerton White
Harthon Polly Harper Hegdon 28 Jan 1797   William Johnson White
Harthorn  Cinthia Short  John 30 Jul 1807   William Miller White
Harton Druscilla Bragg William 24 Dec 1838 24 Dec 1838 William Dickerson White
Harton Eliza Hendrick George J 12 Mar 1839   G. W. Harris White
Harton Louisa Ellerson William J. 25 Jan 1847   Thompson Harris White
Harton Martha L Hendrick Alexander G 27 Sep 1842   Joseph F. Allen White
Harton Mary Hicks John 05 Aug 1853   A. G. Henderson White
Harton  Emaline Wright Zachariah 09 Apr 1832 09 Apr 1832 Brooks Neal White
Harton  Lucy Price  William No Date   Gideon Pregram White
Harton  Sarah C Pardue  Solomon 12 Dec 1826   Joseph P. Johnson White
Harvel  Adaline M Weller  William R 27 Feb 1855     White
Harvell Catharine Green William 15 Dec 1831   Robert Cheek Colored
Harvey Canady Claiborn John 03 Sep 1853   John Hardy White
Harvey Salley Harris Jordin 07 Sep 1840   John Saintsing Colored
Harwell Catharine Cook John 03 Sep 1807   Wilson Ward White
Harwell Rebeccah James Dortch Noah 12 Nov 1810   James Watson White
Harwill  Sarah Powell  Marquis 15 Sep 1821   Thomas S. Harwell White
Hasilwood Holley Felts Rowland 25 Jun 1782   Randle Felts White
Haskins Julia Marie Harrison Robert W 03 Feb 1845   Peter J. Turnbull White
Hastings Jincey King  Cudbarth 01 Apr 1782   John Ballard White
Hastings Suckey Hicks James 25 Nov 1785   Charles Hicks White
Hatchell Fanny Crowder John 24 Jun 1844   Hartwell Wilson White
Hathcock  Nancy Longwith  Reubin 08 Sep 1796   John Haithcock White
Hathcock  Polley Moore  Robert 07 Mar 1805   Anthony Dowtin White
Haton Louisa Edwards William J 25 Jan 1847     White
Hawgood  Salley Robertson  Christopher 21 Dec 1831   Joseph Newton White
Hawkes Rebecca Bartlett Churchwell 19 Dec 1822   Thomas Hawks White
Hawkins Amy Carter Plummer 11 Jan 1838   Washington Carter Colored
Hawkins Celistia Amis James 29 Oct 1831   R. Land White
Hawkins Delia Martin Green John C. 14 Apr 1801   Gideon H. Macon White
Hawkins Elizabeth M. Baker Simons J. 23 Nov 1837   James L. G. Baker White
Hawkins Henretta Amis Junius 19 Aug 1837   Nathaniel T. Green White
Hawkins Lizzie Falkener Edward 14 Feb 1867   L. C. Perkinson Colored
Hawkins Lucy D Henderson Leonard 17 May 1845   K. P. Alston White
Hawkins Mary Brown John 19 May 1866   Reubin Hawkins Colored
Hawkins Mary A Alston Augustus 18 Nov 1829   John B. Somerville White
Hawkins Nancy Green Henry 20 Dec 1858 20 Dec 1858 James Green Colored
Hawkins Rebecah Ellis Zacariah 05 Nov 1792   Daniel Fain White
Hawkins Suasanna Hawkins Barney 04 Nov 1833   William Hawkins White
Hawkins Theny Guye Mins 01 Jan 1825   John Watkins Colored
Hawkins  Ann S Turner  James 10 Dec 1842   Daniel Turner White
Hawkins  Anna Rooker  John 15 Apr 1780   Rauleigh Hammond White
Hawkins  Cora Taylor  Samuel 09 Nov 1867   P. D. Paschall Colored
Hawkins  Harriet Redd (Rudd) Gardner 07 May 1850   Esikiah Copeland Colored
Hawkins  Lucy Ann Robinson  William 31 Jan 1855   E. W. Best White
Hawkins  Martha H Macon Arthur 07 Oct 1828   Gedion Cawthorn White
Hawkins  Mateld C  Nuttall   Alexander H  09 Nov 1830     White
Hawkins  Sarah M Williams Samuel A 20 Dec 1832   Carter Nunnery White
Hawks Elizabeth P. Bolton M. T. 26 Jul 1866   William R. Coleman White
Hawks Eveline Duke Simon G 24 Oct 1865   William P. Rose White
Hawks Nancy Baxter Plummer 21 Aug 1829   William C. King White
Hawks Polly Steagull Raibun 23 Feb 1824   Hopkins Matthew White
Hawks Sarah Fussell John 28 Nov 1795   James Moss White
Hawks  Henrietta King  David Jr. 08 Feb 1823   Josuah River White
Hawks  Jane Marshall  Thomas D. 07 Jun 1824   Ransom King White
Hawks  Lucy Mustain  Willoughby 15 Dec 1835   Churchwell Bartlett White
Hawks  Salley Wood Agrippa 09 Jan 1799   David Mustain White
Hawks  Sarah King  David S. 31 Dec 1823     White
Hawks  Sarah E King  Durell A 11 Jun 1866 11 Jun 1866 Simon G. Duke White
Hayes Mary Dickerson Chasteen 19 Dec 1854   A. C. Harris White
Hayes Sarah E. Burwell John L. 30 Oct 1834   William Davis White
Hayes Susan S. Cheek Elbert A. 30 May 1825   J. M. Drake White
Hayes  Harriett Willis  Thomas C 06 Jan 1836   Austin Plummer White
Hays  Elizabeth Mangham  Solomon 09 Jun 1820   Gedion Horton White
Haythcock  Temperance Patterson  Henry 10 Feb 1825   Myrick Duke White
Hazard Betsey Davis Thomas 10 Nov 1796   Seth Green White
Hazard  Dianna Pugh  Francis Jr. 08 Dec 1816   Joseph J. Hawkins White
Hazard  Sally Marshall  William H. 12 Nov 1821   Amos P. Sledge White
Hazelwood Elizabeth Moss  Wilkins 08 Jan 1780   Warrwick Hazelwood White
Hazelwood Rebecca Harper Joseph No Date   Warwick Hazelwood White
Hazelwood Sarah Dering Emelius 11 Apr 1782   Joshua Capps White
Hazilwood  Lucy Stallings  Joseph 01 Nov 1784   William Madra White
Hazlewood   Mary Nicholson  Wyatt  20 Dec 1823    Benjamin Nicholson White
Heathcock Mary Capps Mckenny 25 Nov 1841   Miles Bobbitt White
Henderson  Mary B Plummer  James K 25 Sep 1866 25 Sep 1866 Joseph W. Murphy White
Henderson  Rose White William 26 Aug 1866   William Wallace White White
Hendrick Elizabeth Netherly  James 16 Dec 1829   Thomas Netherly White
Hendrick Ginney Fain Charles 21 Aug 1865   John Read White
Hendrick Mary Crowder Edward 27 Apr 1844   Richard Omary White
Hendrick  Eley Spurlock  Zachariah 26 Mar 1809   Benjamin Johnson White
Hendrick  Mouring  Netherly  Robert S  30 Mar 1835     White
Hendrick  Nancy Sims  John 15 Dec 1810   Reubin Cogwell White
Hendrick  Panthea Watkins  Timothy 25 Sep 1866 25 Sep 1866 Thomas P. Paschall Colored
Hickman Martha Eaton William 20 Feb 1834   Caswell Drake White
Hickman  Agnes Washington  Nedham H 08 Mar 1837   William E. Hunter White
Hicks Catharine W. Hawks Nathaniel 22 Nov 1867   L. C. Perkins Colored
Hicks Elizabeth Ellis Obadiah 10 Feb 1806   John Capps White
Hicks Harriet R. Crichton Winfield 20 Nov 1844   Peter J. Turnbull White
Hicks Jane Joyner Daniel 11 Jul 1845   Thomas J. Judkins White
Hicks Lucy Armistead King 30 Jun 1860     White
Hicks Lucy King  Armistead 30 Jun 1860   Jereman Hawks White
Hicks Lucy A. Coleman William R. 14 Apr 1859   Thomas H. White White
Hicks Martha Evans Thomas M 31 Dec 1866   P. H. Joyner White
Hicks Martha A  King  John F 21 Aug 1865   John F. Pattillo White
Hicks Mary Bishop Alfred 21 Nov 1860 21 Nov 1860 William T. Rose White
Hicks Mary S Hicks John W 11 Sep 1849   Aaron A. Hawkins White
Hicks Sally Hawks Jermiah 28 Oct 1796   Zachariah Ellis White
Hicks Sarah F Davis Joshua E 11 Dec 1837   James Maxwell White
Hicks  Esther Perkinson  Moses 13 Apr 1866 13 Apr 1866 Levi Tally Colored
Hicks  Henrietta Mason  Jefferson 28 Jan 1854   Solomon Pittifoot Colored
Hicks  Isabella Parish  John 27 Nov 1838   Solon Southland White
Hicks  Lucy Paschall  Joshua 04 Jan 1809   Samuel Paschall White
Hicks  Lucy B. Pittillo  James H. 06 Dec 1820   George W. T. Blanch White
Hicks  Lucy D King  Peter F 24 Aug 1866   Z. M. P. Cole White
Hicks  M E Perkinson  Levi C 09 Apr 1855   E. T. Rice White
Hicks  Martha E. White Henry P. 18 Nov 1862   Drury Gill White
Hicks  Mary F King  Tyra D 21 Dec 1857   Elley Fey King White
Hicks  Mary S Pattillo  John W 03 Feb 1861