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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know.

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
Kearney  Amanda Davis Samuel 11 Mar 1847   B. J. Egerton White
Kearney Almeda J. W. Brame Thomas R. 29 Nov 1836   William C. Clanton White
Kearney Ann Eaton Buckner 03 Feb 1844   William Eaton Jr. White
Kearney Caroline C Davis Archabald 16 Oct 1837   William K. Kearney White
Kearney Delia Clements Robert 18 Apr 1853   John S. Cheek White
Kearney Elanor W. Carr Elias 19 May 1859   Thomas J. Hawkins White
Kearney Frances Duke Henry T 14 Nov 1855 14 Nov 1855 Lewis B. Collins White
Kearney Lettuce Desbin Charles 24 Sep 1866 24 Sep 1866 John Hyman Colored
Kearney Lettuce Disbon Charles 24 Sep 1866     White
Kearney Martha Harris Thomas W. 08 May 1833   Benjamin T. Ballard White
Kearney Martha Clanton William C. 11 Feb 1817   William Green White
Kearney Martha M Egerton Henry T 09 Dec 1850   Thomas J. Judkins White
Kearney Mary Densen William No Date   William Paschall White
Kearney Mary A. Boyd Conrad L. 14 Aug 1838   John W. Lewis White
Kearney Mary E. Bobbitt Stephen 19 Mar 1855   Robert A. Shearin White
Kearney Mary J Hooper William W Dr  23 Dec 1852   J. C. Hooper White
Kearney Polly D Alston Alfred 20 Apr 1853 20 Apr 1853 Robert Burton White
Kearney Salley Alston James 23 Jan 1780 23 Jan 1780 Isaac Acree White
Kearney Sarah C. Chavours John W. R. 09 Oct 1862   L. V. Hoyle Colored
Kearney Susan Cheek Stephen 02 Dec 1867   Thomas A. Montgomery Colored
Kearney  Anna K Williams Henry  Jr. 28 Apr 1858   George R. Clements White
Kearney  Betsey Perry  Joshua 17 Dec 1802   William Denson White
Kearney  Bettie K Parker  Jacob 20 Nov 1855 20 Nov 1855 Francis M. Hyman White
Kearney  E M Somervell  John B 17 May 1830     White
Kearney  Emily T Powell  William Morgan 27 Oct 1858   Henry T. Egerton White
Kearney  Jane Kearney  William T 16 Feb 1853   Jacob August White
Kearney  Maria Williams Solomon 02 Mar 1835   William A. Williams White
Kearney  Martha Smith Solomon W 14 May 1850   H. J. Macon  White
Kearney  Mary E Robertson  James W 05 Oct 1865   Thomas J. Pitchford White
Kearney  Matilda Price  Josiah L 15 Dec 1854   Henry J. Mueir White
Kearney  Polly Snow  Xanthus 13 Jan 1814   Thomas Bragg White
Kearney  Salley Thrift  William 02 May 1820   William C. Clanton White
Kearney  Sarah Elizabeth Pittman  Thomas H 01 Apr 1842   Xanthus Snow White
Kearney  V. V. (Virginia Valeria) Williams Robert E 20 Oct 1841   Kemp P. Alston White
Kearny  Dolly Kearney  Duncan 28 Dec 1866   John S. Cheek Colored
Kearny  Elizabeth M Shearin John P 08 Sep 1837   John E. Brown White
Kearsey  Sarah Stewart  John 25 Aug 1840   James Algood Colored
Keel  Delila Wilson Spencer 04 Apr 1801   Jacob Langford White
Kelley Jenney Carter Giles 29 Oct 1783     White
Kelley Jenny Carter Miles 29 Oct 1783   Thomas Twitty White
Kelley Nancy Curtain Job 29 Oct 1788   John Certain White
Kendrick Lucy Dickins James 05 Jan 1796   John Stephens White
Kendrick  Betsey Price  John 10 Oct 1787   William Moss White
Kendrick  Cusiah Stephens  John 11 Jan 1791   Nathaniel Manor White
Kennaman Nancy Kennaman Samuel 02 Oct 1799   John Gober White
Kerney  Sarah Lindsay  John 09 Nov 1796   H. G. Kearney White
Kersey Barbary Anderson Martin 30 Dec 1828   William Evans Colored
Kersey Mary J. Chavours John H. 17 Nov 1857 17 Nov 1857 John W. R. Evans Colored
Kersey  Ann Seward  John J 07 Jan 1841   Anthonny L. Seward Colored
Kersey  Armed Sigrus (Cypress) Theophilus 01 Sep 1836   John Steward Colored
Kettrell  Margaret B Ragsdale   James P 15 Nov 1830   Samuel Potter White
Key Salley Howerton John 13 Jan 1806   Plasant Wilson White
Keys Jane V Gale John T 13 May 1826   Samuel Hillman White
Kidd Arimenta Glover Granderson F 22 Jun 1854 22 Jun 1854 N. M. Thomlon White
Kidd Elizabeth Hall Miles 11 Oct 1850     White
Kidd   Wilson Bennett No Date No Date Henry Wilson White
Kimball Ailcey Kimball  Peter 04 Dec 1782   William Allan White
Kimball Amey Jones Drury 06 Nov 1775     White
Kimball  Mary Lancaster  William C 15 Feb 1826   William Lancaster White
Kimball  Rebecca Marshall  Matthew 21 Dec 1813   Archibald Brown White
Kimball  Winnifred Pattillo  James E 29 Dec 1840   Thomas A. Montgomery White
Kimbell Mary Banter Richard 09 Jul 1810   James Williams White
Kimbell Nancy Baxter Richard 09 Jul 1810   James Williams White
Kimbell Patsey Adams David 24 Apr 1821   John Kimbell White
Kimbell Salley Capps John 13 Jan 1801     White
Kimbell  Charlotte Saintsing  Washington 24 Dec 1829   John Saintsing White
Kimbell  Elisabeth McSparren  John 30 Oct 1799   Drury Hundley White
Kimbell  Polly Murphey  George 13 Oct 1806   Jacob Hunter White
Kimbell  Rebecca Sturdivant  Benjamin 05 Feb 1805   William Newell White
Kinbell  Elizabeth Macon George W. 24 Oct 1807   Joel Turrell White
Kindrick Obedience Osburn John No Date   James Kindrick White
King Amy Aycock Joseph H. 01 Mar 1828     White
King Barshaba Ellis Obediah 02 Aug 1797   Richard Riggan White
King Elizabeth George Asa 15 Dec 1851   Michael Riggan White
King Elizabeth Johnston Richard H. 21 Oct 1851   Benjamin R. Harris White
King Fanny Riggan   Richard No Date No Date Zachariah Mosley White
King Judeanah Brame Elbert 04 Dec 1851   John White White
King Lucy Bennett John 23 Feb 1858   Allen M. King White
King Martha Carter William 14 Feb 1848   William Ellington White
King Martha Durham Richard 18 Apr 1855   William W. White White
King Martha J. Carter William J. 24 May 1864   L. C. Perkinson White
King Mary Jenkins Thomas T. 28 Dec 1817   Wilmot E. Foster White
King Mary Anne Harris Willson 18 Sep 1813   Stephen Power White
King Murtilla Ellis Sumner J 17 Dec 1844   John W. Hicks White
King Patsey Hicks John Jr. 18 May 1818   Wak Falkener White
King Rainey Hawkins Kennedy 21 Oct 1833     White
King Rebecca Coleman Hogwell 02 Oct 1828   Martin Botten White
King Rebecca Bartlett Spious 15 Oct 1807   Obadiah Ellis White
King Sally Egerton Wilmot E. 19 Aug 1814   William Hawkins White
King Sarah Johnson Ephraim 13 Jun 1864   E. H. Russell White
King Temporance Carter Newell 24 Nov 1841   Allen M. King White
King Winifred Crowder Willis Jr. 20 Oct 1855   Bartlett Crowder White
King  Adeline Vaughan  John W 24 Jan 1840   John Ellis White
King  Amanda M King  Alfred G 14 Dec 1835   Edward Davis White
King  Delia Shearin James 02 Oct 1844   Michael Riggan White
King  Elizabeth Tucker  Francis M. 10 May 1824   William C. Clanton White
King  Eveline Martin  John C. 11 Nov 1840   Charles B. Thompson White
King  Graselda C King  Alexander W 10 Nov 1838   Alfred G. King White
King  Lucy Thomas Stephen 06 May 1811   Zachariah Bullock White
King  Mary King  George R 10 Dec 1857 10 Dec 1857 Allen M. King White
King  Mary Thomas David No Date   Richard Riggan White
King  Matilda E Stroud Richard  15 May 1833   William Blanton White
King  Nancy Paschall  Samuel A 10 Nov 1858 10 Nov 1858 Thomas P. Walker White
King  Nancy Wortham  George 26 Feb 1836   William J. Asher White
King  Rainey Kennedy  Hawkins 20 Oct 1833   John Crowder White
King  Rebecca Marshall  Jessee 01 Nov 1859   Gideon Hamlet White
King  Rebecca Frances Worsham  Benjamin F 13 Feb 1845   Charles M. Cook White
King  Roan Rebecca King  Wright 06 Dec 1867   L. C. Perkinson White
King  Sallie King  James H 18 Oct 1866   A. M. King White
King  Samuel H. Overby  Willy 28 Aug 1819     White
King  Sarah King  William W 24 Apr 1852 24 Apr 1852 F. M. Tucker White
King  Susan Ann Sledge  James J 18 Feb 1839   Thomas Reynolds White
Kinnamon Susannah Haughan John 04 Nov 1824   John Heavlin White
Kippin  Rebecca Keyte  Walter E 10 Apr 1844   Edmond Rice White
Kirk Elizabeth Gardner Thomas 14 Mar 1808   J. Read White
Kirkland  Sarah Mosley Abner 20 Dec 1832   Bennett H. Stainner White
Kittrell  Polly King  Nathaniel 07 Nov 1818   William King White
Knight Martha Beckham Zacarias 13 Mar 1804   James Allen White
Knight  Elizabeth Peeples  Anderson 15 Mar 1813 22 Oct 1860 Jacob Stiner White

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