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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know.    

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
Bacon Marian M. Bacon Gillie M. 09 Jan 1840   Malock Duprist White
Bagley Milley Gregg Rodam 02 Jul 1784   John Eastes White
Baily  Tabitha W Weatherford  Thomas B 12 Nov 1837   William Palmer White
Baird Bestsy Holding Samuel 30 Nov 1809   William Baird White
Baker Catherine Turner  Solomon 07 Jan 1867   William Hodges Colored
Baker Catherine Baker William L. 29 Nov 1856 29 Nov 1856 B. H. Baker White
Baker Eliza Egerton Joseph 18 Jan 1857   Willis P. White White
Baker Elizabeth Ronalds Hugh 21 May 1862   H. H. Harper White
Baker Frances Baker Claborn 11 Aug 1803   Thomas Baker White
Baker Mariah E Hawkins M T Genl 13 Feb 1849   James M. Alston White
Baker Peggay Hathcock John 24 Jan 1804     White
Baker  Anna Williams Samuel A Jr 08 Nov 1843   Peter D. Powell White
Baker  Hariot Pegram  Henry 17 May 1833   John Harvy White
Baker  Martha P Powell  William Morgan 05 Feb 1833   William C. Williams White
Baldwin Catharine Fallkes Kenner 15 Dec 1819   Wiliam Turnstall White
Baldwin Catharine Fowlkes Jenner 15 Dec 1819     White
Ball Ann Duke Ransom K 25 Aug 1846   Elejah W. Rudd White
Ball Lucy B. Fuller Augustus E. 05 Jan 1860   Burwell Parham White
Ball Mary Ball James 14 Sep 1848   Jordan H. Foster White
Ball  Bettie Powell  S. 18 Jan 1866   George C. Clack White
Ballard Amelia Beckham Benjamin 19 Oct 1783   Phillemon Beckham White
Ballard Dilley Childress William 12 Oct 1782   James Ballard White
Ballard Disey Ballard Wyatt 28 Oct 1783   Oren Ballard White
Ballard Lucy Ballard Rufus 29 Oct 1814   William Hawkins White
Balthrop Anney Durham James 18 May 1808   John Sims White
Balthrop Lucy Ellis Thomas 10 Aug 1802   John Balthrop White
Balthrop Nancy Aycock Henry H. 02 Jan 1805   Mark Harwell White
Balthrop  Elizabeth Shaw James 16 Jun 1835   Charles Myrick White
Balthrop  Mary Shearin Jarriot 25 Oct 1803   James Balthrop White
Balthrop  Nancy Stiner  Jacob 28 Feb 1809   Joel Terrill White
Balthrop  Sarah A J Lambert  John E 08 Jan 1844   James Shaw White
Balthrop   Partheny Norsworthy   Willis 02 Mar 1798    James Frame White
Balthrope  Elizebeth Shearin William 20 May 1799   William Norsworthy White
Banks Betsey Harris Isham 14 Oct 1818   Brettian Harris White
Bard Middey Dugless William P 06 Jan 1829   Littleton Bard White
Barker Elisabeth Foote William 16 May 1785   Moses Shearin White
Barker Petty Ann Harris Nathaniel 21 Dec 1847   Michael Riggan White
Barner Jeny Johnson Francis 22 Jan 1817   David Dancy White
Barner Mary Carroll William 25 Feb 1828   John Robinson White
Barner  July Kirkland  James M 22 Feb 1836   Sterling H. Edmunds White
Barner  Nancy H. Moody  William A. 16 Dec 1818   Mark White
Barnett  Rebecca Ann Taylor  Montgomery L 04 Jan 1843   Samuel Hodges White
Barns Ellen Terry Bamaby 06 Sep 1867   James T. Russell Colored
Barrow Salley Glenn James 05 May 1797   Martin Macon White
Barrow  Polley Thruman Christopher 29 Apr 1797   Henry Drake White
Bartholomew Martha E. Johnson John R. 15 Jun 1859   Willoughby H. Stallings White
Bartholomew Sarah Capps Oratioe 08 Dec 1801   Hawkins Powell White
Bartholomew  Polley Rowland  Burch 03 Nov 1801   William Rowland White
Bartlet Nanney Harris John 29 Mar 1791   Phillip Harris White
Bartlet Rebecca Hawks Benjamin 23 Aug 1832   James Hawks White
Bartlett Diomysia F. Carroll James H. 21 Jan 1858   William A. Walch White
Bartlett Julia A. Brickell Nathaniel D. 21 Jul 1856   John C. Mc Craw White
Bartlett Sarah Aycock Abner 01 Nov 1854   William H. White White
Bartlett Sarah Acock Abner 1 Oct 1854   John H. Hawkins White
Bartlett  Cynthia Shearin Thomas W 06 Feb 1866 06 Feb 1866 Jacob J. Shearin White
Bartlett  Elizabeth P Laughter  Robert W 19 Dec 1836   William Wortham White
Bartlett  Mary Vanlandingham  Richard 23 Jan 1854   E. W. Best White
Bartlett  Patience Omary  Ruodolphus 09 Dec 1841   Green B Paschall White
Bartlette  Martha Paschall  William W 16 Dec 1828   John Andrew White
Barton Mary Huff James 26 May 1793   George Huff White
Bashell Parthina G. Bowdon Daniel 11 Dec 1839   Lewis Turner White
Baskervill Martha A Harris Jackson 31 May 1841   Peter Cain White
Baskerville Ann Minge Jones Albert C. 27 Nov 1844   George D. Baskerville White
Baskerville Betsy P Duke James L 15 Jul 1844   K. P. Alston White
Baskerville Eliza Cole Henry 20 Jun 1843   Oscar F. Alston White
Baskerville  Victoria Wright Hamilton 25 Dec 1865 25 Dec 1865 Thomas P. Paschall Colored
Basket  Fanny Read John 01 Apr 1795   Pleasant Basket White
Basket  Parthena G Thompson George 20 Aug 1840   T. A. Montgomery White
Baskett  Ann Westray  Samuel 10 Jan 1839   Gideon M. Green White
Baskett  Peggy Turner  John 05 Feb 1813   Thomas N. White White
Baskett  Phebe Williams Seth 02 Feb 1780   James Baskett White
Baskett  Sally Twisdale  John 15 Oct 1835   Henry F. Allen White
Baskett  Susan Vanlandingham  Thomas 19 Dec 1835   Reuben Yancey White
Baskett  Tabitha Twisdale  James 21 Mar 1835   Henry G. Fitts White
Bassfield Eady Chavours Jacob 01 Jan 1850   James Valentine White
Batchlor Tempy Jones Lewis 21 Mar 1866   William Hooper Colored
Baxter Elizabeth Allen Thomas 30 Dec 1800   Thad Murray White
Baxter  Poly Malone  William 17 Aug 1795   William Colclough White
Beaman Mary E. Johnson Joseph P. 31 Dec 1833   Solomon Pardue White
Beard Patsey Freeman James 24 Feb 1831   Littleton Beard White
Beard Polly Holden Warren 29 Oct 1811   Samuel Holden White
Beard Sarah Hawks Benjamin 22 Dec 1800   Drury Mustain White
Beasley Mary Jones Taylor 19 May 1809   William Conner White
Beasley  Elizabeth Puckett  Abraham 27 May 1805   James Kiddall White
Beasley  Rebecca Vaughan  Alfred 17 Nov 1814   William Hawkins White
Beasly Anne Jones William 14 Oct 1795   Barrett Beasly White
Beckam  Sally Robertson  Arthur 21 Oct 1840   W. Hudgins White
Beckham Nancy Cauthon Vincent 01 Jan 1808   William Brown White
Beckham Rebecah Gwin Elias 21 Dec 1802   Charles Bennett White
Beckham   Bennett Rueben 26 May 1786 26 May 1786 Benjamine Beckham White
Beckham  Mary Perdue  Daniel A. 02 Jul 1807 30 Oct 1856 Robert Pardue White
Beckham  Sally Riggan   Many 13 May 1795   William Short White
Beckham  Tabitha Renn  Harmon 03 Apr 1806     White
Beckham  Urkey Robertson  William 01 Jan 1800   Stephan Beckham White
Bell Ankey Towns  Elisha No Date No Date John Mayfield White
Bell Elizabeth Eavins Miles 31 Jan 1839   Thomas Jones White
Bell Frances Ellis John H. 24 Dec 1811   Joseph Perkins White
Bell Mary Ellis Sims 01 Sep 1801   Major Neal White
Bell Nancy Ellis Lewis 01 Jan 1818   William Hicks White
Bell Polly Towns  Herbert 17 Nov 1817   Richard Shearin White
Bell Rebecca Brentle Jesse No Date No Date John Tansil White
Bell Rebecca A Felts John R 20 Jun 1853   M. M. Drake White
Bell  Cynthia Moore  James C 01 Jan 1828   Carter Nunnery White
Bell  Elizabeth Pope  Humphrey 21 Dec 1787   John Pope White
Bell  Fanny Senter  Buckner 24 Feb 1801   Ezekiel Marshall White
Bell  Lucy Shearin Joseph 05 Feb 1801   Jesse Bell White
Bell  Parthena Webb William 18 Dec 1835   Thomas Bell White
Bell  Polley Ragsdale  William 20 Apr 1793   Thomas Bell White
Bell  Rebecca White William 04 Dec 1798   John Lankford White
Bell   Sewsy Noles  Corban  18 Feb 1797    John Terrell White
Bellamy  Martha Mayfield  Simon 22 Dec 1866   L. C. Perkinson White
Bennett Charity Bennett James C. 29 Jul 1819   James P. Powell White
Bennett Elizabeth R. Bartlett William H. 30 Oct 1852   Bennett White
Bennett Emily R. Calafer William 12 Jul 1837   Simon B. Evertt White
Bennett Eveline Bennett Charles C. 28 Jul 1828   Georges W. Bannes White
Bennett Harriot Capps Jordan 21 Jan 1831   James Martin White
Bennett Lucetta W Aycock Doctor L. 22 Dec 1851 22 Dec 1851 Ambrose Aycock White
Bennett Maria Aycock Henry 18 Apr 1836   Abner Acock White
Bennett Martha Denton James 02 Jul 1788     White
Bennett Martha A. Bracket James 01 Dec 1866   J. H. Bennett Colored
Bennett Nancy Harris George D 19 Apr 1853   A. J. Johnson White
Bennett Pamelia Pegram  David 20 Dec 1824   Gideon Harris White
Bennett Rebecca Bennett Charles 03 Sep 1796   Charles Smith White
Bennett Sarah J Davis Allen Y 13 Jun 1827   Carter Nunnery White
Bennett Tamer Ellums James 21 Oct 1785   Darling Mardas White
Bennett  Amey Walker  Peter 16 Jul 1796   Joshua Capps White
Bennett  Barsha Moody  William B. 24 Feb 1817   John Allen White
Bennett  Elizabeth Thompson William 14 May 1822   Thomas Edwards White
Bennett  Elizabeth Martin  James 31 Aug 1805   Mikajah Walker White
Bennett  Maranda Robertson  Marcus A. 19 Mar 1823   Jacob Harris White
Bennett  Martha Lancaster  William 05 Jan 1816   Lewis Patrick White
Bennett  Nancy K  Netherly  Thomas T 04 Oct 1833   Allen Meacham White
Bennett  Pietta Walker  Micajah 17 Oct 1803   Isham Bennett White
Bennett  Polly Langford  John 02 Aug 1811   William Anderson White
Bennett  Polly Lancaster  John 23 Dec 1873   John Mealor White
Bennett  Prudence Lancaster  Willie 09 Jan 1799   Jeremiah Stephenson White
Bennett  Quinny Moore  James B 26 Nov 1849   Thomas Haithcock White
Bennett  Sally King  Edward 16 May 1823   James Martin White
Bennett  Sarah Martin  Henry D 16 Dec 1833     White
Bennett  Silva White William H 14 Mar 1840   Isham Bennett White
Bennit Lucy Bartholemew Lewis 29 Dec 1791   Moses Bennett White
Bennitt Cynthia Cooper [Coxes] Marit 08 Feb 1832   William M. Powell Jr. White
Bennitt Winny Bobbitt William 19 Jan 1810   Robert Moore White
Bennitt  Betty Moore  Higdon 30 Dec 1783   John Bobbitt White
Bennitt  Polly Loyd  Thompson 20 Jun 1832   William G. Wilson White
Bennitt  Rebecca Walker  Micajah 05 Mar 1814   Wiley Lancaster White
Benson Dixon Hudson Joseph 02 Nov 1782   John Basford White
Best Eliza W. Reavis  Thomas C. 24 Nov 1860 24 Nov 1860 Nathaniel C. Tunstall White
Best  Lucy M Mabry  Stephen G 29 Jun 1861   Thomas R. Tunstall White
Best  Mary McRorie  William 30 Oct 1794   Benjamin Moss White
Bignall Peggy W. Fitts Oliver 15 Jul 1813     White
Birchett Martha Richardson  Nathan 18 May 1867   Thomas P. Paschall Colored
Birchett  Rhoda Mitchell  Hilliard 10 Aug 1864   Stephen G. Cawthorn Colored
Birchett  Sally Lynn Norvel 08 Dec 1866   Thomas P. Paschall Colored
Bishop Margaret Bolton Henry 20 Oct 1851   John Smith White
Bishop Mary Hill Hartwell 30 Apr 1843   M. J. Montgomery White
Blackburn Elizabeth Aycock Henry 05 Dec 1828   Abner Acock White
Blacknell Lucy Crossan Alexander 18 Jan 1815   Thomas Bragg White
Blan  Harriet G Parham  Smith 20 Dec 1826   Hutchens G. Burton White
Blanche Caroline Jones Amos W. 24 Feb 1841   Joseph Speed Jones White
Blanchett Lucy Dowten James 06 Jun 1781   Thomas Blanchett White
Blanchett Mary Acock Robert 25 Jul 1780   Abner Acock White
Blankenship Elizabeth Garland Humphry 11 Feb 1780   Mark Thornton White
Blankinship  Elizabeth Mckinny  Jordan 09 Dec 1810   Daniel Glover White
Blanton Louisa Victoria Cannon Robert 05 Dec 1860   David W. Harris White
Blanton  Harriot King  Osmond E 07 Sep 1830   Green Blanton White
Bledsoe  Mary W Stone  James T 19 Nov 1841   Thomas Coghill White
Blount Sarah E. Cawthorn John V. 21 Dec 1847   E. W. Best White
Blount Susannah Grist Frederick 13 Aug 1845   William Grimes white
Blount  Martha Smith Edward 30 Sep 1806   Willis Arrington White
Blunt Quinney Davis John 01 Oct 1808   Benjamin Powell White
Bobbett  Ceiley Montford  Thomas J. 08 Oct 1822   Ketchin Harris White
Bobbit Amey Emerson William T. 27 Nov 1792   Ollion Graham White
Bobbit Betsey Hathcock John 19 Feb 1804   Henry Capps White
Bobbit  Mary Shearin Zachariah 06 Jan 1804   Joseph Shearin White
Bobbitt Eliza E Ingram Presley C 11 Apr 1857   Owen F. Myrick Jr. White
Bobbitt Hexey Duke Thomas K. 13 Mar 1820   Richard Duke White
Bobbitt Holley Burrow William 15 Dec 1792   David W. Newell White
Bobbitt Josephine H. Haithcock Alfred L. 02 Apr 1867   Watthew W. Williams White
Bobbitt Julia Ann Isles David 06 Aug 1844   John Bobbitt White
Bobbitt Laura W. Cheek Benjamin A. Dr. 26 Apr 1865   W. A. Nicholson White
Bobbitt Lucy J Iles William 31 Jan 1848   W. H. Bobbitt White
Bobbitt Mary Coghill Zachariah 14 Dec 1822   Reubin Coghill White
Bobbitt Nancy Browning Benjamin 19 Sep 1849   R. Browning White
Bobbitt Nancy F. Hill Benjamin 29 Jun 1813   Drury Bobbitt White
Bobbitt Pattie A Foote James S 01 Dec 1863   Henry A. Foote White
Bobbitt Polly Ellis Miles 04 Feb 1813   Abraham Clanton White
Bobbitt Polly Brown Sterling 12 Jan 1822   Robert Riggan White
Bobbitt Rebecca Capps Hilleary 01 Oct 1811   James K. Clark White
Bobbitt Sally Harris John E. 16 May 1795   John J. Egerton White
Bobbitt Tabby Harris Robert No Date No Date Simon Harris White
Bobbitt Tempy Dowtin Anthony 30 Sep 1798   Matthew Duke White
Bobbitt Winefred M. Browning William 28 May 1827   Jesse Myrick White
Bobbitt  Amy Lancaster  John 17 Feb 1813   Peter R. Davis White
Bobbitt  Auyrelous Shearin Henry 26 Aug 1839   Joseph Speed Jones White
Bobbitt  Bettie W Thomas James G 31 Aug 1865   Austin W. Green White
Bobbitt  Caroline Wilson Edward 19 May 1866 19 May 1866 Thomas E. Wilson Colored
Bobbitt  Eliza Sledge  Hubbard A 20 Dec 1831   William Pearce White
Bobbitt  Elizabeth Shearin Nathaniel M 09 Jan 1828   Kinchen Bobbitt White
Bobbitt  Elizabeth Nickles Thomas 12 Jun 1854   William V. Allen White
Bobbitt  Hicksey Moore  Robert 19 Nov 1817   William B. Clark White
Bobbitt  Martha Robertson  Weldon E 14 Dec 1836   Claybourn Shearin White
Bobbitt  Martha L Neal  William W 22 Dec 1854 22 Dec 1854 W. A. Dowtin White
Bobbitt  Nancy  Newell  Alexander D.  05 Jul 1817    Wilmot Read White
Bobbitt  Rachel E. Myrick  Jesse 02 Apr 1821   Charles Myrick White
Bobbitt  Sallie H. White William H.  28 Sep 1867   B. F. Long White
Bobbitt  Susan Rodwell Gideon 01 Mar 1866 Freeman Thomas B. Buks Colored
Bobbitt  Susan G Wilson John M 01 Apr 1839     White
Bobbitt  Susan G. Welch James A. C. 25 Sep 1862   Alfred N. Johnson White
Bobbitt  Temperance D Shaw Jesse 29 Nov 1854   T. P. Walker White
Bobbitt   Lethe Nolly  George  05 Apr 1831   James F. Rose White
Bohanan Susannah Hicks Charles 04 Nov 1782   Samuel Rose White
Bohanan  Sally James George No Date   Daniel Duke White
Bolten  Elizabeth Lamberd  David 11 Aug 1825   Joshua Young White
Bolten  Judy Lambert  Jabis 08 Mar 1797   Corbin Noles White
Bolton  Permilia J Omary  Weldon 04 Oct 1851 04 Oct 1851 Rudolphus Omary White
Bolton  Sarah Mustain  Lewis 10 Nov 1855   John C. McCraw White
Bostin Betsey Felts Nathaniel 23 Nov 1802   Warrick Hazelwood White
Bott Sarah Ann Dugger George 09 Nov 1829   Ezra Dugger White
Bottom Isabella Walker  Burrey 20 Dec 1866   James T. Russell Colored
Bowden Sarah Vanlandingham  William 21 Mar 1864   Nathaniel R. Jones White
Bowdon Mary Baskett Robert 06 Aug 1835   William C. Butler White
Bowdon Nancy A Hicks Benjamine S 28 Aug 1848   John White White
Bowdon Salley Hilliard Thomas No Date   Vincent Allen White
Bowdon  Delila Renn  William G H 16 Feb 1849   Harmon H. Renn White
Bowdon  Elizabeth Smith Robert 21 Jan 1829   James Loyd White
Bowdon  Emily Williams Nathaniel 13 Dec 1841   Daniel Bowdon White
Bowdon  Francis Williams Henry 08 Oct 1798   Nimrod Williams White
Bowdon  Harriet P Thompson William H 29 Dec 1845   John White White
Bowdon  Martha Sims  James 08 Dec 1834   James Cooper White
Bowdown Becky Cooper Davis 24 Mar 1802   George Allen White
Bowdown  Patsey Williams William 09 Jul 1794   James Moss White
Bowen  Anne Webb  William E 29 Apr 1859   Edward W. Best White
Bowers Martha Jefferson Samuel 01 Sep 1796   Alexander Falconer White
Bowers  Mary L Scott William W 31 Mar 1858   E. A. Drimas White
Bowly Amey C. Huff George __ ___ 179_   James Huff White
Bowser  Catharine Plummer  William 14 Jul 1866 14 Jul 1866 Thomas G. Plummer Colored
Boyce Christian B. Garland John 10 Jul 1819   Henry Fitts White
Boyd Cornelia W. Bullock Richard Jr. 29 Dec 1849   W. R. Thornton White
Boyd Frances Hodge William H 30 Dec 1828   Henry Y. Clark White
Boyd Jane Falkener Harry 12 Dec 1866   L. C. Perkinson Colored
Boyd Kitty Gardener Edward 07 Apr 1866 07 Apr 1866 Alfred Davis Colored
Boyd Mary Judkins Joseph 13 Oct 1866   James C. Robinson Colored
Boyd Mary A Arrington John 02 Apr 1850   Thomas L. Campbell White
Boyd Matilda S Davis Joshua 04 Aug1830   Elbert A. Cheek White
Boyd  Ann S. Thornton  Francis A. 19 Apr 1822   Gordon Cawthorn White
Boyd  Eliza Robinson  Remus 14 Aug 1866   L. C. Perkinson White
Boyd  Mollie S. Ware Joseph H. 05 Nov 1866 05 Nov 1866 W. E. Davis White
Boyd  Panthea B White William W 11 Oct 1848   Davis Parrish White
Boyd  Sarah S Robinson  George W 26 Oct 1835   James Robinson White
Boyd  Virginia Williams Thomas 17 Oct 1848   Alexander B. Hawkins White
Boyde Parthea E. Burwell John 21 Aug 1840   Joshua Davis White
Brack Emeline J Haithcock Albert 27 Jun 1844   James J. Vaughan Jr. White
Brack Jane Carter Thomas 11 Jan 1862   Nathaniel Nicholson Jr. White
Brack  Fanny Shearin Oliver 19 Mar 1845   James M. Myrick White
Brack  Lucretia Myrick  Moses 16 Apr 1844   James M. Myrick White
Brack  Susan Verser  Daniel 27 Mar 1845   Oliver Shearin White
Braddley Sally Bobbitt Drury 04 Aug 1818   Stephen Bobbitt White
Braddly Nancy Drew James 20 Dec 1818   Benjamin Hill White
Bradley Elizabeth A. Bobbitt Stephen 22 Jan 1814   Robert Robertson White
Bradley Milley Estes Wiley No Date No Date William Gueyer White
Bradley Sarah Brooks Wade 13 Aug 1782   John Pitts Bradley White
Bragg Catharine Dickerson William 27 Apr 1837   Spell Manger White
Bragg  Elizabeth W Yancey  Alexander L 27 Jul 1836   Henry T. Allen White
Bragg  Jane King Matthews  Samuel J 27 Sep 1865   Sterling Faulkener White
Bragg  Sarah Ratican  Michael 15 Mar 1832   George Voles White
Brame Indeanah F. Bobbitt Edward F. 07 Nov 1853   Solomon Sterling White
Brame Nancy Harris Joshua 27 Oct 1835   Dudley Minga White
Brame Rebecca Lomg B. F. 16 Jan 1860   R. G. Moore White
Brame Sally Harris Sherwood S 15 Feb 1837   David D. W. Dowtin White
Brame Tempe Jordan Christopher 27 Dec 1866   T. H. Joyner Colored
Brame  Elizabeth Reeks Thomas B. 08 Nov 1847 no image William T. Halton White
Brame  Elizabeth Ricks  Thomas B 08 Nov 1847   William T. Halton White
Brame  Emily Newell  John D 14 Feb 1854 14 Feb 1854 Jacob August  White
Brame  Julia Stamper  Jacob 26 Feb 1867 26 Feb 1867 D. V. O. Thompson Colored
Brame  Martha Stallings  Theopilus 07 Sep 1852 07 Sep 1852 John C. McGraw White
Branch Caroline Thornton  Keller 20 Jun 1867   William Hodges Colored
Brannum Peggy Garnes John 08 Sep 1823   Benjamin Durous Colored
Brannum  Nancy Robards  Philip 04 May 1797   Jeremiah George Colored
Brantley  Pamelia Wright John 17 Dec 1812   Henry G. Williams White
Breedlove Malissa Ann Coley Lewis 10 Dec 1866   A. S. Steed White
Breedlove  Clarasa Wren Joseph 16 Jan 1810   William Johnson White
Breedlove  Peggy Wilson Sherwood 19 Nov 1794   Jacob Blankford White