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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know.   

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
GROOMS BRIDES images    
Cabanne L. D. Plummer Susan 17 Jan 1838   John T. Williams White
Cain John Thomas Polley 27 Dec 1827   Stephen Thomas White
Calafer William Bennett Emily R. 12 Jul 1837   Simon B. Evertt White
Caller Charles Leonard Susan 05 Nov 1805   Thomas Stackhouse White
Caller John Wood Sarah 15 Jan 1781   Earl Wright White
Caller Thomas Mayfield Nancy 17 Jun 1793   James Caller White
Camp Amiel Myrick Martha R. 11 Jun 1832   George W. Barnes White
Campbell Thomas S. Collins Elizabeth D. 16 Nov 1846   Oliver D. Fitts White
Caudle Charles Lashley Rebecca 18 Jun 1806   Nathaniel Alexander White
Cannon James Finley Peggy 14 Jan 1812   William Hawkins White
Cannon John Wright Sally 22 Jun 1820   John Branch White
Cannon Robert Blanton Louisa Victoria 05 Dec 1860   David W. Harris White
Cannon Thomas Brooks Mary 23 Jan 1809   Thomas Bentley White
Cannon Willis Griffis Elizabeth 20 Apr 1849   James A. Taylor White
Capps Cylus Marshall Jane 11 Aug 1809   William Capps White
Capps Francis Capps Fanney 09 Oct 1797     White
Capps Henry Dowland Darkie 11 Dec 1837   Daniel Burchett White
Capps Henry Lyles Nancy 15 Sep 1800   Joshua Capps White
Capps Henry B. Dowland Drakes 11 Dec 1837   Daniel Burchett White
Capps Hilleary Bobbitt Rebecca 01 Oct 1811   James K. Clark White
Capps Hilleary Walker Nancy No Date     White
Capps Hilleary     No Date   Josuah Capps White
Capps John House Mary 30 Mar 1807     White
Capps John Kimbell Salley 13 Jan 1801     White
Capps Jordan Bennett Harriot 21 Jan 1831   James Martin White
Capps Macon Moore Mary 04 Dec 1844   Alfred A. Sledge White
Capps Mckenny Conn Mary 28 May 1858   Littleton Tompson White
Capps Mckenny Heathcock Mary 25 Nov 1841   Miles Bobbitt White
Capps Moses Asslin Polley 04 Dec 1798   Asa Capps White
Capps Oratioe Bartholomew Sarah 08 Dec 1801   Hawkins Powell White
Capps Robert Y. Paschall Martha 4 Sep 1867   Thomas P. Paschall White
Capps Thomas Langford Rebecca 08 Sep 1827   John Andrews White
Capps Thomas Regans Mildred P. 21 Sep 1864   Michael W. Paschall White
Capps Warren H. Regans Mary L. 16 Dec 1858 16 Dec 1858 Solomon Fleming White
Capps Whitmell Willey Sarah 09 Sep 1852   George Sledge White
Capps William Marshall Jinsy 25 May 1797   James Emmerson White
Capps William Martin Anne 27 Nov 1792   Winnie Capps White
Capps Zachariah Brewer Pattey 23 Feb 1790   Ransom Hagood White
Carlew Belford Williford Milley 26 Dec 1794     White
Carlisle James Johnson Rebecca 19 Dec 1778     White
Carr Albert Green Nancy 06 Aug 1841   Joseph Speed Jones Colored
Carr Elias Kearney Elanor W. 19 May 1859   Thomas J. Hawkins White
Carr Richard Davis Sabina 08 Aug 1867   A. S. Steed Colored
Carroll Benjamin Rottenberry Frances 19 Apr 1810   Mathew Bottom White
Carroll Edmond Burton Rebekah 07 Jul 1825   Reubin Newman White
Carroll Ezekiel Moore Tabitha 07 Jul 1824   Joseph Barter White
Carroll George Tucker Eliza 10 Nov 1818   Edward Berchett White
Carroll Grief Nanney Polly 29 Aug 1818   Allen Rally White
Carroll Grief Taylor Elizabeth 02 Dec 1824   Edward Lambert White
Carroll James Shell Patsey 27 Feb 1805   Stephen Ellis White
Carroll James A. T. Jefferson Mariah 29 Dec 1866   P. D. Paschall White
Carroll James H. Bartlett Diomysia F. 21 Jan 1858   William A. Walch White
Carroll Joel Rottenberry Catherine 05 Feb 1828   Reubin Newman White
Carroll John Wright Sally 13 Jun 1818   Robert Tally White
Carroll Joseph W. Carroll Sarah E. 24 Jul 1853   George W. Holleman White
Carroll Mecham Williams Susan 08 Aug 1813   James Edwards White
Carroll Robert Mustian Sarah 25 Sep 1865   Thomas Judkins White
Carroll Samuel Paschall Chany 25 Dec 1866     White
Carroll Sterling Moore Elizabeth R. 19 Dec 1832   Amos White White
Carroll Thomas Robinson Sarah A. 10 Dec 1827   Hutchens G. Buxton White
Carroll William Barner Mary 25 Feb 1828   John Robinson White
Carroll William Capps Nancy 24 May 1820   Moses Bennett White
Carroll William Cleton Sarah 10 Jan 1841   John R. Roberts White
Carroll William Cunningham Elizabeth 03 Jul 1818   Willis Cunningham White
Carroll William Edwards Rebecca A. 24 Apr 1833   Augustus C. Pittallo White
Carroll William H. Capps Pattie 24 Dec 1866   J. M. Brame White
Cartain Thomas Paschael Elizabeth 15 Jan 1782   Rowleigh Hammon White
Carter Eaton Toney Patsey 25 Dec 1832   William Carter Colored
Carter Francis M. Newell Sally 02 May 1800   David Newell White
Carter Giles Kelley Jenney 29 Oct 1783     White
Carter Hawkins Toney Thomas Elizabeth 21 May 1866 21 May 1866 Samuel Green Colored
Carter Hawkins Wiggins Elizabeth 10 Jan 1845   E. H. Riggan Colored
Carter Henry Toney Priscilla 06 Aug 1866 06 Aug 1866 Ridley Browne Colored
Carter Jesse Myrick Rebecca 18 Feb 1797   Drury Bobbitt White
Carter Jesse Whitaker Sally Ann 11 Dec 1843   Benjamin Jenkins White
Carter John Perry Emma 26 Nov 1867   W. P. Perry Colored
Carter John T. Thomas Rebecca F. 30 Sep 1858   Samuel Bobbitt White
Carter Mathew Wilkins Betty 26 Nov1867   Thomas A. Montgomery Colored
Carter Miles Kelley Jenny 29 Oct 1783   Thomas Twitty White
Carter Newell King Temporance 24 Nov 1841   Allen M. King White
Carter Peter F. Wood Martha 01 Aug 1829   Gideon Arrington White
Carter Plummer Hawkins Amy 11 Jan 1838   Washington Carter Colored
Carter Plummer Mills Hester 19 Oct 1852   Richard Shearin Colored
Carter Preavey Williams Betsey 04 May 1799   Barnett Beasley White
Carter Thomas Brack Jane 11 Jan 1862   Nathaniel Nicholson Jr. White
Carter Washington Mills Elizabeth 07 May 1850   William L. Harris Colored
Carter Weldon Shearin Dorothy 26 Dec 1839   Edmond H. Riggan White
Carter William Cleaton Nancy 24 Oct 1856   Samuel Bobbitt Colored
Carter William King Martha 14 Feb 1848   William Ellington White
Carter William Pike Eliza 16 May 1818   Michael Nicholson White
Carter William J. King Martha J. 24 May 1864   L. C. Perkinson White
Carter Wilson W. Brickell Mary 29 Jun 1807   Edward Jones White
Casy Benjamin Harris Sally 16 Dec 1813   Jordan Harris Colored
Cates L. M. Rooker Amanda 30 Jun 1853   P. T. Norwood White
Cauthon Benjamin Smith Sally 25 Dec 1792   William Smith White
Cauthon Henry Not on record   10 Nov 1796   William Short White
Cauthon Reubin Stallions Sarah 25 Dec 1801   Vincent Cauthorn White
Cauthon Vincent Beckham Nancy 01 Jan 1808   William Brown White
Cawthon James Paschal Milley 04 Sep 1783   William Paschall White
Cawthorn Alfred Williams Mariah 18 Mar1867 18 Mar1867 William Hodges Colored
Cawthorn John V. Blount Sarah E. 21 Dec 1847   E. W. Best White
Cawthorn John V. Pope Mary H. 08 Mar 1844   Joseph Speed Jones White
Cawthorn Stephen G. Jolley Delia 19 Apr 1859   R. D. Paschall White
Chambers Edward Towns Polly 02 Jun 1812   Alanson Williams White
Chambles James Solomons Rebecca 01 Jul 1793   Ransom Duke White
Chambliss Jackson Dr. Williams Catherine V. 24 Aug 1858   Thomas J. Foote White
Champion C. W. Thompson M. E. 15 Oct 1860 15 Oct 1860 T. A. Langford White
Champion Claiborn Fortner Margaret 19 Dec 1836   Edwin D. Drake White
Chander Adolphus Vanlandingham Jane 29 Dec 1841   Adolphus Chandler White
Chanler William Macklen Nelessey 12 Feb 1834   John Waldon White
Chavours Boling Thomerson Nancy 14 Jun 1793   Eaton Waldon Colored
Chavours Jacob Bassfield Eady 01 Jan 1850   James Valentine Colored
Chavours John Carsey Betsey 06 Jul 1803   Hutchens Mayo Colored
Chavours John H. Kersey Mary J. 17 Nov 1857 17 Nov 1857 John W. R. Evans Colored
Chavours John W. R. Kearney Sarah C. 09 Oct 1862   L. V. Hoyle Colored
Chavours Nathan Mooshaw Frances 26 Oct 1847   Washington Penell Colored
Chavours Tony Vaughan Mary A. 25 Apr 1855 25 Apr 1855 John W. White Colored
Chavours William Stewart Jane 20 Oct 1825     Colored
Cheatham James A. White Lucy A. 09 Feb 1855   J. R. Caswell White
Cheek Augustus A. Newell E. J. 17 Sep 1858   Gideon H. Macon White
Cheek Benjamin A. Dr. Bobbitt Laura W. 26 Apr 1865   W. A. Nicholson White
Cheek Elbert A. Hayes Susan S. 30 May 1825   J. M. Drake White
Cheek John Alston Cherry 18 Jan 1867   John S. Cheek Colored
Cheek John Tharp Sarah 21 Dec 1773     White
Cheek Randolph     No Date   Henry Alston White
Cheek Robert T. Alston Mary H. 14 Apr 1802   James Kearney White
Cheek Stephen Kearney Susan 02 Dec 1867   Thomas A. Montgomery Colored
Cheek Thomas Jonston Nicey 21 May 1866 21 May 1866   Colored
Cheek William Davis Sarah 03 May 1867 03 May 1867 W. W. Williams Colored
Cheek William A. Clanton Angelina A. 19 May 1846     White
Cheek William H. Jones Alice M. 07 Jun 1864   Thomas S. Jones White
Cheek   Green   No Date     White
Childress John Howard Salley 21 Dec 1782   William Ransom White
Childress Pleasant Bush Sarah 04 May 1793   Russell Strudivant White
Childress Robert Wortham Liddie No Date No Date Seth Williams White
Childress William Ballard Dilley 12 Oct 1782   James Ballard White
Choley Macon Renn Ginsey 05 Dec 1848   Henry Cauthorn White
Christain William House Tabitha 08 Jul 1794   Ransom Kimbell White
Christian Drury Brown Betsy No Date No Date   Colored
Christmas Henry Carroll Lizzie 07 Nov 1867   Kemp Plummer Colored
Christmas James Y. Whitney Rhoda Gaines 09 Oct 1863   J. H. Cook White
Christmas John Green Nelly 01 Aug 1866 01 Aug 1866 Frank T. Green Colored
Christmas Thomas Duke Sarah 26 Nov 1764   Green Duke White
Christmas Thomas H. Davis Elizabeth C. 08 Feb 1817   Robert R. Johnson White
Christmas Thomas H. Williams Margaret L. J. 23 May 1815   William Green White
Christmas Washington Drake Emily R. 27 Dec 1866   Thomas Reynolds Colored
Christmas William Jinkins Betsey Ford 23 May 1790   Jesse Jenkins White
Christmas William McLamore Abigail 28 Aug 1780   John Scott White
Cifers (Cypress) Samuel Marks Thursday 21 Jun 1838   John Steward Colored
Clack Benjamin Loyd Sally 01 Jan 1817   James Clack White
Clack John Loyd Polly 19 Dec 1825   James Pardue White
Clack Joseph W. Smith Betsey 15 Dec 1830   Archabold Brown White
Clack Sterling Wood Mary 15 Aug 1780   Philemon Hawkins White
Clack Thomas Loyd Dicie 25 Jan 1831   Lewis Turner White
Claiborn Devoreux Jones Martha S. 08 Apr 1825   John Robinson White
Claiborn George Robertson Anne 18 Jul 1803   Clack Robertson White
Claiborn John Harvey Canady 03 Sep 1853   John Hardy White
Claiborn John Shearin Sarah 17 Oct 1854   John W. Riggan White
Claiborn William H. Nicholson Lucy A. 24 Nov 1852   A. W. Childress White
Clanton George Wells Frances 03 Jan 1798   Benjamin Wells White
Clanton Landon Williams Hariet R. 03 Jan 1825   Genl. William Williams White
Clanton Mark Wilson Parthenia 04 Feb 1823   Thomas Wilson White
Clanton Robert Williams Mary A. 17 Nov 1851   William C. Clanton White
Clanton William C. Kearney Martha 11 Feb 1817   William Green White
Clardy John Hogwood Elizabeth 24 Jun 1811 24 Jun 1811 Stephen Henderson White
Clardy John H. Watkins Ann E. 28 Nov 1842 28 Nov 1842 Edmund W. Watkins White
Clarey Robert Carroll Mary A. E. 16 Jan 1851     White
Clark George Fortner Emiline W. 18 Dec 1865   Silas. Powell Colored
Clark George C. Fortner Emeline W. 18 Dec 1865     White
Clark George C. Hoyle Martha E. 09 May 1865   N. H. Breedlove White
Clark James Marshall Lucy A. 18 Nov 1817   William Turner White
Clark James Murray Sally 06 Aug 1812   James K. Clack White
Clark John Clark Winnifred 03 Dec 1842   Newsom Falkener White
Clark John     07 May 1780   Samuel Williford White
Clark Marshall Edmundson Sarah Jane 27 Jan 1848   Jeremiah M. Flemming White
Clark Reubin Folkner Mary 15 Mar 1800     White
Clark Sterling Wesson Nancy 17 Dec 1865   Cornelius Newell White
Clark Thomas C.     16 Dec 1800   Samuel Bartlett White
Clark Timothy Mangum Elizabeth 15 Jun 1805   Wiliam Mangum White
Clark William Mangum Nancy 28 Aug 1810   Tholomy Tucker White
Clark William N. Perdue Elizabeth 10 Nov 1849     White
Clary Benjamin George Martha 31 Oct 1821   Charles Thomas White
Clary John George Elizabeth 28 Feb 1826   Thomas Paine White
Clary Robert     16 Jan 1851   William Clary White
Cleaves John James Nancy 29 Feb 1804   Benjamin Bradley White
Clegg Baxter Collins Temporance L. 08 Jun 1839   Edwin D. Drake White
Clegg William Collins Mary E. 20 Feb 1867   William A. White White
Clements Oscar Alston Cornelia 11 Sep 1866   J. Buxton Williams Colored
Clements Robert Kearney Delia 18 Apr 1853   John S. Cheek White
Clements William E. Taylor Julia R. 18 Sep 1850   John C. McCraw White
Clerk William Marshall Media 14 Aug 1784   Charles Drury White
Cocke Joseph Hill Winnifret 20 Nov 1782     White
Coclough James Dinckins Polly 25 Nov 1817   William Hicks White
Coghill Isham Finch Elizabeth 04 Jan 1816     White
Coghill Marion T. Wright Sarah Ann 09 Apr 1856     White
Coghill Reubin Coghill Mary 20 Dec 1791   James Coghill White
Coghill Zachariah Bobbitt Mary 14 Dec 1822   Reubin Coghill White
Cogwell Fredrick Ascue Fanny 17 Mar 1807   Nathaniel Alexander White
Cogwell Jordon French Elizabeth 04 Jan 1810   Edward Pattillo White
Cogwell Zachariah Jarrott Willia 01 Sep 1804   Willis Jarrott White
Colclough Benjamin Rodwell Mary 17 Mar 1821   Clack Robertson White
Cole Daniel Newmon Catharine 21 Oct 1823   Burwell Pitchford White
Cole Edmund W. Joyce Mary 13 Apr 1850   Zebulon M. P. Cole White
Cole Edward J. Andrews Athaiah D. 31 Dec 1861   John F. Rainey White
Cole Henry Baskerville Eliza 20 Jun 1843   Oscar F. Alston White
Cole Isaac White Alice H. 21 Dec 1812   William Wilson White
Cole John D. Newman Ellen J. 06 May 1861     White
Cole Zebulon M. P. Davis Lucy Ann 08 Nov 1845   F. A. Thornton White
Coleman Carter Darnell Nancy 14 Oct 1824   Thomas Tally White
Coleman Carter Talley Martha 08 Oct 1791   David Thomas White
Coleman Ebenezer Perkinson Sally 20 Sep 1823   Guilford Tally White
Coleman Edward Nicholson Lucy 18 May 1785   Urban Nicholson White
Coleman Henry E. Truner Ann 03 Apr 1832   George D. Baskerville White
Coleman Henry V. Foster Virginia B. 01 Dec 1836   Thomas Johnson White
Coleman Hogwell King Rebecca 02 Oct 1828   Martin Botten White
Coleman Jacob Cheek D. Polly 12 Dec 1796   David Newsom White
Coleman John Carter Amanda 23 Jan 1836   B. R. Browning Colored
Coleman John Harris Frances 29 Apr 1785     White
Coleman Levi P. White Virginia Ann 20 Oct 1848   Robert J. Perkins White
Coleman Peter Jones Salley No Date   Jesse Bell White
Coleman Peter F. Rainey Mary A. 11 May 1835   William Palmer White
Coleman Peter F. Young Pricella 15 Feb 1809   Jonathan King White
Coleman Samuel Holiman Patsey 30 Dec 1784   Isham Fitts White
Coleman Wiley G. Shearin J. A. 15 Mar 1864   Lafayette B. Myrick White
Coleman William Pegram Martha E. 02 Dec 1853   J. J. Rodwell White
Coleman William R. Hicks Lucy A. 14 Apr 1859   Thomas H. White White
Coley John Turner Elizabeth 21 Jan 1822   Jersy Turner White
Coley Joseph Nuckles Nancy 13 May 1837   Littleton Fuller White
Coley Lewis Askew Delia 01 Mar 1859   Littleton Fuller White
Coley Lewis Breedlove Malissa Ann 10 Dec 1866   A. S. Steed White
Coley Macon Shearin Julia Ann 01 Jul 1845   John Mulholland White
Coley Richard Tucker Creasy 14 Aug 1807   David Marshall White
Coller Robert Evins Moarning 27 Aug 1798   John Winkler White
Collier Benjamin Power Mary 16 Oct 1837   William Murray White
Collins Amos Newell Rhoda 16 May 1866 16 May 1866 William P. Rose Colored
Collins Anthony Thompson Eliza 14 Jun 1832   Richard Davis White
Collins John Myrick Louiza C 28 Nov 1865   W. S. Wainwright White
Collins Michael Drake Elizabeth 10 Jun 1773     White
Colman William Pegram Martha E. 02 Dec 1853     White
Colvert John Edwards Nancy 30 Jan 1830   James Carroll White
Congleton John R. Riggan Rebecca V. 30 Jan 1858   John W. Williams White
Conn Dickson Southall Elizabeth 18 Dec 1821     White
Conn Esward Stokes Lucy 26 Jan 1847   Burwell King White
Conn Hugh Tucker Rebecca 15 Nov 1847   Kemp P. Alston White
Connell John G. Thompson Elizabeth 09 May 1818   William Nash White
Conner Avery Pettillo Martha 15 Dec 1789   Sameul Johnston White
Conner George Nance Catie 31 Dec 1866   Thomas B. Bucks White
Conner Richard Mosely Emily R. 29 Dec 1853   William Barker White
Cook Benjamin E. Marshall Sally H. 25 Oct 1817   W. D. Allen White
Cook Benjamin E. Jr. Hall Ann 13 Dec 1853   W. K. Plummer White
Cook Charles M. Alston Hanana L. 16 Sep 1847   Thomas E. Green Jr. White
Cook James M. Fotty Fannie T. 08 Sep 1857   C. M. Farris White
Cook John Harwell Catharine 03 Sep 1807   Wilson Ward White
Cook Robert Clanton Nancy S. 15 Feb 1823   Asa G. Slegde White
Cooper Davis Bowdown Becky 24 Mar 1802   George Allen White
Cooper Edward Singleton Jane 30 Jul 1836   John Hundley White
Cooper Howell Cooper Holanberry 12 Dec 1784   Joseph Beckham White
Cooper Jacob Ransom James 18 Oct 1779   Richard Caswell White
Cooper John Cooper Martha 03 Sep 1862   William Wynn White
Cooper Marit     08 Feb 1832   William M. Powell Jr.  
Cooper Thomas N.     10 Jul 1854   Willliam Alston White
Cooper William Taylor Mary 12 Sep 1838   John Hundley White
Cooper [Coxes] Marit Bennitt Cynthia 08 Feb 1832   William M. Powell Jr. White
Copeland Hesekiah Red Nancy 17 Oct 1849   Sidney Willis Colored
Cordle Haywood Evans Mary 21 Jan 1845   Allen Wright Colored
Corlow Bedford     26 Dec 1794   Samuel Willeford  
Crabb John William Winifred 23 Aug 1790     White
Cranshaw John R.     06 Oct 1840   Edward M. Pattillo White
Crawley David Coleman Mary 02 Sep 1780   John Coleman White
Crawley David Green Polley 28 Feb 1782   William Green White
Crawley Drewrey Conner Margaret 10 Jan 1851   Landon Crawley White
Crawley John Turner Elizabeth 10 May 1824   Thomas V. Duke White
Crenshaw John R. Neal Sarah E. 06 Oct 1840     White
Cressan Dexter Crossan Zilphy Ann 08 Jun 1867   J. B. Solomon Colored
Cressan Douglas     25 Dec 1865   J. P. Turnbull Colored
Crichton Winfield Hicks Harriet R. 20 Nov 1844   Peter J. Turnbull White
Crittington John Granger Anna 02 Nov 1801   John Cunningham White
Crocker L. R. Turner Pattie G. 28 Sep 1863   T. A. Langford White
Croker Robert Lancaster Susanah 07 Sep 1785   John Lancaster White
Cross James Topp