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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know. 

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
Pace  William A Farrer  Mariah E 30 May 1853   Alexander Pace White
Paine  Thomas Power  Cynthia F. 09 Feb 1813   Michajah T. Hawkins White
Painter  Thomas Ellington  Frances 12 Sep 1857  12 Sep 1857  Arnstead King White
Palmer Horace Jr. Milam  Sallie E. 12 Apr 1855 12 Apr 1855 James C. Robinson White
Palmer Isaac  Mosley Salina 02 Nov 1867   James C. Robinson Colored
Palmer Jacob M Scoggins  Alice F. 05 Dec 1865   W. H. Palmer White
Palmer Paul Twitty  Bettie 14 Jan 1867   W. H. Palmer White
Palmer  Amasa D Rooker  Elizabeth 20 Mar 1826   Anthony Davis White
Palmer  Charles Cole  Polly 01 Nov 1813   Smith Palmer White
Palmer  Elihu H. Sutton  Doritha 29 Jul 1813   William Marshall White
Palmer  Horace Pitts  Caroline 19 May 1838   James O K Mayfield White
Palmer  Jacob M Rodwell  Bettie F 09 Aug 1853 09 Aug 1853 James T. Russell White
Palmer  Jacob M Finley  Sophie G. 28 Feb 1865   William C. Drake White
Palmer  Robert  Allgood  Jinsey Ann 25 Dec 1866   R. S. F. Perte Colored
Palmer  Smith Mayfield  Elizabeth 18 Feb 1811     White
Palmer  Thomas Mayfield  Polly 28 Aug 1806   Thomas H. Davis White
Palmer  William H Scoggins  Alice F 05 Dec 1865     White
Pardue  Joel Weaver  Sarah 14 Dec 1802   Sylvester Nichols White
Pardue  John Rowland  Nancy 20 Feb 1781 20 Feb 1781 Patrum Pardue White
Pardue  John Cooper  Clarimon 23 Feb 1791   Cannon Cooper White
Pardue  John Godfrey  Elizabeth 21 Dec 1802   Sylvester Nichols White
Pardue  John Duty  Elby 26 Aug 1813   William Smith White
Pardue  Patram Flemming  Nancy 29 Nov 1811   Daniel Basket White
Pardue  Patram Price Elizabeth 19 Oct 1782   Phillomon Beacham White
Pardue  Philemon Allen  Liza 24 May 1810   James Ball White
Pardue  Solomon Harton  Sarah C 12 Dec 1826   Joseph P. Johnson White
Pardue  Thomas Godfrey  Sally 10 Aug 1802     White
Pardue  Thomas Young  Martha E 19 Dec 1842   Macon S. Pardue White
Pardue  William Tucker  Blancket 22 Dec 1809   Aaron Fussell White
Pardue  William Fortner  Mildred 07 Feb 1831   Gedion Harton White
Parham  Henry Gee Deloney  Susan J 26 Dec 1843   B. H. Stammer White
Parham  John Williams  Deliley 31 Mar 1799   Pleasant Basket White
Parham  Samuel Garrott  Nancy 28 Mar 1797   David Duke White
Parham  Samuel J Southerland  Maria L 23 Jan 1868   T. B. Kingsbury White
Parham  Smith Blan  Harriet G 20 Dec 1826   Hutchens G. Burton White
Parham  William Rains  Rebecah 04 Dec 1800   William Lusslie White
Parham  William A Turnbull  Hannah J 05 Aug 1850   T. J. Turnbull White
Parish  Banister Foster  Hannah 30 Dec 1823   Thomas Allen White
Parish  Edward Green  Sally 21 Dec 1821   Churchwell Bartlet White
Parish  Edward Tanner  Nancy 25 Feb 1823   William Tanner White
Parish  Hutson Strudivant Druscilla 05 Apr 1814   Anderson Strudivant White
Parish  J G Harris  Elizabeth J 31 Aug 1859   G. August White
Parish  Joel Shearin  Nancy 27 Jul 1811 27 Jul 1811 Robert Harris White
Parish  John Hicks  Isabella 27 Nov 1838   Solon Southland White
Parish  John Lancaster  Elizabeth 12 Jan 1813   Marmaduke Johnson White
Parish  Stephen S Jackson  Elizabeth 23 Aug 1831   Michael Riggan White
Parish  William Wilson  Eliza Jane 17 Dec 1839   John Wilson White
Parish  William D Ellis  Nancy 08 Nov 1848   John S. Mustain White
Park Edward Moss Harriet 04 Jul 1867   James C. Robinson Colored
Park William Cheek  Betty 20 Jul 1867   John S. Cheek Colored
Parker  Francis Little  Nancy 10 Aug 1799   John Randolph White
Parker  Jacob Kearney  Bettie K 20 Nov 1855 20 Nov 1855 Francis M. Hyman White
Parker  Rodon Langford  Sarah M 08 Jan 1839   William P. Rose White
Partrick Reubin Allen  Elisabeth 04 Feb 1785   Lewis Patrick White
Paschall  Anderson Twitty  Sally 26 Apr 1795   Jordan Worsham White
Paschall  Beckham Carroll  Ann 20 Dec 1866   R. D. Paschall Colored
Paschall  Edmund Wilson  Nancy 27 May 1814   Edward Burchett White
Paschall  George Rivers  Viny 21 Oct 1841   Thomas D. Walker White
Paschall  Green B Perkinson  Marey 20 Feb 1829   John Paschall White
Paschall  Hansel Smith  Polly 08 Jan 1823   Green Berry Sangford White
Paschall  Henry Capps  Polley 27 Feb 1811   William B. Johnson White
Paschall  J William Henry Gill  Sarah E 23 Apr 1866 23 Apr 1866 John R. Turnbull White
Paschall  James Wilson  Racheal 24 Dec 1802   Richard Wadkins  
Paschall  James Burchett  Maryann 04 Feb 1783   James Burchett White
Paschall  James Hamilton  Dolley 31 Dec 1835   Samuel P. Phillips White
Paschall  John Robertson  Mary 26 Nov 1783   William Paschall White
Paschall  John Wilson  Patsy 15 Dec 1798   William Malone White
Paschall  John C Laughter  Jacky P L 23 Dec 1843   Peter D. Paschall White
Paschall  John T Russell  Virginia 21 Dec 1865 21 Dec 1865 Thomas P. Paschall White
Paschall  John W Paschall  Martha A 19 Mar 1857 19 Mar 1857 T. P. Walker White
Paschall  Joshua Hicks  Lucy 04 Jan 1809   Samuel Paschall White
Paschall  Joshua Langford  Suasson 17 Nov 1824   John Hawgood White
Paschall  Luke Burrows  Ellin 22 Feb 1823   Francis Tucker White
Paschall  Mark Burchett  Sarah 14 Feb 1807   Charles Bennitt White
Paschall  Michael W Ellington  Frances R 14 Dec 1865   Samuel Bobbitt White
Paschall  Michael W Jr, Paschall  Hester Ann 26 Oct 1835   Nathaniel D. Brickle White
Paschall  Michael Wood Wood  Elizabeth 04 Jan 1811   James Darnell White
Paschall  Phenawil J Buchannon  Nancy A O 09 Dec 1835   William F. Hilliard White
Paschall  R. H. M. Tevisdale Melessa A. 29 May 1860 29 May 1860 Samuel Hawk White
Paschall  Robert Todd  Lucy 27 Aug 1787   John Hawkins White
Paschall  Robert Hagwood  Nancy D. 24 Feb 1816   Jesse Walker White
Paschall  Robert A Roberson  Martha D 01 Dec 1858 01 Dec 1858 Warren H. Capps White
Paschall  Robert D Walker  Mary E 16 Sep 1848   John Hicks White
Paschall  Robert W Paschall  Lucy N 20 Apr 1852 20 Apr 1852 Thomas P. Parish White
Paschall  Samuel Long  Dizzy 21 Feb 1793   Anderson Paschall White
Paschall  Samuel A King  Nancy 10 Nov 1858 10 Nov 1858 Thomas P. Walker White
Paschall  Thomas Mabry Salley 17 Dec 1795/98   Richard Wadkins White
Paschall  Thomas M Lambkin  Mahala G 04 Sep 1840   John W. White White
Paschall  Thomas P Andrews  Elizabeth 25 Jul 1861   D. B. Kinball White
Paschall  Ward Wilson  Elizabeth 15 Aug 1806   John Paschall White
Paschall  Wesley G. Harper  Sarah H 21 Jan 1850   George W. Harper White
Paschall  William Wittson  Martha 12 Mar 1807   Henry Paschall White
Paschall  William E Riggans  Martha A 09 Dec 1843   John Turner Jr. White
Paschall  William E Dowland  Suasan 29 Nov 1838   Darnell Taylor White
Paschall  William H Perkinson  Salley 18 May 1831   Monford Stokes White
Paschall  William Henry Gill  Sarah E. 23 Apr 1866   John R. Turnbull White
Paschall  William T Hagwood  Lucy D 04 Sep 1847   William Mattis White
Paschall  William W Bartlette  Martha 16 Dec 1828   John Andrew White
Paschall  Willie Wilson  Polly 24 Nov 1819   Hansel Paschall White
Paterson  Jordan Reed  Elizebeth 30 Nov 1799   Thomas Reed White
Patrick  John Harris  Charlot 23 Apr 1805   Lewis Partrick White
Patrick  Lewis Lancaster  Tabby 30 Mar 1807     White
Patrick  Reuben Allen  Elizabeth 12 Dec 1783   George Allen White
Patrick  William Cole  Polley 13 Jan 1792   Lewis Patrick White
Patterson Littlebury Ragsdale Elizabeth No Date   Isham Patterson White
Patterson  Burwell Finch  Tabby 11 Aug 1818   James Hight White
Patterson  Calloway Ragsdale Nancy No Date   Littlebury Patterson White
Patterson  George Falkner  Rebecca 10 Oct 1822   Edward Nunnery White
Patterson  Green Moore  Quinney 17 May 1855 17 May 1855 John W. White White
Patterson  Henry Haythcock  Temperance 10 Feb 1825   Myrick Duke White
Patterson  Isham Young  Nancy 29 Nov 1785   William Patterson White
Patterson  James Morris  Polley 19 Oct 1789   Horbul Harris White
Patterson  James Hightower Betty 01 Feb 1782   Presly Thorn White
Patterson  John Carroll  Nancy J. 04 May 1813   Charles Palmer White
Patterson  John Parish  Sarah No Date No Date John Featherston White
Patterson  William Crowder  Betsy 09 Oct 1789   John Featherston White
Patterson  William Cunningham  Anne 26 Oct 1818   John Andrews White
Pattillo  Augustin C. Johnson  Judith [Mrs] 20 Sep 1825   Robert Cook White
Pattillo  Edward Mayfield  Nancy 07 Apr 1814   William Green White
Pattillo  George G Moseley  Elizabeth 14 Nov 1826   Robert Cook White
Pattillo  Israel Green  Violet 28 Dec 1866   John Pattillo Colored
Pattillo  James E Kimball  Winnifred 29 Dec 1840   Thomas A. Montgomery White
Pattillo  James H Land  Louiza J 04 Sep 1849   Charles M. Pattillo White
Pattillo  John W Hicks  Mary S 03 Feb 1861   Richard A. Davis White
Pattillo  John W Cole  Mary A 26 Sep 1865   Thomas E. White White
Pattillo  William White  Mary M 24 May 1831   John E. Walker White
Payne  Robert Williams  Betsey 25 Apr 1804   Allenson Williams White
Pearce  John Allen  Rebecca 16 Oct 1800   E. Kimbell White
Pearce  John W Williams  Martha S B 13 May 1845   Peter D. Powell White
Pearcy  James Paschall  Susan 18 Jan 1867   John W. Pattillo White
Pearcy  Joshua Perry  Ann 01 Dec 1860   Rornet Y. Lee White
Pearcy  William Fletcher  Pollen 15 Jan 1819   Mattthew Bowtton White
Pearsey  William Nicholson  Nancy 12 May 1827   John Smith White
Pearsey  William Rivers  Mary 17 Dec 1835   Joshua Rivers White
Pearson  Charles H Burgess  E Matilda 05 Mar 1860   A. W. Bowtin White
Pearson  Paschall Pearson  Sarah 07 Oct 1823   James Johnston White
Peebles  Plummer Asque  Jenney 23 Feb 1831   John Asque White
Peebles  Robert R Brewer  Elizabeth 24 Dec 1827   John Tally White
Peeples  Anderson Knight  Elizabeth 15 Mar 1813 22 Oct 1860 Jacob Stiner White
Peete  R S F Davis  Mary A 22 Oct 1860   T. G. Love White
Pegram  Allen Shearin  Mary 09 Sep 1839     White
Pegram  Baker Andrews  Eliza B 21 Mar 1836   James Montford White
Pegram  Daniel Milam  Lucy 10 Dec 1800   Gideon Pegram White
Pegram  David Bennett Pamelia 20 Dec 1824   Gideon Harris White
Pegram  Edward Jean Patty 23 Aug 1779   William Jean White
Pegram  George Lancaster  Clary 14 Dec 1803   William Pegram White
Pegram  George H Laughter  Ann Mary 14 Feb 1838   Benjamin Anelsey White
Pegram  Henry Harris  Nancy 18 Mar 1799   Willie Harris White
Pegram  Henry Harris Mary Elizabeth 22 Dec 1842   Hawkins Long White
Pegram  Henry Baker  Hariot 17 May 1833   John Harvy White
Pegram  James B Patton  Magia Alston 02 Nov 1859   A. S. Jenkins White
Pegram  John L Robertson  Martha Jane 19 Dec 1854   John H. Nicholson White
Pegram  M S Duncan  Bettie 17 Sep 1866 5 Jun 1860 J. M. Brame White
Pegram  Robert B Pegram  Martha A 05 Jun 1860   Samuel Bobbitt White
Pegram  Thomas Riggan  Elizabeth 08 May 1811   Joseph Walker White
Pegram  Thomas Vaughan  Martha A 14 Jun 1827   Benjamin Nicholson White
Pegram  William Riggan  Nancy 28 Jan 1808   George Pegram White
Pegram  William T Hilliard  B M 11 May 1861   A. S. Jenkins White
Pegram  Zachariah Lancaster  Sintha 01 Jan 1824   Jacob Harris White
Pelham  Jesse Faulcon  Elizabeth 04 Jul 1865   William Miller White
Pemberton  Jesse Ellis  Sally 01 Jun 1797   Joseph Jones White
Pendergrass  Daniel Weldon  Nancy 08 Jan 1821   Isaac Pendergrass White
Pendergrass  Jesse Vigors  Rachel 08 Aug 1784   John Norman White
Pendergrass  Jesse C Coghill  Matilda 07 Aug 1844 23 Nov 1865 James Edwards White
Pendergrass  Jordan Coley  Mary Jane 23 Nov 1865   J. M. Dickerson White
Pendergrass  Robert Perdue  Elizabeth 12 Dec 1860   A. L. Steed White
Pendergrass  Thomas Nuckles  Sallie 01 Apr 1859 08 Dec 1865 James L. Bridgerd White
Pendergrass  William Pendergrass  Sarah 08 Dec 1865   R. J. Pendergrass White
Pendleton  Richard Paschall  Althea 20 Nov 1841 25 Nov 1853 John P. Rose White
Pennell  Albert Duke  Henrietta 25 Nov 1853   M. R. Pennell White
Perdue  Daniel A. Beckham  Mary 02 Jul 1807 30 Oct 1856 Robert Pardue White
Perdue  Joseph H Allen  Indeanah 30 Oct 1856   William T. Ball White
Perdue  Pleasant Tucker  Sally 29 May 1811   John Perdue White
Perdue  Robert Perdue  Martha 05 Nov 1807   William Perdue White
Perdue  Robert Perdue  Elizabeth 12 Dec 1860   William N. Robards White
Perdue  William Savage  Jane 13 Jun 1807   Patrum Perdue White
Perkins  Julian V Alston  Lucy F 04 Nov 1859   B. G. Barrett White
Perkinson  Anderson Walker  Jacoba 19 Aug 1818   Guilford Tally White
Perkinson  Benjamin L Twisdale  Ann B 29 Aug 1843   Ronert Smithwick White
Perkinson  Eli Ellis  Sally 04 Jul 1798   Thomas Ellis White
Perkinson  Eli Rivers  Susannah 25 Nov 1817   James Tally White
Perkinson  George W Smelley  Rosa A 13 Dec 1866   Thomas S. Montgomery White
Perkinson  James R Smith  Martha 23 Aug 1832   William U. Meacham White
Perkinson  Jeremiah Talley  Sophia 10 Sep 1822   Jesse Perkinson White
Perkinson  Jeremiah Walker  Cynthia 17 Oct 1838   Thomas C. King White
Perkinson  Jesse Shearin  Frances 23 Jun 1828   Welley Perkinson White
Perkinson  Jesse Smelly  Nancy 31 Jan 1800   Levi Perkinson White
Perkinson  Joel Langford  Henrietta 30 Dec 1844   Lewis Tally White
Perkinson  Joseph H Talley  Syntha 15 Nov 1851   William T. Rose White
Perkinson  Levi Walker  Nancy 21 Dec 1796   Jesse Perkinson White
Perkinson  Levi C Hicks  M E 09 Apr 1855   E. T. Rice White
Perkinson  Moses Hicks  Esther 13 Apr 1866 13 Apr 1866 Levi Tally Colored
Perkinson  Nathaniel Smithwick  Cealy E 12 Nov 1840   Joshua Paschall White
Perkinson  Peter Palmer  Rebecca 25 Dec 1866   L. C. Perkinson Colored
Perkinson  Robert J Talley  Susan A 13 Jun 1854   W. R. Perkinson White
Perkinson  Robert J Perkinson  Emma M 15 Dec 1866   N. A. Purefoy White
Perkinson  Seth Williams  Mary 31 Oct 1827   Jesse C. Perkinson White
Perkinson  Travis Walker  Cintha 01 Oct 1811   Eli Perkinson White
Perkinson  W W Lambert  Amanda F 29 May 1860   L. C. Perkinson White
Perkinson  Wesley Robins  Nancy D 05 Sep 1832   William Falkener White
Perkinson  Wesley Duke  Sarah 25 Oct 1851   Robert J. Perkinson White
Perkinson  Zachariah Vaughan  Anne E 13 Jun 1850   Willis P. White White
Perry Elijah     08 Jun 1818   W. A. K. Falkener White
Perry John Sledge  Elizabeth 04 Nov 1856   Alpheus Bobbitt White
Perry Joseph H Williams  Cynthia 16 Nov 1867   P. Perry Colored
Perry Samuel Williams  Elizabeth 05 Jun 1815   William Hunter White
Perry  Allen Williams  Merina 24 Dec 1866   J. Buxton Williams Colored
Perry  Elijah B Burgess  Sallie 18 Jun 1853   P. T. Norwood White
Perry  Green Johnson  Margaret 10 Oct 1821   Thomas White White
Perry  Henry Green  Elizabeth 15 Feb 1812   William Brown White
Perry  Joshua Kearney  Betsey 17 Dec 1802   William Denson White
Perry  Joshua Gee  Elizabeth H 26 Jul 1851   R. M. Hyman White
Perry  Solomon W Stamper  Sallie D 07 Jun 1859   J. Thomas Cook White
Person  Peterson Yarbrogh  Elisabeth 01 Jan 1789   William Yarbrough White
Person  Peterson Persons  Prisilla 21 Dec 1801   Joel Randolph White
Person  Robert Tillman  Malinda 26 Dec 1866   R. S. F. Peete White
Person  Samuel Powell  Tabitha 25 Mar 1789   Peterson Person White
Person  Turner Sledge  Martha 06 Nov 1821   Amos P. Sledge White
Pettiway  Mark Williams  Martha C. 26 May 1824   Kemp Plummer White
Pettyfoot  Wesley Mason  Rachal 22 Jul 1831   Griffin Evans Colored
Phillips Samuel E  Holaway  Mary P 19 Jun 1828   John W. White White
Phillips  Samuel E Walker  Susan K 19 Jan 1832   William Davis White
Pickerell  Walker Hudson  Mary 22 Jan 1793   James Walker White
Pike  Edward Lancaster  Sarah Jane 09 Dec 1858 09 Dec 1858 David C. Reid White
Pike  Joshua Harris  Patsey 27 Dec 1803   Leonard Harris White
Pike  Lewis Harriss  Ann 25 Dec 1848   Albert Shearin White
Pike  Lewis Parrish  Dolly 15 Mar 1853 15 Mar 1853 Gerilford Duke White
Pike  Samuel Shearin  Wincy 06 Jan 1845   Weldon E. Carter White
Pike  Samuel Shearin  Mary 11 Jan 1826   Henry Shearin White
Pinnell  Jackson Loyd  Frances A 30 Oct 1851   G. Pinnell White
Pinnell  Marian Duke  Narcissa 05 Mar 1847   Zeackiah Edwards White
Pitchford  Aaron Alston  Sarah 18 Apr 1866 18 Apr 1866 T. J. Pitchford Colored
Pitchford  Aaron H Paschall  Wilkey B 29 May 1830   Burwell Pitchford Jr. White
Pitchford  Allen B Lett  Lucy 01 Oct 1839   Daniel Cole White
Pitchford  Armistead Alston  Martha 02 Mar 1867 02 Mar 1867 Thomas J. Pitchford Colored
Pitchford  Burwell Jr. Pitchford  Scintha 15 Jan 1833   Allen B. Pitchford White
Pitchford  Elijah Hardridge  Martha 25 Oct 1805   John M. Johnson White
Pitchford  Hezekiah Johnson  Sally No Date No Date Michael Johnson White
Pitchford  James A Davis  Sallie A 16 Aug 1859   Isham H. Davis White
Pitchford  John Paschall  Rody 11 Feb 1807   George Smith White
Pitchford  Peter Little  Millie 01 Aug 1867   N. A. H. Goddin White
Pitchford  Sterling Davis  Betsey 04 Sep 1809   William G. Macon White
Pitchford  Thomas Pitchford  Martha 23 Mar 1826   Wesley B. Pitchford White
Pitchford  Thomas Cheek  Matilda 20 Mar 1833   John A. Burt White
Pitchford  Thomas J. Plummer  Pattie B. 21 Dec 1863   P. J. Turnbull White
Pitman  John B Snow  Frances 05 Sep 1840   Henry F. Dotch White
Pitman  Merrit Lancaster  Priscilla 06 Sep 1831   Bennett Harris White
Pittallo Augustin Moseley  Elizabeth 18 Sep 1782   Jesse Mosley White
Pittewood Jesse Minge  Eliza A. 31 Mar 1830   Thomas Harris White
Pittillo  James H. Hicks  Lucy B. 06 Dec 1820   George W. T. Blanch White
Pittman  Thomas H Kearney  Sarah Elizabeth 01 Apr 1842   Xanthus Snow White
Pitts  James Stiles  Polley 08 Aug 1785   John Frederick White
Pleasants   Thomas Stewart  Dicy 13 Jul 1830   Samuel Edwards White
Plummer William Hawkins Amy 16 Nov 1867   R. D. Paschall Colored
Plummer  Edward H Fitts  Sallie D 30 Jun 1863   James B. Batchlor White
Plummer  Henry L Falkener  Sarah D 03 Jun 1828   Benjamin E. Person White
Plummer  James K Henderson  Mary B 25 Sep 1866 25 Sep 1866 Joseph W. Murphy White
Plummer  John Love Burwell  Ara 17 Nov 1865   David Parrish White
Plummer  Ralph Plummer  Rela 26 Dec 1865   William A. K. Faulkener Colored
Plummer  Thomas Jerman  Susan 25 Dec 1865   Austin Plummer Colored
Plummer  Thomas G Hunter  Asia M 13 Nov 1835   Kemp Plummer White
Plummer  William Bowser  Catharine 14 Jul 1866 14 Jul 1866 Thomas G. Plummer Colored
Plunkett  Achelles Mordecai  Caroline 18 Dec 1820   John D. Plunkett White
Poe  Hasten Paine  Elizabeth 18 Sep 1804   Robert Flemming White
Poe  Jacob F. Paine  Rebeca 17 Nov 1806   James Paine White
Polk  William F. Williams  Lucy E 13 Jul 1854   William F. Allan White
Pool  William Stewart  Mary E 30 May 1866 30 May 1866 John E. Dugger White
Poole  John W Williams  Georganna 23 Apr 1862   John E. Dugger White
Pope  Humphrey Bell  Elizabeth 21 Dec 1787   John Pope White
Pope  James T Tunstall  Mariam G 02 Jun 1849   John V. Cawthorn White
Pope  Manuel Wright Powell  Henrietta 21 Mar 1866 21 Mar 1866 M. C. Batchelor White
Pope  Philip C. Cochran  Mary D. 06 Apr 1813   Thomas B. Gloster White
Postell  E. C. Collins  A E 02 Nov 1857 02 Nov 1857 Henry Fitts White
Powell  Abner Brintle Daisy 22 Mar 1782   John Ballard White
Powell  Andrew Powell  Esther 19 Apr 1867 19 Apr 1867 Benjamin F. Powell Colored
Powell  Cader Foote