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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know. 

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
Gains Salley Milam  Cyress 19 Apr 1867 19 Apr 1867 John O. Drake Colored
Gardener  Elizabeth Tanner  Joseph 15 Jan 1812   Joel Terrell Jr. White
Gardner  Martha P Talley  Guilford 11 Jan 1826   Mathew M. Drake White
Gardner  Sarah Powell  Thomas 14 Nov 1797   Caleb Capps White
Garland Christian B Garland David S 28 Jan 1832   Joshua Davis White
Garnes Sarah Harvey George 01 Apr 1867 01 Apr 1867 William Wallace White Colored
Garret  Elizabeth Stone  Merideth 07 Feb 1826   Charles Haskins White
Garrett  Lethe Woodlief  Robert 04 Apr 1833   Thomas Coghill White
Garrott  Mary Powell  Judge 11 May 1835   Abel Garrett White
Garrott  Nancy Parham  Samuel 28 Mar 1797   David Duke White
Gee Caroline R. Jackson F. L. 18 May 1846   Peter J. Turnbull White
Gee  Elizabeth H Perry  Joshua 26 Jul 1851   R. M. Hyman White
George Elizabeth Clary John 28 Feb 1826   Thomas Paine White
George Martha Clary Benjamin 31 Oct 1821   Charles Thomas White
George Mary Cyphrus William 13 Jul 1850   Richard Slegall Colored
George Mary Bagnal James 26 Oct 1825   Benjamine Johnston White
George Mary Baynor James 26 Oct 1825   Benjamin Johnson White
George  Amelia S. Thompson Randolph 03 Apr 1817   John Minor White
George  Rebecca Lampkin  Matthew 19 Feb 1824   Green Jenkins White
Gholdson  Martha F Vaughan  Frederick C 27 Mar 1854   W. M. Wilson White
Gholson Elizabeth Hagood James W 20 Jan 1855   Robert H. White White
Gibbs  Lucy B. Rivers Richard 19 Apr 1808   Willis Arrington White
Gibson Anne Ellis John 24 Nov 1779   William Parks White
Gill  Betsey  Neal  Moses 22 Jan 1785    Isaac Gill White
Gill  Fluoy Ogburn  Charles W 13 Dec 1853   Charles R. Edmondson White
Gill  Sarah E Paschall  J William Henry 23 Apr 1866 23 Apr 1866 John R. Turnbull White
Gill  Sarah E. Paschall  William Henry 23 Apr 1866   John R. Turnbull White
Given Rebecca Baskett Pleasant 12 Mar1830   Peter R. Davis White
Given Susan Bobbitt Miles 19 Oct 1814   Turner Jenkins White
Glo___ Sally Brickell Thomas 25 Jun 1807   Joshua Archer White
Glover  Mary Thomas Richard 03 Oct 1783   David Thomas White
Glover  Rebecca Salmon  Jonathan 19 Nov 1803   Willis Coleman White
Glover  Rebecca Rivers Joshua 29 Jun 1805     White
Godfrey  Elizabeth Pardue  John 21 Dec 1802   Sylvester Nichols White
Godfrey  Sally Pardue  Thomas 10 Aug 1802     White
Golson  Permelia P Wade  Thomas W 26 Feb 1861   Jeremiah Hawks White
Good Nancy Baker Lundsford 26 Nov 1833   Edward Williams White
Good  Elizabeth Morgan Mark 05 Mar 1793   Daniel Mills White
Good  Mary Mills  Daniel 02 Aug 1791   Benjamine Bradley White
Goode Mariah Foote Jerry 24 Dec 1866   J. M. Brame Colored
Goode  Eliza C. Short  Federick 06 Dec 1823   Samuel Simmons White
Gooden  Mary Frances Williams Haywood 21 Jul 1866 21 Jul 1866 Lewis D. Goodloe Colored
Goodman  Jincy Salmon  Jonathan 28 Dec 1816   John Honorton White
Goodrich Elizabeth Hudson John 10 Dec 1788   Jesse Acock White
Goodwin Phillis Green  Simon 10 Aug 1867   Thomas A. Montgomery White
Goodwin  Mary Lewsy  Thomas 28 Nov 1865   Ketchin Harper White
Goosley  Margiana M Randolph  John 19 Sep 1845   John F. Jordan White
Gordan Ann Macon John C. 01 Feb1830   William F. Tucker White
Gordan  Eliza Slade  Thomas P 28 Oct1830   Edwin E. Slade White
Gordin  Martha Stegall  James 28 Dec 1829   Willis Steagull White
Gordon Elizabeth Algier Robert 08 Jan 1831      
Gordon Tempy Hudson Henry 05 Jul 1797   William Thompson White
Gosee Nelley Davis Robert 31 Mar 1795   John Gosee White
Gotney  Nancey Thomas John 07 Oct1830   Jesse Stegall White
Granger Anna Crittington John 02 Nov 1801   John Cunningham White
Grant Martha W. Johnston William L. 30 Apr 1849   A. B. Prince White
Graves  Frances Price  William 01 Nov 1784   Ephraim Price White
Gray Sarah Beckham Stephen 22 Nov 1804   Solomon Beckham White
Gray  Delilah Matthews  Hopkins 28 Mar 1833   Green D. Jenkins White
Gray  Elizabeth Raney  Thomas H. 02 Feb 1808   Joseph Bradley White
Gray  Elizabeth Wilson Hartwell 24 Oct 1837   James Stainback White
Grayard Polly Fortner Edmond 02 Jul 1831   Short Kimbell White
Green Ann Hudson Henry 04 Aug 1782   John Scott White
Green Ann Davis Thomas H. 04 Nov 1806   Cole Hazard White
Green Brina Reed James 29 Aug 1807   Allen Green Colored
Green Cordelia Jenkins John 07 Mar 1866   Joseph Gholson Colored
Green Druscilla Brodie William L. 02 May 1853   John W. White White
Green Joanna Falkener Isaac 23 May 1866 23 May 1866 James Y. Christmas Colored
Green Laura Durham Haywood 23 Nov 1865 23 Nov 1865 William J. White Colored
Green Lizzie M. Henderson Leonard 25 Aug 1863   Nathaniel R. Jones White
Green Lucretia Evans Archabald 29 Dec 1823   Mins Guy Colored
Green Martha Jones William E. 05 Oct 1848   R. C. Pritchard White
Green Martha Evans James 31 Aug 1840   William Toney Colored
Green Mary Green Isham 23 Apr 1777     White
Green Mary E Dugger Daniel 20 Mar 1834   Stephen Davis White
Green Mary P Green William A 14 Dec 1841   M. W. Williams Colored
Green Nancy Carr Albert 06 Aug 1841   Joseph Speed Jones Colored
Green Nancy Artist Amos 09 Jan 1854   James Dunston Colored
Green Nancy Dye George W. 19 Dec 1813   Archibald Brown White
Green Nelly Christmas John 01 Aug 1866 01 Aug 1866 Frank T. Green Colored
Green Patience Hawkins Nathaniel 01 Apr 1863 (Cohabitation marr.) James C. Robinson Colored
Green Patsey Burrow Thomas 14 Dec 1788   George Dardin White
Green Polley Bobbitt James 10 Feb 1809   Abraham Clanton White
Green Polley Crawley David 28 Feb 1782   William Green White
Green Prissilla Green Thomas 06 Feb 1849   Peter R. Davis Colored
Green Salley Jinkins Green 27 Dec 1802   Plasant Fowler White
Green Sarah Bell John 28 Nov 1764      
Green   Cheek   No Date     White
Green  Ann Springer  John 09 Dec 1783   William Green White
Green  Elizabeth Perry  Henry 15 Feb 1812   William Brown White
Green  Elizabeth West  John W 19 Aug 1835   Oscar Alston Colored
Green  Fannie C Sledd  R N 25 Aug 1855   W. T. Bailey White
Green  Mary Macon Gideon Hunt 06 Jul 1779   Thomas Christmas White
Green  Mary Wilkins  Patrick 16 Jan 1847   Daniel Daily Colored
Green  Mary Myrick  Owen 18 Feb 1804   Jordan Warsham White
Green  Nancy Long  John S. 10 May 1811   Dennis O'Bryan White
Green  Polly Obryan  Dennis 21 Jun 1811   Stephen Davis White
Green  Pricilla Lowry  Samuel 28 Jan 1826   Moses Wadkins Colored
Green  Rachel Myrick  Gilles 14 Mar 1865 14 Mar 1865 A. B. Long Colored
Green  Rebecca Watson  Lewis 21 May 1866 21 May 1866 William T. Alston Colored
Green  Sally Parish  Edward 21 Dec 1821   Churchwell Bartlet White
Green  Sarah Ward  Seth 15 Nov 1806   James Moss White
Green  Sarah T. Yancey  Henry 10 Apr 1813   Robert R. Johnson White
Green  Susan Kendrick  James 30 Aug 1827   Robert J. Williams White
Green  Violet Pattillo  Israel 28 Dec 1866   John Pattillo Colored
Greene Jane E Guerrant William P 17 Dec 1857   G. H. Goodloe White
Greyard  Betsey Smith John 12 Aug 1796   John Hicks White
Griffice Rebecca H Smith Asa G 02 Jan1850   Abner Mosely White
Griffin  Lucy Stainback  James W. 13 Jan 1812   Harnson Fussell White
Griffis Elizabeth Cannon Willis 20 Apr 1849   James A. Taylor White
Griffis  Martha Taylor  Robert 26 Aug 1841   Samuel Griffis White
Grizzard  Mary A Whitehorn  Richard 08 Sep 1852 08 Sep 1852 James A. Grizzard White
Guarns  Margarett Mayo  Henry 17 Oct 1809   Richard Russell Colored
Gui Marey Macklin  George 16 Jan 1840   Richard Drew Colored
Guine Elizabeth Beckham Solomon 06 Aug 1796 06 Aug 1796 George Allen White
Guise Jane Burke Luke 24 Nov 1824   Willis Guise White
Gunn Dolly Duke Myrick 09 Oct 1811   Thomas Davis White
Gunn Tabitha Ellis Hicks 29 Aug 1810   Henry Fitts White
Gurley Salley Brogdon John No Date No Date Kimbell White
Guy Martha Dunston Richard 26 Jan 1839   George Curtis Colored
Guyan Julia Evans Nathaniel 22 Dec 1848   Ebenezar Cypress Colored
Guye Patsey Guye Hansel 14 Dec 1826   Joseph Evans Colored
Gwinn Mary Maddry Darling 18 Aug 1783   Charles Ellems White
Gwyn  Salley Williford  Theopolius 24 May 1787   William Gwin White

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