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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know.  

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
GROOMS BRIDES images    
Abbot John Pardue Delia 25 Dec 1811   Anthony Dowtin White
Abbot Macon Askew Meranda 19 Mar 1856 19 Mar 1856 M. R. Pernell White
Abernathy Sidney S Allen Bettie E 20 Dec 1867   William White White
Acock Abner Harper Sarah 07 Jul 1778     White
Acock Abner Bartlett Sarah 1 Oct 1854   John H. Hawkins White
Acock Ransom Dowtin Elizabeth 30 Jul 1802   Peterson Person White
Acock Robert Blanchett Mary 25 Jul 1780   Abner Acock White
Acree James Meadows Scinthia 06 Sep 1842   William H. Shearin White
Acree John Nicholson Martha 9 Oct 1810   Jno Bellamy White
Acree Joseph Marcus Milley 6 Dec 1806   Atkins McLemore White
Acree Joshua Mitchell Lydianna 14 Nov 1809   Benjamin Colclough White
Acree Shearin Russell Susanah 15 Apr 1793   Isaac Acree White
Acree Thomas Jones Rackey 21 Jan 1813   Philemon Hawkins White
Acree Willie Moody Minerva 23 Dec 1826   Thomas Bell White
Acrey Abraham Colcolough Fanney 12 Nov 1793   Isaac Acree White
Adams David Coleman Rebukah 18 Aug 1796 18 Aug 1796 Thomas Brodway White
Adams David Kimbell Patsey 24 Apr 1821   John Kimbell White
Adams John A Stokes Silvey 07 Oct 1852 07 Oct 1852 A. F. Johnson White
Adams Thomas Ellis Abigal 15 Sep 1781   William Ellis White
Adkins James Short Susan 01 Nov 1860 01 Nov 1860 Isaac Loyd White
Aikin Thomas Brown Susan 27 Aug 1833   Dudley Mingey White
Alexander Ellick Somerville Cora 08 Sep 1865 08 Sep 1865 Roderick Somerville Colored
Alexander Ferry Jefferson Jinney 21 Dec 1866   James T. Russell Colored
Alexander John Robertson Lucy 08 Sep 1812   Benjamin Riggon White
Alexander Mark Turner Sally P. 20 May 1831   Peter Mitchell White
Alexander Robert Smith Elizabeth 19 Apr 1788      
Alford Warren Ward Betty 25 Nov 1776      
Algard David Roberds Mary

01 Mar 1833

Algier Robert Gordon Elizabeth 08 Jan 1831      
Algood Samuel     09 Apr 1866      
Allen Charles Turner Jiney W 23 Nov 1822   Stephen Turner White
Allen Charles  Tunstall Mary C 10 Dec 1813   John H. Hawkins White
Allen Charles Jr Jenkins Patty 19 Sep 1781   John Jenkins White
Allen Edmond Watson Sally P. 28 Dec 1830   Lewis Turner White
Allen Francis D Coleman Nancy E 30 Aug 1819   Richard Allen White
Allen George Carroll Ellen 04 Aug 1866 04 Aug 1866 George R. Sledge Colored
Allen George Ray Salley 04 Feb 1790   Richard Marshall White
Allen George M Yancey Harriet J 13 Jan 1829   John V. Cawthorn White
Allen Grant Marshall Tabitha 29 Jan 1783   John Wortham White
Allen Henry Walker Nancey 19 Dec 1809   Henlsey Turner White
Allen Henry T Stiner  Mary Ann 21 Nov 1836   John G. Yancey White
Allen Ira Powell Mary 22 Dec 1813   T. H. Person White
Allen James Macon Mary H. 08 Jul 1813   Peter R. Davis White
Allen John Vanlandingham Winnefred 02 Mar 1805   Philemon Hawkins White
Allen John Plummer Mollie 22 Sep 1867   William Wallace Whited White
Allen John Davis Polley 24 Feb 1800   Wyhatt Williams White
Allen Lewis Champion Susanna 05 Jun 1867   F. H. Joyner Colored
Allen M. C. Tomlinson Ronia 27 Sep 1862   Jno M. Wilson White
Allen Michael Cawdle Nanney 19 Sep 1783   Benjamin Stiles White
Allen Nathaniel Powell Mary E 14 Mar 1859   Jno C. McCraw White
Allen Richard Pride Nancy 06 Jan 1808   James Allen White
Allen Sandford G. Allen Nancy 29 May 1829   Gordon Cawthorn White
Allen Thomas Baxter Elizabeth 30 Dec 1800   Thad Murray White
Allen Turner Watson Elizabeth 06 Nov 1832   John Stainback White
Allen Turner Montgomery Martha 18 Jan 1828   Zackariah Wright White
Allen William Williams Sarah 05 Apr 1788   John Dowton White
Alley James Connell Ann P. 22 Dec 1813   Benjamin Hawkins White
Alsobrook Lunsford Eaton Temperance B 07 Jun 1826     White
Alston Adam Alston Pattie 2 Jan 1867   J. Buxton Williams Colored
Alston Alfred Kearney Polly D 20 Apr 1853 20 Apr 1853 Robert Burton White
Alston Alfred Plummer Mary A. 23 Sep 1813   John M. Johnson White
Alston Anderson Alston Miranda 26 Dec 1865   W. T. Alston Colored
Alston Auguston Macon Martha 27 Jul 1813   Thomas Allen White
Alston Augustus Hawkins Mary A 18 Nov 1829   John B. Somerville White
Alston Brister Alston Susan 09 Mar 1867 09 Mar 1867 William F. Alston Colored
Alston Buckner Clements Lucy 14 Nov 1866 14 Nov 1866 J. F. Rice Colored
Alston Eaton Williams Sally Ann 26 Feb 1867 26 Feb 1867 J. Buxton Williams Colored
Alston Frank Alston Mary A E 23 Jul 1866      
Alston George W. Williams Marina P 14 Feb 1829   James J. Alston White
Alston George W. Alston Bettie Faulcom 16 Oct 1867   G. Moone Colored
Alston Gideon Alston Alston, Evelina 07 Feb 1832   W. H. Williams White
Alston Isham Williams Margaret 26 Aug 1867   J. Buxton Williams Colored
Alston James Kearney Salley 23 Jan 1780 23 Jan 1780 Isaac Acree White
Alston James Burgess Louisa 30 Mar 1867 30 Mar 1867 Robert W. Alston Colored
Alston James J. Somerville Mariah A 17 Oct 1866 17 Oct 1866 William Hodges White
Alston James W. Terrell Laura C 27 Apr 1865   N. A. Purefoy White
Alston Jesse A. Newell Mary A T 11 Feb 1841   F. A. A. Bobbitt White
Alston Joseph Williams Pleasant 13 Feb 1867   J. Buxton Williams Colored
Alston Nathaniel M. Williams Martha 22 Dec 1829      
Alston Nelson Alston Lucinda 28 Dec 1866   J. Buxton Williams Colored
Alston Robert Alston Ann Maria 18 Oct 1836   Solomon Williams White
Alston Roden Williams Judy 22 Jan 1867   J. Buxton Williams Colored
Alston Thomas N. F. Brodie Mary R 25 Oct 1834   Jno. B. Williams White
Alston Thomas P. Newell Sarah A M 21 Jul 1856   Thomas H. Christmas White
Alston Wake Williams Matilda 26 Oct 1867   Edward Engles Colored
Alston William Williams Nancy 15 Mar 1867   Henry Harrison Colored
Alston William T. Eaton Laura 14 Oct 1851 14 Oct 1851 Benjamin Williams White
Amis Junius Hawkins Henrietta 19 Aug 1837   R. Land White
Amis Junius (James) Hawkins Celistia 29 Oct 1831   Nathaniel T. Green White
Amis Thomas Davis Sarah 22 Dec 1834   Joseph J. Bell White
Anderson Martin Kersey Barbary 30 Dec 1828   William Evans Colored
Anderson Robert F. Anderson Kennis 28 Mar 1856 28 Mar 1856 Henry Nicholson White
Andrews Abraham Sims Nancy No Date   Allen Sims White
Andrews Benjamin A. Munsford Narcissa 28 Mar 1836   Edwin Ashley White
Andrews Burwell G. Ogburn Mary Ann 24 Nov 1817   Armstead Blankinship White
Andrews Drury Power Henrietta 23 Dec 1801   James Caller White
Andrews Green Ward Polley 17 Jan 1804   James Harrison White
Andrews Green Ransom Mercilla 21 Mar 1780   Joseph Ward White
Andrews Henry Moore Martha E 04 Nov 1841   Henry Andrews White
Andrews John Fleming Elizabeth 21 Jan 1800   John P. Andrews White
Andrews John Paschall Ellen A 22 Jan 1829   William E. Mayfield White
Andrews John W. Fleming Susan A 20 Dec 1858 20 Dec 1858 John W. H. Paschall White
Andrews Lankson C. Hudson Sarah A 06 Feb 1846 06 Feb 1846 Drury Gill White
Andrews Lawry Andrews Nancy[Mrs] 15 Mar 1821   Elisha Andrews White
Anstead Henry Mann Elizabeth 02 Mar 1807   Joseph Anstead White
Archer William T. James Sally 28 Mar 1836   Jesse Pithford White
Armistead King Hicks Lucy 30 Jun 1860      
Arnold John Brogdon Elisabeth 21 Jul 1786   Charles Asque White
Arrington Gideon Carter Rhody 20 Dec 1826   Lewis Macon White
Arrington Henry Powell Caroline 27 Nov 1837   Edwin D. Drake White
Arrington John Boyd Mary A 02 Apr 1850   Thomas L. Campbell White
Arrington Peter W. Watson Alice A 03 Nov 1866 03 Nov 1866 R. T. Arrington White
Arrington Richard Johnson Maria D. 09 Feb 1810   Sugan Johnson White
Arrington Richard T. Plummer Bettie J 31 Oct 1853 31 Oct 1853 David C. Hall White
Arrington Samuel P. Eaton Sue 06 May 1858   Thomas D. Williams White
Arrington Samuel P. White Hannah B 11 Dec 1860 11 Dec 1860 M. M. Ward White
Arrington William W. Southall Nancy 13 Oct 1828   Joel Rosser White
Artist Amos Green Nancy 09 Jan 1854   James Dunston Colored
Artist Jack Mills Roberta 27 Nov 1860 27 Nov 1860 Alford Alston Colored
Artist Robertson Williams Louisa 26 Feb 1867 26 Feb 1867 John W. Riggan Colored
Ascue John Nicholson Martha 07 Oct 1830      
Ascue Joseph Marcus Milly 06 Dec 1806      
Ascue Thomas Jones Rackey 21 Jan 1813      
Ashe Edward Toney Martha 15 Jul 1830   Green D. Jenkins Colored
Ashe Lewis Carter Elizabeth 02 Mar 1859   Ridley Browne Colored
Ashe Noah Cheek Rosa 02 Dec 1865   W. C. Williams Colored
Askew George Lemon Christian 17 Dec 1818   John L. Ward White
Askew John Dickerson  Fereby 07 May 1831   John Williams White
Askew John Vanlandingham Nancy 20 Oct 1846   James Cattwell White
Askew Osborne L. Collier Louisa 25 Nov 1867   J. P. Penny White
Askew Willis Falkener Miranda 27 Dec 1865 27 Dec 1865 James A. Egerton Colored
Askue John Askew Betsey 28 Jun 1831   Plummer Peebles White
Asslien David Shearin Martha 10 Nov 1801   Charles Bell White
Averett James M. Rice Nancy 06 Sep 1825   Hutchen G. Burton White
Austin Octavus Burgess Pattie A 29 Sep 1855 29 Sep 1855 W. T. Alston White
Avent Thomas W. Williams Mary E 15 Dec 1838   William T. Williams White
Avery William Fanny Senter 19 Dec 1813   John Burgess White
Aycock Abner Bartlett Sarah 01 Nov 1854   William H. White White
Aycock Abner White Nancy 16 Nov 1829   Lucus Lancaster White
Aycock Augustus L. Aycock Mary M 02 Jan 1854 02 Jan 1854 Isham H. Bassett White
Aycock Clabour Arrington Nancy 09 Mar 1825      
Aycock Doctor L. Bennett Lucetta W 22 Dec 1851 22 Dec 1851 Ambrose Aycock White
Aycock Henry Blackburn Elizabeth 05 Dec 1828   Abner Acock White
Aycock Henry Bennett Maria 18 Apr 1836   Abner Acock White
Aycock Henry H. Balthrop Nancy 02 Jan 1805   Mark Harwell White
Aycock John T. Shearin Martha B 13 Feb 1844      
Aycock Joseph H. King Amy 01 Mar 1828      
Aycock Ransome Patrick Taba. 18 May 1818      
Aycock Robert L. Christial Emily 28 Jan 1853   Joseph Read White
Aycock Samuel Sledge Lucy 02 Feb 1820   Arthur Davis White
Aycock Samuel Connell Sally Ann 27 Nov 1860 27 Nov 1860 R. T. Aycock White
Ayscue W. E. Lancaster Amanda 17 Oct 1859   Samuel Duke White
Azlien Samuel Shearin Amey 20 Dec 1803     White


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