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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know.    

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
Daly  Carolina Montgomery  Benjamin S 18 Jun 1846   Thomas A. Montgomery White
Daly  Mary E Stewart  James W 15 Nov 1849   Edmond Kearsey White
Daniel C. G. Fleming Robert R. 26 Feb 1867   Charles J. Flemming White
Daniel Elizabeth Newell  Thomas 06 Nov 1782   John Newell White
Daniel Harret W. Balthrop John W. 28 Aug 1838   Daniel Sherin White
Daniel Mary Brasell William 31 Oct 1829   James Daniel White
Daniel Roxana Harris Harvel 30 Sep 1844   James M. Daniel White
Daniel Sarah A. C. Jackson Leroy 08 Jan 1836   James M. Daniel White
Daniel  Charlotte Shearin John R 09 Dec 1834   Drury E. Brown White
Daniel  Elizabeth Smith Daniel No Date No Date Samuel Smith White
Daniel  Emily A Stallings  Hilliard 15 Jan 1834   James M. Daniel White
Daniel  Frances Smith Edmond 30 Dec 1808   Thomas Daniel White
Daniel  Joice Ann Kee   Simeon M 22 Jan 1838   James M. Daniel White
Daniel  Maggie Lee  Micajah 24 Dec 1866   R. Browne Colored
Daniel  Nancy Moss  Howell 28 Jan 1791   John Daniel White
Darden Amy Harthon Hardaway 29 Jul 1796   Gideon Pegram White
Dardon Martha Harris Simon No Date   Robert Harris White
Darnald  Henrietta Smith George 20 Aug 1844     White
Darnald  Lewse Wood Isaac 10 Apr 1799   John Darnal White
Darnall  Ann M E Turner  Henry 19 Dec 1854   Thomas H. White White
Darnel Sarah Bolton Matthew 30 Jun 1806   John Darnel White
Darnell Nancy Coleman Carter 14 Oct 1824   Thomas Tally White
Darnell  Emily A Williams Henderson 21 Dec 1852   Drury Gill White
Darnell  Harriet Salmon  Reuben 01 Oct 1842   Frederick King White
Darnell  Priscilla Stevenson  Richard 04 Feb 1834   Green B. Jenkins White
Darnold  Elizabeth King  Ransom 03 Nov 1824   James O'K Mayfield White
Darnoll Fanny Felts Edward 04 Dec 1832 04 Dec 1832 Kinchen Felts White
Darrell  Martha King  Baxter 13 Dec 1826   Hezkiah Coleman White
Darrnald  Poly Smith James L. 29 Dec 1818   Richard Omary White
Davies  Holly B. Taylor  James 18 Jul 1809   John Alston White
Davis Caroline Hall Wesley 14 Jul 1866   Tim King Colored
Davis Eliza Terry Ellick 06 Sep 1867   James T. Rissell Colored
Davis Eliza Harris Ransom 11 Dec 1832   Benjamin Jordan White
Davis Elizabeth C. Christmas Thomas H. 08 Feb 1817   Robert R. Johnson White
Davis Frances Davis Eaton 12 May 1866 12 May 1866 John W. Pattillo Colored
Davis Lucy Davis Nelson 04 Jun 1866 04 Jun 1866 John W. Pattillo Colored
Davis Lucy Ann Cole Zebulon M. P. 08 Nov 1845   F. A. Thornton White
Davis Martha Bobbitt Miles 01 Jan 1827   James Martin White
Davis Martha Hogwood James 31 Mar 1821   Edward White White
Davis Mary Harris James H 04 Jan 1860   W. A. J. Nicholson White
Davis Mary Hogwood William 15 Jul 1798   John C. Green White
Davis Mary J Eaton James W 14 Apr 1838   Joseph B. Summerville White
Davis Mary S Hicks Lewis 11 Dec 1840   John L. Foot White
Davis Nancy Fleming John H 27 Oct 1838   George Flemming Jr. White
Davis Nancy D. Fleming Simon 14 Dec 1825   Matthew M. Drake White
Davis Polley Allen John 24 Feb 1800   Wyhatt Williams White
Davis Quinny Fleming Thomas 16 Dec 1817   David Dancy White
Davis Rebecca D. Johnson John W. 11 Mar 1830   John Langly White
Davis Sabina Carr Richard 08 Aug 1867   A. S. Steed Colored
Davis Sally Betty Henry 180_   William Powell White
Davis Sarah Cheek William 03 May 1867 03 May 1867 W. W. Williams Colored
Davis Sarah Harris Randolph 08 Nov 1809   John Mealor White
Davis Sarah Amis Thomas 22 Dec 1834   Joseph J. Bell White
Davis Sarah B. Ellis Ephram 18 Nov 1809   Eley Perkinson White
Davis Silvia Hagood William 15 Jan 1786   Moses Bennett White
Davis Susanna Hazard Lewis 21 Dec 1799   Nathaniel Baster White
Davis Temperance Duke Mark C. 26 Apr 1809   John Maclin White
Davis  Amanda C Wright James L 24 Nov 1852   Wesley W. Ward White
Davis  Amanda C. Wright James L. 24 Nov 1852 24 Nov 1852 Wesley W. Ward White
Davis  Ann E Owen  Hugh G 28 Dec 1840   James Y. Walker White
Davis  Betsey Pitchford  Sterling 04 Sep 1809   William G. Macon White
Davis  Charity Kearney Haywood 14 Nov 1867   John S. Cheek Colored
Davis  Dionitia Moss  Richard 20 Jun 1840   James M. Williams White
Davis  Elizabeth Kimball  Joseph 24 Dec 1807   Ransom Kimbell White
Davis  Jane Powell  William 29 Oct 1811   Robert R. Ruffin White
Davis  Louisa Williams Norvel 16 Aug 1866   William Hodges White
Davis  Lucy Massenburg  Nicholas 05 Nov 1831   Edward Alston White
Davis  Mariah Sledge  John W. 14 Dec 1822   Amos P. Sledge White
Davis  Mary Merryman  P R 04 Sep 1851   Samuel R. Hunt White
Davis  Mary A Peete  R S F 22 Oct 1860   T. G. Love White
Davis  Mary H. Macon Albert G. 29 Sep 1824   John V Cawthorn White
Davis  Mary T Rowland  Thaddeus B 17 Sep 1829   John Wiggins White
Davis  Nancey Powell  John 14 Feb 1804   Richard Bennit White
Davis  Nancy Poynor John 15 Apr 1799   Benjamin Moss White
Davis  Nancy King  James 25 Aug 1813   William Andrews White
Davis  Polly Kearney  Edward 05 Jun 1815   Doctor G. Williams White
Davis  Rebeckah A. Williams William C. 26 Jun 1819   Richard Allen Colored
Davis  Sallie A Pitchford  James A 16 Aug 1859   Isham H. Davis White
Davis  Tabathy Sledge  Turner 26 Jul 1809   John Williams White
Davis  Temperance D  Norwood    Benjamin Jr 28 Nov 1826    Sherwood Green White
Davis  Thamer Stallings  Solomon 03 Sep 1822   Josiah Stallings White
Davis  Winefred P. Kimball  Bartholomew 13 Dec 1825   not listed White
Dawsey  Polley Williams Charles 09 Aug 1799   Charles McGee White
Dawson  Polly Robertson  Henry 22 Apr 1801   John Gardener White
Day Caty Green Joseph 15 Jun 1809   George Norsworthy White
Day  Rebecca Walden  Thomas 17 Mar 1818   John M. Johnson White
Dean  Lucy Stokes  William 21 Dec 1808   William Wooten White
Deloney  Susan J Parham  Henry Gee 26 Dec 1843   B. H. Stammer White
Denkins  Mary Smith Jack 17 Sep 1785 17 Sep 1785 Daniel Smith White
Dent Elizabeth House Lott 29 May 1792   Brittain Nicholson White
Dent Susanah Fain Joel 16 Dec 1794   William Allen White
Derby  Minerva Magers  William 18 Oct 1826   Thomas Jefferson Green White
Derham Susanah Johnson Joseph 04 Mar 1791   James Baxter White
Desch  Elizabeth Simmons  Abijah 19 May 1838   Thomas J. Jenkins White
Dickens  Rebecca Mills  Abner 24 Jun 1809     White
Dickerson  Fereby Askew John 07 May 1831   John Williams White
Dickerson Charlottee Duty Warren 19 Mar 1825   James Robertson White
Dickerson Delia Edwards Jeremiah 14 Dec 1793   Griffin Dickerson White
Dickerson  Mary Eliza Roberts James W 03 Feb 1863   Thomas Stainback White
Dike  Patsey Langford  John 25 Jul 1787   William Beckham White
Dinckins Polly Coclough James 25 Nov 1817 no image William Hicks White
Dinkins Martha Kendrick James No Date   John Smith White
Dinkins Rebecca Felts Kinchin 01 Jan 1820   Thomas Ball White
Dobbin Sally Bobbitt Kinchen 13 Jan 1833   John Shearin White
Dobbins Elizabeth Jenkins Belfield 21 Dec 1838   Benjamin Jenkins White
Dobbins  Jane Writtenbury  Isham H 12 Jul 1831   Hugh L. Griffis White
Dobkins Elizabeth D. Brown John E. 24 Feb 1852   C. N. Riggan White
Dodson Holley Hargrove William 12 Feb 1798   William Turner White
Dortch  Fanny Wright Lewis 12 Dec 1806     White
Dortch  Mariah Vaughan  William 22 Sep 1841   Neverly B. Vaughan White
Dortch  Sally Poythress  David 15 Mar 1848   George S. Moss White
Douglass  Mildred Rottenberry Daniel 19 Apr 1810   Matthew Bolton White
Dowden Elizabeth Bobbitt John 19 Mar 1796   S. J. Green White
Dowden Lucy Harris Bennett 25 Sep 1810   John Lancaster White
Dowell  Suckey Smith Williamson 09 Jun 1809   Jacob Coleman White
Dowland Darkie Capps Henry 11 Dec 1837   Daniel Burchett White
Dowland Drakes Capps Henry B. 11 Dec 1837   Daniel Burchett White
Dowland  Suasan Paschall  William E 29 Nov 1838   Darnell Taylor White
Dowlen  Nancy Marshall  Josiah 11 Aug 1803   Samuel Marshall White
Dowlin Martha Felts James No Date   Randolph Felts White
Dowlin Polly Felts John 21 Dec 1805   William Fitts White
Dowlin  Mary Taylor  James 21 Nov 1829     White
Dowling Elizabeth Fleming Solomon 06 Feb 1838   George Flemming White
Dowten  Mariah Stallings  Josiah 17 Dec 1816   Rodwick Bigaloe White
Dowten  Winnifred Verser  Nathan 22 Dec 1813   John Verser White
Dowtin Elizabeth Acock Ransom 30 Jul 1802   Peterson Person White
Dowtin Hannah Dowtin Richard 24 Dec 1865     Colored
Dowtin Martha Ann Bobbitt Samuel 25 Dec 1838   Francis M. Henry White
Dowtin Mary Johnson John H. 05 Jul 1836   William Pardue White
Dowtin Mary Thornton  Willis 05 Nov 1867   R. L. F. Peete Colored
Dowtin Sally Davis Joe 30 Sep 1867 30 Sep 1867 Thomas J. Pitchford Colored
Dowtin  Catharine Wombell  George 29 Nov 1831   David M. Dowtin White
Dowtin  Elizabeth Stallings  William 28 Apr 1830   Isham H. Davis White
Dowtin  Phillis Waddell  Henry 16 Jun 1866 16 Jun 1866 Edward W. Best Colored
Dowtin  Sally Little  Isaac 21 Dec 1842   William L. Harris White
Dowtin  Sarah H Montgomery  Thomas A 11 Jul 1853 11 Jul 1853 Will A. Judkins White
Dowtin   Nancy Nunn   Thomas 30 Jan 1828    Bennett Harris White
Drake Elizabeth Collins Michael 10 Jun 1773     White
Drake Elizabeth Hights Elijah 24 Jan 1838   Edward Power White
Drake Emily R. Christmas Washington 27 Dec 1866   Thomas Reynolds Colored
Drake Sarah Branowske Joseph 24 Aug 1854   Thomas W. Booker White
Drake  Mary A Rogers  George O 22 May 1850   William T. Howard White
Drake  Sallie D Twitty  John E 29 Dec 1863   Simmons Shell White
Drew Daisy Harris Philemon 22 Jan 1816   Jurious Bartel Colored
Drew Elizabeth Jenkins William 03 Nov 1867   William Wallace White Colored
Drew Sarah Burchett Jack 06 Nov 1837   Christopher Roberson Colored
Drew  Anna Scott Isaac 09 Apr 1849   Jesse Garris Colored
Drew  Casiah Stewart  Matthew 20 Jun 1804   Alexander Stewart Colored
Drew  Mary Mayho Hinton 08 Dec 1843   Abraham Seaward Colored
Drew Parthena Brandom Jesse 02 Jul 1822   William Kearsey Colored
Drewry  Patsey Southall  John 26 Sep 1822   Alexander Crossland White
Drummons  Rebecca Linch  Charles 07 Jan 1825   Benjamin Linch White
Drumwright  Ester W Vaughan  Beverly B 14 Sep 1853   J. W. Ezell White
Duglas  Catharine Maclin  Dunell 16 Jun 1857   James Algood White
Duglass  Frances Macklin  Nathaniel 05 Oct 1861   Ephrain Maclin White
Duke A E Fleming W B 24 Oct 1866 24 Oct 1866 B. M. Nicholson White
Duke Amey Bell Joseph H. 17 Dec 1810   Lewis Rose White
Duke Arabella G. Bowdon Andrew J. 28 Jan 1854   John Bowdon Jr. White
Duke Dolley Ann Jones James W. 27 Nov 1860   John S. Cheek White
Duke Elizabeth Harris Robert M 13 Dec 1837   Dury A. Harris White
Duke Elizabeth Hicks Elijah 24 Jan 1838 no image Edward Powers White
Duke Elizabeth Hunt Thomas P. 24 Sep 1802   Archibald Lyttle White
Duke Emeline M. Brickell Nathaniel D. 28 Mar 1836   James L. Walker White
Duke Hen Riter  Bowers James 30 Aug 1797   James Glenn White
Duke Hester C Duke A P 14 Dec 1866   James T. Kyche White
Duke Indiana L Goodloe Henry G 11 Oct 1836     White
Duke Lucy Ann Foster Jordan H 20 Dec 1865 20 Dec 1865 Thomas A. Montgomery White
Duke Mary Bush Jeremiah 02 Jul 1789   Dudley Darnell White
Duke Mary Johnson Benjamin Jr. 21 Dec 1833   Gideon Harton White
Duke Mary C Hawks Benjamin 16 Nov 1843   James Hawks White
Duke Melissa D Hight James B 18 Nov 1843   William Matthews White
Duke Nancy Eaves George 24 Jan 1811   Benjamin Kimbell White
Duke Rebecca Hawks Anthony 21 Dec 1841   Peter D. Paschall White
Duke Salley Ballard Dudley 21 Sep 1782   John Thomas White
Duke Sarah Christmas Thomas 26 Nov 1764   Green Duke White
Duke Sylvia Dunkin Willie 23 Nov 1800   Willie Wood White
Duke  Abigal Thorn Thomas 18 Dec 1804   Daniel Duke White
Duke  Anne King  Charles 18 Nov 1787   Jonathan King White
Duke  Anny R Kurl  Abraham 12 May 1840   William K. Rose White
Duke  Bettie P Rose  Robert F 21 Nov 1857   William P. Rose White
Duke  Elizabeth Turner  Henley 17 Feb 1810   Stephen Turner White
Duke  Elizabeth F Vaughan  John D 11 Jun 1849   John D. Hoyal White
Duke  Fanny Sims  Briggs 25 Feb 1796   Francis Gill White
Duke  Frances King  Wood  19 Sep 1780   William Duke White
Duke  Henrietta Pennell  Albert 25 Nov 1853   M. R. Pennell White
Duke  Holley Sims  Benjamin 09 Mar 1805   Philemon Hawkins White
Duke  Julia Williams Silas 14 Jul 1866   D. Parrish Colored
Duke  Mary A Moss  Howell R 18 May 1864   I. J. Moss White
Duke  Mary P. Yarborough  Henry 24 Oct 1812   George Anderson White
Duke  Narcissa Pinnell  Marian 05 Mar 1847   Zeackiah Edwards White
Duke  Parmelia Martin  John 15 Dec 1829     White
Duke  Rebecca Lanier  Lewis 04 May 1785   Thomas Christmas White
Duke  Rebecca Ward  James 24 Mar 1802   Robert H. Jones White
Duke  Sarah Perkinson  Wesley 25 Oct 1851   Robert J. Perkinson White
Duke  Sarah J Matthews  William 18 Nov 1843   John C. Paschall White
Duking (Dickins) Mary Bush John 25 Jan 1793   William Duking White
Duncan Jeane Madray  Robert 12 Jun 1803   Mallory Smith White
Duncan  Bettie Pegram  M S 17 Sep 1866 5 Jun 1860 J. M. Brame White
Duncan  Elanor Suit  William Sr. 16 Jan 1830   Lin H. Bullock White
Duncan  Elener Suit  William H 16Jan 1830     White
Duncan  Milley Sprunt  James 23 Dec 1783   Joseph Langford White
Dunnavanolaken Polley Bolton Bolling 22 Mar 1782   William Johnson White
Durham Eliza Drew Allecander 29 Jan 1858   Willis Kersey Colored
Durham Julia Drew John 29 Dec 1864   Willis Kersey Colored
Durham Margarette Evans John 23 Dec 1852 23 Dec 1852 Willis Kersey Colored
Durham Mary Felts Rowland 18 Apr 1808   Warrick Hazelwood White
Durham Nancy Kersey  Willis 03 Nov 1856   Alexander Drew Colored
Durham Nancy Durham Solomon 30 Dec 1803   John Riggan White
Durham Susan Harris Robert 04 Aug 1848   Henry Vaughan Colored
Durham  Ann Meadows  Thomas P 03 Feb 1840   Joseph S. Jones White
Durham  Catharine Seward  Abram 25 Oct 1853   Badger Mushaw Colored
Durham  Eliza Mason  John 14 Sep 1844   James Burroughs Colored
Durham  Eliza Sanders James No Date No Date William Durham White
Durham  Jesibel Riggan   John No Date   Zachariah Shearin White
Durham  Mary Shearin Thomas 05 Apr 1806   John Patrick White
Durham  Mary Riggan   John 17 Feb 1836   James T. Brown White
Duty Polly Smith Arthur 27 Nov 1780   James Wilson White
Duty  Elby Pardue  John 26 Aug 1813   William Smith White
Duty  Mary E  Newman  Amacy J  28 May 1857 28 May 1857 James W. Paschall White
Dye Catey Mayfield  Edmond 20 Jul 1787   Martin Dye White
Dye Polly Jackson Wycke 28 Oct 1801   Abrham Mayfield White

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