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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know.    

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
Abbott Polly N Garrott James 14 Apr 1836   James Edward White
Acher Elizabeth Brame Oliver 30 Dec 1823   Asa George  White
Acock Rodey Hudson Thomas 12 Feb 1784   John Hudson White
Acock  Temperance King  Allen 24 Dec 1798   Henry Acock White
Acre Elizabeth Bell William 27 Aug 1832   Willie Acree White
Acre Jane Felts Nathaniel 24 Dec 1818   John Jeffreys White
Acre Mary Harris James P 28 May 1864   William R. Thornton White
Acre  Ann Marlow  Middleton 04 Feb 1822   Edward Pattillo White
Acre  Parthenia Walker  Joseph 05 Feb 1834   Edmund D. Riggan White
Acree Martha Beasley Pitts 11 Nov 1807   James Hudd White
Acree Mary Jeffers James 24 Jan 1810   Thomas Bell Jr. White
Acree  Salley Smith James 11 Jan 1786   John Mosley White
Acrey Martha Baxter John 26 Oct 1799   James Baxter White
Acrey   Citha Nicholson  Macklen  25 May 1824    George Pegram White
Adams Martha Ann Hughes William C 16 Dec 1828   Anthony Dowtin White
Adams  Ann Smiley  James 15 Aug 1832   Carter Nunnery White
Adams  Patsy Wiggins  John G 10 Jun 1857 10 Jun 1857 John W. White White
Adcock  Jane Waller Warren 24 Jan 1840     White
Aikin Sarah Jane Hunt Solomon 06 Mar 1858 06 Mar 1858 Anthony M. Bobbitt White
Akins Elizabeth Bradly William 01 Oct 1788   Phillip Harris White
Alexander Sarah Hopkins John 22 Dec 1785   James baugh White
Alexander  Martha Taylor  John Y. 21 Dec 1811   Henry Fitts White
Alford Elizabeth Jolly Thomas 30 Jul 1807   Jacob Stiner White
Algood Harriet Madley Asa 24 Aug 1841   Edward Power White
Allan Ann Huff Reuben 03 Feb 1798   James Allen White
Allan  Darkey Wray  James 04 Aug 1788   William Robins White
Allen Bettie E Abernathy Sidney S 20 Dec 1867   William White White
Allen Caroline N. Davis Burwell P. 18 Oct 1866 18 Oct 1866 N. A. Poufoy White
Allen Darien Edwards J. G. E. 08 Dec 1866   P. H. Joyner White
Allen Eliza D Hyde Charles P 29 May 1855 29 May 1855 William A. Jenkins White
Allen Lezy Edwards Daniel 17 May 1809   Allen Wren White
Allen Melissa Jones Henry F. 07 Dec 1842   Joseph J. Jones White
Allen Nancy Allen Sandford G. 29 May 1829   Gordon Cawthorn White
Allen Priscilla Bridges  Frank 02 Mar 1867   P. H. Joyner Colored
Allen Salley Bennett John 1797   Samuel Ashe White
Allen Sarah Hough John 12 May 1780   William Allen White
Allen Sarahan Hicks Absalom 07 Dec 1809   Stephen Hesler White
Allen  Agnes Kearney  Richard W 15 Dec 1837   not listed White
Allen  Caty Murrah  Thaddeus 14 Dec 1793   Matthew Marshell White
Allen  Elisabeth Partrick Reubin 04 Feb 1785   Lewis Patrick White
Allen  Elizabeth Patrick  Reuben 12 Dec 1783   George Allen White
Allen  Frances A Smithwick  James R 14 Dec 1850   Alexander L. Steed White
Allen  Gean Stephenson  Samuel 19 Aug 1790   Reuben Smith White
Allen  Indeanah Perdue  Joseph H 30 Oct 1856   William T. Ball White
Allen  Liza Pardue  Philemon 24 May 1810   James Ball White
Allen  Mary A Vaughan  John J 21 Mar 1845   M. J. Montgomery White
Allen  Molley Turner  James 14 Jan 1799   George Allen White
Allen  Patsy C. Steed  Abner 29 Jan 1813   Henry Allen White
Allen  Rebecca Pearce  John 16 Oct 1800   E. Kimbell White
Allen  Rebecca L. Myrick  Thomas H. 11 Sep 1816   Dorrell Harris White
Allen  Sallie Rodwell Joseph L 19 Dec 1859   Thomas Flemming White
Allen  Susan Stainback  John O. 14 Jan 1822   George W. Turnstall White
Allen  Tabitha Walker  Pleasant H. 25 Nov 1809   Rowland Betty White
Alley  Henrietta Renn  James R 19 Dec 1848   John M. Wilson White
Allgood  Frances Elizabeth Lewis  William Henry 18 May 1866   N. A. Purfoy Colored
Allgood  Harriet Madley Asa 24 Aug 1841   Edmond Power White
Allgood  Jinsey Ann Palmer  Robert 25 Dec 1866   R. S. F. Perte Colored
Alston Alston, Evelina Alston Gideon 07 Feb 1832   W. H. Williams White
Alston Ann Maria Alston Robert 18 Oct 1836   Solomon Williams White
Alston Bettie Faulcom Alston George W. 16 Oct 1867   G. Moone Colored
Alston Cherry Cheek John 18 Jan 1867   John S. Cheek Colored
Alston Cornelia Clements Oscar 11 Sep 1866   J. Buxton Williams Colored
Alston Eliza A. W. Burgess William 23 Jan 1837   Green D. Jenkins White
Alston Hanana L. Cook Charles M. 16 Sep 1847   Thomas E. Green Jr. White
Alston Louisanna Hayes Peter 20 Feb 1867   William Hodges Colored
Alston Lucinda Alston Nelson 28 Dec 1866   J. Buxton Williams Colored
Alston Lucy F Davis John C 10 Mar 1831 10 Mar 1831 Samuel T. Alston White
Alston Martha Hawkins Joseph 02 Apr 1811   Philemon Hawkins White
Alston Martha J. Thorn William H. 13 Oct 1856 13 Oct 1856 N. F. Alston White
Alston Martha J. Burgess John 24 Jul 1824   William Williams White
Alston Mary A E Alston Frank 23 Jul 1866      
Alston Mary A. Bobbitt Charles H. 14 Mar 1821   Anthony Dowtin White
Alston Mary H. Cheek Robert T. 14 Apr 1802   James Kearney White
Alston Miranda Alston Anderson 26 Dec 1865   W. T. Alston Colored
Alston Pattie Alston Adam 2 Jan 1867   J. Buxton Williams Colored
Alston Rebecca Emily Fitts James 25 Jun 1814   Robert Freeman White
Alston Sally B. Jones Seth 04 Apr 1812   Robert T. Cheek White
Alston Sarah Dawson Henry 03 Mar 1808   Robert R. Johnson White
Alston Sue Thompson Lewis A. 14 Dec 1865   George W. Alston White
Alston Susan Alston Brister 09 Mar 1867 09 Mar 1867 William F. Alston Colored
Alston Temperance Harris Willis R. 14 Mar 1821   Anthony Dowtin White
Alston Winefred Hill Henry 10 May 1780   William Christmas White
Alston Winifred Harris Henry 16 Aug 1819   Henry Dawson White
Alston  Altona Sampson  William 11 Jun 1847   Oscar F. Alston White
Alston  Anne Sutherland  John 27 Aug 1805   Anthony Sails White
Alston  Caroline Williams Solomon 22 Feb 1819   Richard Davison White
Alston  Charity D Wortham  James L 25 Sep 1841   Robert H. Wortham White
Alston  Charity D. Williams John A. 01 Apr 1816     White
Alston  Eliza Henry Williams Silas 21 Feb 1867 21 Feb 1867 J. Buxton Williams Colored
Alston  Elizabeth Williams William 07 Apr 1810   Henry G. Williams White
Alston  Elizabeth M. Williams William P. 08 Jun 1812   Joseph Hawkins White
Alston  Emmaline Powell  Sandy 19 Oct 1866   Thomas S. Montgomery Colored
Alston  Felecia Williams Solomon 06 Feb 1866   Samuel A. Williams White
Alston  James M. Williams Joseph J. 11 Nov 1820   Nathaniel M. Johnson White
Alston  Lucy F Perkins  Julian V 04 Nov 1859   B. G. Barrett White
Alston  Mariah Kerney William K. 09 Jul 1810   J. C. Johnson White
Alston  Martha Pitchford  Armistead 02 Mar 1867 02 Mar 1867 Thomas J. Pitchford Colored
Alston  Martha Smith James 10 Feb 1829   Gordon Cawthorn White
Alston  Martha Williams Armistead 26 Dec 1866   J. Buxton Williams Colored
Alston  Rebecca Richardson  Faulcon 01 May 1866 01 May 1866 M. P. Perry Colored
Alston  Sallie Williams Stephen 01 Jan 1867   M. P. Perry Colored
Alston  Sarah Pitchford  Aaron 18 Apr 1866 18 Apr 1866 T. J. Pitchford Colored
Amos  Ann Elizer Toone  Tavener 27 Aug 1827   James Johnson White
Anderson Kennis Anderson Robert F. 28 Mar 1856 28 Mar 1856 Henry Nicholson White
Andrews Athaiah D. Cole Edward J. 31 Dec 1861   John F. Rainey White
Andrews Jane Harris James 13 Nov 1836   Henry T. Allen White
Andrews Mary Davis Benjamin 08 Feb 1813   Richard Power White
Andrews Nancy[Mrs] Andrews Lawry 15 Mar 1821   Elisha Andrews White
Andrews Pattie A Harris Isaac 07 Feb 1859     White
Andrews Rebecca Gay Carter H 30 Jan 1851 30 Jan 1851 John C. Aycock White
Andrews  Eliza B Pegram  Baker 21 Mar 1836   James Montford White
Andrews  Elizabeth Paschall  Thomas P 25 Jul 1861   D. B. Kinball White
Andrews  Elizabeth Webb Orran 27 ___ 1806   Thomas Jolly White
Andrews  Nancy Marshall  Harry 22 Nov 1841   William D. Jones White
Andrews  Permelia White Peter D. 31 May 1815   Anthony King White
Andrews  Susanah Williams Nimrod 15 Apr 1800   Henry Williams White
Andrews  Virginia A Montford  Edward J H 12 Nov 1832   Littlebury Andrews White
Archer Rebecca George Asa 29 May 1819   George Wortham White
Archer  Jincy Smith John 28 Aug 1821   Benjamin Johnson White
Archer  Patsey Mosley James 20 Dec 1799   John Colclough White
Archer  Salley Wortham  George 28 Feb 1809   Richard Neal (Dickey) White
Arnold Emily W Gill Samuel 13 Dec 1853   A. A. Haudgens White
Arnold Nancy Falkener John 14 Jul 1798   Solomon Arnold White
Arnold Sarah House Dudley Jr. 05 Sep 1806   Dudley House White
Arnold  Hannah Kimball  Benjamin S. 03 Aug 1813   James Fletcher White
Arrington Ana Culpepper Erasmus 15 Sep 1804   Willis Arrington White
Arrington Martha Blount Joseph 25 Nov 1803   William Arrington White
Arrington Nancy Aycock Clabour 09 Mar 1825      
Arrington  Elizabeth Marshall  Charles 21 Feb 1807   Stephen Marshall White
Arrington  Martha Sturdivant  William 14 Apr 1835   Benjamin Kimbell White
Arrington  Mary Southall  Henry 28 Jul 1798   Henry Arrington White
Arrington  Rebecca Rice Francis 30 Sep 1822   Willis Arrington White
Arrington  Sally Robertson  Medicus 15 Dec 1813   Amos P. Sledge White
Ascue Fanny Cogwell Fredrick 17 Mar 1807   Nathaniel Alexander White
Ascue Orinda Ham Jeremiah 22 Jan 1827   John Ascue White
Ash Frances Evans Paul 28 Apr 1857   A. Smith Colored
Ash  Ann Stewart  Andrew 05 Jul 1858   John Steward Colored
Ashe  Mary E Mitchell  Henry 03 Feb 1858 03 Feb 1858 George Hendricks Colored
Ashe  Sylvia Little  Louis 21 May 1866   Charles M. Cook Colored
Askew Arrena Thompson Arthur 03 Oct 1850   James A. Egerton White
Askew Betsey Askue John 28 Jun 1831   Plummer Peebles White
Askew Carolina Ball Robert 13 Apr 1860 13 Apr 1860 David Burch White
Askew Delia Coley Lewis 01 Mar 1859   Littleton Fuller White
Askew Lucy Johnson George E. 26 Jun 1852   John L. Vaughan White
Askew Mary Harper William 21 Nov 1834   Edward Harris White
Askew Meranda Abbot Macon 19 Mar 1856 19 Mar 1856 M. R. Pernell White
Askew Rhoda Ball Warren 04 Jan 1832   John Askew White
Askew  Indianna Macon John C. 30 Apr 1864   H. G. Goodloe White
Askew  Susan E King  Tyra D 23 Apr 1861   A. A. Hudgins White
Aslin  Betsey Williams William 27 May 1793   William Laughter White
Asque  Jenney Peebles  Plummer 23 Feb 1831   John Asque White
Asslin Polley Capps Moses 04 Dec 1798   Asa Capps White
Avret  Elizabeth J. Towlers James W. 18 Mar 1825   James Garrott White
Aycock Ann E. Davis Thomas H. 23 Jun 1825   George W. Fuller White
Aycock Mary M Aycock Augustus L. 02 Jan 1854 02 Jan 1854 Isham H. Bassett White
Aycock Sarah F Harper William H 04 Jan 1855   _______ Cook White
Aycock  Elizabeth Lancaster  Alfred H 06 Dec 1839   Samuel Lancaster White
Ayecocke  Suzan Lancaster  Lemuel 10 Dec 1821   Anthony Dowtin White

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