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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know.  

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
GROOMS BRIDES images    
Eades John Wilson Susanna 12 Oct 1852   David Coleman White
Earl John Simms Zebiah 21 Jan 1780   Alexander Burnham White
Earles Frederick Weaver Lucy 10 Nov 1785   Thomas Earls White
Earles William Macklin Delila 28 Mar 1839   James Maclin Colored
Earls George W Regans Susan H 15 Nov 1852   Daniel H. Bird White
Earls Jesse Lambert Daisy No Date No Date Lewis Pitchford White
Early John Jones Ann W. 17 Jan 1815   Clark Robinson White
Eaton Buckner Kearney Ann 03 Feb 1844   William Eaton Jr. White
Eaton Charles R Eaton Catherine A 17 Oct 1831   Nathaniel G. Green White
Eaton James W Davis Mary J 14 Apr 1838   Joseph B. Summerville White
Eaton Samuel W Brown Lucy F. 13 Jan 1860   Nathaniel R. Jones White
Eaton William Macon Ceneora 19 Oct 1804   J. J. Daniel White
Eaton William Hickman Martha 20 Feb 1834   Caswell Drake White
Eaton Willie Webster Kitty 05 Jan 1867   N. A. Purefoy Colored
Eaves George Duke Nancy 24 Jan 1811   Benjamin Kimbell White
Eavins Miles Bell Elizabeth 31 Jan 1839   Thomas Jones White
Edmonds Harrison Edmonds Anne 20 Jun 1832   James Edmonds White
Edmonds William H Wright Harriet M 28 Jul 1859   John D. Shearin White
Edmonson James W Johnson Martha Ann 15 Oct 1844     White
Edmunds Spencer Huggan Suasan 21 Jun 1832   John Vaughan White
Edmunds Thomas Calais Eliza 12 Jan 1829   Nicholas Wren White
Edmunds William Callis Frances 25 Jun 1834   Thomas Edmonds White
Edwardes Devereuex Edwards Rebecca 15 Oct 1866   James J. Satterwhite White
Edwards Anthony Russell Dinah 02 Feb 1866   Edwin H. Russell Colored
Edwards Charles Lowe Jenny 12 Nov 1774     White
Edwards Daniel Allen Lezy 17 May 1809   Allen Wren White
Edwards J. Vaughan Mary L. 07 Nov 1861   William Holmes White
Edwards J. G. E. Allen Darien 08 Dec 1866   P. H. Joyner White
Edwards James Carrell Mariam 20 Sep 1813   James Robinson White
Edwards Jeremiah Dickerson Delia 14 Dec 1793   Griffin Dickerson White
Edwards John Harris Sally 06 May 1821   James Wren White
Edwards John Jr Renn Martha 15 Jul 1844   Solomon Pardue White
Edwards John L. Hodges Caroline S 08 Oct 1866 08 Oct 1866 Charles W. Sprwill White
Edwards Littleton Sims Mary 10 Mar 1800   Green Garrott White
Edwards Matthew Parish Elisabeth 09 Dec 1784   Benjmin King White
Edwards Richard Rudd Jane L 30 Dec 1856 30 Dec 1856 Ford Falkener White
Edwards Samuel D Harris Elizabeth G 20 Dec 1847   Gedion V. Edwards White
Edwards Washington Paschall Mary 31 Mar 1866   James T. Russell Colored
Edwards William White Polly No Date   John Brown White
Edwards William E Childres Mary 01 Feb 1855 01 Feb 1855 John R. Stwart White
Edwards William Henry Wilson Adeline N. 24 Sep 1867   N. A. Purefoy White
Edwards William J Vaughan Mary L 16 Nov 1861   Richard Gibbs White
Edwards William J Haton Louisa 25 Jan 1847     White
Edwards William M. Wilks Hannah B. 27 May 1824   Nicholas E. Davis White
Egerton Benjamin I Williams Emma R 23 Apr 1850   Thomas L. Campbell White
Egerton Charles Jackson Pitchford Mary T 12 Dec 1835   James A. Egerton White
Egerton Henry T Powell Bettie 04 Sep 1866   B. Long White
Egerton Henry T Kearney Martha M 09 Dec 1850   Thomas J. Judkins White
Egerton James A Powell Eliza H 10 Nov 1836   John Brown White
Egerton James A Fleming Lucy J 10 Nov 1849   George W. Blackwell White
Egerton John  Cunningham Parthenia H. 01 Nov 1843   John Egerton White
Egerton John J. Harris Nancy 21 Aug 1798   Welmot E. Harris White
Egerton Joseph Baker Eliza 18 Jan 1857   Willis P. White White
Egerton Moody Lancaster Martha 23 Aug 1827   John J. Harris White
Egerton Thomas M Fleming Nancy D 10 Dec 1866   N. A. Purefoy White
Egerton Thomas M Fleming Mary H 29 Nov 1853 29 Nov 1853 U. W. Ransom White
Egerton Wilmot Riggan Pricilla 18 Apr 1808   Gilbert Grey Egerton White
Egerton Wilmot E. King Sally 19 Aug 1814   William Hawkins White
Elder William Scott Ann Catherine 16 Mar 1795   Isaac Coffin White
Ellerson William J. Harton Louisa 25 Jan 1847   Thompson Harris White
Ellington Damiel Williams L. 19 Mar 1795 19 Mar 1795 Isaac Austine White
Ellington Edward M Hilliard Matilda C 10 Feb 1853 10 Feb 1853 Edmond White White
Ellington Elijah Rodwell Catharine 17 Dec 1821   James Ellington White
Ellington James Taylor Elizabeth 18 Dec 1833   Daniel Taylor White
Ellington James Wright Bettsey 29 Jan 1784   Philemon Hawkins White
Ellington Joel Flemming Sally 17 Mar 1813   Elijah Ellington White
Ellington John Clark Elizabeth 12 Jan 1850   Thomas Vincent White
Ellington John Rivers Betsey 21 Jul 1834   James Talley White
Ellington Pleasant Burrow Holly W 18 Feb 1831   James Burgess White
Ellington Stephen Williams Frances 02 Aug 1800   John Duke White
Ellington Thomas Lancaster Frances 09 Oct 1849   John C. Overton White
Ellington Thompson Reed Emily 20 Sep 1830   Zachariah Wright White
Ellington William Shearin Martha 19 Sep 1848   Thomas Ellington White
Elliott Thomas M. Clack Sarah Ann 18 Nov 1822   John Robinson White
Ellis Charles Shearrin Jinsey 16 Mar 1799   William Hicks White
Ellis Ephram Davis Sarah B. 18 Nov 1809   Eley Perkinson White
Ellis Hicks Tilley Nancy 10 Mar 1783   James Towns White
Ellis Hicks Gunn Tabitha 29 Aug 1810   Henry Fitts White
Ellis Ira Parker Susan 24 Sep 1827   Jesse Myrick White
Ellis James Ellington Lewsey 16 Sep 1797   James Ellington White
Ellis Jeremiah     No Date   Joseph Weeks White
Ellis John Gibson Anne 24 Nov 1779   William Parks White
Ellis John H. Bell Frances 24 Dec 1811   Joseph Perkins White
Ellis Joshua Perkinson Salley 24 Nov 1798   Jesse Perkins White
Ellis Lewis Bell Nancy 01 Jan 1818   William Hicks White
Ellis Michael Murphy Elizabeth 13 Oct 1779   Nelson Cole White
Ellis Miles Bobbitt Polly 04 Feb 1813   Abraham Clanton White
Ellis Obadiah Hicks Elizabeth 10 Feb 1806   John Capps White
Ellis Obediah King Barshaba 02 Aug 1797   Richard Riggan White
Ellis Sidney F. Burrows Mary E. 18 Dec 1867   William P. Burrows White
Ellis Sims Bell Mary 01 Sep 1801   Major Neal White
Ellis Stephen Ellis Cressy 05 Jul 1799   Reubin Patrick White
Ellis Stephen Shell Salley 24 Nov 1778   Stephen Shell White
Ellis Sumner J King Murtilla 17 Dec 1844   John W. Hicks White
Ellis Thomas Balthrop Lucy 10 Aug 1802   John Balthrop White
Ellis William Towns Sarah 05 Aug 1806   Richard Neal White
Ellis William Ellis Betsy No Date No Date Richard Ellis White
Ellis Willie Brown Nancy 22 Oct 1798   Henry Foot White
Ellis Zacariah Hawkins Rebecah 05 Nov 1792   Daniel Fain White
Ellums Charles Withers Rebecah Jul 1785   Miles Bobbitt White
Ellums James Bennett Tamer 21 Oct 1785   Darling Mardas White
Elmore Edward G Robins Desdemona V 28 Feb 1842   Enes W. Parrish White
Elms James Capps Martha 19 Sep 1797   Claybourn Harris White
Elton William Johnsston Elizabeth B 04 Mar 1851   John W. White White
Emerson William T. Bobbit Amey 27 Nov 1792   Ollion Graham White
Emmerson James Oliver July 08 Sep 1773     White
Emmerson James W. Johnson Martha Ann 15 Oct 1844   Dry Guill White
Estes Lyddal Bacon Hunter Sally Alston 15 Nov 1805     White
Estes Wiley Bradley Milley No Date No Date William Gueyer White
Ethrage Wilson Furson Rodah Mc 12 Jan 1854 12 Jan 1854 L. B. Green White
Evans Alsa Scott Charlotte 03 Feb 1831   James Evans Colored
Evans Archabald Green Lucretia 29 Dec 1823   Mins Guy Colored
Evans Bowlin Mushaw Partheny 17 Nov 1852   John Baschett Colored
Evans James Green Martha 31 Aug 1840   William Jones Colored
Evans John West Priscilla 03 Feb 1858 03 Feb 1858 Haywood Cordle Colored
Evans John Shearin Lucy 07 Jun 1803   Lewis Hazard White
Evans John Durham Margarette 23 Dec 1852 23 Dec 1852 Willis Kersey Colored
Evans John L Myrick Mary F 06 May 1847   Peter I. Evans White
Evans John W. Ellington Elizabeth 14 Dec 1867   J. W. Wellon White
Evans Joseph Thomas Susan 05 Dec 1822   Kemp Plummer Colored
Evans Leaven Scot Hariot 18 Dec 1829   Thomas Edwards Colored
Evans Miles W Mabry Scinnorey 29 Nov 1853   C. M. Cooper White
Evans Nathaniel Guyan Julia 22 Dec 1848   Ebenezar Cypress Colored
Evans Paul Ash Frances 28 Apr 1857   A. Smith Colored
Evans Peter J Turner Susan E 13 Nov 1840   Bennett Stammire White
Evans Richard Evans Lucy Dec 1793   Randolph Rowe Colored
Evans Thomas M Hicks Martha 31 Dec 1866   P. H. Joyner White
Evans Thomas M W Paschall Eliza Ann 28 May 1841   Peter I. Evans White
Evans Thomas W. Renn Permilia A. 21 Apr 1856 21 Apr 1856 P. J. Turnbull White
Evans William Carter Mary 08 Jul 1850     Colored
Evans William Shell Jane 30 May 1821   John Ellis White
Evans William J Purdy Ann J 01 Aug 1850   Robert Joyce Jr. White
Exum William J Burt Mary A 17 Apr 1854 17 Apr 1854 William J. Burt White
Ezard Thomas Harris Elizabeth 20 Apr 1782   Benjamine Spain White

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