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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know.

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
GROOMS BRIDES images    
Bacon Gillie M. Bacon Marian M. 09 Jan 1840   Malock Duprist White
Badger George E. Turner Rebecca 23 Dec 1818   George Anderson White
Bagnal James George Mary 26 Oct 1825   Benjamine Johnston White
Bailey William Fleming Sprunt Molly 09 Jul 1778      
Baird Wiliam Holden Lucy 20 Sep 1810   Samuel Holden  White
Baker Blake B. Johnston Arilla 11 Apr 1857 11 Apr 1857 Benjamin Johnston White
Baker Claborn Baker Frances 11 Aug 1803   Thomas Baker White
Baker Lundsford Good Nancy 26 Nov 1833   Edward Williams White
Baker Simons J. Hawkins Elizabeth M. 23 Nov 1837   James L. G. Baker White
Baker Thomas D. Robinson Lucy 16 Nov 1813   Francis Carter White
Baker William Robertson Cintha 16 Feb 1838   Henry Allen White
Baker William L. Baker Catherine 29 Nov 1856 29 Nov 1856 B. H. Baker White
Ball Feils R. Parish Mary 04 Mar 1840   L. Swepson Simms White
Ball Henry Carroll Missoura 13 Jul 1867   William A. White Colored
Ball James Ball Mary 14 Sep 1848   Jordan H. Foster White
Ball James Weldon Mary 15 Jun 1833   William Weight White
Ball James Faulkner Temperance 24 Jun 1779   Daniel Ball White
Ball James Rudd Nancy G. 24 Sep 1823   Richard Duke White
Ball Robert Askew Carolina 13 Apr 1860 13 Apr 1860 David Burch White
Ball Warren Askew Rhoda 04 Jan 1832   John Askew White
Ballard Benjamin Thorn Elizabeth Ann James Williams  18 Jan 1813   William Hawkins White
Ballard Dudley Duke Salley 21 Sep 1782   John Thomas White
Ballard Edmund Willson Jemima 02 Jul 1803   Samuel Bartlett White
Ballard Jesse Smith Mary 22 Sep 1785   Adam Milam White
Ballard Owen Brinkle Mary 06 Sep 1783   Richard Thomas White
Ballard Rufus Ballard Lucy 29 Oct 1814   William Hawkins White
Ballard Wyatt Ballard Disey 28 Oct 1783   Oren Ballard White
Balthrop Augustine Burrow Holly 07 Apr 1814   Edward Pattillo White
Balthrop Augustine Todd Mary 22 Apr 1784   John Balthrop White
Balthrop Francis Rodwell Sally 23 Nov 1813   Wilie Balthrop White
Balthrop James M. Johnson Matilda A. 13 May 1835   William H. Foote White
Balthrop John Rodwell Anna 04 Jan 1806   John Rodwell White
Balthrop John W. Daniel Harret W. 28 Aug 1838   Daniel Sherin White
Balton William H. Smith Sally 01 Aug 1844   William Dacis White
Banter Richard Kimbell Mary 09 Jul 1810   James Williams White
Barham William Smith Elizabeth 27 Jan 1836   Daniel Bowden White
Barker Richard Jones Ann 07 Jan 1851   Richard Konner White
Barnell William Steed Catherine 10 Feb 1817   John Hawkins White
Barnes Benjamin Ward Anne F. 19 Aug 1805   William Williamson White
Barnes James Tucker Elizabeth 13 Jan 1821   Richard Hawkins White
Barnes John F. Matthews Nancy 18 Jul 1836   E. H. Riggon White
Barnes William Williams Milly 08 Apr 1810   John Ellington White
Barnett Germon B. Rottenberry Apha 26 Dec 1832   Thomas Purby White
Barrow Charles Sherrin Nancey 12 Nov 1807   Jacob Bell White
Barrow Daniel Milles B. 07 Jun 1786 07 Jun 1786    
Bartholemew Lewis Bennit Lucy 29 Dec 1791   Moses Bennett White
Bartholomew Samuel Johnson Sarah E. 16 Sep 1856   W. B. Joiner White
Bartlett Churchwell Hawkes Rebecca 19 Dec 1822   Thomas Hawks White
Bartlett Lunceford L. Rideout Sarah Elizabeth 17 Dec 1853   J. Collins White
Bartlett Spious King Rebecca 15 Oct 1807   Obadiah Ellis White
Bartlett William Wood Elizabeth 15 Jun 1798   Charles Mabry White
Bartlett William Paschall Elizabeth 15 Mar 1808   Sterling Pitchford White
Bartlett William H. Robertson Nancy H. 23 Jul 1856   N. A. Pumfay White
Bartlett William H. Bennett Elizabeth R. 30 Oct 1852   Bennett White
Barton Richard W. Marx Caroline 29 Apr 1833   Charles Marx White
Basford Benson Wood Tempy 11 May 1798   Joseph Carter White
Baskerville Benjamin Mayho Hattiett 21 Aug 1865   Fredrick King Colored
Baskerville Ferry Stewart Roan 22 Apr 1848   Gabriel Garnes Colored
Baskerville Thomas D. Macklen Jane 13 Dec 1859   George Stewart Colored
Baskett Alexander M. Burroughs Dynitia T. 30 Sep 1850   Willis P. White White
Baskett Green Stewart Elizabeth 08 Sep 1866   William A. White White
Baskett Joseph Burroughs Mary 04 Dec 1832   Richard Jordan White
Baskett Pleasant Brown Hicksey 11 Jan 1810   Nathaniel Brown White
Baskett Pleasant Given Rebecca 12 Mar1830   Peter R. Davis White
Baskett Robert Bowdon Mary 06 Aug 1835   William C. Butler White
Batchelor Joseph B. Plummer Mary Cary 26 Jun 1850   Matt W. Ransom White
Bates William Laughter Rebecca 18 Aug 1816   John Munholland White
Batson D. F. Weaver Sarah W. 16 Jan 1864 16 Jan 1864 W. W. Butts White
Battle Hilliard Jones Bettie 26 Dec 1865   Haywood Durham Colored
Battle William H. Plummer Lucy M. 18 May 1825   James H. Otey White
Baxter James Thompson Amey 05 Feb 1799   Nathaniel Baxter White
Baxter James Brown Polley 24 Feb 1790   Reps Duke White
Baxter Jeremiah Hardridge Caty 18 Oct 1797   Jesse Bell Jr. White
Baxter John Acrey Martha 26 Oct 1799   James Baxter White
Baxter John Norsworthy Nancy 31 Dec 1803   Nathaniel Baxter White
Baxter Plummer Hawks Nancy 21 Aug 1829   William C. King White
Baxter Reuben Laughter Phebey 14 Dec 1792 14 Dec 1792 Buckner Davis White
Baxter Richard Kimbell Nancy 09 Jul 1810   James Williams White
Baynor James George Mary 26 Oct 1825   Benjamin Johnson White
Beard Benjamin Long Nancy 17 Dec 1803   J. Robins White
Beard Littleton Newton Elizabeth 05 Dec 1823   Philemon Hawkins White
Beard Littleton Holden Elizabeth 10 Apr 1834   James Taylor White
Beasley John Ellis Lucy 26 Nov 1810   Thomas Beasley White
Beasley John W. Pearsey Margaret 08 Oct 1858   Lewis B. Collins White
Beasley Pitts Acree Martha 11 Nov 1807   James Hudd White
Beasley William Jones Delilah 16 Aug 1788   Dinetions Dinkins White
Beckham Benjamin Ballard Amelia 19 Oct 1783   Phillemon Beckham White
Beckham Green Procter Martha 10 Feb 1808   Ambrose Murry White
Beckham Green Towns Elizabeth 10 Feb 1808   John Butler White
Beckham John Wren Sally 04 Dec 1818   Daniel A. Pardue White
Beckham Moses Hilliard Martha B. 22 Oct 1829   John V. Cauthorn White
Beckham Solomon Guine Elizabeth 06 Aug 1796 06 Aug 1796 George Allen White
Beckham Stephen Gray Sarah 22 Nov 1804   Solomon Beckham White
Beckham Stephen Merrit Catharine 23 May 1787   Archibold Brown White
Beckham William Swinney Rebekey 13 Oct 1797 13 Oct 1797 Archibold Brown White
Beckham Zacarias Knight Martha 13 Mar 1804   James Allen White
Beckham   Laughter   No Date      
Beckham   Watson   No Date      
Bell Benjamin Foote Healhey 20 Dec 1792   William Russell White
Bell Jacob Pegram Nancy 24 Dec 1800 24 Dec 1800 Charles Bell White
Bell Jesse Lawter Polley 04 Dec 1798   Jacob Bell White
Bell John Green Sarah 28 Nov 1764      
Bell John G. Shearin Margaret 15 Aug 1823   Thomas Paine White
Bell Joseph H. Duke Amey 17 Dec 1810   Lewis Rose White
Bell Thomas Ellis Betsey 04 Mar 1801   Zacheriah Lewis White
Bell Thomas Pegram Pattey 12 Nov 1782   Daniel Pegram White
Bell Thomas Shearin Judah 20 Dec 1809   William Little White
Bell William  Wright Lucy 21 Sep 1865   Thomas D. Rodwell White
Bell William Acre Elizabeth 27 Aug 1832   Willie Acree White
Bell William T. Felts Martha J. 21 Dec 1857 21 Dec 1857 John W. White White
Bell Zachariah Walker Nancy 08 May 1812   Micajah Walker White
Bellamy John Pattillo Ann 10 Aug 1836   Marble W. Dunnavant White
Bennet Duke Fleming Martha 24 Mar 1797   Edward Moore White
Bennett Alexander White Martha A. 06 Oct 1852   William H. Bartlett White
Bennett Charles Bennett Rebecca 03 Sep 1796   Charles Smith White
Bennett Charles Clark Mary 17 Apr 1857 17 Apr 1857 Samuel N. Mills White
Bennett Charles C. Bennett Eveline 28 Jul 1828   Georges W. Bannes White
Bennett Charles H. White B. E.  09 Aug 1858   A. R. Bennett White
Bennett Isham White Elizabeth 06 Dec 1821   Samuel Martin White
Bennett Isham H. Yarbrough Sarah Jane 15 Aug 1846   Solomon Bennett White
Bennett James Read Lucretia 04 Nov 1857 04 Nov 1857 William White White
Bennett James C. Bennett Charity 29 Jul 1819   James P. Powell White
Bennett John Allen Salley 1797   Samuel Ashe  
Bennett John King Lucy 23 Feb 1858   Allen M. King White
Bennett Joseph Stephenson Polly 25 Jul 1797   Solomon Beckham White
Bennett Rueben Beckham   26 May 1786 26 May 1786 Benjamine Beckham  
Bennett Samuel B. Sledge Elizabeth 11 Dec 1836   James A. Lancaster White
Bennett Thomas Capps Rebecca 31 Jan 1811 31 Jan 1811 Ranpolph Jordan White
Bennett William Capps Kizaney P. 05 Jun 1822   James Martin White
Bentain David Tucker Rebecca 15 Oct 1808   William Duncan White
Benter Henry Matthews Susanna 12 Jun 1830   John C. Johnston White
Berry A. J. Walton L. W. 14 Apr 1849   D. P. Taylor White
Berry William Paschall Jerusha 09 Feb 1785   Thomas Hilliard White
Best Benjamin Clark Susan 23 Sep 1841   Samuel Edwards White
Betty Henry Davis Sally 180_   William Powell White
Betty Rowland Walker Elizabeth 23 Oct 1805   Richard Tunstall White
Biddingfield Charles Williams Elizabeth 30 Sep 1863   J. W. Williams White
Bieard Jones Rottenberry Elizabeth 08 May 1822   Warren Holden White
Bigalow Rodrick Pattillo Elizabeth 20 Nov 1811   Benjamin Smith White
Bilbro John Clemmons Mary 04 Nov 1788 04 Nov 1788 Edward Thrower White
Bilbro John P. Paine Lucy 15 Nov 1818   Thomas Paine White
Bishop Alfred Hicks Mary 21 Nov 1860 21 Nov 1860 William T. Rose White
Bishop James Mills Carolina 10 Jun 1861   R. P. Booth Colored
Bishop James Brown Lucy 15 Jan 1810   Mathew Marshall White
Bishop Weldon E. Lancaster Ann W. 15 Dec 1854   B. F. Powell White
Blackwell John Plummer Ann 22 Dec 1780   John Willis White
Blackwell Thomas G. Wortham Salley 02 Jun 1834   Jno. P. Blackwell White
Blackwell William M. Cook Winifred W. 16 Jan 1839   Lewis D. Burwell White
Blair H. M. Talley Harriet 08 Apr 1865   L. C. Perkinson White
Blanch Ezekiel Mitchell Sally 25 Apr 1785   John Whote White
Blanch Ezekiel A. Fitts Emily 15 Jun 1840   Joseph Speed Jones White
Blanch Henry Milam Della 19 Apr 1867 19 Apr 1867 Nathan Milam Colored
Blanchett Hudson Floyd Edith 07 Apr 1783   Thomas Blanchett White
Blankenship Allen Webb Mary 18 Aug 1808   Amosay Webb White
Blankenship Benjamin Webb Sarah R. 16 Jul 1808   John Webb White
Blanton Christopher Thompson Patsey 04 Oct 1780   Thomas Williams White
Blanton Green Lambert Elizabeth 28 Dec 1852   William ---kett White
Blanton James McDaniel Elizabeth 23 Jan 1799   Samuel lambert White
Blanton William Ellis Priscilla 16 Nov 1834   William Meacham White
Blanton William     No Date      
Blanton William A. Burton Rebecca 03 Apr 1841   Mary Jones White
Blount Joseph Arrington Martha 25 Nov 1803   William Arrington White
Bobbitt Arthur Smally Mary 04 Jan 1802   Joel Harris White
Bobbitt Charles H. Alston Mary A. 14 Mar 1821   Anthony Dowtin White
Bobbitt Drury Braddley Sally 04 Aug 1818   Stephen Bobbitt White
Bobbitt Drury Burrow Rebecca 21 Dec 1804   John Gardner White
Bobbitt Edward F. Brame Indeanah F. 07 Nov 1853   Solomon Sterling White
Bobbitt Harris Harris Partheny 11 Mar 1801   Joel Harris White
Bobbitt Henry M. Pegram Anna Eliza 09 Mar 1842   Henry Macon White
Bobbitt James Green Polley 10 Feb 1809   Abraham Clanton White
Bobbitt John Harris Patricia 16 Feb 1789   Len Kimbel White
Bobbitt John Dowden Elizabeth 19 Mar 1796   S. J. Green White
Bobbitt John R. Shearin Mary A. 12 Feb 1848   Benjamin H. Bobbitt White
Bobbitt Joseph H. Mills M. S. 28 Sep 1867   William A. White Colored
Bobbitt Joshua Haithcock Patsy 19 Feb 1813   William Bobbitt White
Bobbitt Kinchen Dobbin Sally 13 Jan 1833   John Shearin White
Bobbitt Lewis Minor Mary F. 17 Oct 1855   William M. Wilson White
Bobbitt Lewis Lancaster Nancy 29 Dec 1814   John Lancaster White
Bobbitt Miles Davis Martha 01 Jan 1827   James Martin White
Bobbitt Miles Given Susan 19 Oct 1814   Turner Jenkins White
Bobbitt Samuel Dowtin Martha Ann 25 Dec 1838   Francis M. Henry White
Bobbitt Stephen Kearney Mary E. 19 Mar 1855   Robert A. Shearin White
Bobbitt Stephen Bradley Elizabeth A. 22 Jan 1814   Robert Robertson White
Bobbitt Washington Browne Nancy 19 Nov 1866   Samuel Bobbitt Colored
Bobbitt William Bennitt Winny 19 Jan 1810   Robert Moore White
Bobbitt William  James Lukie 15 May 1784   George James White
Bobbitt William H. Burrows Lutitea A. 2 Sep 1839   Thomas J. Judkins White
Bobbitt William Henry Flemming Winnie C. 12 Jan 1864   Alpheus Bobbitt White
Bolton Bolling Dunnavanolaken Polley 22 Mar 1782   William Johnson White
Bolton Henry Bishop Margaret 20 Oct 1851   John Smith White
Bolton Henry Parrish Martha 5 Apr 1847   Armestead King White
Bolton James Talley Lethea 24 Feb 1830   Ebinezer Coleman White
Bolton John J. Newman Judiath 06 Mar 1831   Matthew Bolton White
Bolton M. T. Hawks Elizabeth P. 26 Jul 1866   William R. Coleman White
Bolton Matthew Darnel Sarah 30 Jun 1806   John Darnel White
Bontain David Tucker Rebecca 15 Oct 1808   Willie Duncan White
Booth Lewis Carter Hannah M. 12 Jun 1820   John C. Riggon Colored
Booth Redmond J. Carter Nancy C. 07 Dec 1861   Peter J. Turnbul Colored
Boss Samuel Macklin Emily 21 May 1847   James Macklin Colored
Bottom J. M. Parchell Bettie E. 05 Jun 1861   John W. Bellaney White
Bottom John H. Overbey Dorotha F. 18 Jun 1830   George W. Barnes White
Bottom Matthew Whitter Frances 29 Apr 1831   Ebenizer Coleman White
Bottom William M. Pitchford Cinderrilla 11 Apr 1842   Seth W. Mabry White
Bowdon Andrew J. Duke Arabella G. 28 Jan 1854   John Bowdon Jr. White
Bowdon Daniel Bashell Parthina G. 11 Dec 1839   Lewis Turner White
Bowdon John Newton Mary A. 28 Aug 1848   John White White
Bowdon Robert Perkinson J. F. 05 Feb 1866   John R. Bynner White
Bowers Giles Felts Nancy 07 Feb 1854   Blake Baker White
Bowers James Duke Hen Riter  30 Aug 1797   James Glenn White
Boyd Conrad L. Kearney Mary A. 14 Aug 1838   John W. Lewis White
Boyd Conrad S. Stewart Alice 06 Jul 1859   R. A. Flemming White
Boyd James Lyon Lucy Ann 15 Jul 1808   Richard Boyd White
Boyd John E. Jones Ann B. 29 Feb 1834   Henry G. Fitts White
Boyd William  Person Elizabeth 17 Aug 1802   Jesse Person White
Boyd William Henry Collins Betsy Ann 22 Sep 1866   W. W. White Colored
Boyd  Richard L. Coleman Mary E. 23 Apr 1828   Edwin D. Drake White
Brack Baker B. Thompson Mary F. 19 Jan 1858   Henry Y. Harris White
Brack George W. Parham Elizabeth 25 Mar 1856   William A. J. Nicholson White
Brack Samuel Brewer Sally 11 Feb 1816   Randolph Gordan White
Bracket James Bennett Martha A. 01 Dec 1866   J. H. Bennett Colored
Bradley John Mabry Priscilla 06 Jul 1830   William Little White
Bradly Stephen Whitaker Martha 15 May 1839   George E. Sprwell White
Bradly William Akins Elizabeth 01 Oct 1788   Phillip Harris White
Bradshaw Mordicai Byrmer ? Amey J. 03 Feb 1838   Griffin Williams White
Bragg Thomas Crosland Margaret 20 Dec 1803   Thomas Griffin White
Bragg William Harton Druscilla 24 Dec 1838 24 Dec 1838 William Dickerson White
Brame Anderson F. Melam Alice 03 Feb 1833   Alexander Crosland White
Brame Armstead Cheek Fanny 25 Mar 1867   William A. White Colored
Brame Elbert King Judeanah 04 Dec 1851   John White White
Brame Henry Melam Martha 16 Dec 1825   Jesse B. White White
Brame John Butler Sarah C. 10 Nov 1823   John O. Butler White
Brame Marcus Foote Ann 15 Dec 1831   Martha M. Drake White
Brame Nelson Worsham Elizabeth 27 Nov 1835   William Bragg White
Brame Oliver Acher Elizabeth 30 Dec 1823   Asa George  White
Brame Thomas R. Kearney Almeda J. W. 29 Nov 1836   William C. Clanton White
Brame William Ellis Charry 24 Dec 1866   William A. White Colored
Brame William  Fitts Nancy 17 Dec 1793   Thomas Davis White
Brame William A. Joyner Oscia E. 12 Dec 1856   E. E. Parham White
Branch G. A. Wombel Rebecca 25 Feb 1867   Robert J. Day White
Branch John Williams Harriet 15 Nov 1866   William J. Norwood Colored
Brandom Jesse Drew Parthena 02 Jul 1822   William Kearsey Colored
Brandom Samuel W. Evans Mary G 21 Dec 1837   James Thomas White
Brandom Wiet Moon Salley 19 Dec 1832   Thomas Brandom Colored
Brandt John T. Stanfield Czovilda A. 01 May 1852   J. L. Norwood White
Branowske Joseph Drake Sarah 24 Aug 1854   Thomas W. Booker White
Brasell William Daniel Mary 31 Oct 1829   James Daniel White
Braswell Jacob Cotton Parthenia H. 18 Jan 1819   John C. Johnson White
Breedlow Nathan D. Weaver Holly 06 Dec 1805   Sherod Wilson White
Brehon Samuel Sykes Lila 08 Nov 1867   William A. White Colored
Brentle Jesse Bell Rebecca No Date No Date John Tansil White
Brewer Hardy Freeman Mary 08 Nov 1820   William F. Lampkin White
Brewer Hardy Lampkin Salley 19 Sep 1780   Marlin Dye White
Brewer John Correll Betsy 04 Oct 1819   James Jeffries White
Brewer John Hamstter Sarah 27 Feb 1814   William Miller White
Brickell Nathaniel D. Yarbrough Matilda 20 Mar 1852   William H. Bartlett White
Brickell Nathaniel D. Bartlett Julia A. 21 Jul 1856   John C. Mc Craw White
Brickell Nathaniel D. Duke Emeline M. 28 Mar 1836   James L. Walker White
Brickell Thomas Glo___ Sally 25 Jun 1807   Joshua Archer White
Brickle Thomas Jones Salley Hill 04 Dec 1783   Alexander Martin White
Bridges Benjamin B. Southerland Rebecca 03 Jan 1834   John Crosland White
Bridges  Frank Allen Priscilla 02 Mar 1867   P. H. Joyner Colored
Brodie John Williams Martha E. 15 Dec 1809   John Johnson White
Brodie William L. Green Druscilla 02 May 1853   John W. White White
Brodnay W. Thomas Call Mary 06 Mar 1792   John Power White
Brogdon John Gurley Salley No Date No Date Kimbell White
Brooks Robert Salmon Ann 15 Nov 1850   Nathan Milam White
Brooks Wade Bradley Sarah 13 Aug 1782   John Pitts Bradley White
Brooks Wade Carol Elizabeth 14 Apr 1802   James Beasley White
Brosius William K. Norfleet Maggie J. 15 Sep 1865   K. W. Coghill White
Brown Archibald Jr. Smith Martha 15 Dec 1830   Joseph Clark White
Brown Charles Z. Wells Mary A. 04 Apr 1865   Richard M. Kearney Jr. White
Brown Jacob Mudd Emily B. 12 Nov 1863   W. S. Wainwright White
Brown James Renn Elizabeth 20 Mar 1801   Charles Bell White
Brown James Warton Anjiliea No Date   Charles Elloms White
Brown James F. Clanton Susan 19 Dec 1833   David L. Swain White
Brown James T. Harris Mary C. 14 Dec 1830   J. F. Harris White
Brown John Hare Martha G. 12 Jun 1833   Allen B. Pitford White
Brown John Hawkins Mary 19 May 1866   Reubin Hawkins Colored
Brown John E. Dobkins Elizabeth D. 24 Feb 1852   C. N. Riggan White
Brown John H. Buckham Nancy 23  Jan 1849   Benjamin H. Johnson White
Brown Jonathan Tanbrough Tempe 16 May 1780   John Laughter White
Brown Julius L. Walker Sarah A. 03 Feb 1862   P. R. Wzzel White
Brown Lafayette Faulcon Mary A. 24 Apr 1827   Henry Fitts White
Brown Nathaniel D. Riggan Sarah 09 Nov 1808   Elias Given White
Brown Payton Turner Sally 20 Apr 1836   William Watson Jr. White
Brown R. F. Dr. Mitchell Elizabeth H. 02 Aug 1856   William A. Jenkins White
Brown Sterling Bobbitt Polly 12 Jan 1822   Robert Riggan White
Brown Thomas Foote Mary B. 23 Aug 1828   Nathaniel Brown White
Brown William Egerton Martha 02 Sep 1804   William G. Egerton White
Brown William Myrick Mary 19 Dec 1809   Joshua Archer White
Brown William Smith Polly 30 Jun 1800   Archibald Brown White
Browne Henry  Browne Hannah 06 Nov 1866   William E. Browne Colored
Browne Howard Thorneton Letitia 28 Dec 1866   R. L. F. Peete Colored
Browne Jerry Sutton Julia 19 Nov 1866   Turner Allen Colored
Browning Benjamin Bobbitt Nancy 19 Sep 1849   R. Browning White
Browning James W. Shearin Mary Ann 11 Jan 1853   B. Eaton Jr. White