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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know. 

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
Nance Catie Conner George 31 Dec 1866   Thomas B. Bucks White
Nance Mary Harwell James 30 Mar 1804   William Malone White
Nanney Polly Carroll Grief 29 Aug 1818   Allen Rally White
Nanny  Elizabeth Taylor  John 18 Dec 1832   Howell B. A. Taylor White
Neal Salley Crutchfield Samuel 25 Dec 1802   Dinkey Acree White
Neal Sarah E. Crenshaw John R. 06 Oct 1840     White
Neal  Nancy Lilly Reid  J A Bineum 10 Nov 1852   G. B. Alston White
Neal  Polley Rottenberry Samuel 09 Apr 1833   James Hiddgen White
Nelms Betsey Davis Willie J. 17 Jul 1799   George Myrick White
Nelms Winney Ingram Joseph 10 Sep 1774     White
Netherry  Jane Maclin  Henry H 17 Mar 1835   John Egerton White
Newby  Elizabeth J Newby  William H 02 Jul 1854   G. H. Goodloe White
Newell E. J. Cheek Augustus A. 17 Sep 1858   Gideon H. Macon White
Newell Mary A T Alston Jesse A. 11 Feb 1841   F. A. A. Bobbitt White
Newell Nancy J. Johnston Anthony M. 15 Jan 1844   Richard H. Johnston White
Newell Rhoda Collins Amos 16 May 1866 16 May 1866 William P. Rose Colored
Newell Sally Carter Francis M. 02 May 1800   David Newell White
Newell Sarah A M Alston Thomas P. 21 Jul 1856   Thomas H. Christmas White
Newell  Mary Tomlinson  James E. 07 Jun 1816   Dailor W. Williams White
Newell  Rebecah Myrick  William 22 Oct 1786   William Newell White
Newmam Polley Hilliard John 19 Dec 1827   Burwell Pitchford White
Newman Ellen J. Cole John D. 06 May 1861     White
Newman Gincey Grisom Howel 29 May 1829   Thomas Newman White
Newman Judiath Bolton John J. 06 Mar 1831   Matthew Bolton White
Newman Martha W. Jones James B. 27 Sep 1821   Berry Person White
Newman Mary Jane Hase James 10 Feb 1866     White
Newman Mary Jane Hayes James 10 Feb 1866 10 Feb 1866 Augustus A. Watkins White
Newman Sally C Duke William C 04 Jun 1847   George W. Omary White
Newman  Almeda Rooker  William T 07 Nov 1865   William H. White White
Newman  Elizabeth Mckinney  Samuel 14 Jan 1808   William Jones White
Newman  Mary E  Newman  William A  20 Jul 1866 20 Jul 1866 W. D. Newman White
Newman  Parthena T Walker  Freeman 18 Jul 1826   James W. Wilson White
Newman  Suasan M Turner  Thomas R 15 Dec 1837   Daniel Taylor White
Newman    Wilson Thomas 29 Sep 1780   Thomas Newman White
Newmon Catharine Cole Daniel 21 Oct 1823   Burwell Pitchford White
Newshaw Eliza Burchett John 08 Jan 1838   Christopher Roberson White
Newsom  Ann Kearney  Solomon 30 Oct 1866 30 Oct 1866 T. J. Turnbull Colored
Newton ____ey Robertson  James No Date No Date Thomas Newton White
Newton Elizabeth Beard Littleton 05 Dec 1823   Philemon Hawkins White
Newton Martha Johnson John 14 Jul 1788   John Newton White
Newton Mary A. Bowdon John 28 Aug 1848   John White White
Newton  Ann Walker  Samuel 31 Dec 1835   John E. Walker White
Newton  Charity Walker  William 22 Dec 1802   William Newton White
Newton  Harret E  Newton  John B  02 Feb 1842   John Langley White
Newton  Lucy Stegall  William 02 Dec 1851   James F. Moss White
Newton  Lucy J Newton  James G 28 Feb 1855 28 Feb 1855 Richard Nicholson White
Newton  Mary D Newton  Henry A 29 Nov 1853   William Harris White
Newton  Sarah J Stegall  John W 25 Nov 1846   John G. Nanney White
Nichols Babba (Barbara) Hunt Samuel 12 Dec 1780   Julius Nicholson White
Nichols Nancy Harris Henry 13 Jan 1798   John J. Egerton White
Nichols Susannah Garland John 08 Aug 1781   Alexander Nicholson White
Nichols  Nancy Shearin Charles 06 Jun 1804   Simon Kinbell White
Nichols  Sarah A Wilcox  Julius 16 Oct 1845   H. C. Lucas White
Nicholson Lucy Coleman Edward 18 May 1785   Urban Nicholson White
Nicholson Lucy A. Claiborn William H. 24 Nov 1852   A. W. Childress White
Nicholson Martha Ascue John 07 Oct 1830     White
Nicholson Martha Acree John 9 Oct 1810   Jno Bellamy White
Nicholson Matilda Hardy Thomas 05 Feb 1859   Francis Hardy White
Nicholson Polly Harris Daniel 23 Jun 1811   Robert Harris White
Nicholson Sarah A R Harris John A 08 Apr 1865   G. E. Shearin White
Nicholson  Agatha Verser  John 10 Mar 1830   David W. Dowtin White
Nicholson  Caroline Twitty  John E 04 Jan 1866   Joseph S. Jones White
Nicholson  Elizabeth Riggan   William W. 02 Oct 1805   William Miller White
Nicholson  Jane Rudd  John 30 Nov 1821   John Johnson White
Nicholson  Lucy Mclaren  James 16 May 1823   Lemuel Nicholson White
Nicholson  Lucy Smith John 24 Jan 1823 24 Jan 1823 William Johnson White
Nicholson  Mary H P Watkins  John W 11 Jan 1856 11 Jan 1856 George W. Pegram White
Nicholson  Mildred J Thomas Charles L 12 Jun 1844   Gideon D. Nicholson White
Nicholson  Nancy Pearsey  William 12 May 1827   John Smith White
Nicholson  Nancy Newsom  J V 18 Oct 1855   S. E. Vaughan White
Nicholson  Patsey Riggan   James 15 Mar 1819   Michael Riggan White
Nicholson  Sarah Myrick  John C 19 Nov 1852   J. M. Balthrop White
Nicholson  Susannah Rivers Joshua 17 Dec 1835   Edwin D. Drake White
Nicholson   Elizabeth Newsom  John B  26 Nov 1836     White
Night  Mary Riggan   Joseph L. 22 Dec 1819   Randolph Smith White
Norfleet Maggie J. Brosius William K. 15 Sep 1865   K. W. Coghill White
Norsworthy Nancy Baxter John 31 Dec 1803   Nathaniel Baxter White
Norsworthy  Fanny Watson  William 04 Dec 1807   Joel Terrell White
Norwood Jane Drake Hartwell 09 Jun 1835   George W. Barnes White
Not Given King  Henry 17 Apr 1799   Joseph King White
Not on record   Cauthon Henry 10 Nov 1796   William Short White
Nuchcoals Polley Hawks John W 31 Jul 1834   Thomas A. Langley White
Nuckals Elizabeth Ham Burton 03 Aug 1849   William H. Nichols White
Nuckels  Nancy Vaughan  Jefferson H 01 Jun 1831   Jesse Garris White
Nuckerls Nancy Johnson James R. 01 Dec 1807   William Haywood White
Nuckles Frances Duke William 12 Oct 1853 12 Oct 1853 Solomon S. Rowland White
Nuckles Mary Harris Edward 29 Dec 1837   Kinchen Harper White
Nuckles Nancy Coley Joseph 13 May 1837   Littleton Fuller White
Nuckles  Sallie Pendergrass  Thomas 01 Apr 1859 08 Dec 1865 James L. Bridgerd White
Nunnery  Virginia Maxwell  James 27 Apr 1836   Weldon Hall White
Nuttall Mary Goode John C. 22 Feb 1819   Allenson Williams White

  2009 Ginger L. Christmas-Beattie, Nola Duffy or individual contributors.    No portion of this any document appearing on this site is to be used for other than personal research.  Any republication or reposting is expressly forbidden without the written consent of the owner.02/20/2010