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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know.

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
Jackson F. L. Gee Caroline R. 18 May 1846   Peter J. Turnbull White
Jackson John Brittain Mary No Date No Date William Russell White
Jackson Leroy Daniel Sarah A. C. 08 Jan 1836   James M. Daniel White
Jackson Mark L. Rainey Siller 09 Dec 1784   John Langfrod White
Jackson Solomon     03 Aug 1782   James Milam White
Jackson William C. Tisdale Frances J. 26 Aug 1848   William J. Toone White
Jackson Wycke Dye Polly 28 Oct 1801   Abrham Mayfield White
James George Bohanan  Sally No Date   Daniel Duke White
James Henry J. Harris Emeline 27 Jan 1844   Henry M. laughter White
James Thomas Jr. Powell Lucy T. 05 Jan 1858   A. A. Hudgins White
Jeffers James Acree Mary 24 Jan 1810   Thomas Bell Jr. White
Jeffers John Harrison Hannah 24 Oct 1809   Thomas Bell White
Jefferson Samuel Bowers Martha 01 Sep 1796   Alexander Falconer White
Jeffres Acrey Martin Salley 01 Aug 1799   John Randolph White
Jeggetts Anthony Hunt Frances 09 May 1867 09 May 1867 E. H. Plummer Colored
Jeggetts Daniel Hunt Ann 09 May 1867 09 May 1867 E. H. Plummer Colored
Jeggetts Nicholas Coleman Polly 23 Dec 1865   James T. Russell Colored
Jenkins A. E. Coleman Martha E. 05 Mar 1857   T. P. Waller White
Jenkins Belfield Dobbins Elizabeth 21 Dec 1838   Benjamin Jenkins White
Jenkins Green D Moseley Sarah L 16 Dec 1828   John V. Vaughan White
Jenkins John Green Cordelia 07 Mar 1866   Joseph Gholson Colored
Jenkins John Wortham Mary 18 Dec 1841   Charles Henry King White
Jenkins Philip Wortham Martha 21 Jun 1825   Jordan H. Foster White
Jenkins Thomas House Tabitha 04 Feb 1782   James house White
Jenkins Thomas T. King Mary 28 Dec 1817   Wilmot E. Foster White
Jenkins Thomas T. White Martha 24 Jan 1848   Michael Riggan White
Jenkins William Drew Elizabeth 03 Nov 1867   William Wallace White Colored
Jenkins William F. Shearin Caroline 04 Dec 1832   George W. Shearin White
Jenkins Willie Talley Sally 14 Aug 1839   William Smith White
Jinkins Green Green Salley 27 Dec 1802   Plasant Fowler White
Jinkins Willie Procter Febay 09 Dec 1799   John Smith White
Johnson Andrew J. Shearin Elizabeth 02 Oct 1839   Alexander Nicholson White
Johnson Atherton Shearin Elizabeth B. 09 Dec 1843   Richard H. Johnston White
Johnson Benjamin Robins Nancy 02 Sep 1831   Benjamin Hawks White
Johnson Benjamin Jr. Duke Mary 21 Dec 1833   Gideon Harton White
Johnson Charles M. Myrick Sally 14 Jun 1815     White
Johnson Crawford Willis Susannah No Date   Delk Mabry White
Johnson Daniel Wilson Mariah 16 Nov 1867   Thomas J. Pitchford Colored
Johnson Daniel Wilson Rebeckah 22 Dec 1795   Michael Johnson White
Johnson Denis Cheek Mary 02 Mar 1867 02 Mar 1867 William J. White Colored
Johnson Doctor M. Sledge Elizabeth 30 Oct 1835   David D. M. Dowtin White
Johnson Ephraim King Sarah 13 Jun 1864   E. H. Russell White
Johnson Ephraim Read Mary L. 29 Nov 1837   Micajah Hilliard White
Johnson Francis Barner Jeny 22 Jan 1817   David Dancy White
Johnson George E. Askew Lucy 26 Jun 1852   John L. Vaughan White
Johnson George T. Watkins Susanah 27 Sep 1848   William Matthews White
Johnson Gideon Simms Gilley 20 Apr 1783   John Sails White
Johnson Howell Crowder Holly 23 Nov ____     White
Johnson Jacob Carroll Sarah 21 Feb 1867 21 Feb 1867 P. D. Paschall Colored
Johnson Jacob Wright Rebecca 25 Oct 1865   James H. Mayfield Colored
Johnson James R. Nuckerls Nancy 01 Dec 1807   William Haywood White
Johnson Jesse Ellis Milley 21 Dec 1805   Thomas Talley White
Johnson Jesse Fordner Frances 18 Jan 1834   William Meacham White
Johnson Jesse Verser Martha 13 Oct 1828   Thomas E. Judkins White
Johnson John Newton Martha 14 Jul 1788   John Newton White
Johnson John Williams Betsey __ Aug 1787   Thomas Wwilliams White
Johnson John H. Dowtin Mary 05 Jul 1836   William Pardue White
Johnson John N. Wilson Lucy 01 Sep 1743   John R. Johnson White
Johnson John R. Bartholomew Martha E. 15 Jun 1859   Willoughby H. Stallings White
Johnson John W. Davis Rebecca D. 11 Mar 1830   John Langly White
Johnson Joseph Derham Susanah 04 Mar 1791   James Baxter White
Johnson Joseph Thomas Polley 28 Mar 1800   Abner Mills White
Johnson Joseph P. Beaman Mary E. 31 Dec 1833   Solomon Pardue White
Johnson Kemp Pardue Nancy 23 Oct 1802   Charles Bennett White
Johnson Richard Johnson Ann 21 Dec 1866   Thomas J. Paschall Colored
Johnson Richard Marshall Elizabeth 31 Jul 1833   William E. Andrews White
Johnson Robert R Russell Ann 09 Jun 1826   Isham H. Davis White
Johnson Terry Turner Susanah 23 Dec 1790   Wiliiam Rivers White
Johnson Turner Paschell Betsey 20 Mar 1795   Samuel Paschall White
Johnson William Person Martha 24 Nov 1779   Thomas Maclin White
Johnson William Jr. Person Martha 24 Jan 1782   William Johnson Jr. White
Johnson William W. Reevis Judith Chapell 11 Mar 1802   Henry King White
Johnston Anthony M. Newell Nancy J. 15 Jan 1844   Richard H. Johnston White
Johnston Anthony M. Shearin O. D. 28 Sep 1865   John W. Riggan White
Johnston Blake Johnston Amanda 05 Feb 1866   Anthony M. Johnston Colored
Johnston Judge Daniel Powell Sarah 26 Aug 1867   Samuel Bobbitt Colored
Johnston Richard H. King Elizabeth 21 Oct 1851   Benjamin R. Harris White
Johnston Sterling Johnston M. J. 14 Dec 1859   William A. White White
Johnston William E. Willis Elizabeth 30 Jul 1807   Robert Park White
Johnston William H. Parrish Frances A. 30 Jun 1853   James N. Harper White
Johnston William L. Grant Martha W. 30 Apr 1849   A. B. Prince White
Joiner Daniel Evans Eliza 03 Mar 1847   Daniel Joiner Colored
Jolly Thomas Alford Elizabeth 30 Jul 1807   Jacob Stiner White
Joloff Davis Hide Priscilla 25 Feb 1799   Presley C. Person White
Jones Albert C. Baskerville Ann Minge 27 Nov 1844   George D. Baskerville White
Jones Albert T. Harris Elizabeth H. 21 Nov 1832   John Verser White
Jones Amos   Collins Caroline 25 Dec 1865   J. A. Cheatham Colored
Jones Amos W. Blanche Caroline 24 Feb 1841   Joseph Speed Jones White
Jones Drury Kimball Amey 06 Nov 1775     White
Jones Edward C. Thomas Jane B. 07 Dec 1854   Charles Pemmenton White
Jones Elijah Saunders Martha 21 Dec 1796   John Randolph White
Jones Epps Randolph Polley 05 Dec 1797   Peter Pandolph White
Jones Epps L. Harris Leverna 08 Oct 1831   Solomon Harris White
Jones Francis Cypress Nancy 25 Jan 1818   T. W. Cypress White
Jones Gabriel Wilson Fanny 16 Feb 1867   W. A. Brame Colored
Jones Henry  Edwards Olivia 28 Dec 1866   James T. Russell Colored
Jones Henry F. Allen Melissa 07 Dec 1842   Joseph J. Jones White
Jones Henry G. Shearin Mary E. 24 Oct 1866   James W. Robertson White
Jones Horace Browne Henrietta 15 Sep 1866   Thomas A. Montgomery Colored
Jones J. J. Jr. Williams Emma P. 04 May 1866 04 May 1866 Phil K. Williams White
Jones James B. Newman Martha W. 27 Sep 1821   Berry Person White
Jones James W. Duke Dolley Ann 27 Nov 1860   John S. Cheek White
Jones John C. Moseley Nancy 21 Feb 1810   John Milam White
Jones John C. Walker Mary Ann 26 Sep 1822   Jesse Cole White
Jones John E. Royster India E. 20 Dec 1858 20 Dec 1858 John E. Jones White
Jones Joseph Cawthorn Virginia 15 Oct 1867   Edward Engles Colored
Jones Joseph B. Plummer Licie 06 Oct 1862   William Hodges White
Jones Joseph J. Williams Jane E. 02 Nov 1847   Henry G. Goodloe White
Jones Latney Riggan Frances 09 Feb 1836   James Robertson White
Jones Lewis Batchlor Tempy 21 Mar 1866   William Hooper Colored
Jones Peter Hutson Mary 12 May 1812   Zachariah Milam White
Jones Phillip Cordel Rhoda 30 Aug 1838   Andrew J. Johnson White
Jones Robert Christmas  Ann 18 Aug 1779   Thomas Machen White
Jones Robert Jones Elizabeth 22 Mar 1809   Hill Jones White
Jones Seth Alston Sally B. 04 Apr 1812   Robert T. Cheek White
Jones Sugan Clinch Elisabeth 01 Apr 1784   James Grey White
Jones Taylor Beasley Mary 19 May 1809   William Conner White
Jones Thomas B. Thomas Martha R. 28 Jul 1852   Eldrich H. Dugger White
Jones Thomas M.,Col.  London Mary C. 29 Jun 1864   E. S. Jones White
Jones W. D. Wood Rebecca J. 03 Nov 1854     White
Jones William Beasly Anne 14 Oct 1795   Barrett Beasly White
Jones William Ellis Betsy 13 Oct 1797   Joseph Jones White
Jones William Harris Lucinda 04 Oct 1826     White
Jones William D. Rennell Angelina 29 Aug 1833   Abner Steed White
Jones William E. Green Martha 05 Oct 1848   R. C. Pritchard White
Jonking James Weldon Ann 28 Dec 1863   Charles J. Jones White
Jordan Archibald Maurice Elisabeth 26 Dec 1801   Richard Jordan White
Jordan Benjamin W. Cotton Sally C. 03 Sep 1823   Carter Nunnery White
Jordan Burchett T. Macon Gabriel L. 22 Jun 1816     White
Jordan Christopher Brame Tempe 27 Dec 1866   T. H. Joyner Colored
Jordan Hinton Steed Martha 06 Apr 1867   William White Colored
Jordan James W. Steed Ann M. 27 Apr 1857   John White White
Jordan John Smith Polly 12 Nov 1821   Thomas Darnell White
Jordan Richard Wilson Nancy 07 Dec 1805   Benjamin Jordan White
jordan William H. Pope Ann W. 05 Jan 1854   E. T. Rix White
Joyner Daniel Hicks Jane 11 Jul 1845   Thomas J. Judkins Colored
Joyner William H. Clanton Sarah Ann 03 Jun 1845   Robert O. Buxton White
Judkins Joseph Boyd Mary 13 Oct 1866   James C. Robinson Colored
Judkins Peter Miller Martha 07 Apr 1866   Samuel Bobbitt Colored

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