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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know. 

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
Mabry  Branch M. Langford  Catharine 06 Jan 1824   Jones Mabry White
Mabry  Charles Cole  Elizabeth 26 Jan 1826   Daniel cole White
Mabry  Frederick Watkins  Elisabeth 24 Mar 1790   Richard Watkins White
Mabry  Hartwell Williams  Polly Tilman 15 Feb 1815   William Paschall White
Mabry  John Cowley  Martha 13 Jan 1851   James H. Moore White
Mabry  John Sherrin  Rosey 24 Dec 1824   Robert Nicholson White
Mabry  Jones Reaves  Nancy 18 Apr 1810   Joab Langford White
Mabry  Kinchen Riggans  Martha 09 Apr 1822   Luke Paschall White
Mabry  Matthew Long  Sarah 23 Oct 1783   Benjamin Bradley White
Mabry  Seth W Walker  Nancy 24 Nov 1840   Joesph S. Jones White
Mabry  Stephen G Tunstall  Martha R 16 Apr 1850   Henry Turner White
Mabry  Stephen G Best  Lucy M 29 Jun 1861   Thomas R. Tunstall White
Mabry  William Shearin  Pricella 01 Dec 1808   Gardner Shearin White
Macklin  George Gui Marey 16 Jan 1840   Richard Drew Colored
Macklin  Matthew Jones  Salley 09 Nov 1787   Isaac Evans Colored
Macklin  Nathaniel Duglass  Frances 05 Oct 1861   Ephrain Maclin Colored
Maclin  Durell Duglas  Catharine 16 Jun 1857   James Algood Colored
Maclin  Henry H Netherry  Jane 17 Mar 1835   John Egerton Colored
Maclin  James Cypress Thursy 14 Mar 1864   John E. Boyd Colored
Maclin  Tomas Rottenberry  Polly 09 Mar 1838   William Chandler White
Macon Albert G. Davis  Mary H. 29 Sep 1824   John V Cawthorn White
Macon Arthur Hawkins  Martha H 07 Oct 1828   Gedion Cawthorn White
Macon Gabreil L.  Jordan  Berchett T. 22 Jun 1816   John C. Green White
Macon George W. Kinbell  Elizabeth 24 Oct 1807   Joel Turrell White
Macon Gideon H Dr  Jenkins  Louisa 01 Jun 1857 01 Jun 1857 William A. Jenkins White
Macon Gideon Hunt Green  Mary 06 Jul 1779   Thomas Christmas White
Macon John C. Askew  Indianna 30 Apr 1864   H. G. Goodloe White
Macon John C. Gordan Ann 01 Feb1830   William F. Tucker White
Macon John T. Willis  Elizabeth R. 01 Jan 1823   Robert Ransom White
Maddra  John Saintsing  Cloeye 17 Jul 1782   Darling Maddra White
Maddry Darling Gwinn Mary 18 Aug 1783   Charles Ellems White
Madley Asa Algood Harriet 24 Aug 1841   Edward Power White
Madley Asa Allgood  Harriet 24 Aug 1841   Edmond Power White
Madray  Robert Duncan Jeane 12 Jun 1803   Mallory Smith White
Madray  William Saintsing  Millender 21 Feb 1784   James Saintsing White
Magers  William Derby  Minerva 18 Oct 1826   Thomas Jefferson Green White
Mallory  Francis Vaughan  Sally P 04 Apr 1855   William L. Harris White
Malone  John Earles  Nancy 17 Sep 1787   James Hutcheson White
Malone  William Baxter  Poly 17 Aug 1795   William Colclough White
Mangham  Solomon Hays  Elizabeth 09 Jun 1820   Gedion Horton White
Mangum  James Harris  Susanna 26 Jan 1796   Joseph Mangum White
Mangum  Samuel Harris  Catey 03 Jan 1807     White
Mangum  William Wren  Polley 20 Feb 1800     White
Mann  Benjamin D Williams  Carolina M T 27 Dec 1852   P. D. Powell White
Marks  Peter Valentine  Araminta 19 Nov 1851   Beverly Valentine Colored
Marlow  Allen C. Hill  Maria 06 May 1829   Richard Davis White
Marlow  Middleton Acre  Ann 04 Feb 1822   Edward Pattillo White
Marrow  James A Taylor  Ellen A 08 Sep 1865   S. W. Jones White
Marshall  Charles Arrington  Elizabeth 21 Feb 1807   Stephen Marshall White
Marshall  David Hamlet  Patsey 07 May 1795   William Person White
Marshall  David Pegram  Caroline 11 Apr 1838   Joseph H Riggan White
Marshall  David Evans  Patience 25 Jun 1823   Isaac Mitchell Colored
Marshall  Eleazar Tucker  Polley 09 Jul 1793   William Allen White
Marshall  Eli B Wood  Henney Reter 07 Oct 1830   John D. Langford White
Marshall  Harry Andrews  Nancy 22 Nov 1841   William D. Jones White
Marshall  Isaac Foote  Mary 11 Jun 1785   William Beckham White
Marshall  Jessee King  Rebecca 01 Nov 1859   Gideon Hamlet White
Marshall  John H. Christmas  Sally D. 11 May 1818   William Green White
Marshall  Josiah Dowlen  Nancy 11 Aug 1803   Samuel Marshall White
Marshall  Matthew Kimball  Rebecca 21 Dec 1813   Archibald Brown White
Marshall  Matthew Smiley  Polly 25 Sep 1831   James Vincent White
Marshall  Thomas D. Hawks  Jane 07 Jun 1824   Ransom King White
Marshall  William     No Date   John Wortham White
Marshall  William H. Hazard  Sally 12 Nov 1821   Amos P. Sledge White
Martin  Henry D Bennett  Sarah 16 Dec 1833     White
Martin  James Cunningham  Leoa 13 Jun 1839   John W. White White
Martin  James Bennett  Elizabeth 31 Aug 1805   Mikajah Walker White
Martin  John Duke  Parmelia 15 Dec 1829     White
Martin  John C. King  Eveline

11 Nov 1840

  Charles B. Thompson White
Martin  Joseph Smith  Sarah 07 Feb 1778     White
Martin  Robert Mason  Rhoda 13 Nov 1828   Richard Evans Colored
Mason  Henry Evans  Harriett 12 Apr 1834   Griffin Evans Colored
Mason  Henry Hamilton  Betsey 18 Apr 1843   James Burrows Colored
Mason  Jefferson Hicks  Henrietta 28 Jan 1854   Solomon Pittifoot Colored
Mason  John Mason  Clary 10 Dec 1827   Joseph T. Daniel Colored
Mason  John Durham  Eliza 14 Sep 1844   James Burroughs Colored
Mason  John Clark  Chany 29 May 1866 29 May 1866 James W. Jordan Colored
Mason  Joshua Pettefoot  Panny 16 Dec 1828   Daniel Joiner Colored
Massenburg  Nicholas Davis  Lucy 05 Nov 1831   Edward Alston White
Mathis  Hopkins Langford  Besty 26 Aug 1812   Tilman Fitts White
Matthews  Hopkins Mardray  Susanah 13 Feb 1794   Asa Foster White
Matthews  Hopkins Gray  Delilah 28 Mar 1833   Green D. Jenkins White
Matthews  Hopkins Tanner  Susanah 30 Sep 1800   Abre Turner White
Matthews  Samuel J Bragg  Jane King 27 Sep 1865   Sterling Faulkener White
Matthews  William Duke  Sarah J 18 Nov 1843   John C. Paschall White
Matthews  William J. Powell Victoria J. 24 Mar 1847   Mark Matthews White
Maxwell  James Nunnery  Virginia 27 Apr 1836   Weldon Hall White
May Charles Oliver Shearin  Sallie D 05 Dec 1865   Thomas May White
May  Enoch Willson  Elizabeth 01 Jan 1802   Joseph Shearin White
May  Julius Myrick  Matilda 18 Oct 1824   Henry Tally White
Mayfield  Abraham White  Mary 11 Jun 1798   Joseph Myers White
Mayfield  Abraham Shearrin  Franky 28 Dec 1801   William Mayfield White
Mayfield  Edmond Dye Catey 20 Jul 1787   Martin Dye White
Mayfield  John Symms  Mary 23 Feb 1773     White
Mayfield  Simon Bellamy  Martha 22 Dec 1866   L. C. Perkinson White
Mayfield  Thomas  Wright  Rhoda 31 Aug 1866   William A. White Colored
Mayfield  William Shearrin  Elizabeth 07 Nov 1797   Mayfield Bell White
Mayho Henry Smith  Nancy 06 Jun 1848   George Grain Colored
Mayho Hinton Drew  Mary 08 Dec 1843   Abraham Seaward Colored
Mayho Jesse Smith  Sarah 20 Jan 1863   James Valentine Colored
Mayho Jubiter Pettiford  Rebecca 29 Oct 1809   Jacob Davis Colored
Mayo  Edward Mayo  Betsey 25 Feb 1832   Hardaway Drew Colored
Mayo  Henry Guarns  Margarett 17 Oct 1809   Richard Russell Colored
Mayo  Isham Chavis  Martha 26 Nov 1857   Edward Harris Colored
Mayo  Jeremiah Pettyford  Betsy 08 Dec 1813   Peter R. Davis Colored
McClenahan  John Waddy  Judith 06 Aug 1792   Benjamin Waddy White
McCraw  Alexander C Waddill  Sallie 21 Nov 1854 21 Nov 1854 J. B. Solomon White
McDowell  John N Washington  Martha P 09 Jun 1863   John C. McCraw White
McGehee Solomon Hudson Henny 30 Nov 1797   Henry Gordon White
Mckinney  Samuel Newman  Elizabeth 14 Jan 1808   William Jones White
Mckinny  Jordan Blankinship  Elizabeth 09 Dec 1810   Daniel Glover White
Mclaren  James Nicholson  Lucy 16 May 1823   Lemuel Nicholson White
McRorie  William Best  Mary 30 Oct 1794   Benjamin Moss White
McSparren  John Kimbell  Elisabeth 30 Oct 1799   Drury Hundley White
Meadows  Elijah Thomasson  Lucy Ann 19 Jul 1855   William H. Mines White
Meadows  James Robertson  Mary 21 Apr 1843   William L. Harris White
Meadows  Thomas P Durham  Ann 03 Feb 1840   Joseph S. Jones White
Mealor James Harris  Salley 03 Jan 1778   Fredrick Harris White
Melvin  G W Thompson  Mary E 22 Dec 1864   John Burroughs White
Meran William Macon  Delia 23 Aug 1780   Aaron Sparks White
Merritt  John Patterson  Rebecah 25 Mar 1785   Thomas Merritt White
Merritt  Silvanus Carter  Mary 14 Jun 1795   John Merritt White
Merritt  Thomas Riggon  Rebecca 24 Oct 1783   James Myrick White
Merryman  P R Davis  Mary 04 Sep 1851   Samuel R. Hunt White
Milam  Cyress Gains Salley 19 Apr 1867 19 Apr 1867 John O. Drake Colored
Milam  Druery Short  Rebeccah 03 Feb 1789   Lawrence K. Noles White
Milam  Ellick Shearin  Louisa 07 Apr 1866 07 Apr 1866 Francis M. Fitts Colored
Milam  James Jackson  Rebecca 04 Jan 1780   Solomon Jackson White
Milam  John Short  Elizabeth 22 Dec 1782   James Milam White
Milam  John Ellis  Susanah 30 Dec 1802   Daniel Pegram White
Milam  Nathan Fitts  Elizabeth 22 Aug 1827   Mathew M. Drake White
Milam  Rowland Jackson  Liddia 04 Jan 1785   James Milam White
Milam  Zachariah Fitts  Mary 14 Aug 1819   Thomas Bragg White
Milles  Abner Harper  Patsey 25 Aug 1801   William Prioce White
Mills  Abner Dickens  Rebecca 24 Jun 1809     White
Mills  Daniel Good  Mary 02 Aug 1791   Benjamine Bradley White
Mills  Major Carter  Rody 07 Oct 1857   William Mitchell Colored
Mills  Samuel N Foote  Lucy Ann 09 Dec 1845   Jacob W. Holt White
Mills  Solomon Colclough  Martha 12 Jul 1865   Redding McGee Colored
Minge  Alexander Shearin  Loisa 12 Sep 1832   Jesse Pittard White
Minge  Jesse Williams  Mariah 26 Dec 1866 26 Dec 1866 Samuel Bobbitt Colored
Minge  Richard Rodwell  Sarah B 27 Jul 1836   James A. Egerton White
Minge  Williamston Egerton  Martha 22 May 1834   Jesse Pittard White
Mise  William J Richardson  Elizabeth C 09 Jan 1850   William R. Mabry White
Mitchell  Henry Ashe  Mary E 03 Feb 1858 03 Feb 1858 George Hendricks Colored
Mitchell  Henry Langford  Eliza 08 Mar 1853   John W. Paschall White
Mitchell  Hilliard Birchett  Rhoda 10 Aug 1864   Stephen G. Cawthorn Colored
Mitchell  John Shearin  Edith 13 Dec 1792   John Brown White
Mitchell  John Burton  Susan 26 Feb 1829   Thomas Watkins White
Mitchell  Peter Person  Elizabeth H. 14 Oct 1824   Thomas White White
Mitchell  William P Martin  Amelia W 31 Jul 1850   Phillip T. Norwood White
Montford  Edward J H Andrews  Virginia A 12 Nov 1832   Littlebury Andrews White
Montford  Thomas J. Bobbett  Ceiley 08 Oct 1822   Ketchin Harris White
Montgomery  Benjamin S Daly  Carolina 18 Jun 1846   Thomas A. Montgomery White
Montgomery  Marcellus J Johnson  Mary A L 18 Dec 1847   Philemon Jenkins White
Montgomery  Thomas A Dowtin  Sarah H 11 Jul 1853 11 Jul 1853 Will A. Judkins White
Montgomery  Thomas A Cheek  Darica D 25 Oct 1843   Kemp P. Alston White
Montgomery  William Jordan  Charlot H. 06 Jan 1809   Daniel Terry White
Moody  James Wilson  Rebeccah 25 Jan 1804   Samuel Wren White
Moody  William A. Barner  Nancy H. 16 Dec 1818   Mark White
Moody  William B. Bennett  Barsha 24 Feb 1817   John Allen White
Moore  David Howard  Mary 27 Aug 1784     White
Moore  Edward Mangum  Decy 01 Nov 1820   Bartholomew Foster White
Moore  Elijah Rosser  Thamor 04 Jan 1802   Richard Towns White
Moore  Higdon Terry  Nancy 28 Jul 1810   Robert Moore White
Moore  Higdon Bennitt  Betty 30 Dec 1783   John Bobbitt White
Moore  James B Bennett  Quinny 26 Nov 1849   Thomas Haithcock White
Moore  James C Bell  Cynthia 01 Jan 1828   Carter Nunnery White
Moore  John Sturdevant  Sally 06 Jun 1832   John Daniel White
Moore  John Long  Rebecca 12 Jun 1780 12 Jun 1780 Mark Moore White
Moore  John Felts  Elizabeth 24 Dec 1832   John P. Beasley White
Moore  John Dr  Burgess  Lucy 10 Jun 1851 10 Jun 1851 A. Alston White
Moore  Jordan Parish  Nancy 26 May 1825   Isham Davis White
Moore  Lewis Moore  Hannah 09 May 1831   Plummer Moore White
Moore  Plummer Moore  Nancy 06 Dec 1834   Lewis Moore White
Moore  Robert Bobbitt  Hicksey 19 Nov 1817   William B. Clark White
Moore  Robert Hathcock  Polley 07 Mar 1805   Anthony Dowtin White
Moore  Thomas Myrick  Vesta 16 Dec 1795 16 Dec 1795 Daniel Vauly White
Moore  Thomas Shell Sally No Date   William Shell White
Mordecai  Jacob Myers  Rebecca 20 Mar 1798   Joseph M. Myers White
Morey  James Sturdivant  Mary 09 Nov 1796   David Moss White
Morey  Jeremiah Studivant  Betsey 22 Apr 1799   David Thomas White
Morey  John Hamilton  Salley 15 Jul 1825   John Darnell White
Morgan Mark Good  Elizabeth 05 Mar 1793   Daniel Mills White
Morris  Isham Harris  Polly 30 Dec 1801   Wilmot E. Harris White
Morris  John Wilson  Caty 24 Nov 1798   Joseph Carter White
Morris  John Haney  Mary 07 Jan 1825   Joseph Carter White
Morris  Lewis Wallace  Dolly 26 Dec 1810   Mark Ward White
Morris  Merculandus Shearin  Theopatra 28 Jun 1838   N. N. Southall White
Mosby  Richard H Little  Mary A 09 Feb 1826   Robert R. Johnson White
Mosby  Robert Johnston  Adalene 14 Feb 1866   M. A. Mosby White
Moses  Mason Godfry Williams  Mary 23 Apr 1792   William Weaver White
Mosley Abner Kirkland  Sarah 20 Dec 1832   Bennett H. Stainner White
Mosley Benjamin Singleton  Sousan 25 May 1850   Joseph Clary White
Mosley Hardaway Richardson  Harriet 06 Apr 1822   Francis Jones White
Mosley Hartwell Carroll  Martha 26 Dec 1831   James Maxwell White
Mosley James Archer  Patsey 20 Dec 1799   John Colclough White
Mosley Jesse Edmonds  Jane 17 Jan 1799   Martin Smith White
Mosley John Carroll Lucy 24 Dec1830   James Paine Jr. White
Mosley John Wall  Delila 05 Feb 1805   Drury Jones White
Mosley John Waller  Nancy 24 Feb 1806   James Paine Jr. White
Mosley John W. Coleman  Sarah L. 10 May 1824   Robert R. Johnson White
Mosley Nathan S  Woodson  Mary J 28 Feb 1866   William A. White White
Mosley Nicholas Thornton  Mary Jane 19 May 1866 19 May 1866 Robert R. Thompson Colored
Moss  Barrot Merrit  Ann 15 Apr 1811   John Southall White
Moss  Benjamin Harris  Ann W. 29 Nov 1814   Gideon Harton White
Moss  Bennet Vaughan  Nancy 27 May 1809   Benjamin Jordan White
Moss  David Twitty  Lucy 18 Nov 1793   Phillip Hawkins White
Moss  H R  Jr, Fleming  Roberta A 18 Jun 1865   John R. Talley White
Moss  Howell Daniel  Nancy 28 Jan 1791   John Daniel White
Moss  Howell R Duke  Mary A 18 May 1864   I. J. Moss White
Moss  Iry Moss  Rebecca 11 Nov 1858 11 Nov 1858 Leonard L. Mabry White
Moss  James Macon  Priscilla M. 09 Jul 1807   Marmaduke Johnson White
Moss  James F Cale  Elizth R 28 Nov 1843   William G. Watkins White
Moss  Richard Davis  Dionitia 20 Jun 1840   James M. Williams White
Moss  Samuel Loyl  Elizabeth 30 Jul 1806   Henry Foote White
Moss  Wilkins Hazelwood Elizabeth 08 Jan 1780   Warrwick Hazelwood White
Moss  William Reeves  Sally 16 Dec 1816   Benjamin Moss White
Moss  William Robertson  Rebecca 28 Sep 1798   William Burrows White
Moss  William Daniel Cale  Amanda 29 Nov 1842   William G. Watkins White
Moss  William R. Moss  Rebecca 25 Nov 1806   John Owen White
Munger Henry Jones  Mary 29 Oct 1803   Joseph Jordan White
Munger  Shell Cogwell  Rhody 27 Feb 1799   Atkins McLemore White
Munsford  James H. Power  Elizabeth R. 29 Sep 1807   Thomas Power White
Mure  William Hardy  Eliza 20 Feb 1840   John Hardy White
Murphey  George Kimbell  Polly 13 Oct 1806   Jacob Hunter White
Murphy  John Flemming  Delilah M 01 Nov 1841   Robert Watkins White
Murrah  Ambrose Fleming  Barbary 12 Oct 1808   John C. Green White
Murrah  Thaddeus Allen  Caty 14 Dec 1793   Matthew Marshell White
Murray  James Stone  Nancy 21 Jul 1778     White
Mushaw  Benjamin Hicks  Nancy 05 Nov 1845   William Edwards Colored
Mushaw  Badger Harris  Frances V. 12 Feb 1856   John W. Paschall Colored
Mushaw  Louis Vaughan  Quientiny 22 Jun 1856   Alex Chavis Colored
Mustain  Deborix Loyd  Fransis 24 Dec 1802   Daniel Fain White
Mustain  Deborux Loyd  Sarah 02 Feb 1811   Lewis Christmas White
Mustain  Jesse Hicks  Tabatha 18 Jul 1808   Robert R. Johnson White
Mustain  John Wilson  Mary 15 Aug 1848 15 Aug 1848 James Saintsing White
Mustain  John T. Mustain  Eliza 08 Feb 1862   James L. Walker White
Mustain  Lewis Bolton  Sarah 10 Nov 1855   John C. McCraw White
Mustain  Lewis Whitton  Mary C 11 Dec 1851   Alfred W. Smith White
Mustain  William J Whitlow  Susannah B 18 Dec 1852   Frederick King White
Mustain  Williby Paschall  Elizabeth 16 Nov 1809   George Wilson White
Mustain  Willoughby Hawks  Lucy 15 Dec 1835   Churchwell Bartlett White
Myrick  Benjamin H Pearson  Elizabeth 24 Dec 1841   Hardy Myrick White
Myrick  Charles Hyde  Mary 01 Dec 1818   Will Faulkener White
Myrick  Charles Ray  Martha 28 Nov 1792   James Myrick White
Myrick  Gilles Green  Rachel 14 Mar 1865 14 Mar 1865 A. B. Long Colored
Myrick  Hardy Hill  Ann F 22 Jan 1831   Jesse Myrick White
Myrick  James Shearin  Mary F 16 Feb 1835   Ameil Camp White
Myrick  James C Shearin  Mary E 19 Nov 1866 19 Nov 1866 Robert Y. Tucker White
Myrick  James Madison Shearin  Mary 1842   William H. Bobbitt White
Myrick  Jesse Bobbitt  Rachel E. 02 Apr 1821   Charles Myrick White
Myrick  John C Nicholson  Sarah 19 Nov 1852   J. M. Balthrop White
Myrick  John H Stephenson  Winnefred 28 Nov 1854     White
Myrick  Lafayette B. Shearin  Virginia R. 08 Mar 1867 8 Mar 1867 John Collins White
Myrick  Manuel Thornton  Nancy 18 Dec 1865   John Collins Colored
Myrick  Moses Brack  Lucretia 16 Apr 1844   James M. Myrick White
Myrick  Moses Little  Susanah 31 Jan 1791   Philemon Hawkins Jr. White
Myrick  Oran F. Robarson  Mary 04 Dec 1821   Charles M. Myrick White
Myrick  Owen Green  Mary 18 Feb 1804   Jordan Warsham White
Myrick  Rodolphus Mabrey  Doritha 02 Jan 1851   Robert Harris White
Myrick  Thomas Omary  Nisha 22 Jan 1861   Simon G. Duke White
Myrick  Thomas H. Allen  Rebecca L. 11 Sep 1816   Dorrell Harris White
Myrick  William Newell  Rebecah 22 Oct 1786   William Newell White
Myrick  William Henry Williams  Lizzie 26 Jan 1867   Thomas J. Ptichford Colored
Myrick  William W. Shearin  Susan S. 08 Nov 1856   Jerreth H. Shearin White
Myrick  Willis Browne  Lucinda 12 Dec 1866   W. A. J. Nicholson Colored

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