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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know.   

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
Valentine Elizabeth Guy Baxter 21 Apr 1852   Charles Howell Colored
Valentine  Araminta Marks  Peter 19 Nov 1851   Beverly Valentine Colored
Vanlandingham Agnes Burroughs William 06 Dec 1797   Henry Cawthorn White
Vanlandingham Elizabeth Duncan William 03 Feb 1827   Charles Bennett White
Vanlandingham Jane Chander Adolphus 29 Dec 1841   Adolphus Chandler White
Vanlandingham Nancy Askew John 20 Oct 1846   James Cattwell White
Vanlandingham Winnefred Allen John 02 Mar 1805   Philemon Hawkins White
Vanlandingham  Delia Vanlandingham  George 14 Dec 1865 14 Dec 1865 Robert Vanlandingham Colored
Vanlandingham  Hixey J Rowland  Traddeus P 19 Dec 1857 19 Dec 1857 James R. Watkins White
Vanlandingham  Mildred Watkins  Sanders S 31 Jan 1832   Thomas G. Watkins White
Vanlandingham  Winney Williams Robert 15 Sep 1789   Nimrod Williams White
Vaughan Eliza J Devine Hugh 21 May 1838   William L. Harris White
Vaughan Elizabeth H Hayle John 20 Oct 1840   Samuel Edwards White
Vaughan Jacobine Green Thomas 25 Dec 1865   George R. Sledge Colored
Vaughan Martha A. Burchett John L. 30 Jul 1862   William H. Richardson Colored
Vaughan Delia Ann Harvey Hilliard 15 Jun 1852 15 Jun 1852 Edward Harris Colored
Vaughan Mary A. Chavours Tony 25 Apr 1855 25 Apr 1855 John W. White Colored
Vaughan Mary L Edwards William J 16 Nov 1861   Richard Gibbs White
Vaughan Mary L. Edwards J. 07 Nov 1861   William Holmes White
Vaughan Pink Nickles Joseph W. 24 Dec 1857   Edward Harris White
Vaughan Salley Dunston James 16 Aug 1838   Edward Harris Colored
Vaughan Sally Dumston James 16 Aug 1858     Colored
Vaughan  Adaline N Wilson William M 26 Feb 1855   Nathaniel McLean White
Vaughan  Anne E Perkinson  Zachariah 13 Jun 1850   Willis P. White White
Vaughan  Charity Read Benjamin 17 Dec 1792   Robert Weldon White
Vaughan  Dionesia S Smith George S 01 Nov 1841   Edward M. Steed White
Vaughan  Elizabeth Renn  James 06 May 1840   Thomas Renn White
Vaughan  Elizabeth Sims  Leonard H. 19 Aug 1804   Robert Temple White
Vaughan  Martha A Pegram  Thomas 14 Jun 1827   Benjamin Nicholson White
Vaughan  Mary A J Overton  Moses 07 Nov 1837   James Garrot White
Vaughan  Nancy Moss  Bennet 27 May 1809   Benjamin Jordan White
Vaughan  Nancy F Wood James B 23 Aug 1837   Michael Riggan White
Vaughan  Quientiny Mushaw  Louis 22 Jun 1856   Alex Chavis Colored
Vaughan  Rebecca Vaughan  Alexander 01 Sep 1838   William Dortch White
Vaughan  Rebecca Wilson William G. 26 Sep 1843   William S. Ransom White
Vaughan  Rebecca E K King  Medicus 20 Aug 1842   William W. Davis White
Vaughan  Sally P Mallory  Francis 04 Apr 1855   William L. Harris White
Vaughan  Sarah B Riggan   John W 09 Jun 1851 09 Jun 1851 C. N. Riggan White
Vaulen Susannah Fussell Harrison 10 Nov 1804   James Harrison White
Verell Martha Ann Harrison John A 05 Oct 1849   William A. Jenkins White
Verser Eliza Harris Joseph J 26 Mar 1852 26 Mar 1852 Alfred A. Thompson White
Verser Martha Johnson Jesse 13 Oct 1828   Thomas E. Judkins White
Verser Nancy Davis Arthur 25 Nov 1823   Joshua Harper White
Verser  Caroline Stallings  James 18 Dec 1848   Petles J. Turnball White
Verser  Elizabeth Riggan   Peter R 21 Mar 1853   M. W. Duke White
Verser  Eveline Stallings  John 20 Dec 1855   Henry A. Foote White
Verser  Susan Shearin John 07 Jan 1863   Joseph C. Harris White
Vick  Martha Lewis  Edward S. 28 Jun 1821   John Jones White
Vigors  Rachel Pendergrass  Jesse 08 Aug 1784   John Norman White
Vinson Martha Derden Jesse 31 Jan 1827     White
Volkes  Catharine Somervell  James 24 Mar 1806   Joel Terrell White

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