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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know.   

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
Sails William Towns  Polley 26 Mar 1796   Bevil Pardue White
Sails  Anthony Williams  Peggey 05 Jun 1799   Allison Williams White
Sails  Robert Talley  Fanney 31 Jan 1797   Selwick Nichols White
Saintsing   James Wilson  Ann 19 Oct 1830   John P. Rose White
Saintsing  George W Lamkin  Alice A 20 Dec 1854   David Collins White
Saintsing  Jacob Ostwall  Catharine 23 Jun 1804   John Randolph White
Saintsing  James Capps  Holley 20 Nov 1784   John Capps White
Saintsing  James Clark  Lucy Ann 21 Dec 1860   David Collins White
Saintsing  John Powell  Amey 26 Oct 1785   Charles Saintsing White
Saintsing  John Hicks  Winifred 26 Oct 1856 26 Oct 1856 Sommerville Saintsing White
Saintsing  John Wilson  Suasan 31 Jan 1839   John Hagood White
Saintsing  Somerill Wilson  Matilda 28 Nov 1843   James Saintsing White
Saintsing  Washington Kimbell  Charlotte 24 Dec 1829   John Saintsing White
Saintsing  William Ostwall  Mary 21 Jul 1804   James Capps White
Saintsing  William Lamkin  Jenny 28 Dec 1810   Matthew Lampkin White
Salmon  Henry Langford  Susan 13 Jul 1850   John Smith White
Salmon  John Wood  Mary B. 30 Jul 1823   Guilford Tally White
Salmon  Jonathan Glover  Rebecca 19 Nov 1803   Willis Coleman White
Salmon  Jonathan Goodman  Jincy 28 Dec 1816   John Honorton White
Salmon  Reuben Darnell  Harriet 01 Oct 1842   Frederick King White
Salmon  William Childress  Rebecca 17 Aug 1807   Jonathan Salmon White
Sammon  Robert Patterson  Sarah 02 Nov 1791 02 Nov 1791 Lewis Peterson White
Sampson  William Alston  Altona 11 Jun 1847   Oscar F. Alston White
Samuel  Andrew Murphy  Elisabeth 08 Oct 1789   Henry Fitts White
Sanders James Durham  Eliza No Date No Date William Durham White
Sanders Richard Marshall  Elizabeth 18 Nov 1780 18 Nov 1780 Charles Dixon White
Sandifer  James Hammock  Ann 13 Jan 1796   Phillip Kennimon White
Sanford  John Mills  Mary Jeane 01 Mar 1786   Anthony Dowden White
Sayers Abrel Marks Nancy No Date   William Smith White
Schloss  Marx Burrows  Mary E 05 Oct 1854 05 Oct 1854 W. P. White White
Scoggin  James L Fitts  Ann E 18 Apr 1842   Henry G. Fitts White
Scott Ellington Toney  Mariah 03 Sep 1863   Newsom Harris Colored
Scott Isaac Drew  Anna 09 Apr 1849   Jesse Garnes Colored
Scott Isaac Mayo  Agnis 27 Mar 1839   Bowling Evans Colored
Scott Julius Porter Frances J. 29 Jun 1861   Julius Wilcox White
Scott Samuel Watson Mary 29 Jul 1809   Isaac Watson White
Scott Theodorick Scott  Polley 08 Nov 1792   Admeral White White
Scott William W Bowers  Mary L 31 Mar 1858   E. A. Drimas White
Scribbler David L Holiday Judith 05 Oct 1781   William Coggin White
Searcy William H. Lindsay Darcas 24 Dec 1805   Nathaniel Alexander White
Searing William Harris Betsy No Date   Enos Scott White
Seat  Emanuel Talley  Cusuah 29 Aug 1787   Lewis Shearin White
Senter  Buckner Bell  Fanny 24 Feb 1801   Ezekiel Marshall White
Sentill  Freeman Coleclough  Betsey 15 May 1795   W. Marshall White
Seward  Abram Durham  Catharine 25 Oct 1853   Badger Mushaw Colored
Seward  Jacob Russell  Ella 13 Nov 1865   Hobell R. Moss Colored
Seward  John J Kersey  Ann 07 Jan 1841   Anthonny L. Seward Colored
Seward  Mcdoland Joiner  Eliza 04 Feb 1852   Willis Kearsey Colored
Shaw Alexander W Hill  Felicia M 15 Mar 1836   Jesse Myrick White
Shaw Guilford Stacy  Susan 22 Dec 1832   James Reid White
Shaw James Balthrop  Elizabeth 16 Jun 1835   Charles Myrick White
Shaw Jesse Bobbitt  Temperance D 29 Nov 1854   T. P. Walker White
Shaw William H. Shearin  Rebecca H. 12 Feb 1867   N. A. Purfoy White
Shearin Aaron Foote  Cathorin 20 Jun 1799   Moses Shearin White
Shearin Abner Harris  Nancy W 07 Jan 1844   William H. Egerton White
Shearin Abner Riggins  Cinthia 20 Dec 1825   John Bobbitt White
Shearin Abner Meadows Polly No Date No Date John Reid White
Shearin Albert Shearin  Malissa 26 Dec 1848   Henry G. Goodloe White
Shearin Charles Nichols  Nancy 06 Jun 1804   Simon Kinbell White
Shearin Claibourn Fleming  Martha 07 Dec 1840   Thomas Jenkins White
Shearin Daniel Rodwell  Elisabeth 07 Aug 1797   Thomas Rodwell White
Shearin Elishea Rodwell  Nancy 24 Nov 1813   John Nicholson White
Shearin Frederick Walker  Mary 1785 1785 Moses Shearin White
Shearin Frederick Ellis  Nelly 18 Oct 1816   Lewis Ellis White
Shearin Frederick J Taylor  Judith Hutson 23 Dec 1847     White
Shearin Gardener Williams  Judith 12 Oct 1792   William Shearin White
Shearin Gardner Pegram Lucy J. 29 Mar 1859   W. A. J. Nicholson White
Shearin Gardner Crowder  Emily 30 Jan 1850   Albert Shearin White
Shearin Gardner Jr. Rodwell  Elizabeth 09 Jan 1821   Daniel B. Allen White
Shearin Henry Oswald  Nancy 14 Dec 1811   Robert Harris White
Shearin Henry Johnson  Amanda 20 Jan 1828   John Bobbitt White
Shearin Henry Riggan  Fanny 24 Sep 1816   William W. Riggan White
Shearin Henry Bobbitt  Auyrelous 26 Aug 1839   Joseph Speed Jones White
Shearin Henry W Minge  Mary M 25 Sep 1832   William T. Minge White
Shearin Isham Riggan  Nancy 17 Dec 1783   Jacob Riggan White
Shearin J R Thompson  Catharine 04 Sep 1865   Gardner Shearin White
Shearin J R Thompson  Roxanna 31 Aug 1866   J. M. Brame White
Shearin Jacob J Shearin  Cynthia 05 May 1851 05 May 1851 Weldon E. Carter White
Shearin James King  Delia 02 Oct 1844   Michael Riggan White
Shearin James Carter  Dolley 19 Jun 1803   John Riggan White
Shearin Jarriot Balthrop  Mary 25 Oct 1803   James Balthrop White
Shearin Jarrot Yarbrough  Mary 29 Nov 1848   Lewis B. Collins White
Shearin John Shearin  Nancy 02 Aug 1834   John Egerton White
Shearin John Verser  Susan 07 Jan 1863   Joseph C. Harris White
Shearin John Cliborne  Mary U 14 Dec 1852 14 Dec 1852 F. B. Burk White
Shearin John Powell  Ruth 22 May 1793   James Cannon White
Shearin John Burrow Elizabeth No Date     White
Shearin John Walker  Rebecca No Date No Date James Reid White
Shearin John Daniel Watkins  Fanny A 01 Dec 1860 01 Dec 1860 Robert A. Shearin White
Shearin John P Kearny  Elizabeth M 08 Sep 1837   John E. Brown White
Shearin John R Daniel  Charlotte 09 Dec 1834   Drury E. Brown White
Shearin John W Clark  Lucy W 09 Apr 1859   A. K. Ball White
Shearin Joseph Evans  Mary 03 Oct 1856   John Hardy White
Shearin Joseph Bell  Lucy 05 Feb 1801   Jesse Bell White
Shearin Joseph Hardrige  Polly 07 Jun 1802 7 Jun 1802 David Adkin White
Shearin Joseph Ellis  Cealia 20 Jan 1804     White
Shearin Joseph H Hicks  Nancy T 19 Dec 1837   David A. Davis White
Shearin Leonidas S Lewis  Mary M A 10 Mar 1855 10 Mar 1855 R. G. Newsom White
Shearin Lewis Meadows Susan 01 May 1779   James Mosley White
Shearin Lewis Robinson  Jacobina 10 Aug 1816   Henry Shearin White
Shearin Mark H. Burrow  Sabrina 20 Dec 1820   Jesse Myrick White
Shearin Nathaniel Marshall  Martha E 13 Jan 1857   Furney Southall White
Shearin Nathaniel M Bobbitt  Elizabeth 09 Jan 1828   Kinchen Bobbitt White
Shearin Nathaniel M Marshall  Elizabeth 23 Mar 1853   Marx Schloff White
Shearin Nathaniel W Sledge  Mary C 12 Mar 1860   W. A. J. Nicholson White
Shearin Nicholas Shearin  Malissa 07 Jan 1852   Edward Shearin White
Shearin Nicholas Harris  Elizabeth J 11 Dec 1850   Newton Harris White
Shearin Oliver Brack  Fanny 19 Mar 1845   James M. Myrick White
Shearin Richard Clanton  Martha 07 Oct 1811   Jesse Milam White
Shearin Richard Jones  Maria 19 Dec 1818   Willis R. Harris White
Shearin Richard Reid  Rebecca 23 Dec 1852 23 Dec 1852 J. C. Hooper White
Shearin Sebastian C Marshall  Mary C 24 Apr 1866 24 Apr 1866 A. M. Johnston White
Shearin Starling Williams  Anne 10 Oct 1788   Allen Williams White
Shearin Thomas Durham  Mary 05 Apr 1806   John Patrick White
Shearin Thomas Myrick  Susan 13 Dec 1848 13 Dec 1848 W. A. J. Nicholson White
Shearin Thomas Mayfield  Sarah 21 Mar 1810   Benjamin Colclough White
Shearin Thomas W Bartlett  Cynthia 06 Feb 1866 06 Feb 1866 Jacob J. Shearin White
Shearin William Wilson  Tabitha 11 Feb 1843   William S. Ransom White
Shearin William Balthrope  Elizebeth 20 May 1799   William Norsworthy White
Shearin William H Fleming  Mary Ann 08 Nov 1837   John P. Shearin White
Shearin William H. Shearin  Rebecca 14 Nov 1837   Henry Shearin White
Shearin Zachariah Bobbit  Mary 06 Jan 1804   Joseph Shearin White
Shearin Zachariah Myrick  Ann 25 Feb 1830   Joseph Shearin White
Shearin Zachariah T Johnson  Eliza R 30 Mar 1865   George R. Sledge White
Shell  John B Carrol  Tabitha 17 Jan 1826   Thomas Carroll White
Shell  Lemmon Clanton  Dorithey 14 Mar 1792   Stephen Shell White
Shell  Oliver P Turnbull  Mary C 01 Nov 1858 01 Nov 1858 Alfred Alston White
Shell  Thomas Robinson  Nannie 13 Jul 1867   B. A. Long Colored
Sheppard  Egbert Johnson  Mary T. 19 Feb 1822   George Anderson White
Sherrod  James Perry  Rebecca 09 Dec 1793   Jeremiah Pervy White
Short  Federick Goode  Eliza C. 06 Dec 1823   Samuel Simmons White
Short  John Harthorn  Cinthia 30 Jul 1807   William Miller White
Short  Richard Riggan  Agnes 19 Oct 1797   Caleb Lindsay White
Short  Theophilas Loyd  Fanny 20 Nov 1860   James W. Adkins White
Shroyer  Edward Powell  Mary P 12 May 1860   George W. Harper White
Shroyer  Edward Powell  Frances M 29 Jun 1855 29 Jun 1855 John A. Waddill White
Shuck  L H Parrish  M A 18 Jun 1856   John Mitchall White
Sifrus (Cypress) Theophilus Kersey  Armed 01 Sep 1836   John Steward Colored
Silver  John Harris  Martha 03 Jan 1837   Richard Davis Colored
Simmons  Abijah Desch  Elizabeth 19 May 1838   Thomas J. Jenkins White
Simmons  William G Foote  Mary E 29 Aug 1853 29 Aug 1853 James A. Egerton White
Sims  Benjamin Duke  Holley 09 Mar 1805   Philemon Hawkins White
Sims  Benjamin Sims  Mary 23 Feb 1809   William Howard White
Sims  Briggs Duke  Fanny 25 Feb 1796   Francis Gill White
Sims  Chesley Brown  Polley 30 Nov 1799   Sanders Sims White
Sims  Christopher T Milam  Dorothy 08 Jan 1840   Anderson F. Brame White
Sims  Henry Burt  Sally 29 Nov 1813   Amos P. Slegde White
Sims  James Bowdon  Martha 08 Dec 1834   James Cooper White
Sims  James G Hicks  Polly Frances 23 Jan 1866 23 Jan 1866 John R. Byrum White
Sims  John Hendrick  Nancy 15 Dec 1810   Reubin Cogwell White
Sims  Joseph Bullock  Catharine 18 May 1822   David Dancy White
Sims  Leonard H. Vaughan  Elizabeth 19 Aug 1804   Robert Temple White
Sims  Leonard S Jones  Sally G 02 Aug 1837   John White White
Sims  Mattathias Wilson  Sally 05 Feb 1801   Jutias Sims White
Sims  Richard Sims  Harriet W B 07 Jul 1841   S. S. Sims White
Singleton  John D Wall  Nancy 22 Oct 1836   James Higene White
Singleton  William Evans  Caroline 09 Jun 1860 09 Jun 1860 James Egerton White
Skinner  Charles Little  Susan E 21 May 1835   Richard H. Mason White
Skinner  Micajah Shearin  Ann 28 Mar 1867 28 Mar 1867 P. J. Turnbull Colored
Slade  Thomas P Gordan  Eliza 28 Oct1830   Edwin E. Slade White
Sledd  R N Green  Fannie C 25 Aug 1855   W. T. Bailey White
Sledge  Adolfus Crowder  Martha A 23 Feb 1847   James M. Nicholson White
Sledge  Alfred A Burgess  Mary B 18 Dec 1845   John W. White White
Sledge  Amos P. Pitchford  Nancy L. 27 Mar 1824   Carter Nunnery White
Sledge  Asa G Stewart  Elizabeth A __ Nov 1842   Edward G. Macon White
Sledge  George R Fleming  Nancy D 22 Oct 1845   Joseph Harris White
Sledge  Hubbard A Bobbitt  Eliza 20 Dec 1831   William Pearce White
Sledge  Isham Myrick  Tabitha 20 Jun 1782   Daniel Sledge White
Sledge  James J King  Susan Ann 18 Feb 1839   Thomas Reynolds White
Sledge  John W. Davis  Mariah 14 Dec 1822   Amos P. Sledge White
Sledge  Maclin Clanton  Francis M. 06 Jun 1825   Mark Clanton White
Sledge  Mark W Crowder  Mary C __ ___ 1843 1843 N. Gee Parham White
Sledge  Robert Wortham  Francis J 25 Jul 1836   Joseph S. Jones White
Sledge  Sherwood Myrick  Susanah 20 Oct 1792   Charles Myrick White
Sledge  Turner Davis  Tabathy 26 Jul 1809   John Williams White
Sledge  William S Shearin  Elizabeth 26 Nov 1839   John P. Shearin White
Smart Elisha Skelton  Martha 18 Feb 1825   Griffin King White
Smart Francis Cheek  Martha 29 Dec 1784   Randolph Cheek White
Smiley  Jackson Roberson Salley M. 13 Oct 1847   Henry G. Goodloe White
Smiley  Jackson Obryan  Amelia G 19 Dec 1845   John R. Johnson White
Smiley  James Adams  Ann 15 Aug 1832   Carter Nunnery White
Smiley  John Todd  Frances 06 May 1788   George Nicholson White
Smiley  Joseph Patterson  Nancy 27 Mar 1824   Solomon Flemming White
Smiley  Robert Harris  Henrietta Emeline 16 Dec 1848   Harry Harper White
Smiley  William Pennington  Martha 27 Oct 1817   Eli Perkinson White
Smiley  William Henry Burchett  Minerva 20 Dec 1842   Christopher Robertson White
Smiley  Willis Ellis Nancy No Date No Date C. Nicholson White
Smith A. W. Coleman  Susan A 27 Nov 1866   Ira J. Nyche White
Smith Arrow Thomerson  Rowena 08 Mar 1850   William E. Lancaster White
Smith Arthur Duty Polly 27 Nov 1780   James Wilson White
Smith Asa G Griffice Rebecca H 02 Jan1850   Abner Mosely White
Smith Bannister Fleming  Polly 23 Nov 1818   John Flemming White
Smith Baxter Ellis  Jane 08 Apr 1847   William Smith White
Smith Baxter Ellis  Agness 17 Dec 1842   James Talley White
Smith Bennett Smith  Nancy 04 Feb 1799   Trye Fane White
Smith Bourbon Robertson  Margaret 12 Feb 1840   John M. Price White
Smith Charles Mayfield  Rebecca 18 Apr 1809   Joel Smith White
Smith Daniel Daniel  Elizabeth No Date No Date Samuel Smith White
Smith David L Parish  Catharine 10 Jan 1826   Banister Smith White
Smith Edmond Daniel  Frances 30 Dec 1808   Thomas Daniel White
Smith Edmund Judd  Sarah B. 26 Jul 1820   Benjamin H. Bass White
Smith Edward Cox  Elizabeth 16 Dec 1821   Henry Smith White
Smith Edward Blount  Martha 30 Sep 1806   Willis Arrington White
Smith Elihu Hilton Dicey Dicey 27 Feb 1792   S. Davis White
Smith Francis Howard Fanny No Date No Date Nathaniel Brown White
Smith George Paschall  Mary 03 Feb 1802   John Smith White
Smith George Langford  Eleanor 16 Mar 1851 16 Mar 1851 John P. Beasley White
Smith George Darnald  Henrietta 20 Aug 1844     White
Smith George S Vaughan  Dionesia S 01 Nov 1841   Edward M. Steed White
Smith Henry Butler  Mary 27 Nov 1865 27 Nov 1865 James J. Haithcock White
Smith Isaiah Cogwell  Polly 20 Nov 1822   Thomas Cogwell White
Smith J. J.  Mosley Lucy 24 Aug 1863   R. E. Mosley White
Smith Jack Denkins  Mary 17 Sep 1785 17 Sep 1785 Daniel Smith White
Smith James Thomas  Mary 05 Nov 1808   John Daniel White
Smith James Alston  Martha 10 Feb 1829   Gordon Cawthorn White
Smith James Acree  Salley 11 Jan 1786   John Mosley White
Smith James Mushtin  Abbey 22 Jan 1841   Samuel Higgins White
Smith James L. Darrnald  Poly 29 Dec 1818   Richard Omary White
Smith John Moore  Tabitha 11 Jun 1824   Edward Moore White
Smith John Greyard  Betsey 12 Aug 1796   John Hicks White
Smith John Ellis Nancy Mary 15 Jul 1794   John Hicks White
Smith John Myrick  Mary 20 Mar 1789   John Payne White
Smith John Thomas  Arrene 23 May 1799   William Hicks White
Smith John Nicholson  Lucy 24 Jan 1823 24 Jan 1823 William Johnson White
Smith John Archer  Jincy 28 Aug 1821   Benjamin Johnson White
Smith John A. Jones  Martha C. 07 Oct 1830   James Somerville White
Smith John H Morton  Cora 14 Apr 1849   D. P. Taylor White
Smith Joshua Malone  Polly Green 07 Jul 1808   William Ross White
Smith Lewis F Sims  Olive A 12 Dec 1826   John Bowdon White
Smith Michael Marshall  Betsy 17 Jan 1797   Samuel Marshall White
Smith Patrick H Edwards  Mary 25 Jul 1834   Samuel Edwards White
Smith Richard H Hall  Sarah 12 Nov 1833   John Cawthorn White
Smith Robert Bowdon  Elizabeth 21 Jan 1829   James Loyd White
Smith Robert B Mitchell  Emma J 26 Sep 1853 26 Sep 1853 J. H. Wallace White
Smith Samuel R Pattillo  Mary Jane 28 Nov 1839   Francis M. Henry White
Smith Solomon W Kearney  Martha 14 May 1850   H. J. Macon  White
Smith Solomon W Snow  Martha B 26 Jan 1852 26 Jan 1852 Henry J. Macon White
Smith William Tally  Polly 27 Apr 1831   John Smith White
Smith William H Spruill  Julia A 01 Dec 1853 01 Dec 1853 R. W. H White
Smith William H Williams  Amarillis 10 Apr 1858 10 Apr 1858 J. B. Solomon White
Smith Williamson Dowell  Suckey 09 Jun 1809   Jacob Coleman White
Smith Willie Rawyster  Lewsy 16 Mar 1797   Richard Daniel White
Smithwick  James R Allen  Frances A 14 Dec 1850   Alexander L. Steed White
Snow  John Harper  Caroline 06 Feb 1850   Thomas A. Montgomery White
Snow  John Freeman  Maria L. A. 30 Sep 1812   Peter R. Davis White
Snow  Premus Williams  Annis 06 Feb 1866   Samuel A. Williams Colored
Snow  Xanthus Kearney  Polly 13 Jan 1814   Thomas Bragg White
Somervell  James Volkes  Catharine 24 Mar 1806   Joel Terrell White
Somervell  John B Kearney  E M 17 May 1830     White
Somervell  Sandy Somervell  Priscilla 04 Jul 1866 04 Jul 1866 Thomas A. Montgomery Colored
Somerville Bason Carroll Charlotte 16 Nov 1867   P. P. Paschall Colored
Somerville Matthew Crossan Dorsey 24 Jan 1867   J. M. Brame Colored
Somerville Solomon Cawthorn Louisa 20 Feb 1867   William Hodges Colored
Somerville William Hill Indiana 20 Apr 1867 20 Apr 1867 William Hodges Colored
Southall  Henry Arrington  Mary 28 Jul 1798   Henry Arrington White
Southall  Holomon Reaves  Rebecca 04 Dec 1829   Gordon Cawthorn White
Southall  James Harper  Ann B. 14 Dec 1824   Alexander H Falconer White
Southall  John Drewry  Patsey 26 Sep 1822   Alexander Crossland White
Southall  Pherney Edwards  Rose Ann 18 Dec 1835   Drury Shearin White
Sparks Thomas Hagood Jane No Date No Date Benjamin Kelley White
Spears  John Reed  Tempy 01 Aug 1835   Anthony M. Johnston White
Spratley  John W Jones  Sarah Jane 10 Jun 1847   James Shaw White
Springer  John Green  Ann 09 Dec 1783   William Green White
Sprunt  James Duncan  Milley 23 Dec 1783   Joseph Langford White
Spurlock  Zachariah Hendrick  Eley 26 Mar 1809   Benjamin Johnson White
St John  William E Morriss  Priscilla 16 Oct 1827   Edmund Adams White
St. John  William Loyd  Catherine 14 Jun 1786   James Grey White
Stainback  George W Pendergrass  Sally 12 Apr 1836   Samuel Edwards White
Stainback  James W. Griffin  Lucy 13 Jan 1812   Harnson Fussell White
Stainback  John O. Allen  Susan 14 Jan 1822   George W. Turnstall White
Stainback  Thomas W Lankford  Martha A 08 Mar 1856 08 Mar 1856 Robert Bowden White
Stainback  William G. Coghill  Sarah 16 Dec 1815   Reuben Coghill White
Stainback  William R Mason  Mary C 03 Jan 1841   William C. Snead White
Stallings  Hilliard Daniel  Emily A 15 Jan 1834   James M. Daniel White
Stallings  James Harriss  Lucy J 03 Oct 1866 03 Oct 1866 David Parrish White
Stallings  James Verser  Caroline 18 Dec 1848   Petles J. Turnball White
Stallings  John Verser  Eveline 20 Dec 1855   Henry A. Foote White
Stallings  John Wombel Lucy A. 21 Dec 1864   Isaac Harris White
Stallings  John A Robertson  Sarah A 05 Dec 1859   John C. McGraw White
Stallings  Joseph Hazilwood  Lucy 01 Nov 1784   William Madra White
Stallings  Josiah Dowten  Mariah 17 Dec 1816   Rodwick Bigaloe White
Stallings  Solomon Davis  Thamer 03 Sep 1822   Josiah Stallings White
Stallings  Solomon Turner  Elizabeth 09 Feb 1848   Archibald H. Davis White
Stallings  Solomon P Stallings  Sarah A 18 Oct 1865   T. P. Alston White
Stallings  Solomon W Harriss