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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know. 

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
Mabrey  Doritha Myrick  Rodolphus 02 Jan 1851   Robert Harris White
Mabrey  Henrietta Lewis  Samuel H. 04 Jul 1818   Thomas Pitchford White
Mabrey  Mary  Nicholson  Davis  28 May 1793    William E. Johnston White
Mabry Betsey Harris David W 11 May 1843   Daniel Haithcock White
Mabry Lavetia Proctor Richard 07 Jan 1780   Joshua Mabry White
Mabry Martha Buckhannon James C. 13 Dec 1829   John Ellington White
Mabry Phoebe G Duke Lewis L. 07 Dec 1852   Simon H. Duke White
Mabry Priscilla Bradley John 06 Jul 1830   William Little White
Mabry Salley Paschall  Thomas 17 Dec 1795/98   Richard Wadkins White
Mabry Scinnorey Evans Miles W 29 Nov 1853   C. M. Cooper White
Mabry  Angelica J Turnstall William B 29 Sep 1847   Thomas Stainback White
Mabry  Elizabeth J Turnstall Thomas R 15 Nov 1851 15 Nov 1851 Joseph H. Perdue White
Mabry  Ellen Turner  Henry H 01 Jan 1844   John Stainback White
Mabry  Fanny Love  Lewis 26 Dec 1866   Thomas P. Paschall Colored
Mabry  Francis C Turnstall Thomas R 20 Feb 1855   Stephen G. Mabry White
Mabry  Hixy Little Isaac 04 Feb 1803   Gordon Shearin White
Mabry  Lucretia  Newman  Austin  10 Dec 1839   John W. White White
Mabry  Martha A White John H 10 Oct 1865   John W. Pattillo White
Mabry  Polly Yarborough  Edward 29 Dec 1802   Buckner Mabry White
Mabry  Sarah L Watkins  Richard S 22 Jan 1847   Charles E. Watkins White
Macay  Fanny H. Locke  George 21 Dec 1822   George Anderson White
Macklen Jane Baskerville Thomas D. 13 Dec 1859   George Stewart Colored
Macklen Nelessey Chanler William 12 Feb 1834   John Waldon White
Macklin Adeline Howell Albert 19 Sep 1860   James Garns Colored
Macklin Delila Earles William 28 Mar 1839   James Maclin Colored
Macklin Emily Boss Samuel 21 May 1847   James Macklin Colored
Macklin Winney Harris Thomas 28 Dec 1837   James Baskerville Colored
Maclin Arrena B Howard William E 08 Aug 1854   William H. Mayo Colored
Maclin Delila Howell Charles 31 Mar 1842   John Ciphras Colored
Maclin Francis Douglas Alfred 28 Nov 1859   Ephraim Maclin Colored
Maclin  Nancy Stewart  James 03 Nov 1849   George R. Robertson Colored
Macon Ceneora Eaton William 19 Oct 1804   J. J. Daniel White
Macon E Green John C 18 Jan 1828   Bennett S. Stummine White
Macon Eliza Farrer Josiah 12 Jan 1848   Edward T. Price White
Macon Frances E. Upsher Littleton 14 Oct 1855 14 Oct 1855 U. W. Ransom White
Macon Gabriel L. Jordan Burchett T. 22 Jun 1816     White
Macon Martha Alston Auguston 27 Jul 1813   Thomas Allen White
Macon Mary H Green Simon W 26 Nov 1827   Henry C. Williams White
Macon Mary H. Allen James 08 Jul 1813   Peter R. Davis White
Macon Sally Hawkins John 27 Feb 1765     White
Macon  Delia Meran William 23 Aug 1780   Aaron Sparks White
Macon  Priscilla J.  Nunnery   Carter 25 Apr 1815    Madison J. Hawkins White
Macon  Priscilla M. Moss  James 09 Jul 1807   Marmaduke Johnson White
Maddray  Lurany Wingate  William 26 Apr 1796   Benjamin Thurman White
Maddrey Nancy Wren Joseph 02 Jan 1782   William Laughter White
Madry Patsy Haithcock George 24 Oct 1798   William Robertson White
Mallary  Pattsy Langford  George 05 Sep 1781   James Poythere White
Malone Peggy Buttrill Thomas 23 Dec 1785   Richard Caswell White
Malone  Polly Green Smith Joshua 07 Jul 1808   William Ross White
Malory  Betsey Trotter  James 04 Oct 1802   Wyatt Williams White
Mangrum  Chaney Wren Joel 09 Jul 1803   Charles Allen White
Mangum Elizabeth Clark Timothy 15 Jun 1805   Wiliam Mangum White
Mangum Nancy Clark William 28 Aug 1810   Tholomy Tucker White
Mangum  Decy Moore  Edward 01 Nov 1820   Bartholomew Foster White
Mann Elizabeth Anstead Henry 02 Mar 1807   Joseph Anstead White
Manning Mary M. Ford William J. 25 Nov 1861   Thomas J. Judkins White
Manor Mary Stephens James C. 10 Jan 1822   Richard Allen White
Marcus Milley Acree Joseph 6 Dec 1806   Atkins McLemore White
Marcus Milly Ascue Joseph 06 Dec 1806      
Mardray  Susanah Matthews  Hopkins 13 Feb 1794   Asa Foster White
Mardry Patsy Heathcock George 24 Oct 1798     White
Marks Amey Wilson Richard 20 Sep 1780   Thomas Newman White
Marks Nancy Sayers Abrel No Date   William Smith White
Marks Thursday Cifers (Cypress) Samuel 21 Jun 1838   John Steward Colored
Marks  Elizebeth Tucker  John 15 Dec 1798   William Short White
Marrable Betsey Hicks John B. 28 Oct 1817   Thomas D. Allen White
Marshall Ann Dowtin Amos 30 Oct 1787     White
Marshall Charity Dewey Charles 08 Feb 1797   John Clark White
Marshall Charity Drewry Charles 08 Feb 1797     White
Marshall Elizabeth Johnson Richard 31 Jul 1833   William E. Andrews White
Marshall Jane Capps Cylus 11 Aug 1809   William Capps White
Marshall Jinsy Capps William 25 May 1797   James Emmerson White
Marshall Lucy A. Clark James 18 Nov 1817   William Turner White
Marshall Media Clerk William 14 Aug 1784   Charles Drury White
Marshall Sally H. Cook Benjamin E. 25 Oct 1817   W. D. Allen White
Marshall Tabitha Duke Richard 28 Apr 1804   Reubin Cogwell White
Marshall Tabitha Allen Grant 29 Jan 1783   John Wortham White
Marshall  Betsy Wilson William G. 05 Nov 1814   Thomas Nichols White
Marshall  Betsy Smith Michael 17 Jan 1797   Samuel Marshall White
Marshall  Elizabeth Sanders Richard 18 Nov 1780 18 Nov 1780 Charles Dixon White
Marshall  Elizabeth Shearin Nathaniel M 23 Mar 1853   Marx Schloff White
Marshall  Elizabeth S Riggan   Joseph H 28 Feb 1834   Littleton Riggan White
Marshall  Francis Kimball  Lewis 26 Feb 1822   William Williams White
Marshall  Martha Towns  David 05 Feb 1811   Richard Neal White
Marshall  Martha E Shearin Nathaniel 13 Jan 1857   Furney Southall White
Marshall  Mary C Shearin Sebastian C 24 Apr 1866 24 Apr 1866 A. M. Johnston White
Marshall  Nancy M. Power  Nathaniel C. 05 Nov 1822   John W. Mayfield White
Martha Ann  Martha H Harris Thomas W 08 May 1833     White
Martin Anne Capps William 27 Nov 1792   Winnie Capps White
Martin Salley Jeffres Acrey 01 Aug 1799   John Randolph White
Martin  Amelia W Mitchell  William P 31 Jul 1850   Phillip T. Norwood White
Martin  Leah Lancaster  Samuel B 27 May 1844   T. E. Judkins White
Martin  Sarah Terrell  Richmond 22 May 1786   William Bush White
Marx Caroline Barton Richard W. 29 Apr 1833   Charles Marx White
Mary T Mary T Rainy William H. 07 Sep 1852   B. R. Vaughan White
Mason  Clary Mason  John 10 Dec 1827   Joseph T. Daniel White
Mason  Eliza Ann Kirby  John D 05 Feb 1835   Clack Robinson White
Mason  Mary C Stainback  William R 03 Jan 1841   William C. Snead White
Mason  Rachal Pettyfoot  Wesley 22 Jul 1831   Griffin Evans Colored
Mason  Rhoda Martin  Robert 13 Nov 1828   Richard Evans Colored
Massie Susannah Daniel Moses 07 Jan 1779     White
Mathews  Elizabeth Weldon  Sales 27 Oct 1837   William F. Lampkin White
Matthews Angelica Gunn James W 27 Mar 1822     White
Matthews Augustine Gunn Dudley G. 27 Mar 1822   Sanders Rooker White
Matthews Elizabeth Fluker George 04 Sep 1781   George James White
Matthews Mary A. Crump Leroy R. 08 Nov 1849   William H. White White
Matthews Nancy Barnes John F. 18 Jul 1836   E. H. Riggon White
Matthews Susanna Benter Henry 12 Jun 1830   John C. Johnston White
Matthews  Polley Langley  Thomas A 10 Feb 1834   John Hawkins White
Maurice Elisabeth Jordan Archibald 26 Dec 1801   Richard Jordan White
Mayfield Ann Green Willis 19 Jan 1866   W. Hawkins Colored
Mayfield Catherine W. Hendrick Thomas R. 08 Jul 1856 08 Jul 1856 James T. Williams White
Mayfield Ella Davis Rufus 13 Sep 1866   L. C. Perkinson Colored
Mayfield Jeane Daniel Peter 15 Aug 1788   Reubin Smith White
Mayfield Katey Dye Martin 22 Jul 1783   John White White
Mayfield Nancy Caller Thomas 17 Jun 1793   James Caller White
Mayfield  Elizabeth Tucker  William 10 Mar 1797   Francis Tucker White
Mayfield  Elizabeth Palmer  Smith 18 Feb 1811     White
Mayfield  Nancy Pattillo  Edward 07 Apr 1814   William Green White
Mayfield  Nancy  Neal  Major  15 Dec 1801    Abraham Mayfield White
Mayfield  Polly Palmer  Thomas 28 Aug 1806   Thomas H. Davis White
Mayfield  Rebecah Russell  Richard 02 Nov 1797   Thomas Green White
Mayfield  Rebecca Smith Charles 18 Apr 1809   Joel Smith White
Mayfield  Salley Kearney  James 23 Oct 1790   William Williams White
Mayfield  Sarah Shearin Thomas 21 Mar 1810   Benjamin Colclough White
Mayhaw Fanny Garnes Isaac 17 Feb 1797   Elijah Garnes White
Mayho Hattiett Baskerville Benjamin 21 Aug 1865   Fredrick King Colored
Mayho Mariah Davis Harry 23 Sep 1865   Edward H. Plummer Colored
Mayho  Margaret Stegall  Richard 16 Jun 1863   Albert Howell Colored
Mayhoe Rhoda Garns Elijah 05 Feb 1797   Charles Durham Colored
Mayhoe  Charity Casey Edmund  23 Jan 1834   Robert Day Colored
Mayo Eveling Gordon Willie 12 Sep 1816   Isaac Mitchell Colored
Mayo  Agnis Scott Isaac 27 Mar 1839   Bowling Evans Colored
Mayo  Betsey Mayo  Edward 25 Feb 1832   Hardaway Drew Colored
Mayo  Carolina Vaughan  John 27 Nov 1851 27 Nov 1851 Edward Harris Colored
McCraw  Sarah T Williams John W 25 Oct 1866   T. B. Kingsbury White
McDaniel Elizabeth Blanton James 23 Jan 1799   Samuel lambert White
Mcdaniel Rebecca Ann Crowder Bartlet 21 Jan 1813   Stephen Davis White
McDonald Sally J. Foote George A. 30 Nov 1863   Samuel N. Mills White
Mcgee Huldy Duke Harrell 16 Jun 1781   John Duke White
McGhee Solomon Hudson Henry 30 Nov 1797   William Thompson White
McLamore Abigail Christmas William 28 Aug 1780   John Scott White
Mclamore Priscilla Green James 05 Jan 1795   John Hazelwood White
Meadows Polly Shearin Abner No Date No Date John Reid White
Meadows Scinthia Acree James 06 Sep 1842   William H. Shearin White
Meadows Susan Shearin Lewis 01 May 1779   James Mosley White
Meadows Winnefred Harris Elijah 22 Jun 1830   Drury Shearin White
Melam Alice Brame Anderson F. 03 Feb 1833   Alexander Crosland White
Melam Martha Brame Henry 16 Dec 1825   Jesse B. White White
Merrit Catharine Beckham Stephen 23 May 1787   Archibold Brown White
Merrit  Ann Moss  Barrot 15 Apr 1811   John Southall White
Mersek Margaret Dickerson Nathaniel No Date No Date not listed White
Mewshaw Winnifred H Garnes Berry 08 Oct 1842   B. S. Montgomery White
Milam Della Blanch Henry 19 Apr 1867 19 Apr 1867 Nathan Milam Colored
Milam Winnie A. Burney John R. 08 May 1858   Paul Palmer White
Milam  Dorothy Sims  Christopher T 08 Jan 1840   Anderson F. Brame White
Milam  Elizabeth Rodwell Robert 04 Feb 1830   William D. Jones White
Milam  Franky Rodwell Robert 07 Feb 1814   William R. Johnson White
Milam  Lucy Pegram  Daniel 10 Dec 1800   Gideon Pegram White
Milam  May P. Rogers  George 03 Mar 1823   John Twitty White
Milam  Sallie E. Palmer Horace Jr. 12 Apr 1855 12 Apr 1855 James C. Robinson White
Miller Martha Judkins Peter 07 Apr 1866   Samuel Bobbitt Colored
Milles B. Barrow Daniel 07 Jun 1786 07 Jun 1786   White
Mills Betsey Gill John 29 Nov 1788   William Sanford White
Mills Bettie Green James 25 May 1858 25 May 1858 M. T. Hawkins Colored
Mills Carolina Bishop James 10 Jun 1861   R. P. Booth Colored
Mills Elizabeth Carter Washington 07 May 1850   William L. Harris Colored
Mills Hester Carter Plummer 19 Oct 1852   Richard Shearin Colored
Mills Holly Hawkins John 04 Dec1830     White
Mills M. S. (Susan) Bobbitt Joseph H. 28 Sep 1867   William A. White Colored
Mills Martha Cyphrus John 13 Nov 1848   James Macklin Colored
Mills Martha Ann Burnet Micajah 28 Dec 1859   Thomas H. Read Colored
Mills Phillis Thomas John No Date No Date Thomas E. Mills White
Mills Roberta Artist Jack 27 Nov 1860 27 Nov 1860 Alford Alston Colored
Mills  Mary Jeane Sanford  John 01 Mar 1786   Anthony Dowden White
Mills  Nancy Steward  Stanfield 15 Jul 1846   Alexander Steward Colored
Minetree Elizabeth Harper George W 21 Aug 1858   D. W. Harris White
Minetree  Lucy Ann Young  Thomas R 09 Jan 1838   Gideon Harton White
Minge  Eliza A. Pittewood Jesse 31 Mar 1830   Thomas Harris White
Minge  Mary M Shearin Henry W 25 Sep 1832   William T. Minge White
Minor Mary F. Bobbitt Lewis 17 Oct 1855   William M. Wilson White
Minor  Mary L Sullivan  Colgate W 07 Nov 1849   Lewis McGee White
Mise Elizabeth A Dortch William A 09 May 1854   George King White
Mitchell Elizabeth H. Brown R. F. Dr. 02 Aug 1856   William A. Jenkins White
Mitchell Lydianna Acree Joshua 14 Nov 1809   Benjamin Colclough White
Mitchell Sally Blanch Ezekiel 25 Apr 1785   John Whote White
Mitchell  Emma J Smith Robert B 26 Sep 1853 26 Sep 1853 J. H. Wallace White
Mitchell  Janet M Wilson Thomas E 13 Jul 1847   John V. Cawthorn White
Mitchell  Maria Wright Allen 21 Jun 1860 21 Jun 1860 Stephen Hedgepath Colored
Mitchell  Mary L Trotter  Thomas R 02 Feb 1843   William H. Boyd White
Mitchell  Susan Robertson  John F 06 Apr 1840   Joseph Coly White
Montgomery Martha Allen Turner 18 Jan 1828   Zackariah Wright White
Montgomery Sally B Hicks John B 18 Jun 1836   Richard Davis White
Montgomery  Mary Wortham  Robert 29 Mar 1832   Thomas Wortham White
Moody Minerva Acree Willie 23 Dec 1826   Thomas Bell White
Moody  Mary Jane Rooker  Thomas W 31 Dec 1845   William W. Daniel White
Moody  Salley  Newell  Edward  19 Jun 1797    William Newell White
Moon Salley Brandom Wiet 19 Dec 1832   Thomas Brandom Colored
Moon  Inda Lambert  Thomas 11 Nov 1797   Joab Lambert White
Moore Elizabeth Harris John T 12 Jun 1855   Green R. Patterson White
Moore Elizabeth R. Carroll Sterling 19 Dec 1832   Amos White White
Moore Martha E Andrews Henry 04 Nov 1841   Henry Andrews White
Moore Mary Capps Macon 04 Dec 1844   Alfred A. Sledge White
Moore Mary Jane Hite James L 30 Sep 1847   Thomas P. Walker White
Moore Rebecca Fortner Benjamin 01 Jan 1827   Joseph P. Johnson White
Moore Susanna Heathcock Peter 28 Dec 1818   William Saintsing White
Moore Tabitha Carroll Ezekiel 07 Jul 1824   Joseph Barter White
Moore  Elizabeth Keele  Thomas P No Date   Benjamin Hawks White
Moore  Hannah Moore  Lewis 09 May 1831   Plummer Moore White
Moore  Nancy Moore  Plummer 06 Dec 1834   Lewis Moore White
Moore  Polly Langford  Raleigh Jr. 05 Oct 1821   Raleigh Langford White
Moore  Quinney Patterson  Green 17 May 1855 17 May 1855 John W. White White
Moore  Tabitha Smith John 11 Jun 1824   Edward Moore White
Mooshaw Frances Chavours Nathan 26 Oct 1847   Washington Penell Colored
Moosher Aley Hawkins Matthew 26 Feb 1812   Frederick Parum Colored
Mordecai  Caroline Plunkett  Achelles 18 Dec 1820   John D. Plunkett White
Morgan Martha Davis James 17 Sep 1782   Jeremiah Brown White
Morris Catey Harris Wilmot E. 01 Jan 1799   Jeremiah Stephenson White
Morris Lucy Harper John 13 Jun 1783   Samuel Harper White
Morris Nancy Dowden Samuel B. 18 Dec 1810   John M. Johnson White
Morris  Polley Patterson  James 19 Oct 1789   Horbul Harris White
Morriss  Priscilla St John  William E 16 Oct 1827   Edmund Adams White
Morton  Cora Smith John H 14 Apr 1849   D. P. Taylor White
Mory  Mary King  Anthoney 17 Oct 1785   Wood King White
Moseley Nancy Jones John C. 21 Feb 1810   John Milam White
Moseley Rebecca Griffis Lambert 14 Nov 1826   Robert Cooke White
Moseley Sarah L Jenkins Green D 16 Dec 1828   John V. Vaughan White
Moseley  Elizabeth Pattillo  George G 14 Nov 1826   Robert Cook White
Moseley  Elizabeth Pittallo Augustin 18 Sep 1782   Jesse Mosley White
Moseley  Sarah J Woodruff  Benjamin W 15 Nov 1865   J. R. Mason White
Moseley  Tabby King  Henry 16 Aug 1804   Gideon Johnson White
Mosely Emily R. Conner Richard 29 Dec 1853   William Barker White
Mosley Jane Stark  William H. 15 Oct 1861   Jordon H. Foster White
Mosley Lucy Smith J. J.  24 Aug 1863   R. E. Mosley White
Mosley Nelly Richardson  Thomas M. 17 Dec 1851   Edmond Bell White
Mosley Salina Palmer Isaac  02 Nov 1867   James C. Robinson Colored
Moss Elizabeth Hawkins Philip 13 May 1793   Wyatt Hawkins White
Moss Elizabeth Harper Samuel 30 Aug 1799   Joseph Hooper White
Moss Harriet Park Edward 04 Jul 1867   James C. Robinson Colored
Moss Priscilla M. Hawkins Micajah T. 20 Sep 1810   Seth Ward White
Moss  Emily Watkins  William G 20 Jun 1844   Thomas P. Paschall White
Moss  Rebecca Moss  Iry 11 Nov 1858 11 Nov 1858 Leonard L. Mabry White
Moss  Rebecca Moss  William R. 25 Nov 1806   John Owen White
Moss  Rhoda C  Newman  William D  14 Dec 1866   James T. Russell White
Mudd Emily B. Brown Jacob 12 Nov 1863   W. S. Wainwright White
Munsford Narcissa Andrews Benjamin A. 28 Mar 1836   Edwin Ashley White
Murphy Elizabeth Ellis Michael 13 Oct 1779   Nelson Cole White
Murphy  Elisabeth Samuel  Andrew 08 Oct 1789   Henry Fitts White
Murrah Betsey Lemont John No Date No Date Charles Marshall White
Murray Sally Clark James 06 Aug 1812   James K. Clack White
Mushaw Partheny Evans Bowlin 17 Nov 1852   John Baschett Colored
Mushaw Pheny Haney Madison 04 Jun 1844   Jefferson Vaughan Colored
Mushtin  Abbey Smith James 22 Jan 1841   Samuel Higgins White
Mustain Winnifred P Darnall James R 20 Nov 1866 20 Nov 1866 Nathaniel L. Hawks White
Mustain  Eliza Mustain  John T. 08 Feb 1862   James L. Walker White
Mustian Sarah Carroll Robert 25 Sep 1865   Thomas Judkins White
Mustian  Eliza Ann King  Joseph J 25 Nov 1851 25 Nov 1851 Elbert King White
Mustian  Martha King  Matthew 03 Dec 1836   Eli Perkinson White
Mustian  Mary King  Frederick 14 Dec 1844   Joseph King White
Myers  Rebecca Mordecai  Jacob 20 Mar 1798   Joseph M. Myers White
Myrick Finetto S A W Gardner Thomas P 06 Mar 1848   George E. Johnson White
Myrick Louiza C Collins John 28 Nov 1865   W. S. Wainwright White
Myrick Martha R. Camp Amiel 11 Jun 1832   George W. Barnes White
Myrick Mary Brown William 19 Dec 1809   Joshua Archer White
Myrick Mary F Evans John L 06 May 1847   Peter I. Evans White
Myrick Molley Harris Arthur 04 Dec 1782   William Myrick White
Myrick Rebecca Carter Jesse 18 Feb 1797   Drury Bobbitt White
Myrick Sally Johnson Charles M. 14 Jun 1815     White
Myrick  Ann Shearin Zachariah 25 Feb 1830   Joseph Shearin White
Myrick  Elizabeth Williams Matthew 19 Dec 1826   Hardy Myrick White
Myrick  Mary Smith John 20 Mar 1789   John Payne White
Myrick  Matilda May  Julius 18 Oct 1824   Henry Tally White
Myrick  Matilda F Tucker  Charles S 11 Jun 1859   Alfred M. Tucker White
Myrick  Mildred J Robertson  Allen P 02 Jan 1844   Merrit H. Pittman White
Myrick  Rebecah Stewart  Charles 19 May 1799   James Johnson White
Myrick  Susan Shearin Thomas 13 Dec 1848 13 Dec 1848 W. A. J. Nicholson White
Myrick  Susanah Sledge  Sherwood 20 Oct 1792   Charles Myrick White
Myrick  Tabitha Sledge  Isham 20 Jun 1782   Daniel Sledge White
Myrick  Vesta Moore  Thomas 16 Dec 1795 16 Dec 1795 Daniel Vauly White

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