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Warren County Marriage Bond Images 1779-1868



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We should all  thank Ginger Christmas-Beattie for all the work that has gone into getting the marriage bond images online. Not only has she done them once but twice after  she found a way to tease the process to get a clearer image from the old microfilm.  This is something I could not have done in years but Ginger has always been able to do more in less time than anyone I know.  

Surname Given Surname Given DATE   BONDSMAN White Colored
Gale John T Keys Jane V 13 May 1826   Samuel Hillman White
Gardener Edward Boyd Kitty 07 Apr 1866 07 Apr 1866 Alfred Davis Colored
Gardener Thomas Capps Polly 10 Aug 1800   William Madray White
Gardner John W Johnson Nancy 25 Feb 1831   Jesse Myrick White
Gardner Joseph Jones Catey 27 Feb 1799   Samuel Aycock White
Gardner Martin Harper Betsey 16 Jan 1807   Xanthus Snow White
Gardner Thomas Waller Betty 09 Feb 1770     White
Gardner Thomas Kirk Elizabeth 14 Mar 1808   J. Read White
Gardner Thomas H Fleming Sally  04 Dec 1843   George R. Sledge White
Gardner Thomas P Myrick Finetto S A W 06 Mar 1848   George E. Johnson White
Garland David S Garland Christian B 28 Jan 1832   Joshua Davis White
Garland Humphry Blankenship Elizabeth 11 Feb 1780   Mark Thornton White
Garland John Nichols Susannah 08 Aug 1781   Alexander Nicholson White
Garland John Boyce Christian B. 10 Jul 1819   Henry Fitts White
Garnes Berry Mewshaw Winnifred H 08 Oct 1842   B. S. Montgomery Colored
Garnes Isaac Mayhaw Fanny 17 Feb 1797   Elijah Garnes Colored
Garnes John Brannum Peggy 08 Sep 1823   Benjamin Durous Colored
Garns Elijah Mayhoe Rhoda 05 Feb 1797   Charles Durham Colored
Garrot Green Sims Rebecca 15 Dec 1795     White
Garrott Abel SimsNancy Nancy 27 Dec 1805     White
Garrott James Falkner Mary 02 Jul 1839   James Ball White
Garrott James Abbott Polly N 14 Apr 1836   James Edward White
Garrott Joseph Jeffrys Rebecca No Date   Joseph Jeffrys White
Garrott Martin Burt Lucretia A. 17 Jan 1820   Henry Sims White
Gasee Jonas Sherin Caty 26 Dec 1809   Joseph Shearin White
Gay Carter H Andrews Rebecca 30 Jan 1851 30 Jan 1851 John C. Aycock White
Gee Charles J Williams Martha L 28 Jan 1833   William Edwards White
Gee Sterling H Williams Mary T 06 Nov 1828   William Edwards White
Gee William Perry Prescilla 05 Mar 1794 05 Mar 1794 Benjamin Ingram White
George Asa King Elizabeth 15 Dec 1851   Michael Riggan White
George Asa Archer Rebecca 29 May 1819   George Wortham White
George Jeremiah R Wright Sally 23 Mar 1831   M. W. Dunnavant White
George John Crudwick Ann 10 Dec 1791   James Gordon White
George Marcus Campbell Mary F. 23 Apr 1807   Peter R. Davis White
Gibbs Richard Stainback Mary Ann 07 Feb 1846   William J. Edwards White
Gill Drury Perkinson Sinthea 22 Nov 1830   A. G. Elam White
Gill Drury Felts Eliza B 24 Sep 1866 24 Sep 1866 J. Page White
Gill James Burrows Mary 07 Dec 1867   W. P. Perry White
Gill John Mills Betsey 29 Nov 1788   William Sanford White
Gill Phillip P Paschall Sarah E 13 Oct 1857 13 Oct 1857 Thomas H. White White
Gill Samuel Arnold Emily W 13 Dec 1853   A. A. Haudgens White
Gilrath William Jones Sally 03 Dec 1779   James Jones White
Glenn James Barrow Salley 05 May 1797   Martin Macon White
Glenn John Jones Sarah 22 Sep 1804   William Balthrop White
Glover Charles Sturdivant Lucy 26 Dec 1791   Richard Glover White
Glover Darnel Cannon Elizebeth 30 Oct 1798   Charles Golver White
Glover Granderson F Kidd Arimenta 22 Jun 1854 22 Jun 1854 N. M. Thomlon White
Glover Henry Cannon Rebecca 19 Dec 1795   Peter Coleman White
Glover John Thomas Betsey 14 Jan 1790   Peter Thomas White
Glover John Jackson Salley 31 Jan 1785   Richard Thomas White
Glover Richard Pope Nancy 09 Nov 1805 Re-scan Abraham Clanton White
Gober John Wilson Unity 26 Jul 1798   Gray Mabry White
Goebrel Charles L Thompson Jane 01 Sep 1855   John A. Flanders White
Good Joseph Lee Mary 15 Jan 1808   John M. Verill White
Goode John C. Nuttall Mary 22 Feb 1819   Allenson Williams White
Goodloe Henry G Duke Indiana L 11 Oct 1836     White
Goodrich John West Winney 21 Sep 1782   Samuel Willeford White
Goodrich Matthew Clark Phobe 01 Dec 1780   Darling Mabry White
Goodson James Wiggins Martha 09 Sep 1865   Green R. Pinnell White
Goodwin John Ezard Nancy 29 May 1793   Charles Marshall White
Goodwin Thomas  Harper Mary G 05 Jul 1860   D. W. Harris White
Goodwyn George W Burnett Ann R 05 Jul 1838   Lazarius Burnett White
Goodwyn J A Capt Field Eugenia L 02 Jul 1866 02 Jul 1866 W. Hodges White
Gordan Randolph Williams Celia 28 Jul 1802   Robert Park White
Gordon James Jones Elizabeth C. 10 Nov 1819   John M. Johnson White
Gordon James Caller Salley 23 Jun 1787   Laurance Richardson White
Gordon Willie Mayo Eveling 12 Sep 1816   Isaac Mitchell Colored
Graham Hamilton C Little Minerva 13 Dec 1832   Edward G. Burnette White
Graham James Fraser Eliza 21 Nov 1820   Peter Verrell White
Granger Henry W Wilson Martha A 22 Nov 1859   R. McGraw White
Gray Jackson Trajetta Eliza 19 Sep 1818   William Carr White
Gray Richard Langford Delilah 13 Mar 1812   John Darnel White
Gray William Langford Nancy 30 Aug 1805   Ezekial Morey White
Greeley Horace Cheney Mary Y 05 Jul 1836   John G. Yancey White
Green Allan Taylor Polley 01 Aug 1797   Michael Harris White
Green Allen Evans Fanny (shud say Crecie) 24 Dec 1809   Horace Bell Colored
Green George W Cook Mary 14 Apr 1849   Samuel Vines White
Green Gideon M. Bullock Francis L. 12 Dec 1818   Joshua Davis White
Green Henry Hawkins Nancy 20 Dec 1858 20 Dec 1858 James Green Colored
Green Isham Green Mary 23 Apr 1777     White
Green James Power Nancy 04 Mar 1797     White
Green James Mclamore Priscilla 05 Jan 1795   John Hazelwood White
Green James Carter Nancy 24 Dec 1847   Thomas T. Twitty Colored
Green James Mills Bettie 25 May 1858 25 May 1858 M. T. Hawkins Colored
Green John Christmas Jane 12 Oct 1805   James Turner White
Green John C Macon E 18 Jan 1828   Bennett S. Stummine White
Green John C Jr, Bullock Elizabeth Ann 28 Mar 1853   Thomas J. Judkins White
Green John C. Hawkins Delia Martin 14 Apr 1801   Gideon H. Macon White
Green Joseph Williams Polley 10 Dec 1780   John Oswald White
Green Joseph Day Caty 15 Jun 1809   George Norsworthy White
Green Josiah Williford Mary 10 May 1773     White
Green Robert Evans Elizabeth 22 Sep 1852   William A. White Colored
Green Samuel Thomas Winney 25 Nov 1862   Newsom Harris Colored
Green Simon Dr. Jenkins Martha A 05 Oct 1850   William A. Jenkins White
Green Simon W Macon Mary H 26 Nov 1827   Henry C. Williams White
Green Thomas Green Prissilla 06 Feb 1849   Peter R. Davis Colored
Green Thomas Vaughan Jacobine 25 Dec 1865   George R. Sledge Colored
Green Thomas E. Willis Ann 04 Aug 1823   Richard Davidson White
Green Thomas J Wortham Jane E 06 Sep 1860   John C. McGraw White
Green Wharton J Ellery Esther S 01 May 1858   N. R. Jones White
Green William Hunter Ruthey 14 Jun 1784   Samuel Person White
Green William Harvell Catharine 15 Dec 1831   Robert Cheek Colored
Green William A Green Mary P 14 Dec 1841   M. W. Williams Colored
Green William T. Rowlett Martha O. 06 Nov 1847   Brusrod Carr white
Green Willis Mayfield Ann 19 Jan 1866   W. Hawkins Colored
Green  Simon Goodwin Phillis 10 Aug 1867   Thomas A. Montgomery White
Gregg Rodam Bagley Milley 02 Jul 1784   John Eastes White
Griffice Edward Thomas Rebecca A 29 Dec 1852   James Taylor White
Griffin Jeremiah Solomon Jensy 29 Dec 1817   Edmond Mayfield White
Griffin Jesse Person Nancy 24 Jun 1789   Peterson Person White
Griffis Lambert Moseley Rebecca 14 Nov 1826   Robert Cooke White
Grim William Clanton Susannah 24 Mar 1782   William Clanton white
Grisom Howel Newman Gincey 29 May 1829   Thomas Newman White
Grist Frederick Blount Susannah 13 Aug 1845   William Grimes white
Guerrant William P Greene Jane E 17 Dec 1857   G. H. Goodloe White
Gunn Dudley G. Matthews Augustine 27 Mar 1822   Sanders Rooker White
Gunn James W Matthews Angelica 27 Mar 1822     White
Gunn James W. Sallad  Olive K 02 Feb 1831   John Drinkwater White
Gunn John Sims Theza 28 Mar 1799   Lewis Hazzard White
Gupton Joseph Yarborough Mary 07 Jun 1836   James D. Yarborough White
Gurkin John Wilson Janie 06 Nov 1843   William P. Rose White
Guy Asa Robards Nancy 09 Feb 1824   Hardaway Howell Colored
Guy Baxter Valentine Elizabeth 21 Apr 1852   Charles Howell Colored
Guy George Haitstock (Haithcock?) Nancy 20 Jul 1815   Frederick Harris Colored
Guy John Jones Sarrah E 22 May 1847   Thomas J. Judkins Colored
Guy Matthew Lowery Surbrina 10 Dec 1850   Woodson Hodges Colored
Guye Hansel Guye Patsey 14 Dec 1826   Joseph Evans Colored
Guye Mins Hawkins Theny 01 Jan 1825   John Watkins Colored
Gwin Elias Beckham Rebecah 21 Dec 1802   Charles Bennett White
Gwinn William Childress Nancy 29 Apr 1779   Benjamin Hawkins White
Gworton Richard Steagall Nancy 13 Dec 1818   Thomas Seagale White

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