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Halifax Wills, Pt.10 (11 new) or see New Listings Will Index 08/10/2017
Apprenticeships & Other Court Records 1847-1865 10/13/2016
Free Persons of Color Register 1847-1865 10/13/2016
James Oliver Naturalization 1838 08/03/2016
Wilkins-Richardson Apprenticeship Case, 1877 08/03/2016
Halifax Wills, Pt. 9 (11 new) or see New Listings Will Index 08/02/2016
Halifax County Voters Registrations 1902 11/30/2015
Halifax Wills, Pt.8 (12 new) or see New Listings Will Index 10/05/2015
New Surnames: Calvert, Colvard, Colbert 02/20/2015
Halifax County Marriage Bonds: A-Z 02/20/2015
New Johnson/Johnston Family Book info added 01/23/2015
Halifax Wills, Pt.7 (15 new) or see New Listings Will Index 09/03/2014
Halifax Wills Pt.6 (13 new) or see New Listings Will Index 03/08/2014
BASS Family Wills (3 wills from Denise Goff) 03/08/2014
Halifax Co. Prisoners-1900 10/06/2013
Updated Surnames and New Queries 07/06/2013
Biographies added - See 14 New 05/28/2013
Halifax Wills, Pt.5 (17 new) or see New listings Will Index 05/28/2013
Halifax County Emancipation Records 02/26/2013
Halifax Wills, Pt.4 (17 new) or see New listings Will Index 02/25/2013
Some Halifax Co. Wills, Pt. 3 (15 new wills) 11/27/2012
WPA Cemeteries, Part 3, final listings 11/01/2012
Some Halifax Co. Wills, Pt.2   (5 new wills) 09/05/2012
Halifax Co. Court Minutes, 1832-1846, Pt.1 07/04/2012
Some Halifax Co. Wills  (15 new wills!) or see Wills Index 05/31/2012
Additions to Halifax Co. History and  Family Bibles 05/05/2012
Halifax County Militia Returns 1779 03/21/2012
WPA Cemeteries, Part 1 and Part 2 02/01/2012
Halifax County U. S. Colored Troops 12/24/2011
Wills of Edward Henry, 1758 and Britain Edwards, 1813 12/15/2011
Will of Hardy Richardson, 1854 11/24/2011
Will & Estate of Hilliard Hawkins, 1916 11/22/2011
Allen Sweat Revolutionary War Pension File 10/25/2011
Baker Graveyard 10/16/2011
Trinity Parish Register: Marriages - Baptisms - Deaths 10/16/2011
Will of Richard Pemberton, 1784 09/24/2011
Wills: Rosa Daniel, 1871  and  Hardy Minga Jones, 1873 09/15/2011
Patents Filed by Halifax County Residents 08/17/2011
Police Chiefs of Scotland Neck 07/27/2011
Will of John Toney, 1823 07/27/2011
Halifax County Biographies 07/26/2011
Will of Daniel Coleman, 1849 07/16/2011
Will of Mariah Locklier, 1832 07/16/2011
Will of James H. Lee, 1863 07/16/2011
Halifax County Tax Resolution, 1774 07/16/2011
Halifax County Petition for Currency-1768 -updated 07/16/2011
Will of William Douglas Jr. 1761 06/04/2011
Will of William Douglas-1764 05/23/2011
Updated Civil War Page - new biographies added 05/05/2011
Petition Concerning Estate of Barnaby McKinnie 1760 05/05/2011
New Links added to Native American Page 03/19/2011
New Links on: Research, African American, Family 03/08/2011
Halifax County Bastardy Records 1784-1787 03/08/2011
Marriage Bond of Elijah Bass (added to page) 02/05/2011
Marriage Bond of Benjamin Richardson (added to page) 02/05/2011
Revised and updated Research Links,   Research Help 02/01/2011
Halifax County Slavery Petitions 02/01/2011
Will of William Hattaway, 1795 12/12/2010
USGenWeb Archives Court Records-now included 12/06/2010
USGenWeb Archives Marriages-now included 12/06/2010
Halifax County Marriages: 1867-1872 11/16/2010
Marriage Bond Cato Copeland/Nancy Mitchell 11/16/2010
Updated, Confederate Army Enlistments, now indexed 10/19/2010
Obituary Index Page 09/21/2010
Halifax County Taxables-1784 09/20/2010
Historical Family Collections 08/25/2010
Updated African American Page 07/27/2010
Will of Eliza Louisa Richardson, 1908 07/27/2010
Baldie Lynch Family Cemetery 07/12/2010
Cemetery & Death Records Page Updated 06/13/2010
North Carolina Masons in the Revolutionary War 06/13/2010
Miscellaneous Index Page added 06/13/2010
Some Halifax County Marriage Licenses 06/12/2010
Will of Gideon Richardson, 1880 06/07/2010
Will of Sallie (Holly) Richardson, 1928 06/07/2010
Will of Julius Zollicoffer, 1853 06/03/2010
Will of Presley Williams,1879 05/28/2010
Burton Richardson Family Cemetery 05/17/2010
SURNAMES Page Updated 05/13/2010
NEW QUERIES Page added 05/13/2010
History of the Town of Enfield 05/12/2010
Sale of Slaves of Cary Whitaker, 1851 05/04/2010
Marriage Page Updated: Links to Marriage Records 04/30/2010
Cemetery Page Updated: Links to Death Records 04/30/2010
Confederate Soldiers Burying Grounds 04/30/2010
Will of Lucy (Williams) Manley, 1930 04/27/2010
Pension File of Isham Scott 04/23/2010
Pension File of William Carter 04/19/2010
Pension File of John Toney 04/19/2010
Will of Alfred Richardson, 1874 04/18/2010
Surnames Page- Updated 04/17/2010
Will of William Richardson, 1798 04/17/2010
Will of Benjamin Richardson, 1809 04/17/2010
Will of Mariah Evans, 1881 04/17/2010
African American Page 04/17/2010
Wills Index Page 04/17/2010
Maps Index 04/17/2010
Revolutionary War Pages 04/17/2010
Halifax Co. Confederate Army Enlistments (926 names) 04/17/2010
Civil War Pages 04/17/2010
Native American Page 04/17/2010

Cemetery Page

Family Page 04/17/2010



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