Halifax County, North Carolina
Book 1, Page 33
Transcribed by Silas Douglas



In the name of God Amen.  I, William Dugliss of the Providence of North Carolina in the Parish of Halifax County Being in good and present mind and memory Praise be therefore be given to Almighty God, do make and ordain this my present and Will Testement in manner and from that is to say princabally commend my sole into the hands of Almighty God hoping through the merits Death and Pation of my Savior Jesus Christ to have a piece pardon and forgiveness of all my sins and inherit everlasting Life, and my body I Commit to the Earth to be Decently Buried at the Discretion of my Executors hereafter and touching of all such temporal Estate as it pleases Almighty God to bestow upon me I give and Dispose there of as followeth first I will that my Debts and Funeral charges shall be paid and Dishcharged  I give to my brother Robert Dugliss Two hundred and Twenty five acres of land more or less, containing the place whereon he Lives _______

I give to my brother John Duglis, the Remainder part of that tract containing three hundred and twenty five acres of land more or Less _________ I give to William Dugliss Sen. fifty acres of land known as to the Lower Side of his Old Line from thence to John Likely. If the son of Margaret Munk Lives to the age of twenty one I give him two hundred acres of land in the fork of the Swamp and one hundred joining the Old Cabin on the Southside of Jacket and if he dies under the age of twenty one it is to be sold and the money to be equally divided between my two sisters two sons William Thomas and John Ward __________ If the Daughter of Margaret Munk named Betharbell doth live to the age of twenty one or marrys I give her my dwelling Plantation and the rest of that Tract of land her brother had part of and if she dies before she comes to that age or Marrys then it is to be sold and the money equally divided amongest all my Brothers and Sisters two sons William Thomas and John Ward  It is my Will and Desire that Margaret Munk shall live in my dwelling house and is to have use of my Bed and house stuff for two years if she keeps the children _______  All the remainder part of the Estate to be equally divided amongst my Bothers and Sisters  It is my will that the Boy shall have three years of schooling and the girl too  And I, Expect my horse out of my Estate and Give him my Brother Robert Duglis for his trouble of finding provision for Margaret Munk for two years ______________________

                                           her                                                his

George Simmons   Mary x Powell                      William x Dugliss (seal)
                                        mark                                              mark
Elizabeth E. Simmons
Robert Duglis and John Duglis Executors


This is the Will of William Douglass Jr. The date that the Will was wrote is unknown. The Will was probated in the Halifax County, NC Court in June 1761.






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