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Scotland Neck, North Carolina


Vital Records abstracted from the Church Register


The parish register of Trinity Parish begins in 1831, before the parish was formally organized. The records from 1831 to 1858 were kept in the same volume as the early minutes of the vestry. This book is extant. The parish registry and the vestry minutes from 1858 to 1884 were destroyed when Trinity Church was burned in the latter year. However, as many dates as could be remembered were recorded in the new register.

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* Note: Info obtained from other sources, part of info missing in Register*




Rev. William Norwood Winifred B. Hill April 11, 1833
Rev. Joseph H. Saunders Laura Baker April 23, 1833
Rev. John M. Robinson Rebecca Lowrie May 20, 1833
Richard Smith Sarah Hall  (of Warrenton) Dec. 4, 1833
Robert A. Ezell Martha Critchlow Dec. 1833
Thomas B. Hill Maria Simpson (of New Bern) Sept. 15, 1836
Dr. A. Stuart Hall Emily T. Baker June 15, 1841
Alexander A. Austin Martha Joyner Feb. 24, 1842
Dr. Willie J. Eppes Temperance Joyner Nov. 2, 1843
John H. Speed Ellen Edmundson April 28, 1850
Turner W. Battle Lavinia B. Daniel May 1, 1850
Charles (colored) Rosetta (colored) Dec. 25, 1850
John H. Whitaker Mary Elisa Anthony June 17, 1851
William Fenner Anna M. Smith Oct. 28, 1851
Peter E. Smith Rebecca N. Hill Dec. 22, 1852
Richmond  (colored) Frances  (colored) March 5, 1853
John E. Leary Lucy Anthony Jan. 9, 1854
Dr. James M. Johnson Mary Weldon Smith June 13, 1854
William Grimmer Lavinia P. Edmundston April 22, 1855
A. W. Whitehead Mary Camp April 5, 1857*
Rufus Purrington Sallie Pittman Dec. 10, 1857*
W. E. Whitmore Winifred Pittman Jan. 4, 1860*
Heshborn Bishop Maria F. Whitehead Jan. 31, 1864*
Dr. William R. Wood Henrietta Anthony Apr. 16, 1862*
Whitmel Dilliard Laura Tunstall Feb. 16, 1863*
Richard H. Smith Jr. Mary Herbert Cocke Dec. 12, 1865
Thomas H. Peters Susan Hyman Dec. 13, 1865
John B. Neal Nannie Elizabeth Smith Dec. 14, 1865
Norfleet Smith Mary Rebecca Alexander Oct. 15, 1867
Alexander H. Smith Anne Hayes Cocke Sept. 14, 1869
Isaac H. Smith Sallie F. Baker May 15, 1871
William E. Smith Virginia Peterson Cocke Feb. 12, 1873
John H. Darden Mrs. Mary E. Grimes Jan. 1874
Fabius Busbee Sallie H. Smith June 5, 1877
W. A. Dunn Catherine Speed Jan. 2, 1879*
Frank Brinkley Mary Biggs Jan. 10, 1877*
William R. Bond Lizzie Hall  (Sarah E. Hall)* 1873 (Dec. 18, 1872)*
Dr. William McDowell Olivia Lawrence 1877 (Dec. 19, 1878)*
J. C. Lassiter Mattie Biggs 187_ (Feb. 10, 1880)*
Nelson Smith   (colored) Henrietta Letsinger  (colored)  Nov. 5, 1885
J. H. Alexander Mary G. Shields 1883
George Turner  (colored) Clara Whitaker (colored) April 18, 1884
Gideon Lamb Olivia Shields June 15, 1887
Walter D. Shields Rebecca Whitmel Smith Dec. 22, 1887
William Edward Gray Edith Robinson Jan. 11, 1888
Oliver H. Perry Lena W. Hyman Sept. 12, 1889
James L. Josey Martha T. Herring June 25, 1890
Harry C. Roberts Kate Irene Gregory Oct. 16, 1890
William P. Van Horn Bettie S. Stearns Nov. 20, 1890
John H. Porter Honoria D. Currie Dec. 10, 1890
W. H. Lawrence (colored) S. Whitaker  (colored) Dec. 31, 1890
Peter Whitehead (colored) Mary Hilliard (colored) March 12, 1891
George V. Strong Jr. Sallie Hall Smith April 29, 1891
J. Charles Worrell Mamie Whitehurst Oct. 14, 1891
William Henry Josey Mary Cornelia Cotten Dec. 23, 1891
James S. Darden Cleopatra Ware Feb. 22, 1893
John Coughenour Elizabeth Joyner May 23, 1893
John Timothy Riddick Claudia Darden Jan. 2, 1895
Philip St. George Barraud Sallie Turner Smith Jan. 29, 1896
Mordecai C. Flemming Nannie Bell May 28, 1896
Edward L. Whitehead Mary Daisy Crump May 20, 1896
Charles M. McNaughton Jennie Maybry Joyner Oct. 7, 1896
Gustavus Smith White Etta Hall Cotten Oct. 21, 1896
William Whitehurst Nannie L. Bell Dec. 20, 1896
Robert V. Smith Minnie C. Whitehead Dec. 23, 1896
William W. Pittman Naomi Gertrude Ware April 28, 1897
Charles Speed Nannie Paull Cotten June 29, 1898
Luther Hyslop Blanche Hall Bishop Aug. 8, 1898
John S. Turner Janie B. Rhem Feb. 14, 1900
Richard F. J. Johnston Sallie Collins Smith July 10, 1901
Frederick Guion Nannie Hayes Smith Aug. 28, 1902
Benj. Ware Anna S. Pittman Oct. 29, 1902
John A. Anthony Bessie Riddick Nov. 11, 1902
Casper W. Gregory Mary J. Rhem Nov. 27, 1902
Charles F. Pittman Pauline A. Ware Feb. 4, 1903
Charles A. Beck Martha W. Cotten Jan. 12, 1904
Charles H. Herring Pauline A. Shields June 6, 1905
Thomas M. Robertson Nathalie C. Smith Jan. 1, 1907
Amous Curtis Prince Alma Virginia Speed April 14, 1909
Samuel M. Hanff Blanch Baker Smith June 29, 1910
James Norfleet Smith Elizabeth Whealtley Hyman Feb. 14, 1911
Samuel Johnston Hinsdale Rebecca A. Smith Oct. 14, 1912
John W. Isanogle Margaret Bowers April 23, 1913
Clarence J. Smith Lena Leggett Oct. 15, 1913
William J. Gordon Anna Barrow Clark Nov. 11, 1913
Henry Toole Clark Cornelia Justice Josey Oct. 25, 1916
John Leroy Edwards Nellie J. Baggett Dec. 7, 1916
William Thomas White Elizabeth Pittman July 10, 1917
William Hugh Kitchin Hattie Leggett Oct. 15, 1917
Enoch M. Cherry Lena Roberson Dec. 22, 1917
David Franklin Bryant Nannie Dupree Shields Dec. 27, 1917
Newsome Allsbrook Riddick Nannie Louise Josey Jan. 2, 1918
Howard Earle Hodge Frances Rives Meredith Oct. 4, 1918
Julian A. Pittman Rebecca B. Bradley Dec. 28, 1918
Rufus Sugg Shaw Ellen Bankhead Meredith April 17, 1923
Claiborne Thweatt Smith Bertha Sears Albertson Nov. 22, 1923
Charles Shields Alexander Mattie Herring Josey June 11, 1924
Elmer Hyman Rosa Lee Taylor Aug. 9, 1924
Willie Keel Selma Roebuck March 31, 1925
Roscoe M. Porter Madeline Riddick April 2, 1925
Addison Mayfield Marrow Jane Marshall Meredith April 16, 1925
Andrew N. Adams Roberta H. Temple Oct. 19, 1925
Albert Sidney Page Mary Josephine Josey Nov. 18, 1925
William McDowell Dunn Ellen Edmonson Speed Dec. 26, 1925
George R. White Mary E. Lamb Jan. 9, 1926
Dr. Kempton P. A. Taylor Elizabeth Herbert Smith Oct. 24, 1928
Robert Heber Meade Billy Hodges Temple June 19, 1929
Thomas Douglas Temple Jr. Mary Powell Josey Aug. 25, 1930
Marion Ramsey Hermine Ausbon Oct. 4. 1930


Marriages performed by Rev. J. B. Cheshire (1814-1899) and kept in a manual of devotion entitled The Clergyman's Companion, now owned by his grandson.




James Allen, Esq. Miss Margret West July 9, 1840
Thomas G. Tucker Miss M. C. Capehart Nov. 18, 1840
Dr. Stuart Hall Emily T. Baker June 15, 1841
Atlass J. Peebles Miss S. S. Cannon Dec. 15, 1841
James Webb Miss S. F. Cheshire Feb. 17, 1842
Alex A. Austin Miss Martha Joyner Feb. 24, 1842
Dr. Thomas Miss M. S. Clark Nov. 1, 1843
Stephen Norfleet Miss Frances H. Pugh June 20, 1844
Franklin Hart Miss Sarah R. E. Bryan Nov. 5, 1845
Wm. T. Dortch Miss Mary E. Pittman March 17, 1846
Dr. W. F. Williams Miss Laura S. Pugh June 16, 1846
Jas. W. Strange Miss Mary S. Hyman Oct. 15, 1846
Jos. I. Pugh Miss C. D. I. H. Williams Nov. 24, 1846
E. D. McNair Miss Elizabeth A. Cheshire Feb. 11, 1847
James D. Howell Miss Martha A. Gray July 29, 1847
Dr. John G. Rives Miss Lucy D. Foxhall Sept. 20, 1848
Wm. Hill Mary Elizabeth Outlaw Jan. 9, 1850
Dr. Charles Smallwood Miss Harriet I. Clark March 20, 1850
John H. Speed Miss Ellen Edmundson April 28, 1850
Turner W. Battle Miss Lavinia B. Daniel May 1, 1850
Charles W. Garret Miss Mary Sugg June 12, 1851
John H. Whitaker Miss Mary E. Anthony June 17, 1851
John Parker Miss Eliza Jane Philips Oct. 15, 1851
Rev. Drane Mrs. C. C. Hargrove  
Dr. John Hill Miss Willie Ruffin Oct. 23, 1851
William Fenner Miss Anna M. Smith Oct. 28, 1851
F. M. Parker Miss Sally T. Philips Dec. 17, 1851
Genl. J. B. Littlejohn Miss Sallie Field Oct. 13, 1852
Matthew Weddell Miss Maria T. Clark Oct. 20, 1852
Peter E. Smith Miss Rebecca Hill Dec. 22, 1852
O. W. Telfair Miss Pauline D. MacNair March 1853
William H. Smith Miss Julia A. Spruill Dec. 1, 1853
John E. Leary Miss Lucy E. Anthony Jan. 9, 1854
Dr. James M. Johnson Miss Mary W. Smith June 13, 1854
Rev. John H. Parker Mrs. Ann Lord Jan. 1854
Robt. H. Lewis Sarah E. Howard Nov. 1, 1854
Wm. M. Pippin Mary H. Powell March 21, 1855
Dr. Jos. H. Baker Susan D. Foxhall May 16, 1855
Kemp P. Battle Martha A. Battle Nov. 28, 1855
George A. Smith Rosella Wiggins June 11, 1856
William Carr Elizabeth Irwin June 11, 1856
Frank P. Haywood Mrs. Martha Austin Sept. 5, 1856
Eli C. Biggs Martha C. Steptoe Nov. 18, 1856
Will R. Cox Penelope Battle Nov. 27, 1856






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