Sale of Slaves of Cary Whitaker of Halifax County




Know all men by these presents that I, Laurence B. Whitaker attorney for Cary Whitaker Senr. of the County of Halifax and State of North Carolina, for and in consideration of the sum of fifteen thousand dollars to me paid by Frederick R. Cotten of the County of Leon and State of Florida have bargained and sold to said Frederick R. Cotten the following negros: Old Penny, Wilkes, Enoch, Molly, Sarry, Sylvia, Albery, Nancy, Rosetta, Betsy, John, Franklin, Jacob Senr., young Penny, Jerry, Frederick, Penelope, Lucy, Jenny, Lydia, Jacob Junr., Guni [?], Seaborn, Susan, Washington, Aga [?], George, Martha, Sarah Louisa Winna, Mourning, Scipio, Davy, Parthana, Margaret; and the title to said negros, I warrant and defend against all claims whatever. Given under my hand & seal this 29 day of August A.D. 1851

L.B. Whitaker

S.A. [?] Whitaker
H. [?] C. Whitaker
Richd Whitaker



See original Contract for Sale

(From State Library and Archives of Florida, Florida Memory)





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