Halifax County, North Carolina
Book One, Page 193
Transcribed by Silas Douglas


In the name of God Amen. The first Day January in the year of our Lord Christ One thousand seven hundred and sixty four, I William Douglis of Halifax County in the Providence of North Carolina being sick in body but of good and perfect memory Thanks be to Almighty God and calling to mind the uncertain Estate of the transitory Life and that all flesh must yeild unto Death when it shall please God to call do make constitute ordain and Declare this my Last Will and Testament and Testaments Wills and will heretofore by me be made and declared either by me or Willing and this is to be taken only for my last Will and Testament and more after and first being Penitent and sorry for my sins past must humbly desiring forgiveness in the same I give and commit my soul unto Almighty my Savior and Redeemer in whom and by merits of Jesus Christ I first believe assuredly to be saved and have full remission and forgiveness of all my sins and that my Soul with my body at the general resurrection shall rise again with joy and through the merits of Christ Death and Passion possess and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven prepared for his elect and chosen and my Body to buried in such a place where hereafter shall be appointed and for the setting of my temporal Estate and such goods chattles assets pleased God far above my deserts to bestowed upon me I do order give and dispose the same manner and for following That is to say First I will that all these debts and dues that I owe is right or conscience and manner of person or persons whatever shall be will and truly paid and contented or ordained to be paid within conscience time after my decease I give and bequeath to Shadrick Monk Three hundred acres of Land two hundred Lying in the fork between burnt coat and Jacket and one hundred lying at a place called Simmon's Old Cabin and if Dies before comes to age of twenty one it is to be sold and the money to be equally divided between the sons of Mary Thomas and Elizabeth Ward two children John Ward and William Thomas Item I give and bequeath unto Betharbell Monk the daughter of Margaret Monk two hundred and ninety acres of land joining to William Dougliss Jun. Old Plantation and if she dies without Issue of her body and the money equally divided between all the sons of my Robert Douglis Decd. and his two gransons William Thomas and John Ward Item I give and Bequeath to Sarah Monk the daughter of Margaret Monk my manner Plantation two hundred acres of land to her heirs Lawfully begotten forever and if dies without Issue to then to Sharwood Douglis to him and his heirs forever Item I give and bequeath to Edward Douglis the son of Robert Douglis fifty acres of land joining his fathers plantation beginning at a Water Oak and running out to scrub white oak by line of Trees Item I give to Ede Thomas seventy five acres of land joining David Thomases and Richard Bowels if she die issue lawfully begotten of her body heir to her sister Mary Thomas to her heirs forever Item I give and bequeath to Charles the son of John Likely one bed and furniture and one chest and all the cattle and everything else that is called Charleses if he lives to the age of nineteen if not then to fall to Robert Douglis the son of Thomas Douglis Item I give to Shadrick Monk Two cows and calves which is one red cow ninety and two sows and pigs and six barrells and the work horses and I give one bed to Margaret Monk and her daughter Betharbell and I give and bequeath to James Douglis three hogs that is with David Thomases sows and thirty shillings that he owes me I do hereby make nominate and appoint John Douglis and Charles Likely to be sole and sole Executors of this my Last Will and Testament In witness where I hereunto set my and affirm my seal the Day and year first were written sign'd seal'd and Delivered
In the presence of  
Benjamin Merryman
Michael x Wallis
John Wallace 

          William w Douglis (seal)

This is the Will of William Douglas Sr. written January 1, 1764 and probated in Halifax County, NC Court July 1766.




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