H A L I F A X  C O U N T Y





Maps of Halifax County and surrounding areas and Links to Maps


1895 Halifax County

Reproduced here with permission, The 1895 Atlas Project, created and maintained by Pam Rietsch. (Please contact her only for permission to copy. She asks that you do not pose general questions; she cannot answer them!) The 1895 County Maps created by the Project are absolutely fantastic and a wonderful source for research.



Halifax and It's Neighbors



Current Day Halifax County




State of North Carolina



Links to Maps:


North Carolina Digital Maps Collection

Historical Maps of North Carolina
from the University of Alabama Map Collection

USGenWeb Archives Digital Map Library
Ongoing collection of Maps by State & County

Map of North Carolina in 1779

Avenues of Early North Carolina Settlement
showing where each group of early settlers lived

North Carolina County Formations
A clickable map of how the State looked from 1700-1912

Transportation and Settlement in NC, 1660-1775
A closeup look of the routes & locations of early North Carolina

Virginia-North Carolina Boundary
A history of the boundaries between the 2 States; excellent resource!





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