Elijah Bass, b. abt 1743 Northampton Co.,NC, d. Sept. 8, 1781, was living in the Oxford District of Granville Co.,NC, in the 1780 Tax List. He was married to Mary Bass in 1777, but had apparently also been previously married since two of his four children bound out to Benjamin Bass in 1781, were born before 1777. Elijah's widow, Mary Bass - Richardson, actually filed for the pensions of both Elijah and her 2nd husband, Benjamin Richardson at the same time and the files are intermingled.

(transcribed by Deloris Williams from original pension file W4061)


This woman’s former husband Elijah Bass was killed at the battle of Eutaw Springs

State of North Carolina,
Halifax County

On this 11th day of October 1841 personally appeared before me John Alston one of the acting magistrates and a member of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions in and for said County (it being a Court of record) Mary Richardson a resident of said County aged ninety years who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by the Act of Congress passed July 4th 1836 and the act explanatory<?> of said act passed March 3, 1837 and the act entitled An act granting half pay and Pensions to certain Widows passed July 7th 1838.
That she was married to Elijah Bass who was a private in the Army of the Revolutionary War in the North Carolina line that he served as such for the period of two and a half years and Enlisted under Captain Bailey of the tenth Regiment. She further declard that she was married to the said Elijah Bass on the 14th day of February 17 hundred & Seventy seven. That her husband the aforesaid Elijah Bass died (or was killed) in the aforesaid War at the Battle of Utaw Springs on the 8th day of September 17 hundred & Eighty one. That she was afterward (to wit) on the 14th day of February 17 hundred & Eighty three married to Benjamin Richardson who was a private in the North Carolina Militia in the Revolutionary War who served as such for the period of twelve months under Capts. Joel Wren<?> John White Jadan Harris & other officers. That he went out of Halifax & Warren Counties and served as a Militia Soldier in the Year 17 hundred and Eighty and a part of Eighty one.
She further declares that her said husband Benjamin Richardson died on the 14th July 18 hundred & nine. That she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service but the marriage took place previous to the 1st day January 17 hundred & ninety four viz at the time above stated. She further says on her oath that she has no documentary evidence in support of her claim to a pension.
Sworn to and Subscribed on the day and year above written before.

John Alston J.P.

Mary Richardson (her mark)


State of N. Carolina
Halifax County
I hereby certify that Mary Richardson who hath this day sworn to and subscribed to the foregoing declaration is unable by reason of bodily infirmity to attend Court to make her said declaration that she is credible person
Given under my hand & seal this 11th day October 1841.

John Alston J.P.

I, John King of the County of Franklin, North Carolina do hereby Certify upon Oath that I was well acquainted with Elijah Bass, who was a Soldier of the Revolution, and that the said Bass enlisted for two & half years in the Spring of 17Hundred & Seventy Nine, at which time he went into the Army of the Revolution in the North Carolina line. He enlisted under Captain Bailey & Served as a Soldier until the 8th day of September 1781 - at which time the said Bass was killed in the Battle of Eutaw Springs.
I further certify that the said Elijah Bass was married to Mary Bass, about two years before the said Bass enlisted as above, and that Mary, his widow, was afterwards (to wit) in the year 1783 married to Benjamin Richardson, who, I have always understood was a Militia Soldier, but I know nothing of his Services - the said Benjamin Richardson & the said Elijah Bass always while they lived with their wife the said Mary lived together as husband and wife, after their marriage to her up to the times of their death[s].
The said Benjamin Richardson died about 30 years ago and Mary his widow is now a widow & has never married since the death of her said husband Benjamin Richardson. Given under my hand this 13th day of December 1841.
John King ("X "his mark)

Wit: J. Williams, JP

State of North Carolina, Franklin County
This day, John King (who is One Hundred & four years old Revolutionary Pensioner) came before me Joseph J. Williams one of the acting Magistrates in & for said County and made oath to the within Certificate & subscribed the same before me.
Given on the my hand & seal this 13th day of December A.D. 1841.
J. J. Williams, JP



North Carolina, Warren County
I Certify on oath that I was well acquainted with Elijah Bass & his wife Mary, That they were married before the year 1780 - and that he Elijah Bass was a Soldier of the Revolution in the N.C. line. That I have been credibly informed that he served upwards of two years which I believe but do not know that he did of my own knowledge. But I do know that he served as a Soldier in the Army from the 1st day of May 1781 to the 8th day of September 1781 at which time the said Bass was killed at the Battle of Eutaw Springs.
I know that the said Bass went off into the Army & remained off about two years, before I joined the Army myself which was on the first day of May 1781. I also Certify that Mary Bass his widow some short time after the war was over, married Benjamin Richardson, and that Richardson, died upwards of 30 years past - and the said Mary has remained a widow ever since. I further certify that the said Benjamin Richardson, was a soldier in the Militia, for three months, in the Revolution under Captain Joel Wren, commencing in the month of September 1780 & served out the same.
David King ("X" his mark)




Halifax County, N.Car
March 12th, 1853

We the only surviving children and heirs at law of Mary Richardson the deceased, who was formerly the widow of Elijah Bass deceased Soldier of the Revolution, request you to allow W. Thos. Lumpkin of Washington City D.C. the liberty to examine our deceased Mother’s declaration and all the testimony on file in your office, relative to her claim for a pension on account of the Revolutionary services of her first husband the aforesaid Elijah Bass, and when the pension certificate is issued for the amount of pension money due us, who are the only surviving children & heirs at ???? of the said Mary Richardson deceased. Please deliver it to the said W. Thos. Lumpkin for us.

Hon. James R. Heath
Commissioner of Pensions Very Respectfully,
Washington City D.C.
Witness Lewis Shearin(signed)                             Hardy Richardson (his mark)
Witness Richard Hamlet(signed)                          Lucy Evans (her mark)
Witness Edward King (signed)                             Absalom Richardson (his mark)
                                                                                     Jessee Richardson (his mark)


State of North Carolina,
Halifax County

Came before me James W. Faucett, a Justice of the Peace in and for the County of Halifax aforesaid, Willie Qualls and William ???? resident of the said County of Halifax, who being duly sworn according to law, deposes and says that the were well acquainted with Mary Richardson the wife of Benjamin Richardson deceased, reputed and believed to have been a soldier in the Revolutionary War – that the said Mary Richardson lived and died in the county aforesaid, in the year A.D.. 1844 – that the said Mary Richardson left three children who are now living, Jesse Richardson, and Lucy Evans, formerly Lucy Richardson, now residing in the County aforesaid, and Absalom Richardson, a resident of the adjoining County of Warren. Willie Qualls (his mark)

The foresaid declaration affidavit was sworn to and subscribed by Willie Qualls and ???? ???? deposed on this 13th day of April A.D. 1855 and I certify that I know the affidavit to be credible persons and that I have no interest whatsoever in this claimant my name and affix the seal of my office this the 14th day of May A.D. 1855.

Wm.W. Daniel, Clerk

I know William Qualls well both of having been raised in this county & having been acquainted I may say from our boyhood. He is a worthy man & his statements would rely upon as soon as any man of my acquaintance. Mr. Wood, the other affiant is the son of an old revolutionary soldier whom I well know whose name was Wm. Wood. I do not know that I would know his son if I were to see him having grown up while my time was spent mostly at Washington, but I hear that he is a man of good character & I know the neighbourhood in which both he & Mr. Qualls live in that in which the Richardson family lived & in which Hardy Richardson the son Mary Richardson died a short time since and at whose house his mother lived & died. Knowing these facts & having understood from Rhesa Richardson a client of mine in a matter of law respecting some property due which he claims that Mary Richardson died about the time stated by affiants at her son’s Hardy’s now dead himself, in a needy & dependent condition but for the assistance of her son, I can confidently assure the Department that Mary Richardson mention in the affidavit and who I understand was the widow of Benj. Richardson a revolutionary soldier died about the time stated by affiants that there can be no doubt whatsoever about her death. The Richardsons are a family of fine persons of color & generally are industrious & well behaved people.

JRJ Daniel (signed)
Halifax NC
May 24, 1855

(See also Pension File for Benjamin Richardson)




North Carolina, Bute County

Know all men by these presents, that, we ELIJAH BASS & RICHARD SCOTT of that County & State aforesaid, are held & firmly bound unto RICHARD CASWELL, Esq., Governor of North Carolina – in the sum of Five hundred pounds – current money of the said State, for which payment well & truly to be made. We bind ourselves, ours & each of our Heirs, jointly & severally, firmly by their presents signed & sealed by us Thirteenth day of February Seventeen hundred & Seventy seven.
The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas there is shortly a marriage expected to be solemnized between the above bound ELIJAH BASS & MARY BASS.
Now if there shall be no lawful cause to obstruct the said Marriage, the above obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full force & effect.

Teste                                                               ELIJAH BASS (seal)
JNO HARWELL                                           RICHARD SCOTT (“X” his mark) (seal)

State of North Carolina
I, MARCELLUS J. MONTGOMERY Clerk of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for Warren County in said State do certify that the above is a true & perfect copy of the Marriage Bond of ELIJAH BASS as appears of Record in my office – excepting the date which in the original are in plain figures thereso “13 February, 1777”. In testimony whereof <part of phrase blocked by seal> to set my hand & affix my seal of office in Warrenton this 2nd day of Apl. A.D. 1842.






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