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Marriage Records:

Some Halifax County Marriage Licenses

Cato Copeland/Nancy Mitchell Marriage Bond

Halifax County Marriages: 1867-1872

Benjamin Richardson/Mary Bass Marriage Bond

Elijah Bass/Mary Bass Marriage Bond

Trinity Parish Marriage Register

Halifax County Marriage Bonds: A-Z





Marriages in the USGenWeb Archives:

Willis Alston/Sarah Potts-1817

William Alston/Mary Haywood-1820

Willis Alston Jr./Martha Moore-1807

J. C. Arrington/Bettie Fields-1893

James Auld Diary: Marriages 1765-1766
(clerk of the court at the time)

Voluntine Bailey/Sarah Pilman-1811

Samuel Barnes/Marina Keys-1814

B. W. Bass/Fannie Fulgman-1864

Mr. Benton/Eliza Seton-1804

Moses Bledsoe/Donna Holt-1860

James Branch/Martha Hilliard-1806

Levi Bryan/Mary Farmer-1828

James Campbell/Sarah Vaughan-1810

Gen. Stephen Carney/Ann Northcutt-1811

James Carstarphen/Mary Powell-1811

Thomas Cox/Olivia Norfleet-1820

Thomas Deane/Elizabeth Wallace-1792

Thomas Dusby/Sarah Powell-1818

Weldon Edwards/Lucy Norfleet-1823

Gilbert Elliot/Lucy Hill-1865

John T. Elliott/Mary Jane Whitaker-1855

John Eppes/Martha Jones-1809

Height Finch/Matilda Willson-1811

Ricks Fort/Martha Whitaker-1810

William Foxal/Harriet Hannon-1812

Allen Gilchrist/Dorathea Lane-1806

James Gordan/Mary Wooten-1811

James Grant/Elizabeth Whitaker-1811

Allen Green/Lucy Jones-1804

Halifax County Assorted Marriages

Pleasant Hall/Sarah Edwards-1810

William Hall/Sarah Edwards-1810

William Hardie/Sally Clifton-1810

James Hawkins/Ariella Alston-1835

John Hogan/Elizabeth Hoskins-1810

Rev. James Jamieson/L. Pittard-1859

Cadwallader Jones/Rebecca Long-1810

Fanning Jones/Mary Bustin-1808

Joseph Littlejohn/Ann Jones-1804

Judge Lowry/Mary Gordon Norfleet-1811

Mr. Marrast/Mary Fenner-1814

Marriage Licenses: 1786-1789

Marriage Notices 1799-1815

Marriage Notices 1818-1828

Marriage Notices 1829-1838

Marriage Notices 1839-1855

Marriage Notices 1856-1868

Daniel Mason/Dorothea Smith-1808

Peyton Mayo/Susan Savage-1860

Samuel McCulloch/Sally Moore-1808

Miscellaneous Marriages (1763-1796)

Alex Murdoch/M. P. Peterson-1859

Robert Parks/Sarah Long-1809

Ransom Poe/Ann Straughn-1817

Richard Poindexter/Anna Jordan-1806

Frederick J. Pride/Amaryllis J. Sitgreaves-181_

Rhesa Read/Mary Sutherland-1816

Abraham Scales/Mrs. Benjamin Bustin-1811

Jacob Sessoms/Emma Morriss-1830

Robert Shaw/Luen Watson-1818

John Shepard/Maria Long-1821

James Simmons/Martha Cook-1830

Joshua Sledge/Mary Purnell-1811

Daniel Southall/Patience Branch-1810

Daniel Southall/Patience Branch-1810,#2

George Spruill/Louisa Hill-1818

William Terrell/Eliza Rhodes-1819

George Thomas/Sarah Bradley-1807

Norfleet Thomas/Rebecca Hiptinstall-1830

George Vaughan/Felicia Norfleet-1821

Walston Marriages

Mason Wiggins/Elizabeth Slade-1826

William Williams/Eliza Alston-1810

Thomas Wynne/Polly Edward-1793

James Yellowley/Martha Nicholson-1830






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