MARIAH EVANS – Will-1881
Halifax County, North Carolina
Book 6, Page 315
Transcribed by Deloris Williams

Mariah Evans, b. abt. 1809, was the daughter of Leven & Kizzie Evans of Halifax County. Mariah's children were Sally Ann Evans, Luvenia Evans, William Henry Evans, Lucy Evans, Elizabeth C. Evans & Edward Evans. Leven Evans, b. bef 1775, 2nd wife was Harriet Scott,  whose family lived next door to Mariah by 1860.

Note: this will is very faded and difficult to read


In the name of God Amen, I MARIAH EVANS of the County of Halifax & State of No. Ca. being of sound mind and memory but considering the uncertainty of my earthly existence, do make & declare this to be my last will & testament in manner and form as follows:

Item 1st: I give and bequeath to my son WILLIAM H. EVANS the tract of land whereon he now resides containing thirty seven & three Quarter acres of Land to his own use and benefit forever. Further, I give unto my said son WILLIAM all the personal property that he may have in his possession at the time of my death to his use and benefit.

Item 2nd. My will & desire is that my executor hereinafter named shall sell all my personal property of every kinds that are on hand at my death & out of the proceeds to pay all my personal expenses & all my just debts to whomsoever owing.

Item 3rd. I give unto MRS. BETTIE CLARK (my daughter) & my Granddaughter, SUSAN MILLS all the remainder tracts(?) as well as the remainder of the proceeds of the heirs(?) & Estate, to be divided as follows, one half to be divided between SUSAN MILLS & my Grand Daughter CORA ANN CLARK & the other half to my Daughter MRS BETTIE CLARK upon condition that they are faithful to me during my lifetime.

Item 4th. I hereby nominate my friend JOHN H. SHERRIN to being Executor to this my last will & Testament.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal <illegible> 6 day June 1881.

MARIAH EVANS (“X” her mark)



State of North Carolina
Halifax County

In the Superior Court 25th October 1883

A paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of MARIAH EVANS, deceased, is exhibited for probate in open Court, by JOHN H. SHEARRIN the executor therein named and the due execution thereof by the said MARIAH EVANS is proved by the oath and examination of W. H. JONES and GOODLOE HEDGEPETH the subscribing witnesses thereof(?) It is therefore considered by the Court that the said <phrase illegible> …and every party thereof is the last will and testament of the said MARIAH EVANS, deceased, and it is adjudged that said will is executed with the formalities requisite to pass both real and personal property. It is ordered that the same be recorded & filed. And thereupon the said JOHN H. SHEARRIN executor as aforesaid comes and renounces his right in writing to qualify and on motion ALFRED RICHARDSON is appointed administrator with the will annexed of the said MARIAH EVANS decd and is duly qualified as such by taking and subscribing the oaths required by law.

Clerk Supr Court
& Probate Judge


October 25, 1883

Halifax County, North Carolina

ALFRED RICHARDSON testified that MARIA EVANS died with will, and the named executor, JOHN H. SHEARIN, renounced.   Estate valued $30,000.  Heirs W. H. EVANS, MRS. BETTIE CLARK, SUSAN MILLS, CORA ANN CLARK, minor.  ALFRED RICHARDSON appointed.

Final Account with ALFRED RICHARDSON administrator.  From Dec. 1884 to Apr. 1890.  BETTIE CLARK received a 1/2 share of the estate, and SUSAN HAWKINS and CORA CLARK each received 1/4 share. 




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