Halifax County, North Carolina -1908

Transcribed by Deloris Williams


(Eliza Louisa, b. 1828, was the daughter of Hardy Richardson & Dorcas
Pope/Boone; she was married to John Richardson, b. 1820, on Dec. 28, 1846 in Halifax County)


State of North Carolina
County of Halifax


In the name of God, Amen.  I , LOUISA RICHARDSON of the county of Halifax and State above named, being of sound mind but considering the uncertainty of all things human do make this to be my last will and testament and hereby revoking all wills made heretofore by me that is to say,

Item 1st. That after  my death I wish all my funeral expenses paid for and all other just debts that may be due at my death.

Item 2nd.   I give unto my son JOHN RICHARDSON twenty two acres of land on which I now live same being the House parcel or tract of land adjoining the TILLEY WILLIAMS   MILLIE D WOOD to the Thorpe tract, to him the said JOHN RICHARDSON JR. his life, at his death to his children, each to share and share alike.   They may sell their interest to each other, if they wish.

Item 3rd.  I give to my son JOHN RICHARDSON all my personal property not here to for given away of every kind to him his life and at his death I wish all the personal property sold and the proceeds divided among his children equally to each of them  I give.

Item 4th.  I give to my grandson ANDREW RICHARDSON one feather bed and bedstead.

Item 5th.  I give my granddaughter ANNIE HEDGPETH twenty five dollars in cash and one feather bed & one bedstead, three quilts a pair of sheets, one bolster and two pillows and one chest(?) one half of all my wearing apparels of any kind.

Item 6th.  I hereby constitute and appoint T. P. LYNCH as executor of this my last will & testament, Hereby revoking all other wills made by me.
Signed this 20 day of July 20th  1908.



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