Halifax County, North Carolina - First Probated 1854

Transcribed by Deloris Williams


State of North Carolina, Halifax County,
I JULIUS H. ZOLLICOFFER of the County & state aforesaid do hereby make and publish this my Last Will & Testament
I desire that my slaves LYDIA and her two Children HENRY & RITTER, also my boys TOM and DICK with the Child or Children of girl RITTER which is now Probable will soon be born shall have their and to that end I direct that my Executor hereafter to be named shall as soon after my death as he can conveniently do so take the said slaves to some free State and Provide a settlement for them, and I hereby give to the said Executor One Thousand dollars to make said settlement and direct my estate be charged with the expence of carrying said servants and their increase to some free State at above directed.

I give and bequeath my other slaves, HORACE, JESSE, JULIA, MACK, & WELDON to be equally divided between my three Children, JEROME B. ZOLLICOFFER, EMILY CAROLINE WEEKS, and GEORGE B. ZOLLICOFFER, I also give & bequeath my landed Estate to be Equally divided between my before named Children JEROME B.., EMILY CAROLINE & GEORGE B. to them and their heirs forever,
It is my wish that my daughter EMILY CAROLINE shall have my grey horse, buggy & Harness,
I wish the remainder of my Property sold and all claims due me Collected and after paying the Charges herein made upon my estate for the benefit of the Slaves which are to be Liberated. The fund which remains is to be invested so as to pay an annual or semi annual interest which interest is to be equally divided and Regularly paid over to my before named Sons JEROME B. & GEORGE B. ZOLLIECOFFER and my daughter EMILY CAROLINE WEEKS,
It is my desire that the said fund remain invested among the Joint lives of my said three Children and in the event of the death of either of them then the one third is to descend immediately to the Child or Children of the one who may die, and in case either one of my said Children should die leaving no Child thin I wish his or her Portion to remain in Common stock between the survivors to remain and descend as above provided,
I hereby nominate and appoint my son JEROME B. ZOLLICOFFER my Executor to this my last Will and Testament, In Witness whereof I hereto set my hand and affixed my seal this 14th day of October 1853.



(Note: This will was offered for probate on August 19, 1854 in Halifax County, however the will was contested by the heirs and subsequent court procedures followed until it was judged to be a true & valid will and that no errors had been made in June 1858, and in July 1860 the Court ordered that the Attorney General, William A. Jenkins, be paid for representing the slaves who were to be emancipated in the will.  Additional reading can also be found on this case here)



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