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Eden Church Cemetery    (slideshow) Whitakers Chapel Cemetery   (slideshow)
Confederate Soldiers Burying Grounds, Weldon, NC Burton Richardson Family Cemetery - Hollister
Baldie Lynch Family Cemetery Essex Baker Graveyard  -Scotland Neck
Old Colonial Cemetery -Halifax Colonial Cemetery  Halifax
Centerfield Cemetery   -Enfield Enfield Cemetery   - Enfield
Catholic Church Cemetery  -Halifax Edward Conigland Cemetery -Halifax
Episcopal Church Cemetery  -Halifax Granville St. Methodist Church Cemetery -Halifax
Halifax Episcopal Cemetery - Halifax Hill Top Cemetery   - Halifax
Willie Jones Cemetery   - Halifax Methodist Cemetery  - Halifax
Purnell Cemetery  - Halifax Shearin Cemetery  -Halifax
Lee Wood Cemetery  - Halifax Un-Named Cemetery  - Halifax
Bond Cemetery  - Littleton Johnston Cemetery  - Littleton
Newsom Cemetery  - Littleton Wilson CemeteryLittleton
Bowser Cemetery -   Roanoke Rapids Burton Cemetery - Roanoke Rapids
Old Confederate Cemetery- Roanoke R. Poplar Grove Cemetery - Roanoke Rapids
Roanoke Rapids Cemetery -Roanoke R Roanoke Rapids Cemetery(2) -Roanoke R.
Dickens Cemetery -  Weldon Scotland Neck Cemetery
Weldon Cemetery   -  Weldon Weldon Cemetery(2) - Weldon
Weldon Cemetery (Colored) -  Weldon  




Links to Cemeteries on other websites:

Bond Family Cemetery

Central Cross Cemetery

Tilmon P. Lynch Cemetery

Saint Clements Cemetery

Cedarwood Cemetery-Roanoke Rapids

Cedarwood Cemetery-Weldon

Crestview Memorial Cemetery

Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, NC
NC Digital Collection

Historic Oakwood Cemetery
Their own website

Arlington National Cemetery



Links to Halifax County Cemeteries-USGenWeb Archives:

Alston Family Cemetery

Barnes Family Cemetery

Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery

Bethesda United Methodist Church Cemetery

Gaskins Family Cemetery

Hobgood Cemetery

Kehukee Baptist Cemetery

Piney Grove Cemetery

Piney Grove Cemetery-Addendum

Richards Cemetery

Robertson Family Cemetery

St. Clements Church Cemetery

Sunnyside Cemetery

Sunnyside Cemetery-2

Trinity Cemetery: A-J

Trinity Cemetery: K-Y

Trinity Cemetery: Baptist Burials

Trinity Cemetery: Episcopal Burials

Whitaker's Chapel


State-Wide Cemeteries
Various National, Historic, or Military Cemeteries in NC or with NC Citizen burials; included are Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA, Manassas Cemetery, Johnson's Island Cemetery in Ohio, NC Soldiers at Univ. of Virginia Cemetery, Confederate Monument, and National Cemeteries at New Bern, Raleigh, Salisbury & Wilmington.



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