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Old Halifax County Courthouse



A Listing of Court Records for Halifax County

Halifax County Bastardy Records 1784-1787

Halifax Co. Court Minutes 1832-1846, Pt. 1

Wilkins - Richardson Apprenticeship Case, 1877

James Oliver Halifax Co. Naturalization, 1838

Halifax County Free Persons of Color Register, 1847-1865

Apprenticeships, Other Entries-1847-1865



These are from the USGenWeb Archives:


Morgan vs Purnell: 1825-1826 Court Cases

Justices of the Peace Appointed in North Carolina, 1778

Levin Bozman v. James Allan,1820

Court Decreed Sale of Tisdale's Tavern, 1817

Curlin's Cross Roads Overseers, 1842

Benjamin Foreman, Deceased 1811

Charles Gee, Et Al v. Thomas Gill, Et Al, 1860

Martha Gilchrist Petition, 1778

Halifax County Inhabitants-Petition 1768

Thomas B. Hill, Deceased 1815

Abraham Hodge-Deceased 1805

Mary Hurst, John Lane & Blake Baker-1762

Jacob, Property of Henry Mitchell-1856

Allen Jones, Bond-1768

Ephraim Knight - Memorial, 1781

James Martin v. Richard B. Parker, 1863

Edward Paul v. John Dorsey Adm'rs, 1809

James Smith v. Nicholas Bryant, 1817

Elizabeth Thompson - Deceased, 1793

Blake Baker & Col. Barnaby McKinney, 1761

Henry Bradley - Deceased, 1779

Elizabeth & Samuel Brickell - Act to Divorce

Honorie Geroud - Deceased, 1787

Albert Hockody - Act to Emancipate, 1855

Henry, Fanny & John Howard - Act to
Emancipate, 1836

Philodemic Association - Act to Incorporate, 1829

Rebecca Ruffin - Act to Acquire Property, 1826

Mary Anne Martha Wallace - Act to Legitimate

Benjamin Ballard v. Thomas B. Hill, 1819

Bartholomew Barrow v. David Pender, Sen., 1819

William Drew v. Jonathan Jacock, 1812

Forest v. Hart, 1819

Mary Gregory v. Stephen Hooker, 1813

Jones v. Fulgham, 1818

Lemuel Long v. Jesse Rhymes, 1812

Rebecca & Mary Long v. Lunsford Long, 1811

Morgan v. Purnell, 1825

James Reid v. Josiah Powell, 1811

William Rodman v. Henry Austin, 1819

John Scott Executor v. Jordan Hill, 1812

United States v. Thomas Whitmell, 1819

Wootten & Wife v. Willis Shelton, 1812

Act to Alter Names & Legitimate Persons-1806
A list of citizens who changed their names




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